Chocolate Hampers For All Occasions

Chocolate Hampers For All Occasions

What’s better than chocolate?…more chocolate of course! There’s very little that a gift of the sweet stuff won’t solve. From congratulatory gifts to an overdue apology, chocolate is the perfect choice when you want to make a gesture. We’ve carefully selected every ingredient that goes into our chocolate hampers so that you can give your loved one a gift they will always remember. From beautiful little baskets packed with chocolatey delights, to great big whopping towers filled to the brim, our chocolate hampers do justice to one of the worlds most popular foods. Just take a look at just some of our selection below. Our full range is here.

The Chocolate Heaven Hamper

Chocolate Hampers For All Occasions

Chocolate Heaven Hamper


One of our most popular chocolate hampers, the Chocolate Heaven Hamper is packed full of delicious chocolatey goodness. Perfect for the one who loves EVERYTHING chocolate, this impressive hamper will do just the trick. With such a variety of goodies to choose from, you’ll be lucky to get a single word out of the lucky recipient. They’ll be too busy sampling treats like Dark Orange Belgian Chocolate Truffles, Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Pieces, Baronie Dark Chocolate Mint Sticks with Pure Peppermint Filling and so much more!

The Belgian And Swiss Selection

Belgian & Swiss Selection

This hamper is perfect for the chocolate connoisseur. This basket of goodies contains some of the greats for the masters themselves. The Swiss and Belgian selection is filled with a mouth watering selection of chocolate and pralines in a world of wonderful flavours.  Treat the recipient to flavours like mint, chilli, cinnamon and coconut infused chocolate.

Chocolate And Nut Delight

Chocolate & Nut Delight

Do you have a friend who’s nutty about chocolate? This tower has everything they could wish for! With the irresistible flavour combo of nuts and chocolate, our Chocolate and Nut delight is one of our most popular chocolate hampers. Each box in the tower contains something new to discover.

Deluxe Golden Tower

Deluxe Golden Tower

One of our bestselling chocolate hampers, the Deluxe Golden Tower has everything you need to make a big impression. This top of the range hamper stands at a whopping 50cm tall, and is filled to the brim with all kinds of wonderful treats. Each carefully selected item is pure indulgence, all tucked away into stunning golden coloured boxes. Treat the recipient to truffles, cookies, chocolate drops, fudge and more with this impressive gift tower. If you’re lucky, they might even share with you…

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