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Are you prepared for Father’s Day on 17th June?

With Euro 2012 happening in June and the Olympics later in the summer, Father’s Day could be easily missed this year. It falls on 17 June, the date when lucky dads up and down the country will be unwrapping new pairs of socks and enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner cooked by their nearest and dearest.

And although we might be biased, we reckon the luckiest dads of all will be unwrapping one of our tasty Father’s Day treats. From tea and coffee to something stronger, we have a wide range to suit every dad’s taste … and to fit almost every budget too. How about these?

  • The Premium Beer Box does pretty much what it says on the label, and for a lot of dads we know it’s hard to see how you could go wrong with this. With three premium lagers from Italy, Peru and the Czech Republic, dad will also find a carefully-chosen selection of cake, snacks and treats.

Premium beer box

  • Keep things simple and classy with this medal-winning Australian Merlot, which comes in a luxurious, reusable faux-leather case and a waiter’s friend, the timeless corkscrew and bottle-opener that makes light work of even the most stubborn corks. Delicious!

  • If you want to steer away from food and drink, this elegant executive tie tidy is a great way to say ‘dad, it’s time to update your wardrobe’ with tact. The matching tie and handkerchief set adds a touch of flair to almost any suit. There’s hair and body wash, moisturiser, muscle soak and muscle rub too.

Tie Tidy

  • There are a couple of options for spirit lovers – no matter whether they prefer whisky or whiskey. For the former, check out our Wonderful Whisky Hamper. For the latter, the Jack Daniel’s Hamper is bound to put a big smile on dad’s face.

Whisky Hamper

That’s only a taste of what we have to offer, but it’s easy to check out all our options (including cigars, cheese and coffee) on our website. We’re confident we have the perfect Father’s Day gift – no matter what your dad’s into.

Father’s Day Competition:

We’re giving away 3 x Premium Beer Box hampers to three lucky winners in June!

To enter: Just tell us about the funniest/ most original Fathers Day gift you’ve ever given (or received!)

Simply post your comment below and the three best entries will each win this lovely beer gift to be delivered anywhere in the UK. The closing date is 31 May and we’ll announce the lucky winners here shortly after!

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  1. Zach Hudson

    Windsurfing lessons – novel but was great fun

  2. Rikka B.

    A flat cap and a whippet pup, he like the cap, but he l-o-v-e-d the dog.

  3. siobhan marie

    i ot a large picture blew up . my dad was wearing a white sheet layed on the sofa with his belly out and a donut in his hand he looked like homer simpson lol. i stuck it on front door so he got it when he came home he really appriciated it haha

  4. Terri brown

    I bought some beer that I thought was a cheap deal, till he told me it was cheap because it was the alcohol free stuff, whoops

  5. My father is a bit of a hoarder, and each year we give him some socks pants and a hankies, each year he goes upstairs and puts them in his chest of drawers.
    After about three years, I use to go into his draw, get out some socks pants and hankies and wrap them up and give them to him, he would put them in his draw, following year I would do the same, after about 5 years, I couldn`t do anymore because I couldn`t do it without laughing !!!!!

  6. Lyndsey Brett

    My dad is really hard to buy for so we end up buying him beer and socks almost every Fathers Day.
    So one year we decided to do something different and landed upon the idea of making him a nice home-made cake. Me and my brother are notoriously crap at baking so we chose something simple (or so we thought) which was a plain Victoria sponge – a recipe we found in a children’s recipe book. Bearing in mind that I was 21 at the time and my brother was 22, I really didn’t see how even we could go wrong….what a mistake that was!
    We had 4 attempts at it and every time it came out looking like a weird giant biscuit with a hole in the middle! We’d also somehow managed to get it burnt on the outside whilst still raw on the inside. We stuck a candle in it anyway and when we presented it to my dad, I’d literally never seen him laugh so much in my life! He made a brave attempt to eat it but we stopped him figuring that food poisoning was not the ideal fathers day gift!
    Needless to say, every year since we’ve just stuck to good old beer and socks….

  7. Lisa Waugh

    I was skint and hungry so a half eaten box of chocolate eclairs with the empty wrappers in the box lol!!

  8. Jennifer Schofield

    I gave a sudoku toilet roll! He loves his puzzles!

  9. Chris Davies

    Once I gave my dad a piece of paper, it was all i could find when i woke up on the Sunday morning!

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