Picnic For Two Hamper

Dodge the showers with our new picnic food hamper

It’s fair to say the British summer has been playing its usual tricks this year. After a positive start back at the beginning of June it spluttered its way through July and into August with a typical mix of sun, rain, clouds and quite a bit of wind, too.

No wonder we love to talk about the weather here – we do get a lot of it!

Take advantage of the next sunny spell

We’re not going to make any predictions about when the next spell of good weather will arrive, but we do think it pays to be prepared. And that’s why we’ve just added a brand new hamper to our range: the picnic food hamper.

Picnic Hamper

Containing everything you need for an impromptu picnic, when you buy this hamper you’ll be able to grab it and go next time the sun shines. Or you can give it to someone special, of course – it’s entirely up to you.

Retro picnic basket style

Continuing the trend for retro picnic baskets, this one contains both the food you need for a successful picnic, plus cutlery and crockery to serve it up in style. In fact, it’s just right for a romantic day out with someone special.

And to coin a cliché, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Once you’ve got through all the delicious stuff inside (it includes oatcakes, pickle, nuts and other tasty items) you can reuse the basket. The high quality crockery will last for years too.

Available from our online shop

This luxurious picnic hamper includes everything you need for a delicious outdoor feast. If the weather looks good and you need a picnic hamper fast, call us to see if we can arrange next day delivery!


  1. tracy messenger

    An Indian curry hamper, I have previously made this and it was gratefully received, I started with a wicker basket and filled it with indian cookery books, lots of different and interesting spices, rice, the stainless steel dishes that indian food is served in and lots of other related items, so all they need to do is add the emat as they will have everything else they need, also a couple bottles of indian beer adds a nice finishing touch, this can also be done as a chinese or thai themed hampers

  2. lucy robinson

    I would share it out with the family. We could have a hamper party.


  4. catherine anderson

    I would share the hamper between my 2 sons who have been a tower of strength during the past 18 months.

  5. Chris Mckenzie

    I would give your Hamper to my wife, she is disabled, deserves the best but I cant always give it to her, so she would get it. Thank you

  6. Hannah Ellis

    I would give the hamper to my boyfriend as a good incentive to take me on a romantic picnic to a beach or something. This would certainly help 😀

  7. gillian McFarlane

    I would leave this to my loving mother and father as if it wasnt for them running after my son all the time and helping me with work commitments I would be out of home.

  8. Mrs Susan Garbutt

    I would present this luxurious hamper to my mother as a wonderful celebration gift.
    On 25th August 2010 she underwent a heart bypass and valve replacement surgery.
    After exactly one year since this traumatic time, this would be a fitting ‘anniversary’ treat for her to enjoy.

  9. Mrs Shirley Balmer

    I would give the hamper to my husband for loving me like he does, and for looking after me whilst I have been very poorly with kidney failure

  10. Mrs Shirley Balmer

    I would give the hamper to my husbalooking loving me like he does and for looking after me so well whilst I have been very poorly with kidney failure this year

  11. Tracey Guthrie

    I would share with my neighbours just to thank them for being there when we need them

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