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Are you prepared for Father’s Day on 17th June?

With Euro 2012 happening in June and the Olympics later in the summer, Father’s Day could be easily missed this year. It falls on 17 June, the date when lucky dads up and down the country will be unwrapping new pairs of socks and enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner cooked by their nearest and dearest.

And although we might be biased, we reckon the luckiest dads of all will be unwrapping one of our tasty Father’s Day treats. From tea and coffee to something stronger, we have a wide range to suit every dad’s taste … and to fit almost every budget too. How about these?

  • The Premium Beer Box does pretty much what it says on the label, and for a lot of dads we know it’s hard to see how you could go wrong with this. With three premium lagers from Italy, Peru and the Czech Republic, dad will also find a carefully-chosen selection of cake, snacks and treats.

Premium beer box

  • Keep things simple and classy with this medal-winning Australian Merlot, which comes in a luxurious, reusable faux-leather case and a waiter’s friend, the timeless corkscrew and bottle-opener that makes light work of even the most stubborn corks. Delicious!

  • If you want to steer away from food and drink, this elegant executive tie tidy is a great way to say ‘dad, it’s time to update your wardrobe’ with tact. The matching tie and handkerchief set adds a touch of flair to almost any suit. There’s hair and body wash, moisturiser, muscle soak and muscle rub too.

Tie Tidy

  • There are a couple of options for spirit lovers – no matter whether they prefer whisky or whiskey. For the former, check out our Wonderful Whisky Hamper. For the latter, the Jack Daniel’s Hamper is bound to put a big smile on dad’s face.

Whisky Hamper

That’s only a taste of what we have to offer, but it’s easy to check out all our options (including cigars, cheese and coffee) on our website. We’re confident we have the perfect Father’s Day gift – no matter what your dad’s into.

Father’s Day Competition:

We’re giving away 3 x Premium Beer Box hampers to three lucky winners in June!

To enter: Just tell us about the funniest/ most original Fathers Day gift you’ve ever given (or received!)

Simply post your comment below and the three best entries will each win this lovely beer gift to be delivered anywhere in the UK. The closing date is 31 May and we’ll announce the lucky winners here shortly after!

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  1. I bought my dad hair reenergizing shampoo, he’s used it ever since!

  2. jackie rushton

    I once bought my dad the best ‘joke’ present ever – a silver plated ballscratcher!!!

  3. wendy jamieson-price

    bought my dad a crazy blue smurf gnome he laughed his socks off!!!!


    My sister and I clubbed together and got my dadhot air balloon ride – he loved it!

  5. gerald ludlow

    My three grownup children never told each other what they were going to buy me and I received three copies of the Avator dvd that I had been hinting I might like!

  6. Helen Porter

    my son was born on fathers day so we gave him my dads middle name it was the best gift he could have and the first time id ever seen him cry

  7. Hayley Turner

    My sister, for a laugh, bought my dad a pair of disgusting, brightly coloured shoes that no-one in there right mind would wear…… dad loved them and has been wearing them ever since!

  8. Jacqui Turner

    As a joke one fathers day I gave my dad a play mouse – I handed it to him in a brown bag but made out it was real. He shot from one end of the sofa to the other side and screamed like a girl lol. He saw the funny side the next day but didn’t talk to me all fathers day lol.

  9. lesley hamilton

    I gave my father in law white pudding which he loved, but i didn’t when he cooked it for me and tried to get me to eat it yuk

  10. Isabelle Smith

    sent my dad a card telling him hes a useless dead-beat dad haha. Never wanted to know me since i was born.


    I received 3 bath bombs last year for fathers day – the only thing is we only have a shower!!!!

  12. tracey gibbons

    i got my dad a beautiful printed canvas of me and him on my wedding day, which made him cry, happy tears of course

  13. I once bought my dad I lovely shirt, or so I thought. It was actually a ladies blouse! It looked quite good on him though?

  14. samantha wesley

    I bought my dad pastel pink Lisa Simpson socks last year – just for a laugh!

  15. Rachel Marr

    My dad has a phobia about FROGS so one year I bought him a mug with a frog in the bottom and filled it with truffles! Needless to say it was never used after the frog was discovered!


    i got my dad some home made aftershave/perfume made out of blossoms when i was 7 bless him he acted thrilled but it smelt disgusting


    a bottle of homemade wine……… was a first attempt and disgusting lol

  18. Annemieke Troost

    i made an astray when i was about 6 years old of clay, i told the teachers my daddy doesnt smoke,had to make it anyway

  19. Shelley Jessup

    I gave my father a roll of Kleenex toilet roll as he kept moaning how rough the cheap bog roll was that we brought, so I wrapped it up in lots of different sized boxes & it took him awhile to get to what it & in that time he had got really excited guessing what it could be! It was hilarious for us to watch his facial expressions!

  20. When I was about 12 I saved up my pocket money for ages to buy my Dad a Father’s Day present. I was in Liberty in Oxford and they had lovely keyrings (and my Dad had a new car), but they were still expensive, so I asked my Mum if I could take some money out of my savings account to put towards it. Anyway, I took the money out, bought the keyring, wrapped it carefully, and presented it to my Dad on Father’s Day. He didn’t look quite as thrilled as I expected, and asked me why I had bought the wrong keyring(!) Wasn’t until I had looked at it I realised that I had not bought a “B” for Bill, but a “D” for Dad – he was quite put out about the whole thing and thought I had just bought any old initial keyring cheap!!


    A hand made card and a bottle of port, although that was long enough ago my mum had to buy the booze on my behalf 😉

  22. Kirsty Caffrey

    PS… The Olives et Al nuts in the hamper are to die for…. I love Olives et Al and if I won this for my dad I would have to restrain myself from not taking them out before giving it to him 🙂

  23. Kirsty Caffrey

    The best present I’ve bought my dad he will get this year – its a mini magnifying menu reader keyring!!!!! As regular as clockwork we can guarantee the minute we sit down on a meal out he will announce he’s forgotten his glasses and we then have to read out most of the menu to him…. Novel present – but very useful too x

  24. Rachel Wallace

    I always get my dad novelty ties 🙂

  25. I always give the usual, socks, toblerone or beer!


    socks are the most common but I did once buy dad a hen as he loves eggs so much


    best fathers day present was probably….socks

  28. My son was convinced his dad would want a Harry Potter wand so thats what we got him

  29. Myt husband got a sack of manure for his allotment!

  30. Jennifer Stokes

    My 3 boys have clubbed together to buy their Dad tickets to a Status Quo concert, but none of them want to go with him, which means I get to go, despite hating the Quo!

  31. Paula Phillips

    Me and my brothers paid for a weekend away for Father’s day, mainly so that we could have a party while my parents were away.

  32. Caroline Grant

    I was born on the same day as fathers birthday so the best present I’ve ever given my father was me 🙂

  33. Danielle Woodman

    One year we had all been ill and hadn’t been able to go shopping, so me and our 3 boys went around the house wrapping all sorts. You should have seen my husbands face when he saw this huge mountain of presents, and then his face once he had opened his toothbrush, half used deodorant, fruit, tins etc it was priceless. He still laughs to this day.

  34. A Peter Andre calendar, which, of course, was 6 months old and had all of her friends birthdays/birthday parties written in.

  35. Andrew Hindley

    The best present I gave my dad was antique Gold plated cigarette case


    I must have been 11 and gave my strict and very straight dad a mug which had people sitting on a wall with their bottoms hanging out stating “Bottoms up”. I don’t think my dad was impressed but he used the mug daily-I think he only used it when I was around.

  37. Linda Hobbis

    A book about hypochondria (dad gets all the tropical diseases even in the UK (so he thinks). Not sure he thought it funny though.

  38. Holly Foxwell

    i gave my dad a really girlie high tea/afternoon tea!! he got jealous of my mum getting it for mothers day, so although we dont normally give gifts on fathers day last year i did!!! He loved it!!! (and so did mum of course!)

  39. Michelle McCole

    My dad died when i was young so i make sure my sons dad gets spoilt every fathers day x

  40. michelle beatty

    my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer almost 2 years ago – last year he insisted that I don’t buy him presents as he doesn’t need anything and asked me to make a donation to our local hospice instead x

  41. stephen cook

    Now that is what I call a Fathers Day present!

  42. Eleanor Jones

    Most original I’ve given has to be socks!

  43. Lesley Bain

    My 7 year old daughter last year drew a hilarious but incredibly cute picture of her dad for his fathers day last year. It was so lovely we had it made into a cake….that was undoubtedly his best fathers day gift ever 😀

  44. I bought my EX husband a Black and Decker Workmate as a hint for all the jobs that needed doing in the house. He was not amused and it is hardly any wonder he is now my EX husband.

  45. He loved the bottle of whisky I got him, it was a hard to find one

  46. Kristy Brown

    My dad loved Neopolitan chocolates, as do I. So when I was about 10 I bought him a huge box for Father’s Day. I promptly ate half the box and still gave them to him, wrapped up! I told him the shopkeeper must have eaten them lol.

  47. Ellen Stafford

    A rubber duck because every time I seem to phone him he is in the bath and you know what he always takes the duck in the bath, he even took the duck on holiday to Portugal with him!!! 🙂 hehe

  48. Janine Atkin

    i gave my dad a model yacht to represent the real yacht he hopes to own one day. he loved it

  49. Lynn Savage

    2 years ago, while searching through the loft, I found all the old place badges that we had collected on childhood holidays. I sewed them all on a blanket and made a throw quilt for my dads sofa in the summer house in his garden, he loves to sit on the sofa and remember all the places we visited.

  50. Susan Martin

    I got my dad a toy fire engine once no idea why

  51. Lucy Pasifull

    When I was little I seemed to buy the same pressie for my Dad year after year, a pack of cheap disposable razers! Looking as an adult I can see what an awful gift this was, especially as he used an electric shaver but to a seven year old girl they were the perfect gift; colourful and very macho!

  52. Stuart Payne

    My kids bought me thorpe park tickets – the tickets were for the whole family, I spent most of the day being scared and getting wet 🙂

  53. Vicky-Louise Robinson

    My dad made jokes about pigs all my childhood & made oinking noises for a joke when we phoned him up as adults, so to surprise him one year I told him I had bought him 3 pigs! He was slightly worried for a minute until he opened his card he realised it was an ethical gift of “3 little pigs” that would be looked after by someone in a developing country! It was definitely the most “different” gift he got that year but he was really pleased with it!

  54. Caroline Hammond

    My dad was always one for sweets. He absolutely loved them so one fathers day Me and my 2 sisters decided that we would trick him a little and buy him joke sweets. We got soap flavoured ones, pepper flavoured ones and ones that turned his mouth blue. He never asked for sweets again after that lol

  55. Kirsty Fox

    The best fathers day gift I gave my dad was a vine at his local vineyard, he was the able to buy wine made from his own vine!

  56. Hazel Christopher

    I once bought my dad a huge box of crackers, cheeses and wine for Fathers day – he loves cheese and win so I thought it was a great gift. Only I’d failed to remember that he’d had to have all his teeth out a couple of days before and couldn’t eat anything!! I felt so bad. He’d had a crash at 18yrs old and cracked and damaged his teeth, they wanted him to have them out then but he held on to them until a couple of years ago when they just all had to go.

  57. Daisy Bryan

    I once bought my dad some “superdad” pants, which he now proudly shows off to anyone he can!!

  58. Bonnie King

    I once bought my dad a Borat mankini as a joke present (obviously) but I quickly regretted it when he wore it (briefly) at a family barbeque. Now I buy him serious presents :- /


    My granny once gave my mum an infamously bad birthday gift- a hideous 2 foot high mouse made out of wicker. My step dad forbade it being in the house, and my mum tried to get rid of it in a tombolo, but the winner refused to take it! So come father’s day last year I lovingly boxed it and wrapped it up and presented it to my step dad- let’s just say he was not impressed! But I’d also stocked the fridge with beer for him so he soon saw the funny side. And we still haven’t been able to get rid of the mouse- even a charity shop wouldn’t take it!

  60. I told him that his unborn grandchild was healthy(we’d had some worries) – pretty original, as none of my siblings could give that present to him!

  61. katrina day-reilly

    I gave my dad maggots for fathers day so he could go fishing

  62. Mike Cambridge

    I received a set of Christmas tree lights from my daughter last year, apparently I was still moaning about them in June, so she decided to buy in advance!

  63. I was born a week late – on Father’s Day, so that’s the most original gift I ever “gave” my dad. Apart from that, I bought him a “Congratulations on becoming a father” card on my 21st birthday and wrote in it: “Sorry it’s 21 years late but I never was on time!”.

  64. Simon Thompson

    I bought my father the entire DVD collections of Family Guy – and then kindly offered to try them out and test they were all working

  65. David McNicol

    Well this will be my first fathers day as a father, so that’s enough of a present for me 🙂


    Well not funny as such but a little different , i penny saved on everything for 3 months to sneakily keep enough cash hidden away to help my children buy a snake for daddy last fathers day , the shock on his face was worth it he was amazed we had managed to do it without his knowledge ! hehe ! Theo (now theodora we believe) is doing brilliantly and is such an awesome pet 🙂 ……. i doubt this year will be that exciting tho !

  67. Joanna Smith

    My Dad and I are always playing practical jokes on each other and winding each other up. A few years ago, for Father’s Day, I bought him one of those gifts where you buy an inch or so of landed estate in Scotland and then you receive a certificate that says you are officially a “Laird/Lord”. The point was to make him laugh and scoff at the gift. However, he was so made up with it that he had the certificate framed and it has pride of place in his living room! I cringe every time I see it!

  68. Hel Jones

    Seeds for the garden!!! Bit weird but he did ask for them!! Before that it was socks and pants all the way!!!!

  69. Allan Smith

    Hopefully I’ll be giving him this present!

  70. Heather Freeth

    Last year was my husbands first fathers day, and he got a couple of nice bottles of red.

  71. adrian trevelyan

    It’s the usual toffee and sweets for dad this year, again.

  72. kim kirkwood

    The father’s day present i gave my dad was a beer Glass a watch and some beers 🙂


    dad’s always moaning hes cold, so for father’s day last year i got him a radiator key to bleed the radiators, we even got a rare smile from him lol

  74. A Thai Bride, he has never been happier, but my mum is not too pleased about it.

  75. Natasha Gandy

    This year my dad is getting a Kindle – a vast improvement on the Chocolate Brazils he usually gets 😉 x

  76. Laura Moore

    I bought my father a curry,some beer and a pair of pirate socks 🙂

  77. David Statham

    Ladders from my girlfriend as a not so subtle hint to wallpaper the hall stairs and landing.

  78. Kayleigh King

    I always buy my dad the biggest toblerone i can find. Last yr was my other halfs 1st fathers day and i bought him dog tags that say ‘i see you’ and our sons D.O.B. The quote has been used in titanic and avatar meaning you can see the person for who they are not who they try to be. The first person our son ever saw was his dad and his first photo is of him and his dad looking into each others eyes as if they have always known each other. Hence using that quote on his first fathers day gift. Would love this prize for him this year x

  79. Heather Jenkinson

    Years ago, my sisters, brother and I had forgotten fathers’ day until the day itself. We gave our dopey little brother, who was 10 at the time, £10 to run up to the nearest corner shop to grab a gift quickly, our brother came back with a pair of women’s tights, an old-lady style rain hood and some denture cleaning tablets, My dad didn’t even have false teeth, had no use whatsoever for the tights or rain hood! When we asked our brother the reason for the bizarre cholce of gifts, he said the “colours were pretty”.

  80. When we were kids my brother and I always bought our Dad ‘joke shop’ type stuff. Amongst the various articles of unpleasantness were fake dog doings, fake vomit and, one year, a fake amputated foot. He’s not really a socks and aftershave kind of Dad.

  81. Luisa Lauren

    Hmmm, I bought a great fathers day present or so I thought, A beer making kit, with a huge barrel bin to store it in.. and no he has never used it or so I thought until I saw the barrel in the garage full of rubbish….he thought I had bought him a dustbin! Men..

  82. mandy waller

    I always bought my dad old spice aftershave as he loved it so much

  83. jamesmum

    i bought my dad a novalty key ring a buttered slice of bread. i thought it was cool, i was only about 6/7. x

  84. Julie Picton

    This would be such a great gift for my Dad, he would love it.

  85. kerry Locke

    I gave my dad a box of live maggots one fathers day – I wrapped them up and everything :0) – as a keen angler – he was over the moon – more than can be said for my poor old mum :0)

  86. lisa williams

    as a child i can always remember buying my dad old spice pre electric shave, not quite sure if he ever liked it but it was a regular occurance. I can still remember the smell now. Arghhhhh

  87. Meryl Rees

    When I was about 7 we still had halfpennies so a 10p mix in the sweetshop was quite substantial. So substantial in fact that I took one of my halfpenny Mojo chews (a yellow one of course!) slipped it into an envelope and wrote Dad on the front. That was the first Father’s day we ever had, I think it was a new thing in the 70s/80s

  88. cheryl.lovell

    I always buy my dad socks of course! Fathers day wouldn’t be the same without them! Lol

  89. Carolyn Philip

    I gave my husband tickets to have a ride on a steam engine with a note that said, for one who likes to let off steam, and always blows hot air, here’s a present for something else that does the same!”. He saw the finny side and loved the ride!


    Everytime we ask my dad whether theres anyhting special he needs for a birthday/fathers day etc, he always says ‘just get me a mars bar and that’ll be fine’. Its so exasperating. 2 years ago myself and my 3 siblings decided to call his bluff and bought him every Mars product we could find for him: chocolate bars, milkshakes, muffins etc and out them all in a big hamper. I believe hesstill trying to eatbhis way through them and youve guessed it, hes never asked for one since lol x

  91. Solange

    My Dad loves motorbikes, years ago he used to have one, so I once bought him a book all about motorcyling from his era and in his locality. Lots of pictures of his favourite haunts, and probably some of a few folk he knew, too.

  92. Trudi Walsh

    My dad is always late, if he asks you to meet him at 1pm he actually means 1.30pm, he even turned up late at my wedding & almost missed the beginning of the ceremony, so every year I buy him a new alarm clock just so he has no excuses.

  93. Christopher John Bridgman

    There have been so many amazing and funny – even quice shocking – father’s day gifts I have received it’s difficult to pick out just one – there was the pack of erotic playing cards, the naughty join-the-dots book, the box labelled ‘For the man who likes tits’ filled of bird seed, the chocolate nipples… but I think my favourite is a book – the ‘pop-up’ Karma Sutra.

  94. Lisa Parker

    When I was very young I took my pocket money and went to the local shop and brought my dad a baking tray for Father’s day. I was so proud. I don’t think my dad was too impressed

  95. Julie Booth

    I gave my father in law a model train set. He had always wanted one since being a little boy, but never bought one as he thought they were for kids. He was over the moon, and spends hours in the attic playing with it. Much to mum’s delight!

  96. Laura-Jane Seely

    My sister and I went halves on buying my Dad a trumpet for Father’s day – he used to play one in the Salvation Army band in his teens and always talked about how he really wanted to take it up again. He was absolutely over the moon – my Mum not so much!!

  97. Tim Ford

    I’d love to win this to make up for the year I bought my dad oven gloves for Fathers Day. In my defence, I was only young, and thought I was being kind to protect his hands.

  98. Aimee Ryan

    The best father’s day gift I’ve given is a brewery trip + beer and a stylish pair of Star Trek socks! B-)

  99. Kate Edwards

    The best father’s day present i gave to my dad was a set of golf clubs me and my sister saved and clubbed together for them. AND he’s never used them!

  100. nichola armstrong

    When i was younger i got my dad the new England football top, little did he know it was actually for me but I thought i would give it him for fathers day and then wear it myself haha

  101. Kirsty Norton

    I made my Dad IOU coupons to redeem when he wanted – they included things like ‘I will wash up after dinner’ and ‘I will hoover the car’, he was really pleased and still talks about it to this day!

  102. Linsey Wilby

    My husband got a ball you put in the toilet and wee at to test his prostrate from our children one year, they said it was either that or a prostate exam.

  103. Lynne Donnelly

    When I was a little girl I bought my dad a really cheap red framed picture of Elvis from the local market. When he opened his present he started laughing like huckleberry hound because he was trying to hold his laugh in. I have no idea why I bought him that as he is not even an Elvis fan! It still makes us all laugh 20 years later.

  104. A tie with mice eating cheese all over it to wear to meet the company “Big Cheese’s”!!

  105. Paul Rogers

    I gave my Dad a cat because I always wanted a Pet. He still has her she is 19 years old now but I think he realised it was really for me!

  106. sarah birkett

    One year ( a long time ago ) , I gave my dad “time”. Time to sit on his own without being hassled, time for the garden, or time to be with me. Any thing he wanted for an entire day, he said it was a perfect day.


  108. maureen findley

    i paid 50 pence for a bottle of green aftershave for my dad (many moons ago) and he wore it on a night out even though it stunk!

  109. S. Harper

    Funniest gift I gave was a fake bottle of viagra and some hair dye, they were promtly thrown back at me :p

  110. Julie Johnson

    I gave my dad when he was alive a bottle of Pomagne, which I had won at the local Fete, it was flat when he opened it, but he still drank it, bless him, well I was 9 at the time

  111. a harrington

    making a cherry pie for my dad, it looked and smelled wonderful until he took a bite and almost broke a tooth as I hadn’t removed any of the stones from the cherries – ouchie!

  112. A Borat Mankini as well as a stick on Tash and hair peice!

  113. Craig Brown

    The funniest gift i ever received was a pack of just for men hair dye …

  114. svetlana

    granddaughter, baby Mischa was born on June 17th


    My dad has no hair, and 1 year as a joke i bought him a hair dryer!!! He was not impresswd, so the next year I bought him a wig 🙂

  116. I bought my father a pair of slippers with flashing lights on which lit up when you were just about to walk into something, however, the lights were a distraction coupled with his pride on having new slippers and he kept walking into things anyway!

  117. A Dummies guide to fatherhood was the worst gift I’ve been given, not sure if it was so much embarrasing as a slap in the face.

  118. James Spicer

    Last fathers day I gave my pap some baby food and a clock- he was suitably confused

  119. Louise Comb

    One year I bought him some nicotine patches. I don’t think he ever used them, but it was definitely one of those, ‘it’s the thought that counts’ things.


    I got my dad a piece of paper on year, I completely forgot it was fathers day and was all i could find in the morning! :O Sorry Dad!

  121. diane findlay

    my little one gave my hubby simpsons dvds . everytime comic book guy is on the show , he thinks its his dad ,, so he’s imortalized in animation ,,,,,,,,,,lol

  122. Lynn Blakeman

    Whenever I ask my dad what he wants for birthday, fathers day, Christmas etc I get the same reply – ‘nothing!’ So last year I finally found the perfect gift for him, it’s a little plastic bubble on a presentation card containing absolutely zilch! The pack says that it’s for the man who has everything. Well for once he couldn’t complain that I didn’t listen to him, he got just what he asked for and he loved it, best laugh he’s had in ages!

  123. kirstine meredith

    My dad died sadly aged 43 nearly 18 years ago now…. gone but not forgotten. In his memory I would love to win this for my childrens dad 🙂

  124. ayako clarke

    My handmede ticket for helping him watering the garden

  125. Laura Boyes

    Socks. Always socks. Stripey socks, spotty socks, every colour, the brighter the better.


    I once gave my dad a pair of cufflinks, unfortunately he didn’t have any shirts that could use them!

  127. I got my dad a whisting key ring so he didn’t lose his keys – he let the batteries run down then lost them 🙁

  128. OH loves his smellies so one year our son got him some bath bombs from Lush (???), only the OH thought they were soaps and tried to wash his hands with them.

  129. Bev Davis

    I got my Dad an outdoor bar which he was delighted with and perfect for family gatherings in the garden.

  130. adele leek

    One year my partner got a Homer Simpson mug that said DOH every time he picket it up and box of Doughnuts..GREAT HEY!!

  131. When she was ten my daughter wanted to make her Dad a model pet out of balloons. We used some strange balloon modelling material from Hamleys and it kept collapsing into a soft limp string. The limp strings of various colours were squashed together and abanoned in a soggy pile. We were on holiday in London at the time and abandoned the activity for a trip to the Tate modern. On return home the balloon string pile had set. Inspired by a Damein Hurst exhibition we popped it in a Harrords bag and gifted to here her Dad as ‘mulicultural cat poo in the sytle of Hurst’. Believing he had a piece of contemporary art he displayed it proudly for years.

  132. Julie F

    I got my husband a gift from the children a pink jumper, pink was in for men 20 yrs ago, he wore it on the day, and never wore it again. If you knew my husband you would know that the present was a BIG mistake


    The kids gave their dad a Toby jug that looked just like him!

  134. On my 30th Birthday, my son gave me a pair of red underpants to wear on the outside of my trousers because I’d told him that on my 30th birthday I would become Superman…

  135. Phil Darling

    I bought my Dad some Chums trousers, the ones that seem to have the waistband just below the nipples. He wasn’t best pleased, but we had a great laugh


    Got my husband from the kids a chocolate hamper but he got a terrible sickness bug the day before so me and the kids ate it all lol waste not want not !

  137. MAyur Koya

    Funniest thing i bought my dad was an inflatable Zimmer Frame he was not best pleased 🙂

  138. Last year my daughter brought her dad a tin of paint and a roller because she wanted her room decorating but said she didn’t have the time!

  139. My kids got their Dad some liquorice – they love it and he hates it – the kids were very happy – Dad less so!

  140. I bought dad a “Senior Moments” book, luckily he saw the funny side!

  141. FionaLynne Edwards

    My daughter once gave my husband a Tea Towel with cupcakes on it, she found in our kitchen drawer. He wasn’t that impressed … but she was 5 at the time.

  142. andrea miles

    Father’s day always used to coincide with a cricket festival – one year it was really hot so the kids & I bought their dag an mega ice-cream with all the trimmings

  143. Joanne Mapp

    When I was 10 I bought my Dad (who worked in Insurance) a pair of pants with ‘Insurance is like sex – it’s Legal and General’ on them. I bought them because of the insurance link, but they caused a very red face from my very staid Dad!

  144. harold perry

    A wing Walking day (did i go, the thought makes me feel sick)

  145. Alfie Davidson

    I got a jar of Piccalilli from my 10 year old son – it was4 years out of date as it had been sitting on the larder shelf forever! He said he was “recycling”

  146. my kids got me brylcream, i have been bald for 20 years

  147. Lynne OConnor

    I gave my dad one of those electric fly swatters. It looks just like a tennis racquet which totally confused my couch potato dad but has proved invaluable during the summer

  148. The funniest gift I gave my Dad was a crappy teaset , crappy because it was fugly but as a child I had no substantial money and was the only ” grownup” thing I could afford. However 20 years later, it still has a place of pride in my dad’s memorabilia 🙂

  149. Georgina Burt

    A mint sauce straine spoon… its a long standing joke…who can buy the most pointless, yet useful present

  150. Andrew Thomson

    The best fathers day present I ever received was some oral

  151. My Dad is a man of the cloth so i got him a cloth cap.

  152. Stewart Johnston

    I brought dad a pair of boxer shorts with “snooker loopy” on them and oversized pictures of Dennis Taylor’s specs (he wasnt impressed).


    funniest gift this year is my daughter is giving her dad a day with her not talking, if she actually manages it i will be surprised as she never stops. she even talks in her sleep!


    My dad almost missed my wedding day because the fan belt snapped on his car, so the following Father’s day I bought him a 5 pack of tights so that if it happened again he could temporarily fix it. He did see the funny side lol.

  155. John Dodds

    Once I used the Whisky box I got my dad the year before and filled it with sweets – it saved me a few quid lol

  156. I told the kids I really wanted a new car, so they bought me a little matchbox replica of my favourite one!


    I got my dad some just for men, not sure he thought it was funny but it made me chuckle for some time after seeing the look on his face 🙂

  158. karine jade

    the funniest was a ti-shirt saying “enjoy your retirement” only he didn’t see the funny side of it 🙁


    Fathers Day is always around my dads birthday so i end up getting him one nice present and once present which is a bit pointless. Last year i just told my son to make him a card and i quickly made him some cakes and went over to their house!!


    i always bought my dad a shaving brush and razor for yrs when i was little, well i bought it one yr and he seemed so pleased with it. took me yrs to realise he was being nice ;-(

  161. My 7 year old daughter decided she wanted to buy me some air freshner – I often wonder why! 🙂

  162. angelica ibayan

    i have a 74 years old father in law who thinks and feels way younger than he is. my husband and i thought to buy him something funny for father’s day, so we went to get this novelty item in Argos with this aged couple complete with white hair in a bath tub that moves with each other while the music plays!!! My in-laws where laughing so hard that my mother in law almost had an asthma attack. It now seats on their bedside table!!!

  163. Rosalind Sargent

    my Husband is 5ft 2 and I am 5ft 9 we have been married 24 years and I love him to bits but he always leaves things out for me to put away because he is not tall enough for the task so one year I bought him a pair Of step ladders from the kids because I did not know what to get him he has always said buy use full presents so I did I am so glad he found the funny side once he unwrapped it :0)

  164. Kate O'Neill

    I got given a handmade card, saying ‘Happy father’s day!’ on the front, as made by my little girl. All delightful and lovely, except that I’m her mum, not dad. Apparently she was concerned I’d be jealous of her daddy and so wanted me to have a happy father’s day too!

  165. Michelle Gabriel

    A couple of years ago I bought My step-dad a whole bunch of 1970s Cardiff city football programmes, becuase his ex-wife burned all of his when they divorced!

  166. Paul Pitt

    The funniest gift I’ve ever had for Father’s Day was a box of Grecian 2000 black hair dye. I was 27 at the time with long blonde hair!

  167. Mike Ambler

    I was given Christmas socks by my 13 year old son one year – Its the thought that counts Bless Him!

  168. Stephen Irving

    A Willy Warmer……It was to big :(………….:)

  169. Zach Hudson

    Windsurfing lessons – novel but was great fun

  170. Rikka B.

    A flat cap and a whippet pup, he like the cap, but he l-o-v-e-d the dog.

  171. siobhan marie

    i ot a large picture blew up . my dad was wearing a white sheet layed on the sofa with his belly out and a donut in his hand he looked like homer simpson lol. i stuck it on front door so he got it when he came home he really appriciated it haha

  172. Terri brown

    I bought some beer that I thought was a cheap deal, till he told me it was cheap because it was the alcohol free stuff, whoops

  173. My father is a bit of a hoarder, and each year we give him some socks pants and a hankies, each year he goes upstairs and puts them in his chest of drawers.
    After about three years, I use to go into his draw, get out some socks pants and hankies and wrap them up and give them to him, he would put them in his draw, following year I would do the same, after about 5 years, I couldn`t do anymore because I couldn`t do it without laughing !!!!!

  174. Lyndsey Brett

    My dad is really hard to buy for so we end up buying him beer and socks almost every Fathers Day.
    So one year we decided to do something different and landed upon the idea of making him a nice home-made cake. Me and my brother are notoriously crap at baking so we chose something simple (or so we thought) which was a plain Victoria sponge – a recipe we found in a children’s recipe book. Bearing in mind that I was 21 at the time and my brother was 22, I really didn’t see how even we could go wrong….what a mistake that was!
    We had 4 attempts at it and every time it came out looking like a weird giant biscuit with a hole in the middle! We’d also somehow managed to get it burnt on the outside whilst still raw on the inside. We stuck a candle in it anyway and when we presented it to my dad, I’d literally never seen him laugh so much in my life! He made a brave attempt to eat it but we stopped him figuring that food poisoning was not the ideal fathers day gift!
    Needless to say, every year since we’ve just stuck to good old beer and socks….

  175. Lisa Waugh

    I was skint and hungry so a half eaten box of chocolate eclairs with the empty wrappers in the box lol!!

  176. Jennifer Schofield

    I gave a sudoku toilet roll! He loves his puzzles!

  177. Chris Davies

    Once I gave my dad a piece of paper, it was all i could find when i woke up on the Sunday morning!


    I once gave my dad a piece of paper, Its all i could find on the sunday morning!

  179. He likes Long Johns, Thermal underwear, and thermal socks. He just likes to be prepared for the cold winter yorkshire weather that we get up north . This is is favorite fathers day present.. Bless Him

  180. The funniest thing my daughter made for her dad was out of a till receipt roll – she made a reminder list.

  181. lisa McGreevy

    I bought day socks well the memory is going if he is confused what day it is he can look at his socks!

  182. Janet Brotherton

    The funniest present I bought my dad was a Grumpy Old Man mug and keyring…we all laughed but dad wasn’t amused

  183. vicki cullen

    I bought my dad a desktop scalectrix with a mini copper sad to say it staysed in its box as my dad doesnt work in an office or have a desk

  184. Lucy Bonson

    My brother once bought my dad one of the hats where you drink beer through a straw that travels halfway round your body practically… wouldn’t be quite so bad but my dad is tee total 🙂

  185. Maya Russell

    My husband got a T-shirt last year with a picture of a man and the words “GO ASK YOUR MOTHER” on it! That made us scream with laughter as it’s exactly what he says!

  186. Lycra pajamas from Thailand!
    worn once, never again,
    like being gripped by an anaconda.
    (I would imagine..)

  187. iain maciver

    the funniest gift i ever got was an old fart cup

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