Why one customer rewards their staff with Christmas hampers

Customer Q&A: Sending Christmas hampers as employee rewards

Here at Hampergifts, Christmas is our busiest time of year and we’re just like Santa’s elves, merrily packing our customers’ orders and shipping them off all over the UK and Ireland.

Lots of our customers are businesses, who thank their staff at this time of year with a festive Christmas hamper. We asked one of our customers why they choose to send gift hampers, and we thought we’d share what they said with you…


Hello Jeff. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Please could you just fill us in on what you do?

Hi. I’m Jeff Millard, Chef Manager for the Hummingbird FPSO in the North Sea. The FPSO is like a floating oil-rig about 150 miles off the coast of Scotland. We manage the food, cleaning and accommodation facilities on this 50 person oil production vessel.

Q. Why do you think Christmas hampers make good gifts?

Hampers are an excellent gift at any time of year, however I do feel that both the “giving” of a hamper and the contents invoke a feeling of the festive period. I think sending a Christmas hamper really adds to the recipient’s festive celebrations.

Q. How many Christmas hampers do you typically send out?

We send around 120 hampers out to our staff every year.

Q. Who’s your typical Christmas hamper recipient?

The offshore workforce and our onshore support staff are generally the recipients.

Q. Why do you choose to gift staff with Christmas hampers rather than another type of gift?

We choose to give our staff Christmas hampers simply for the great impact it has on the recipient and their families. They have the “wow” factor and sometimes give people the opportunity to try things they may have never had before. They are always very much appreciated and looked forward to by all our staff.

Q. Do you have any tips for corporate gift giving? Do you send the same hamper to all staff, or choose different hampers for different departments?

We send the same Christmas hamper to all, regardless of position or what company the recipients work for, and they are received with delight and gratitude. I have purchased many corporate gifts in my time and I have to say Hampergifts’ Christmas hampers have simply been the best we can give.

Q. Have you chosen your hamper from the range for this year? Which ones do you most like the look of?

We are fortunate enough in our relationship with Hampergifts to arrange bespoke hampers. The beauty of this is, our people are individuals and unique, and our choice of Hamper is that too. We can send a unique gift for each unique person.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Jeff. And we wish you a Merry Christmas!


To shop our range of Christmas hampers, please have a look at the Christmas hampers page. If you’d like to discuss ordering hampers for your staff or clients, please do get in touch with us via email sales@hampergifts.co.uk or phone +44 (0) 1727 895 900, or visit our Corporate Hampers page for lots more information on branding our hampers, delivery details and more testimonials.