Be In With A Chance To Win A Striped Easter Food Tower

Be in with a chance to win a Striped Easter Food Tower to share with family and friends when you enter our Easter Giveaway. We’re giving away this tower of treats to one lucky winner to make their Easter an extra yummy one.

Standing at a whopping 36cm, this tower of goodies is sure to add some extra deliciousness to Easter. Five beautiful striped boxes house a host of delightful treats to share among family and friends. Enjoy hazelnut praline pieces, mixed truffles, caramel pralines and much much more! And of course, an Easter hamper wouldn’t be complete without a delicious chocolate egg! You can view the full list of ingredients here.

  • Enter via the Gleam widget below (mandatory)
  • Complete your entry by leaving a blog post comment telling us what your favourite thing about Easter is (mandatory)
  • The other entry options listed are not mandatory but will gain you extra entries into the giveaway!
  • The competition will close at 3pm on Sunday 25th March 2018.
  • One winner will be selected and contacted via the email address they provided.
  • Entrants can be from anywhere in the world, but the prize can only be delivered to a UK residents address.

Win A Striped Easter Food Tower For Easter


  1. tishist

    We don’t celebrate Easter as atheist but appreciate the novelty chocolate!

  2. Trudee Hartley

    I love the family getting together for Easter lunch
    Plus I get to eat chocolate all day without feeling guilty! 🙂

  3. Joanne Atkinson

    My fave thing about Easter is the kids Easter bonnet competitions, love making them together, Oh and the chocolate!!! lol

  4. Amanda J Davis

    The easter egg hunt at my mum for my 3 kids

  5. Mary Hill

    My favourite thing is decorating out eggs with my son. Going to the local park and rolling them and the easter egg hunt.

  6. becci cleary

    Easter Sunday Lamb Roast Dinner 🙂

  7. LORNA Wils

    Having the family back home and spending quality time together celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus.

  8. Sharon Freemantle

    Chocolate and helping with the Easter egg hunt

  9. Quality family time,delicious Sunday roast,following by egg hunt for the little ones,seeing their faces light up is priceless. Fabulous giveaway,thanks for the chance,please count me in? x

  10. Debbie Southwell

    Hot cross buns and seeing the children so excited doing the egg hunt.

  11. Going to church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday and remembering the true meaning of Easter.

  12. Paul Ballantine

    I love our yearly family egg japping competition that we have after our Easter Sunday dinner at our parents house

  13. Victoria Thurgood

    Taking the kids on National trust easter egg hunts

  14. Beverley Cousins

    Love all the family together for a Easter roast and the egg hunt.

  15. Denise Carter

    A time to celebrate spring, Easter, lighter nights and an a special occasion for family members to get together who you might not see regularly, to catch up, eat chocolate, eat lamb and reminiscent of Easter in bygone times lol

  16. Julie Camm

    It’s an occasion like Christmas when we can get together as a family with no having to go to work…

  17. Nicola Jordan

    Spending beautiful spring says with my family

  18. Tasha Walker

    Visiting family and finally getting some time to do some Easter baking!

  19. Allie Campbell

    We have a lovely Easter lunch with all the family. Its lovely and relaxing.

  20. Jenny Rogers

    Lovely family meal and then chocolate.

  21. Leanne jones

    My favourite thing about Easter would be all the children finding Easter eggs and Easter games, the sunshine, the flowers and most of all the bright colours Easter brings

  22. Tricia cowell

    This year we are doing my Grandsons first Easter egg hunt. Then a family meal.

  23. michelle t

    Easter is about family time…egg hunts, crafty things with the kids and days out

  24. Chris Fletcher

    I love getting together with all of the family! That and the chocolate of course!

  25. Samantha Bolter

    more family time any celebration is most welcome for that

  26. Joanne Heath

    School holidays off eith my two children. Life as a teacher is manic, but easter holidays allow some days to create memories and not constant marking. They love an Easter hunt too.

  27. elisher brown

    Spending it with the family and apprepciate the warm weather to come.

  28. Julie Edwards

    Spending quality time with my family

  29. Hayley Payne

    The fertility of the land with all the new life coming through and all the chocolate of course too.

  30. Lara Latchem

    Love easter egg hunts with the kids

  31. amy bondoc

    watching the kids search for easter eggs

  32. Mark Whittaker

    We always have a family lunch over Easter . Its always fun and so much more relaxed than the Christmas meal . Its always much easier to get people together as there is less “competition” ( sorry I can’t think of a better word) from the demands of other inlaws .

  33. Ali Fanstone

    My favorite thing about Easter at the moment is a long weekeknd off work, Bliss I get to sleep in

  34. joanne casey

    Definitely when all the family gets together on Easter Sunday, egg hunt for the kids in the morning and roast lamb dinner for us all in the afternoon

  35. Pauline black

    Painting the eggs with our grandsons!

  36. Zoe Tudor

    Easter is one time of the year my partner has leave after him being away since before Xmas with work we are very excited for a family trip to centre PARC’s this easter to make up lost time and create easter memories. Winning this would be a wonderful family treat x

  37. Rebecca roberts

    Family time together having fun and eating chocolate

  38. Caroline O'Keeffe

    Getting a long weekend off work to spend time with my family

  39. Lucy Chester

    My favourite part of Easter has to be the Easter egg hunt with all the children in the family

  40. suzanne sendell

    Knowing that summer Is on Its way

  41. Lorna Cox

    Spending time with !y family …..and hot cross buns !

  42. Simon Knuckey

    Easter Egg Hunt Is A Family Ritual

  43. Natalie Gillham

    I love meeting up with my family for rare quality time with my loved ones x

  44. matt allison

    doing the easter baskets for the kids

  45. Adrian Bold

    We do a treasure hunt with the kids. The clues lead them around the house and there are toy or egg rewards every few clues!

  46. Caitlin Moores

    How beautiful! I love the design…and obviously the chocolate!

  47. katrina walsh

    Decorating easter bonnets with the children x x

  48. Dominique Clarke

    Chocolate hehe… Followed closely in second place by getting together with family for a feast!

  49. Oksana Fitzgerald

    Family getting together and enjoying food

  50. Liz Quinn

    Family time, lovely roast dinner and a long walk with the dogs 🙂

  51. Hot X Buns homemade if possible just Delicious

  52. Harriet Leonard

    Spending time with my family who all get together over a huge, delicious lunch is definitely my favourite thing about Easter.

  53. Alison Macdonald

    Egg hunt in the garden followed by a lovely family Sunday lunch

  54. Nick Wells-gaston

    Having all the family sit down together for a special family meal!!

  55. jackie curran

    my favourite thing is a family get together with an easter egg hunt .

  56. Kerry H

    I love eating chocolate eggs for Easter breakfast!

  57. Kirsty Caffrey

    Having time off work to spend with my hubby and boys – and its usually our time for a family holiday abroad in the sun and leave behind the cold winter days 🙂

  58. Nicola Phipps

    Easter Egg Hunts with our friends and family

  59. Jodie W

    I like to go to church at Easter to see the sunday school do their play, lovely

  60. That’s easy to answer has to be the chocolate!

  61. Laura Khomutova

    Easter egg hunt with my grandchildren

  62. Ian Campbell

    Easter egg hunts, sleep…and devouring plenty of the chocolatey stuff! 😉

  63. Fiona jk42

    I love spending time with my family, especially my little granddaughter.

  64. sophie williams

    I love writing the clues for the kids to do their Easter egg hunt and watching them all working it out together!

  65. sandy ralph

    having an easter egg hunt in the garden with the children

  66. Sarah Austin

    My favourite thing about is Easter is chocolate! Although this year as I was due yesterday this year I think it will be the birth of our first baby which hopefully won’t be too far away!

  67. Sam Parkes

    Easter egg hunt easter morning with my little girl

  68. Kerry Webber

    My favourite thing about Easter is that you can eat chocolate at any time of the day, even for breakfast, and it’s completely acceptable!!

  69. I love having the family round for dinner and an egg hunt

  70. Abi Jervis

    Easter eggs and spending time with family

  71. Donna W

    Spending time with all the family and doing Easter egg hunts for the children.

  72. Martina Alban

    chocolate and some more chocolate that’s what I love

  73. Amy Jo McLellan

    I’d be lying if I said anything other than copious amounts of chocolate!

  74. teresa b

    Spending time with the family and stuffing our faces with chocolate!

  75. Pam Lawrence

    Well as a certified chocoholic I should say all the Easter Eggs and gratuitous chocolate, I suppose, but in fact my favourite thing is hot cross buns, split open, toasted and slathered with industrial amounts of cold butter, laid on in slabs, then put back under the grill to melt, soak in , and develop the ‘beurre noisette’ flavour…..utter, utter bliss!

  76. vanessa ball

    All the family getting together on Easter Sunday and obviously all the chocolate eggs

  77. Shaun Heathcote

    my favourite thing is the chocolate and the big easter dinner

  78. Nadia Stanbridge

    Extra time at home with loved ones and lovely food

  79. Kim Neville

    Going to my sister’s house for a family lunch then a big Easter hunt in the garden for all the kids


    I enjoy lighter nights, after the clocks ‘spring’ forward, also spring flowers & Easter food treats

  81. Anne Plumb

    It has to be that it’s a great excuse to have a bit of chocolate

  82. Samantha R

    My favourite thing is Easter Eggs 😀

  83. Victoria Prince

    My favourite thing about Easter is all the chocolate that’s around!

  84. Marian Fievez

    Family time together, and Chocolate xx

  85. Nancy Bradford

    I’d say the beautiful pastel colours everywhere, and chocolate.

  86. Glynis O'Halloran

    My favourite thing about Easter is spending time with the family, eating chocolate and having a good laugh.

  87. Debbie Bird

    Love the look on little children’s faces when they see the Easter Bunny has been

  88. Hayley Atkins

    I love Easter because it means lots of chocolate and ,weather permitting,the first chance of the year to get out in the garden and start sowing and planting.

  89. Dianne Simpson

    The best thing about Easter is spending time with the family and chocolate.

  90. Teresa sheldon

    We love the long Weekend with the lighter evenings, means we can do more hopefully in Sunshine

  91. Carly Belsey

    The family coming round for a lovely meal and eating lots of chocolate obviously!

  92. Emma Middleton

    Easter egg hunt with the family in our local park and if the weather is nice a lovely family picnic

  93. Gemma-Anne Smith

    Such a fab giveaway, I’m loving the hamper x

  94. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Spending time with the family and doing an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt where the Easter Bunny has talked to Santa and has a present (left over from Christmas – as they get so much) at the end of it all. Something we started 2 Easters ago and they love it. Plus then we all go to the local pub for dinner.

  95. Alison MacDonald

    Watching the kids on their Easter Egg hunt the excitement in their faces is lovely to see. xx

  96. michelle thompson

    spending time with the family even more so now as i have 2 grandchildren to make extra memories with

  97. Sarah Holder

    Catching up with family and friends spending quality time together!

  98. Stacey Jane Leigh

    I love that we get more time together as a family! We have a big egg hunt with the local children and an egg decorating contest then a huge family dinner

  99. Christine Reid

    Spring is here, and a long weekend break is lovely.

  100. Petra Beck

    Easter means that spring has well and truly started.

  101. Sophie Marie Cartwright

    The Easter Egg hunts of course 😉

  102. Tamara Payne

    easter egg hunt with the children around the garden and house

  103. Teena King

    Having all 5 of my grown up children over at my house for Easter dinner of roast lamb and all the trimmings!

  104. Dawn Underwood

    I always make a nice roast lamb dinner

  105. Katie Walker

    Playing with my nieces on Easter Monday

  106. Jo McPherson

    Having the family round for dinner on Easter day

  107. Heather Haigh

    A day to spend having fun with family.

  108. Laura lee

    I love the Easter Egg hunt with the kids and hot cross buns

  109. Rose Stephenson

    I like it because Easter marks the real start of the gardening season. I love the chocolate eggs too.

  110. Ruth Davies

    We have the Grandparents for dinner

  111. Geoff Hibbert

    I always look forward to getting an Easter egg

  112. Katrina Adams

    My favourite thing about Easter is that my parents always do a fantastic lamb dinner, it’s amazing and I look forward to it all day!!

  113. Laura Harrison

    Spending time with my family and having fun xx

  114. Tracey Hallmark

    I love our annual family Easter Egg hunt in my mum’s garden, my 3 year old niece’s face is just priceless as she follows the ‘Easter Bunny’s’ trail and finds the eggs he left.

  115. Terri Dudey

    Easter egg hunt at nan and grandad my 3 little ones love it xx

  116. Amanda Noble

    Love the easter egg hunts and baking Easter goodies with my little girl .

  117. Eating yummy Easter eggs and watching the joy on my kids face when they have theirs!

  118. Nikki Hayes

    The chocolate! There is just something about Easter egg chocolate that makes it really moreish 😀

  119. Melissa Crowe

    Having a Easter egg hunt with my boys fun and games x

  120. Simone Griffin

    I love spending more time with my son…and all the chocolate 🙂

  121. Samantha Atherton

    I love spending more time as a family.

  122. Rebecca F

    Lent comes to an end and I can eat my body weight in chocolate!

  123. Patricia Avery

    Having two of my grandchildren staying with us.They live 100+ miles away so only get to see them in the school holidays.

  124. A.E. ADKINS

    Roast lamb dinner and an afternoon of chocolate

  125. gemma raines

    Easter Eggs treats board games and a cheeky few drinks

  126. sara owen

    We love going to park as a family this year us extra special as had 3 month old baby so will be his 1st waster too, so we’ll paint eggs and take then to park then home and make nice roast

  127. Sheri Darby

    Having all the family together and Easter Eggs

  128. Suzi Moore

    easter egg hunt with all my grandchildren

  129. tina Glover

    we have a family tradition where we paint eggs and then roll them down a local hill on Friday. Its great fun

  130. Caron Twyman

    I love Easter, when the family gets together.

  131. Angela Kelly

    My favourite thing about Easter is time off work (and chocolate, of course.)

  132. Sarah Wilson

    Going away for a few days with my family.

  133. Mandy Betts

    The time off work to relax and see my family

  134. paula cheadle

    having an Easter Sunday roast together, the whole of the family. and of course all the chocolate to be eaten

  135. jo liddement

    The best thing about Easter is having some time off with my family and making Easter cakes with my young son…chocolate ones of course!

  136. Jane allum

    Spending time with my family and wonderful grandson ☺

  137. Meg Gaskell

    All the family come on Easter Sunday, young and old all enjoy some treats! The hunt in the garden is weather dependent, harder to do in the house when it’s full of people! Would be wonderful to share this beautiful tower with everyone.

  138. I have to be honest – the best thing about Easter for me is the time off work. Lush!

  139. Like having the family all together for a roast dinner, Easter cake and chocolate eggs x

  140. Lauren Stebbings

    My favourite thing about Easter is the big family dinner and get together 🙂

  141. Irene Murdoch

    Best thing about Easter is quality time with the Fiance enjoying a home cooked Easter lunch followed by chocolate!

  142. Helen Stratton

    This year it is not working in a pub. I get the day off!

  143. Stuart Dunlop

    I do love getting the family together, and having a Eater Egg hunt – great fun!

  144. holly harmsworth

    The excuse to eat lots and lots of chocolate

  145. Sally Collingwood

    A time to get the family together

  146. Kirsteen Mackay

    My favourite thing is the chocolate eggs, they are a great replacement for party bags at kids birthday parties and the Easter egg hunts are great fun too.

  147. Abigail Cullen

    I love the nice long weekend, which is normally spent, going away for a few days.

  148. Kirsty Ward

    Eating my bodyweight in chocolate!!

  149. Michelle Pierce

    Love the daffodils out in bloom

  150. CHERRY Lloyd

    long week end off, and plenty of time to spend with friends and family

  151. georgina sudron

    Bank holiday easter weekend is goid for me a well earned rest

  152. Gemma Massey

    Spending time with family and every year we do an Easter egg hunt, which is quite funny

  153. Victoria Easton

    Family time and the start of better weather – hopefully!

  154. Linda Bird

    Giving the Easter Eggs to my grandsons.
    Also the Easter baking.

  155. Louise A

    Apart from being with family, just love the food…Easter Eggs, Hot Cross Buns, Lovely roast dinner etc

  156. Jessica Hutton

    Not going to lie to tw the chocolate haha xx

  157. Craig Austin

    Doing an Easter egg hunt with kids is normally entertaining

  158. Jodi hill

    I love doing an Easter egg hunt for the children in the back garden…. hopefully we won’t have any snow!

  159. Sharon Hirst

    Being a major chocoholic has to be all the Easter eggs

  160. Spending time with the family and doing an egg hunt

  161. Linda Turner

    Love to paint the eggs with the grandchildren.

  162. Carla Mooney

    Spending time as a family and lots of yummy treats

  163. Hayley Colburn

    I always cook a big lamb dinner and have the family round, its nice to be able to do that for everyone

  164. Ann Skamarauskas

    Gathering the family around together

  165. Jo Hutchings

    I love the big roast dinner for all the family to share.

  166. Fantastic Prize
    I’d love to win this prize as we we are having a family and friends for my birthday on good friday and this would be nice to share this prize with them ☺️
    liked Shared
    Good Luck Everyone

  167. Joanna Orr

    Family time – although my youngest son is living in Australia, so I’m going to miss him this year!

  168. Lorna Ledger

    Spending time with friends, and family, having great food, maybe a few walks, and of course the amazing 4 day weekend 😉

  169. Emma Evans

    Hot cross buns and trying to stop the kids from eating the Easter eggs all in one go.


    i enjoy the time spent with my family having a lovely easter lunch

  171. Elinor Fisher

    My favourite thing is that my only child, who lived 200 miles away, comes home to visit us for the Easter weekend and we have a great time together.

  172. charlotte

    the local has an easter bonnet competition for the kids so its nice to go there

  173. Amanda Gregory

    I love doing Easter Egg hunts with my great-nieces.

  174. Having the day off work as supermarkets cannot open easter Sunday.

  175. Me and my partner always go to the coast and eat fish and chips at easter. It’s our long weekend to just chill and do a bit of beachcombing.

  176. Michelle Ferguson

    Having an extra two days off work

  177. Danielle Moore

    We always go somewhere new every Easter making memories with the children

  178. James McLaughlin

    My favourite thing about Easter is having an extra long weekend with my little family.

  179. gemma hendry

    my fave thing about easter is making easter hats and cards with my daughter

  180. jemima bradshaw

    Spending time with the kids! and eating too much chocolate.

  181. Jackie Dawson

    Easter egg hunting with my little niece and nephew x

  182. Michelle smith

    Having a easter hunt with my granddaughter is really fun.

  183. Lindsey stuart

    I love Easter, especially the Easter egg hunt with my daughter Heidi it is so much fun! I do love the chocolate too 😉


    Easter eggs for grandchildren and trying to make easter bonnets with grandaughter

  185. jamie millard

    A big family easter lunch. With plenty of sweet treats in between.

  186. sarah davison

    We have so many family birthdays in April so Easter is always full of fun and family time celebrating.

  187. I love seeing all the beautiful spring flowers when I go out walking with my family.

  188. Apart from spending time with the family it has to be chocolate!

  189. Keri Jones

    I love that my son gets 2 weeks off school & we get to have fun with our friends x

  190. Tracy Hanley

    Decorating eggs with the grandkids

  191. Nicola kitley

    I love Easter time, family time and happy kids

  192. Sadiyya Maryam

    Getting together as a family and my daughter loves visiting my parents and having warm buttered hot cross buns with them, it’s so nostalgic as I remember doing the same with them. Many thanks for such a lovely giveaway.

  193. Susan B

    My favourite thing about Easter is catching up with all the family.

  194. Kelly annette townsend

    I love the easter Egg hunts at our local country farm park xxx

  195. melanie stirling

    My favourite thing has to be the chocolate eggs.

  196. Sarah Roberts

    Easter Egg hunt with my grand daughters they love it and so do l.

  197. Marie Elvin

    Roast dinner then easter egg hunt. Love it!

  198. Lynda Jones

    Its so great to get all the family together, big Sunday Roast with all the family, lovely memories

  199. Christina Palmer

    The family gathering together round the table for a feast

  200. Sarah S

    My favourite thing about Easter is the four day weekend, yay!

  201. Laura Pritchard

    I’m an atheist and celebrate it as the start of Spring (Eostre), so for me it’s all about the chocolate eggs & spending time with my family!

  202. donna l jones

    easter egg hunt with the children

  203. Debbie Timms

    I love all of the gorgeous spring flowers and the new life springing up everywhere!

  204. Natalie Newham

    The chocolate eggs, of course! 🙂


    My favourite thing about Easter is having an Easter egg hunt with my family at home.

  206. Lori Darling

    I love having a nice long weekend to spend with my family and Easter eggs of course

  207. Honey McKinley

    Daffodils and tulips out in the park and available in shops.

  208. Jeanette Leighton

    Having a great excuse to eat chocolate

  209. Nicola Marshall

    Spending time with my

  210. Ann Stimson

    Watching grandchildren excitedly doing an Easter Egg hunt

  211. Eileen Sumner

    Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

  212. Jennifermai

    I know I shouldn’t say chocolate … but chocolate, and warm home made hot cross buns!

  213. Erin Bryant

    Lambs, chicks, daffodils and chocolate!


    The Easter egg hunt that we do for my grandchildren and their friends

  215. Justine Meyer

    Big family easter dinner, painting eggs and lots of chocolate x

  216. Family get togethers and all that lovely chocolate!! 😀

  217. Spending quality time relaxing and chilling with my partner . Easter is eggstra special because my niece was born on Good Friday

  218. Annabel Greaves

    The family enjoy the Easter egg hunts

  219. Sarah Lambert

    Spending time as a family we usually spend the day at a farm or go on a nice walk but we are going away this year ☺️

  220. Linda Johnson

    My favourite thing about Easter is simply spending fun quality time with the whole family, we don’t get together very often

  221. getting family together for a nice meal and reflecting on the year so far

  222. Nicola S

    The chocolate eggs and the traditional family meal. We also do an egg hunt for the kids even though they’re getting a bit big now!

  223. Jayne Kelsall

    I love watching the kids trying to find their Easter Eggs .x

  224. Layla Thomas

    I love watching my boys hunt for eggs.

  225. The daffodils and spring flowers coming into bloom.

  226. Susan Kempson

    My favourite thing about Easter is spending time with my family and going out in to the countryside or seaside!

  227. debbie jayne davies

    My favorite thing about easter is spending quality time with my family especially my 3 grandchildren.

  228. Alistair Smith

    Looks great – I’d be a popular guy if I won this !

  229. Elizabeth Smith

    Simnel cake, an excuse to eat marzipan!

  230. Carole Nott

    love getting together with my family and eating lots of chocolae

  231. Laura Townsend

    I love being able to spend time with my boys doing Easter crafts, Ester egg hunts and a good reason to eat lots of chocolate and cakes!

  232. Ellie Lane

    With no children in the house it’s just another weekend for us….. but with added chocolate!!

  233. Love Easter everything coming back to life Spring! and the joy of having fun with my lovely little grandson. Beautiful giveaway thank you for the chance to win

  234. Joanne Beale

    Making Easter Biscuits which reminds me of my Nan

  235. stacey kavanah

    spending time do a easter egg hunt with the kids.

  236. Liam Bishop

    The chocolate – I can’t even pretend otherwise!!

  237. Laura Jeffs

    Extra time to chill with my lovely family

  238. Sue Bowden

    Spending quality time with the family over lunch, eggs for the children and perhaps an extra glass of wine to finish off, because there is no early rising on Bank Holiday Monday.

  239. Sue McCarthy

    Usually the weather is good enough to get out in the garden, loads to do at this time of the year.

  240. Love spending time with my family and doing egg hunts with my grandchildren then relaxing on a night enjoying my chocolate

  241. My fave thing about Easter is spending time with the family, we have a big family dinner

  242. Elizabeth

    Time off work! (And sometimes my birthday, although Easter has been arriving before it more often than not in recent years.)

  243. Lydia Barton

    If I’m being honest, for me the best thing about Easter is the chocolate and doing the hunt with my children to find it.

  244. A S,Edinburgh

    Taking the time to appreciate the longer days.

  245. Lucy Barlow

    the Spring Flowers – daffs and crocus, the snowdrops are still about – so pretty

  246. My favourite thing about Easter is decorating and rolling boiled eggs with the kids.

  247. Love getting together with my family.This year we’re having a special belated wedding celebration with my brother in laws for our son and daughter in law who got married a few months ago. My brother in laws were unable to attend their wedding as they live too far away.

  248. bella smyth

    watching the kids faces when they find all the hidden eggs, This year tho is going to be one to remember as easter falls on 1st april aka april fools day, so i am going to do a easter egg hunt with clues and there aint going to be any hidden eggs and then i am going to dip deshelled eggs in chocolate and wrap if foil. hehe poor kids 🙂

  249. Carole E

    Having a Easter roast dinner with my family

  250. Amanda Richardson

    Spending quality time with the wider family and a big get together for lots of laughs and catch up on all the news

  251. Wow.. That hamper looks amazing! yummy, fab easter fun for all the family!

  252. Hazel Rea

    My favourite thing about Easter is the family getting together and having fun.

  253. Sophie Roberts

    I love being able to see all my family and spend time with them!

  254. claire woods

    I love Good Friday and Easter Monday, as they are days off work without using up my leave.

  255. Judith MacInnes

    I actually like the fact that my husband’s not a big chocolate fan – it gives me the excuse to hit the kitchen & make him a basket of scotch eggs! I try and make different flavours to add variety!


    Love a Easter egg hunt with the Grandchildren

  257. Martina Pichova

    I love watching my kids doing the Easter egg hunt.

  258. Stephen Freemantle

    Having the family around enjoying the long weekend and having a Easter egg hunt. But don’t forget why we are celebrating Eater also.

  259. Ross Hanney

    The annual egg hunt in the garden with my niece and nephew!

  260. Marycarol

    Love the chocolate we go off it for Lent and it’s so lovely on Easter Day x

  261. gillian jennison

    egg-citing prize my family would love!

  262. Eating hot cross buns! I lightly toast mine and have lashings of butter…mmmm 🙂

  263. Clare Hubbard

    Visiting the local farm and seeing the lambs and piglets

  264. Emma Ellams

    I love spending time with family, relaxing and being grateful 🙂

  265. john prendergast

    I like the easter break and going away for a few days

  266. Roast lamb with lots and lots of mint sauce followed by Easter Eggs for pudding!

  267. William Gould

    We always celebrate our Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary at Easter – this year it’s their 65th!!!!

  268. Lynne Manton

    Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!


    I love taking my kids to all the country parks at Easter they always put on lovely events on for kids to get out and its always free absolutely free

  270. Tracey Peach

    Spending time with the family having a lovely roast lunch & eating chocolate!

  271. Emma Nixon

    A few days off work to spend with my family

  272. Angela Treadway

    doing an egg hunt with my sons x

  273. Four days off so time to work in the garden

  274. Rennene Hartland

    It’s always near my birthday so i get lots more chocolate.

  275. Lyn Burgess

    The children’s excitement at the prospect of an egg hunt

  276. the break from work and spending time with the family

  277. Carol Portas

    Best thing about Easter – all the chocolate

  278. Violet Phillippo

    I love having a holiday over Easter and just recharging my batteries!

  279. Ren Taylor

    As a teacher I love the fact that I have 2 weeks off work, oh, and all the chocolate lol!

  280. Jennifer Gardner

    My grandmothers potato salad is a family favourite. Can’t have Easter without it x

  281. lesley renshaw

    I love spending time with my family. We always visit the newborn animals at the farm. New beginning and new life. Oh and chocolate! What’s not to love? x

  282. Laura Chapman

    A leg of roasted lamb on Easter Sunday! YUM! Plus all the chocolate

  283. Louise Comb

    Chocolate! (And having my fella around to share it with) XXX

  284. Anthony Harrington

    spending time with our little grandson and setting up the Easter Egg Hunt

  285. Jen Oconnell

    I love spending time with my extended family. We are all usually so busy, and it’s lovely to relax, eat lots of food and catch up

  286. Jo Young

    Eating chocolate in egg form – it just tastes yummier.

  287. Kevin Johnson

    I love the fact that even though my brother and I are older now, we still go out with our parents to have fish and chips for lunch and for a few drinks at bars along the coast. We do this every Easter Monday and it’s one of the rare times the four of us do go out together.


    Hot cross buns with lots of butter

  289. My favourite thing is that I can have the chance to eat a lot of chocolate eggs.

  290. Danielle Spencer

    My favourite thing about easter is family time.

  291. Simon C

    Easter is a great time for getting the family together. Looking forward to a really good few days with everyone. 🙂

  292. Isabell Whitenstall

    My favourite thing about Easter is eating hot cross buns! I also like hiding Easter eggs in the garden for the grandchildren to find.

  293. Chris Andrews

    Leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favourite thing about Easter is.

    watching my grandsons faces (including the sticky brown chocolate around their mouths) and their delight with it all


    my favourite thing about Easter is time off work , spent with family .

  295. Margaret Clarkson

    Spending time with family and of course, chocolate!

  296. Jo Carroll

    I love the Easter break…you get more time to spend with your friends and loved ones and I think it really signifies a fresh start and ofcourse the beginning of the better weather arriving.

  297. Deborah Clarke

    Spending quality time with the family and friends. Fab giveaway thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner.

  298. maria blythin

    having a good excuse to eat chocolate all day x

  299. Chocolate! All that delicious, rich chocolate.

  300. Naomi Williams

    My fave thing is chocolate easter eggs

  301. Without a doubt, the time off work. And the chocolate.

  302. Karen Hughes

    I love planning Easter egg hunts and games for the kids.
    This is an amazing giveaway. There is literally something for everyone. Love the addition of the olives (actually my favourite food)


    Nice long weekend off from work and the chocolate of course !


    Great-looking hamper. Love the inclusion of a marzipan loaf.

  305. Emily Kerner

    Chocolate, warm buttery hot cross buns and spending lovely meals with family

  306. Ellie Bromilow

    family time, the man has time off work, family comes round to visit and the home is full of lots of smiles and happy faces

  307. helen tovell

    Getting together with the family for a lovely roast dinner

  308. Jen Rogers

    Love Hot Cross Buns, and lovely Easter Eggs and treats – walks with the family and being together x

  309. Amber Goddard

    What a fab giveaway. Truly the prized egg of the bunch for The Annual Egg Hunt!!!

  310. Kim Jackson

    My favourite thing about easter is seeing how excited the children get 😀

  311. Angela Fitzjohn

    Having lots of fun on the Easter egg hunt with my children.

  312. Karen Barrett

    I love making marbled eggs with my grandchildren

  313. Paul Green

    we love going for a walk on the north norfolk coast

  314. Heidi Brown

    Its another excuse to spend time with the family!

  315. Anam Zhara

    This is such a great giveaway. If I was to win, I would share with my family and neighbours. They are all chocoholics like me!

  316. claire glace

    The weather getting sunnier and warmer, and the family get togethers x

  317. Laura Britton

    The Easter egg hunt around the garden


    We always look forward to the easter egg hunt, just have to think of some clever places to hide those choccy eggs.

  319. Easter always seems to mark the end of the winter for me. I can look forward to the Spring and summer months ahead. ( no mention of chocolate at all 🙂 )

  320. Denise Whiskin

    My favourite thing about Easter is the long Bank Holiday weekend. A chance to relax and take a breath before the next plunge into a hectic schedule.

  321. purpleshoes

    the whole family spending time together

  322. Sarah Pybus

    Watching the kids enjoy their easter egg hunt

  323. Chrissy Harris

    I love having a break from work to spend time with my family

  324. Chloe Taylor

    Enjoying my birthday which is always around easter time, amd eating yummy chocolate!

  325. Tracey Belcher

    Quality family time – and errr CHOCOLATE

  326. Laura Scott

    Easter egg hunts with the kids and my birthday always falls in the Easter holidays!

  327. Jayne T

    My favourite thing about Easter is being able to enjoy a chocolate egg for my breakfast with my family.

  328. Andrew Petrie

    My favourite thing about Easter is the company of my best friends .

  329. Extra 2 days off work to enjoy quality time with family making lasting memories

  330. Caroline

    The long weekend off work ( and all the chocolate)

  331. natalie Crossan

    All the guilt free chocolate 🙂 xxx

  332. Andrea Upton

    Celebrating the real meaning of Easter

  333. Maria P

    The big family breakfast after the egg hunt!

  334. Gill Barwood

    My favourite thing when the kids were little was setting up an Easter Egg Hunt for them in the garden. Now I enjoy us all having a nice big Easter Sunday roast dinner together

  335. Marylyn Hammersley

    Easter is family time, having a meal, time to relax together, maybe a walk in the countryside and eating Easter Eggs, how good is that!

  336. Vicki H

    Hot cross buns are my favourite thing about Easter ♡

  337. Tania Atfield

    Getting my kids together for big family lunch

  338. Kirsty Austin

    Easter eggs and a beautiful roast with all the family

  339. Beatrix Harrison

    My favourite thing about Easter is the time off work that I get to spend with people important to me

  340. We love doing Easter egg hunts around the house – the whole family gets involved and the kids love it!

  341. Helen Rosbotham

    My favourite thing about Easter is having a lovely day with the family and sharing a gorgeous roast dinner

  342. Stephanie Pearce

    The whole family eating a roast together


    We love walking through Lent in Church and just remembering this time of year for the good news of Christ x Happy Easter xx

  344. Maggi L

    Enjoying Easter Sunday dinner together with family and plenty of chocolates to be had!

  345. Geraldine Pound

    Family getting together and enjoying food and fun and celebrating Spring x

  346. sharon martin

    spending quality time with family and doing easter themed baking

  347. Katy Malkin

    I love doing the family easter egg hunts

  348. Hannah Fowler

    Great hamper, something for everyone in there.

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