Christmas Giveaway! Be in with a chance to win our Love Gin Christmas Bowl

We’re feeling Christmas in the air, and that means spreading good cheer with our annual Christmas Giveaway. We’re giving away a Love Gin Christmas Bowl to not one, but TWO lucky winners.  So get your typing fingers ready to leave a blog comment below to enter! You can earn extra chances to win if you use some of the other entry options too.

Love Gin Christmas Bowl

The perfect pressie to put under the tree, our Love Gin Bowl will wow any fan of the classic spirit. The wooden bowl houses a pair of beautiful gin and tonics, accompanied by decadent biscuits, gin infused popcorn, a brandy Christmas pudding, and coffee infused chocolate.

How to enter:

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The competition will close at 3pm on Monday 3rd Dec 2018.
One winner will be selected per hamper and contacted via the email address they provided.
Entrants can be from anywhere in the world, but the prize can only be delivered to a UK residents address.


Congratulations to Geri G  and Rebecca N who were the lucky winners of our Love Gin Christmas Bowl! Thank you to everyone who entered. 


Giveaway! Be in with a chance to win a Love Gin Christmas Bowl


  1. Rachael Obrien

    Our favourite tradition iswho puta the star on the tree ! The kids take it in turns . This year my three year old has his turn 🙂

  2. stephen lossnitzer

    on the 10th when i put the christmas tree up with the kids

  3. A trip to London to see Father Christmas or a show

  4. Kellie Bolton

    We start going Christmas crafts to make additional decorations for our home while spending quality time together

  5. Ginger wine just like mum made. Managed to find it again and have made some, the memories flooded back.

  6. Jodie Cook

    We always watch movies on Christmas eve on the sofa with a hot chocolate

  7. Alison Clifford

    Christmas stockings outside the bedrooms and hearing the children checking them to know if Santa’s been

  8. Our Christmas tradition is relaxing on Christmas eve with a hot chocolate and marshal mallows.Along with a Christmas movie. Love Christmas and family time

  9. Jo Hutchings

    My favourite Christmas tradition is having a Christmas Eve box with snuggly pyjamas, hot chocolate and a dvd in to just calm everything down before the big day.

  10. Sue Harrison

    Meeting up with the whole extended family. We did it yesterday.. 46 of us took over the restaurant !

  11. Sheila Reeves (CakeReev)

    Favourite tradition is no tv on Christmas Day but play silly board games instead

  12. Rebecca roberts

    Christmas Eve we have a takeaway Xmas Eve box’s and lots of films with lots of goodies

  13. Amanda Baggott

    Board games with the family on Christmas Eve

  14. Lorraine Evemy

    We always put on christmas music and put the christmas decorations up always on the first weekend in December.
    We rock around the christmas tree

  15. Simone Kilshaw

    We always let our little girl put the star on the tree. And it is chocolate for breakfast on Christmas Day…that s a tradition for me!

  16. Corinne Wright

    Our Christmas Eve tradition that we do every year since having children is after Tea we all go for a walk on the beach, no matter what the weathers like, we get all wrapped up and have a lovely walk, we come home for a nice hot bubble bath and new pjs. We make hot chocolate and settle down to watch a Christmas movie all toasty and warm under the throws with the fire on. Once the kiddies are in bed me and the hubby get all the magic ready and then we celebrate the evening with a glass of fizz and a cheeseboard. I love Christmas Eve just as much as the big day

  17. Tricia cowell

    Getting ready for Santa and his reindeer, mince pies, whiskey and a carrot

  18. Louise Heaton

    Opening presents at the strike of midnight on Christmas Day

  19. samantha montgomery

    Wow amazing!! Thank you for the chance to win! My favourite tradition is board games and karaoke on Christmas eve with the husband and kids we love it and look forward to it each year

  20. Lesley Bambridge

    My very favourite tradition is putting up the Christmas tree and seeing those lights twinkling brightly.

  21. Tracey Parker

    Having a sherry while cooking Christmas dinner

  22. Adrian Clarke

    Seems to be that retched naughty elf!

  23. DanielC

    Favourite Christmas tradition is watching a christmas movie on christmas eve followed by some local carol singing, love Christmas!!!

  24. Lorraine Llewellyn

    Toasting the Christmas with a glass of mulled wine after we decorate it

  25. My favourite Christmas is having everything cooked and served by the time the Queen gives her speech, by which time the tea trolley has arrived!

  26. tamara foster

    The kids get new p j’s to open on Christmas eve

  27. Lindsay Seels

    Making & baking mince pies on Christmas eve with my family

  28. sharon martin

    i love that we decorate the christmas tree together as a family each year and that the children each have a bauble to hang bought for their first xmas.

  29. My favourite Christmas tradition is having Christmas music on while doing the meal prep on Christmas Eve with my boyfriend

  30. Danielle Pooley

    Favourite tradition would have to be getting my sons new pjs to wear on Christmas Eve

  31. Sharon Hirst

    Attending Carol service at local Cathedral, then begin to feel the Christmas spirit.

  32. Sophie Williams

    Reading a story while the advent candle burns each night

  33. T Brailey

    Our Christmas tradition is to open 1 present before lunch – I love it. (Also eating the crackling every year before it gets onto anyone’s plate.) 🙂

  34. My daughters who are 24 and 25 have to pretend to be asleep before Santa puts their stockings on the end of their bed with a throaty ho ho ho chuck in. Then I collapse with a mug of Baileys.

  35. Christmas pyjamas on Christmas Eve, I can’t remember a Christmas without and now it’s extended to anyone who stay over during festive period, and I’ve donated 11 pairs of kids ones to a charity that will hand them out locally to families living in poverty this Christmas, lovely to know that such a big part of Christmas for me will also be a big part of their Christmas this year

  36. Emma Middleton

    We always put the tree up 12 days before and take it down 12 days after as a family so we all get to decorate it together

  37. Lucy Carter

    Going to the crib service at church on Christmas eve

  38. I love going out to get our Christmas Tree on the 12th December and decorating the tree while drinking mulled wine and hot chocolate for the kids x

  39. Having mulled wine in the snow in Switzerland on Christmas eve

  40. Amy Jo McLellan

    We always watch It’s A Wonderful Life every Christmas Eve 🙂

  41. Leaving sherry, a mince pie and a carrot out for Santa and Rudolph x

  42. Scrabble game after all the festivities 🙂

  43. Mary Baldwin

    I love attending the Children’s Service on Christmas Eve – it gives me a chance to reflect on the real meaning of Christmas and prepare for the days to come.

  44. Maria Jane Knight

    So our tradition is that every year we buy a couple of special Christmas tree decorations that mean something significant to us, or have meaning. For example, last year we bought a “Big Ben” and a red telephone box to symbolise our first time taking our son to London, the year before that we bought a platform 9 3/4 bauble to show our love of Harry Potter and this year we picked a fishing Father Christmas to represent our love of fishing as a family.

  45. Lesley Burrows

    Christmas tree up with Christmas jumpers on, Christmas music on, mince pies and mulled wine. Bliss


    My favourite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree! It doesn’t feel like Christmas until the decorations are up.

  47. Fiona Johnstone

    Christmas carols on Christmas Eve, then a wee glass of port before we go to bed to wait for the big man to arrive.

  48. Teresa sheldon

    Leaving mince pie a tot of whiskey and carrots out for Santa and the reindeer yet

  49. Sue Price

    My favourite tradition is ice skating at the outdoor rink on Christmas Eve with my family. We have mulled wine and hot mince pies afterwards….and then a couple of cheeky g&t’s when we get home

  50. donna l jones

    christmas eve movie night and snacks

  51. My favourite tradition is midnight mass with my brother’s and sister.

  52. Fiona jk42

    Decorating the Christmas tree, which we did this weekend. I love taking out the different decorations that we have accumulated over the years, bought in different places, as they remind me of happy memories.

  53. Denise Wilden

    Our Christmas eve buffet with all the family

  54. Vanessa Cox

    Our family trip to the cinema on Christmas Eve!

  55. Hannah Wood

    Christmas Eve fun with the kids baking 🙂

  56. Adrian Bold

    We always go for a family walk after clearing up the Christmas meal. It helps us to burn off some calories and not just fall asleep in a chair!

  57. olivia kirby

    We like going to the Church on Christmas Eve to make the Christingle candles with the children

  58. Mel Evans

    Eating warm mince pies in my new pyjamas

  59. Angela Elliott

    Making paperchain decorations and paper giant snowflakes with the children, this year it will be with the grandchildren.

  60. Pauline Wilson

    This is probably an unusual one but our favourite tradition is to open a few presents on Christmas Eve

  61. Ann Skamarauskas

    fish n chips, so no cooking, on Christmas Eve

  62. heather

    We spend christmas eve at my partners family’s, christmas day with my family and boxing day at home

  63. tishist

    I don’t have any Christmas traditions as we don’t celebrate Christmas


    we always get some chestnuts and roast them ( in the oven) on Christmas eve great way to start the festivities

  65. MichelleD

    I love our Christmas tree walk on Christmas Eve before sprinkling reindeer dust, putting out Santa’s treat and watching a Muppet’s Christmas Carol!

  66. Carolynn Woodland

    Our only one really, now that the kids are grown, is a slap up Christmas Turkey dinner.

  67. Jamie Millard

    christmas eve christmas movie night

  68. Sue Robinson

    We leave a mince pie and Baileys out for Santa on Christmas Eve, the little ones don’t question why he has Baileys instead of milk!

  69. Cathryn Crawshaw

    stocking on christmas morning for the whole family

  70. Bob Clark

    Have used the same santa paper sack for almost 30 years

  71. Charlotte G

    My favourite tradition is putting the Christmas tree up with my family, obviously with Christmas music and a few drinks!

  72. Julie Jones

    We always put the Christmas Tree up on the 1st of December on the afternoon

  73. Singing carols whilst we all decorate the Christmas tree – using ornaments we have collected every year since I was a child – not 67

  74. I like to put my nativity figures out and the Christmas tree up helped by my grandson and make homemade crackers with my own little gifts in them . Still put a sixpence in the Xmas Pud

  75. Emily Smith

    Going out for a meal and drinks with my friends.

  76. Lauren Old

    Mine is late night shopping in the lead up to Christmas

  77. Lisa Pond

    Dancing to Christmas music when decorating the house

  78. Kirsteen MacKay

    My favourite Christmas tradition is baking christmas cookies and decorating them with all the kids. It’s a happy occasion.

  79. Dominique Ralf

    Leaving mince pie and a glass of milk for Santa. A carrot and water for Rudolph. Then when little ones are in bed, leaving the evidence of crumbs and empty glass to show Santa had visited and enjoyed his offerings.

  80. Claire Nelson

    Our early morning Christmas walk.

  81. Simon Knuckey

    Tradition Is Christmas Turkey Dinner Served At 2pm

  82. Hanging the Christmas stockings, the older they get though the harder it is to get them into the bedroom without waking them. Having them on their beds gives us an extra 30 minutes sleep 🙂

  83. Megan Kinsey

    I love sitting by the tree wrapping presents with a glass of wine and Michael Buble playing! We always try to wrap presents so they look like something else to keep each other guessing.

  84. Elisa Cartwright

    A nice long walk with all the family on Christmas day after dinner.

  85. Amanda Deacon

    Normally it’s the 1st Dec but this year we put it up a week early.

  86. ellie spider

    we always have new pjs for christmas eve we have a bath put them on and watch a christmas movie an then open one present each at midnight before bed!

  87. Vanessa F

    We love packing up the leftovers in to a picnic and heading to the coast on Boxing Day for a walk along the coast.

  88. Tracey S Anderson

    My little elf that Mum bought me as a child has been placed on our family tree for the last 50 years. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without him! 🙂 x

  89. Ellen Stafford

    Secret Santa at my Dad’s Xmas Eve party. Always great fun x

  90. Chloe Cunningham

    Baileys hot chocolate and a Xmas film in Xmas eve! ❤️

  91. Sally ann veasey

    Eating bacon sandwiches in our pyjamas sitting in our bar be que hut.

  92. Sally ann veasey

    Having bacon sandwiches in our artic cabin all wearing pyjamas and Santa hats.

  93. Gemma Middleton

    Our Christmas eve is my favourite tradition, Church, pub, sister in laws for puled pork.

  94. Susan Willshee

    We are not a church going family but we do love to take the children to church on Christmas Eve because our local church has a beautiful carol service. That’s one of my favourite Christmas traditions.

  95. Lesley Prestage

    Sitting round the tree on Christmas eve and everyone opening a tree present.

  96. Craig Rogers

    I love Christmas Dinner with all the family – cooking all day for an amazing feast!


    My favourite Christmas tradition is kissing under the mistletoe!

  98. Angela Kelly

    We all have to gather on the upstairs landing for my Mum to check if Santa has been, even though we’re all adults now.

  99. As a family we do something called ‘Snapdragons’ – heat some brandy, put some sultana’s in a ovenproof dish, pour heated brandy into dish and light the brandy with a match, place dish on the table, turn out the lights and pick the sultanas out with your fingers from the flames! Messy but fun.

  100. Stephanie Dunmore

    Getting new festive pyjamas for Christmas eve.

  101. Michaela Smith

    Having a glass of bucks fizz on Christmas morning 🙂

  102. becci cleary

    Not really a tradition, more a necessity… But sneaking down the stairs when the kids are asleep and setting up their presents

  103. matt allison

    Opening one small present on Christmas Eve

  104. Suzanne Gaulton

    ‘Santa’ ringing the bell on Christmas Eve and there just being parcels on the doorstep containing new pj’s for the kids to wear to bed!

  105. Paula Phillips

    All the family coming around for dinner on Christmas day, opening presents together and playing games after.

  106. Steve Dickinson

    The only tradition we have is never to have turkey for Christmas dinner.

  107. Putting up decorations especially with my youngest two, 3yo twins, who are very excited!!!

  108. Listening to Christmas Carols whilst decorating the tree

  109. pam Lawrence

    My favourite tradition is cooking the turkey in the evening of Christmas Eve – as it cooks the delicious Christmassy scents waft throughout the house, and Christmas really starts there! Hubby and i always gorge ourselves on the bacon that I cover the turkey with, too, late into the night, like greedy kids!

  110. Sheena Batey

    I love to leave a sprout out for Rudolph and a mince pie and sherry for Santa on Christmas Eve.

  111. Nancy Bradford

    My favourite tradition is putting the tree up and decorating it. This year we have a live tree and are trying to make our own, biodegradable ornaments.

  112. Joanne Welsh

    Taking my youngest niece/nephew to see santa!

  113. Elizabeth Smith

    Walk on the beach Christmas morning

  114. Caroline Hunter

    Having cooked red cabbage (my late mother’s recipe) with our Christmas dinner. My mother was German and this was something her mother cooked for her too.

  115. Christina Palmer

    Putting out a glass of milk and mince pie for Santa and carrots for his reindeer

  116. jo liddement

    I love to make an ornament for our Christmas tree every year. This year i have made a needle felted robin.

  117. David Greenhalgh

    Putting up the tree and christmas decorations

  118. Rachel Butterworth

    Wearing the paper hats from the crackers all day. It is mandatory.

  119. Andrea Dimmick

    Love watching all the Christmas films

  120. Emily Hutchinson

    We have a game of darts on Christmas morning and a glass of bucks fizz

  121. Geoff French

    My favourite tradition is falling asleep after a huge meal, and missing the washing up 😉

  122. Joanne Smith

    Tradition is wearing Christmas jumpers to the pub

  123. On Christmas Eve, we always give each other new books. It started when my grandmother gave us all books one Christmas Eve and from that, it turned into a bit of a festive family tradition

  124. Judith Allen

    I used to love the Christmas morning dog walk, everyone was so cheerful, and most dogs had a new squeaky toy or ball.

  125. katrina walsh

    My favourite thing is watching sentimental Christmas, and movies with the family in our new Christmas PJS under cosy throws, drinking hot chocolate with candles burning after filling our tummies with a traditional Christmas Dinner.

  126. Tee Simpson

    It involves matching pjs and watching films like home alone


    We just love the turkey dinners with crackers and paper hats, silly jokes as well from the crackers

  128. Naomi Smith

    Having the whole family around for dinner. 🙂

  129. Sarah Mcknight

    Christmas boxes on new years eave for the kids.

  130. it would have to be Christmas eve and getting my daughter all excited for the next day, where she has her Christmas eve box with Christmas goodies!

  131. Laura Turner

    I love making up the mulled wine and the warm Christmassy scent infusing the whole house.

  132. Debbie Timms

    Leaving a mince pie & sherry for Santa and carrots for the reindeers! x

  133. Paul Clarke

    My favourite tradition is the G&T on Christmas Morning just as the presents are being opened. What? Its Christmas!

  134. Hazel Lemar

    I love the quality of the goodies in this hamper. My kind of food, drink and brands!

  135. Amanda Gregory

    I love leaving out a mince pie and glass of sherry for Santa with the little ones.

  136. Ellie Lane

    Christmas Eve, when everything is prepared and it’s time to relax, we always watch Polar Express and have mugs of hot chocolate.

  137. My favourite tradition is a family Christmas movie night on Christmas Eve before putting the stockings out for Santa x

  138. Maureen Moss

    Whisky in my tea first thing in the morning goes back to when we were all so cold on Christmas morning in the 50s when I got my mum and dad up at central heating in those days!!!!!

  139. Gemma Clark

    Christmas eve boxes with fluffy pjs and hot chocolate sets, a Christmas Story book and some treats.

  140. Emma Walton

    Our favourite Christmas tradition is to open one present each on Christmas Eve and then enjoy a takeaway while watching a favourite movie and enjoying a glass or 3 of Bailey’s over ice.

  141. Christopher Michael

    I love putting up the tree on Dec 1st!

  142. Claire Nutman

    Every christmas eve we go to the cinema………..

  143. Sue Bowden

    Making the mince pies on Christmas Eve afternoon, used to make them with my children, now it’s the grandchildren.

  144. melanie stirling

    Putting up the christmas tree and putting all the presents underneath.

  145. Jo m welsh

    The tree going up and all doing it together and starting the first big box of Christmas chocolates as we decorate it.

  146. Helen Tovell

    A chistingle service in the church

  147. Theresa

    Getting into our Christmas jumpers with our pug Reddington to take a family photo and baking Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve

  148. Vanessa Wood

    Christmas Eve shopping with my Dad

  149. Jackie Howell

    putting up the christmas tree as a family, we all have to be there!

  150. Catherine Gibbard

    Putting the presents under the tree when my kids are in bed and they are now 23 but I still do it like Santa would,


    Having mince pies and a glass of mulled wine on Christmas eve while watching Christmas movies with my family.

  152. Laura Banks

    we play board games and have a buffet on xmas eve

  153. Rachel Dayan

    Stuffing our faces until we are fit to burst on Christmas day!!

  154. Sarah N

    Our tradition is new pyjamas for everyone on Christmas Eve

  155. Richard Eldred Hawes

    Carol sing around the village Christmas Tree

  156. laura milton

    I love making decorations with my kids, we have so much fun and they love singing along to the christmas music in the background 🙂

  157. hannah igoe

    Every year we get the kids a new christmas decoration so that when they leave home they have enough to decorate their own tree

  158. Richard Saunders

    It has to be in the morning when the kids open their stockings on our bed

  159. Louise A

    taking it in turn to open Christmas presents

  160. Laura Jeffs

    Getting the whole family together to put up and decorate the Christmas tree

  161. Karen von

    New pjs and a Christmas book and DVD on Christmas eve- gets everyone excited for Christmas day.

  162. Nikki Phipps

    We always put up the tree and hang up decorations on my birthday 9th December ❤️
    Thank you very much for a fabulous giveaway xx

  163. Fran Light

    My favourite Christmas tradition is (mock) fighting my Dad for the last helping of my Mum’s delicious, super-boozy trifle!

  164. Rich Sollick

    We always get new Christmas pyjamas for Christmas Eve so that we can all look fresh for Santa, then a Christmas movie with lots of snacks and then early to bed for the kids ready for the big day

  165. Tracy Newton

    I love to go and see the children preform The Nativity

  166. Michelle Bamber

    y favourite tradition is hanging up Xmas Stockings Christmas Eve and finding them stuffed full of goodies on Christmas morning and the children come running into our bedroom and jump on the bed to open them and even my teenager joins in!

  167. Paul Green

    People keep telling me Im unlucky to have Insomnia but the jokes on them…
    only 2 more sleeps till Christmas!

  168. Christmas movie on Christmas eve with take out and tub of sweets with the kids

  169. Kathleen marsden

    We all get together in our local village pub for one drink and to meet up before Xmas lunch

  170. Ursula Hunt

    Each buying a new bauble for the tree and new pyjamas on Christmas eve

  171. My favourite Christmas tradition has to be putting out the milk, carrots and mince pie for Father Christmas. It’s magical every year with the kids!

  172. Putting on Christmas songs and dancing around to get in the Christmas spirit whilst decorating the tree in December

  173. Lucy Chester

    On Christmas Eve, we always spend it as just the four of us playing board games, eating party food and watching a Christmas film

  174. Helen Warrener

    always walking the dog after stockings are opened but before breakfast and tree presents helps to burn off some energy and excitement

  175. Evelyn McGow

    Wrapping up the prezzies, whilst listening to all the Christmas songs,and enjoying a glass of mulled wine – it doesn’t get more festive than that for me!

  176. Isabell Whitenstall

    We always like to go to a pantomime. I always have my christmas cd’s playing the week before christmas.

  177. Barbara Knight

    Our now grown-up children still bring their stockings into our room to open them before we all get up.

  178. Janet Kam

    Favourite tradition is giving our Christmas dinner guests silly table presents

  179. Chris Andrews

    preparing and drinking our secret recipe mulled wine

  180. Two weeks before Xmas i take kids to town to see the christmas lights and then put our own ones up

  181. Ours is watching it’s a wonderful life in Christmas eve.. Cue hot chocolate and blankets , cosy!

  182. Helen Stratton

    My favourite Christmas tradition is reading The Night Before Christmas just before everybody goes to bed. We have always done it since the children were small and the eldest is now 25.

  183. Ruth Harwood

    Love advent Calenders, especially novelty bath and body ones and perfume ones too!!

  184. Layla Thomas

    My boys spread reindeer dust (oatmeal) in the garden on Christmas Eve so Santa knows where to land. They love putting on their wellies and going out in the dark garden in their jammies to throw oatmeal all over.

  185. Karen hutchinson

    On Christmas Eve I always leave my son an early present from the Christmas elf with a letter that he has been chosen for being good . I think I will still be doing it when he is 21

  186. Claire Woods

    When the kids leave treats out for Father Christmas.

  187. Favourite tradition has to be the food – Turkey with all the trimmings, then my mother’s trifle at teatime, and finally a supper of leftovers with cheese and homemade chutney.

  188. Daniela Marra

    I enjoy spending time with family, eating, playing games and just having a wonderful time together.

  189. Mary Jasko

    Christmas stockings at the end of the bed. An absolute joy!

  190. Watching muppets Christmas carol on Christmas Eve

  191. Karen Barrett

    We love to collect foliage, weave a willow wreath and decorate our own Christmas door wreath

  192. The tradition of the Xmas pudding from the making and stir up Sunday to bringing in the pudding all lit up

  193. john prendergast

    we exchange xmas gifts on xmas eve

  194. Elizabeth

    Chocolate for breakfast, Full English for lunch, Xmas dinner for tea. It started when my sister and I were kids, because we always got selection boxes from great-aunts and ate so much chocolate when we woke up that we couldn’t face breakfast until after church. These days I no longer go to church and sadly the great-aunts are no longer with us, but I buy myself chocs to eat first thing on Xmas morning.


    Chestnut stuffing on toast Christmas Eve.

  196. Rich Tyler

    Our smoked salmon & scambled eggs / bucks fizz xmas morning breakfast

  197. glenn hutton

    Leaving a lager out for Father Christmas and some carrots for the reindeer! 🙂

  198. Carrie H

    Going out to get the tree – we spend so much time deciding. It has to be “the one”.

  199. Bringing out and decorating the Christmas tree with all the ornaments made by my children when they were young and now having my grandchildren helping and sharing all the stories of Christmas when their parents were their ages.

  200. Louise Comb

    I love making/drinking mulled wine. It’s my fave Christmas ‘thing’ 🙂 XXX

  201. Rebecca Brown

    I love our yearly Christmas biscuit exchange with friends!

  202. Angie McDonald

    We watch The Snowman as a family every Christmas morning whilst eating Bacon Sandwiches for breakfast

  203. Always put the Christmas tree up on my birthday ever since i was a little girl, on the 13th December.

  204. Alison Duke

    My kids are 20 and 13 but they still expect to have a stocking with chocolate coins in!

  205. Martina Pichova

    Decorating the Christmas tree together with the kids – that’s when the Christmas starts

  206. Mike Gerrie

    A family christmas eve with a takeaway and a movie and a few drinkies

  207. having a nice long walk in the local woods on Xmas Day morning

  208. Angela treadway

    decorating the christmas tree on the 2nd of dec every year x

  209. Nicki Ramsay

    Watching cheesy Christmas movies while wrapping presents on Christmas Eve

  210. William Alexander

    Walking off the Xmas pudding with my faithful hound

  211. Ruth Wollerton

    We wear silly festive masks, hats and noses all day on Christmas Day for the most fun of all.

  212. William Gould

    My favourite tradition in our house is having a Buck’s Fizz with Christmas Day breakfast! 🙂

  213. Christmas eve buffet and films with family

  214. Anthony Harrington

    ours has been a family tradition for generations, it it having warmed mince pies for breakfast on christmas morning. Now the current generation feel obliged to keep this tradition going even though non of us like mince pies, so every year it is a chore to find the smallest ones going, this year i have found mini mince pies!

  215. Carol Williams

    trifle for breakfast on boxing day!

  216. Kelly Wheelhouse

    I love going to my parents house on Christmas day for a roast dinner cooked by my mum 🙂

  217. Emma Morgan

    My partner & I have a tradition opening one present each on Christmas Eve as that’s usually the day we finish work so it’s a lovely treat to look forward too.

  218. Nigel Hollingsworth

    My favourite Christmas tradition is the drinking of Sherry ! It is the only time I ever drink it and stems from my family always having splashed out on Sherry at Christmas 🙂

  219. jenny reynolds

    putting out mince pies and glass of beer for santa christmas eve xx

  220. Our son’s birthday is 11th December, and that is the day that we decorate the house for Christmas, and put up the tree. We wait till evening, after tea, and then our son and daughter come round, and we turn the house into a festive winter wonderland! Our children are 36 and 33 now, but we all look forward to, and enjoy our Christmas tradition. We still put little angels on our tree that my husband and I bought 38 years ago in Woolworths for our very first Christmas as a couple, and also some little paper chains and snowflakes that our kids made when they were little. Once the house is magical, we all have some gorgeous mulled wine, hot mince pies, and listen and sing along to the fabulous Now Thats What I Call Christmas CD!! LOVE our Christmas Tradition!!

  221. Susan B

    Getting the children to go up into the loft, fetch the boxes of Christmas decorations and everyone decorating the tree together.

  222. Kim Neville

    After my kids leave out Santa’s treats they choose 1 present to open each on Christmas Eve

  223. Laura Wheatley

    1st of december decorations day 😀 can’t wait

  224. Rebecca P

    Being made to take about 1000 family photos by my mother until she gets the perfect one haha.

  225. Carolyn E

    My favourite Christmas tradition is Gin Cocktails on Christmas Eve. I kid you not! Each person mixes a Christmas cocktail using gin. We vote on the best and the winner gets a the special Christmas bottle of Gin as a prize.

  226. Tracy Nixon

    Our Turkey dinner on Christmas day! We all pull crackers before we eat so we can wear our paper party hats!

  227. Sarah Roberts

    Sitting down to watch the Snowman and all the Christmas films together, its the only time of year we are all together at the same time so it truly is the most wonderful time of the year!.

  228. sandi green

    A sprig of holly hidden in the stocking, someone always forgets we do it 😀 This is for grown ups!

  229. Ann Goody

    Having a Bloody Mary at 11am on Christmas morning.

  230. Judith Lightfoot

    I love putting up my tree & all the different decorations purchased over many years whilst on holiday.

  231. Amy Simpson

    A Family charity Pub crawl,dressed as elves night before xmas eve,to riase money for local hospice x

  232. Deborah Clarke

    A full English breakfast Christmas eve morning! Lovely giveaway would be over the moon to win

  233. GillianPScott

    Our family tradition is giving everyone a small gift at the dinner table before we eat Christmas Lunch. It has to be a fun inexpensive gift and gives everyone a good laugh before we enjoy lunch.

  234. kathleen warwick

    my favourite tradition is meeting up with all of my family to open our Christmas presents together

  235. Ceri Sell

    Opening the Christmas Eve box with the kids. New pjs, hot chocolate and a film – perfect way to start our Christmas celebrations.

  236. I like to put 5p coins in my christmas puddings. When we were kids it used to be sixpences.

  237. Sharon Clarke

    Family Board Game session after lunch on Boxing Day – it has been known to go on late into the evening and has become more and more competitive each year

  238. jadieet

    Having a terries chocolate orange as a bedtime treat xmas eve! every year without fail xx

  239. Natasha Pretorius

    hanging our Christmas stockings

  240. Sophie Roberts

    We all wear new and matching pyjamas on Christmas Eve and have Christmas bedding!

  241. Jo McPherson

    Opening a present Christmas Eve – always new pyjamas

  242. Heather White

    New PJs and a Christmas Storybook for the kids on Christmas Eve along with a bath with bath bombs!

  243. Rosalind Amison

    Having our Christmas Eve dinner with lots of friends and family.

  244. Rosina Hall

    This would make Christmas that bit more special

  245. Oli Marshall

    As a child, I really enjoyed going to church on Christmas eve. I am Orthodox so, tradition is a little different but, the experience of Christmas magic is EXACTLY the same. It’s the beautiful smell of cinnamon and burning candles, the feeling of happiness and joy that I remember. This is why, my husband and I take our little ones to church on Christmas eve to keep this magical Christmas tradition alive (and they LOVE it).

  246. Lucy Anthony

    Drinks with my brothers on Christmas Eve is my favourite Christmas tradition. It started when we all left home, then partners and children slowly got involved and now it feels like an bonus Christmas Day!

  247. Lucy Grabe-Watson

    Buildinf a gingerbread house!

  248. Samantha milner

    We always have to have something naughty for breakfast like chocolate croissants. And then everyone opens one present at a time, so we can all see what they’ve been given

  249. Christine Lockley

    I love taking the grandkiddies to buy a new decoration each, when they’re older and leave home they’ll have a box of decorations for their first tree and lots of happy memories attached too

  250. Chocolate for breakfast . A tradition passed down from my parents to me now with my children…. still do it every year even though they are 26 and 22!

  251. In my family we always make potato cakes on Christmas eve.

  252. Jacqueline Roberts

    New PJ’s Christmas Eve with a Christmas movie

  253. Ruth Tucker

    Putting up the tree and Christmas stocking

  254. Sarah morris

    Our tree always goes up the first weekend in December , Xmas music blasting

  255. Laura Walker

    An annual trip to a local National Trust house we get a family photo in front of their big tree

  256. my favourite Christmas tradition is letting my son and daughter choose 1 gift to open on Christmas Eve, when we’re all together, watching Christmas films, eating Christmas snacks, and enjoying Christmas gifts. My husband and I love watching their faces as they unwrap their gifts – and they are 36 and 33 years old!

  257. lesley renshaw

    The kids all eating their selection boxes for breakfast when opening their presents x

  258. Susan Elai Kelly Carter

    Putting an apple, an orange and a selection box in a pillowcase at the end of the children’s beds – without being seen. (They are adults now)

  259. caroline McCabe

    going to the crib service on Christmas Eve which our daughter takes part in – and then coming home and leaving out a mince pie and milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph

  260. Averil Lea

    I love decorating the Christmas tree it’s the start of all the festivities

  261. Julie Booth

    Every year since the children were two years old, we allowed them to choose a decoration for the Xmas tree. They now have 16 decorations each over the years that they treasure as each one represents a happy childhood Xmas. Enough to start their own tradition.

  262. Annabel Greaves

    We love leaving mince pies out for Santa

  263. I always keep a present for each family member and give it to them after Christmas dinner, usually something to play like a board game or cards, then we can play with something for the evening!

  264. Every year we all sit around the table before Dinner and pull our Christmas Crackers with each other. It’s my fave tradition. We tell jokes and all wear our silly hats x

  265. Paula Daines

    I love to make homemade Christmas Pudding in November,tastes delicious

  266. Chloe Taylor

    Decorating ths christmas tree! I love being creative and often make my own baubles & glitter decs ☺

  267. Amanda Richardson

    Always bacon sandwiches for brunch made by the younger generation

  268. Michele Prest

    Putting up Christmas stockings and the tree

  269. Pat Stubbs

    A walk after lunch before pressies and a nice glass or two of wine!

  270. Christmas Hall

    We have a homemade Christmas hat competition which is such a laugh

  271. Amanda noble

    Christmas Eve baking with the kids ..we love it!

  272. David Woolley

    I bought a lot of Christmas cards showing a cat farting after eating Brussels sprouts and for many years gave the same card to my mother, sister, nephew and niece.

  273. Claire Woodhouse

    My favourite Christmas tradition is having Christmas dinner with my family!

  274. Sal Henry

    The Christingle carol concert on Christmas Eve is really magical.

  275. kelly cleeton

    On Christmas eve you have to leave out a glass of sherry and a mince pie for Santa – and a carrot for Rudolph!

  276. Wilma Jones

    Hot pork sandwiches at my neighbours on Christmas eve.

  277. Lorraine Rivers

    Decorating the christmas tree and going to the christmas tree farm to pick it.

  278. Lynn Heath

    Decorating the Christmas tree with my children! First Saturday of December is always tree day!!!!!

  279. Gillian Brown

    Our christmas tradition is new pyjamas in a christmas eve box for the children

  280. Sue Mooney

    Decorating the tree on Christmas eve with the kids and grandkids then sitting by the log fire with a hot choccie

  281. jenny reynolds

    pulling crackers and reading the santa jokes in them doh!!!!!!!

  282. Barbara Webster

    Our favourite Christmas tradition is to leave a glass of Sherry and Mince Pies for Santa, and a few carrots For Rudolph.

  283. My favourite christmas tradition is playing board games with the children

  284. Margaret Bounds

    Watching a children Nativity. It gets me every time.

  285. Trish Lewis

    My favourite tradition – everyone round at mine for Boxing Day…YAY..!

  286. jules Eley

    watching chirstmas movies on christmas eve with the kids!

  287. Wendy Clayton

    My Christmas tradition is making Millionaires Shortbread on Christmas Eve and I get to eat some of the chocolate that I should me melting and I get to eat the first piece. Two years ago I dropped my mobile phone in the caramel as I was stirring it lol. One dead phone and a quick trip to the shop for more ingredients and had to start again.

  288. Rachel Arnup

    We save one present each, as what we call a “Tree Present” to open on Boxing Day to prolong the Christmas excitement!

  289. Marie Elvin

    Singing Christmas songs while my girls decorate the tree. Then sit in front of a film with a yummy takeaway and a glass of fizz

  290. Andrew Petrie

    We have always enjoyed a walk on Christmas morning saying ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ to perfect strangers.

  291. JanetHumphrey

    No presents opened until turkey is in oven

  292. Hayley Colburn

    I love our Christmas Eve tradition of going out for a family meal then coming back to let the kids open their Christmas Eve boxes

  293. Marian Fievez

    We all get to open a present on Christmas Eve x

  294. Evelyn Vernolini

    The Christmas stocking, still love them

  295. Our Christmas Decorations go up the first weekend in December and our Son always gets to put the Star on the top of the tree.

  296. Marycarol

    Church on Christmas Eve with the family x

  297. Pam Smith

    Our tradition is that on Christmas Eve the youngest member of the family places the star on top of the Christmas tree

  298. Abigail Cullen

    The roast we have with all the trimmings and the pulling of the festive crackers.

  299. sam macaree

    santa leaving new pjs on the bed on crimbo eve

  300. Andrea Upton

    My favourite Christmas tradition is making a Gingerbread house with the children on Christmas Eve, I make the biscuits and stick it all together and then they decorate it, we have a lot of fun and then we all get to enjoy it!

  301. steven young

    After breakfast on Christmas morning we go for a long walk before heading back to the house to open our presents

  302. Lon Avraamides

    Favourite tradition? Pouring the brandy and lighting the Christmas Pudding – watch that blue flame glow!

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