Father’s Day Competition : English Ales Hamper Giveaway

There tends to be a lot of fuss made about Mother’s Day, but what about celebrating Father’s Day? Dads deserve just as much appreciation! (though he will probably claim he doesn’t want a fuss made). Because we want to celebrate all the fathers out there, we’re giving away an English Ales hamper to one lucky winner. Enter our Father’s Day competition for a chance to win for your Dad and show him just how special he is to you. Enter via the widget below and leave a comment on this blog post telling us what your favourite thing about your Dad is.

English Ales Hamper

Have this hamper delivered to your Dad and you just might be his favourite child! It’s packed with all the essentials for a happy Dad. Treat him to classic English ales, luxury shortbread, spiced peanuts and much more. It’s all nestled into a gift wrapped wicker basket and comes with an optional personalised message.

How to enter:

  • Enter via the Gleam widget below (mandatory)
  • Complete your entry by leaving a blog post comment telling us what your favourite thing about your Dad is (mandatory)
  • The other entry options listed are not mandatory but will gain you extra entries into the giveaway!
  • The competition will close at 3pm on Friday 8th June 2018.
  • One winner will be selected and contacted via the email address they provided.
  • Entrants can be from anywhere in the world, but the prize can only be delivered to a UK residents address.

Fathers Day Giveaway : English Ales Hamper


  1. It’s fir my son he raises one son single handed and as half the week access to the other two children , he s mum and dad to them .youv heard of “superwoman” well my son is “Superdad”.He s there all the time . There11, 8 and 5 years old …This would be great if I won this for him..

  2. Alice Porter

    I love how my dad doesn’t always understand what I am going in about but always tries to help and constantly supports me. I love him so much

  3. Lucy Holmes

    My dad is amazing, he worked so hard to make an almost full recovery after having a stroke, even though Drs didn’t give much hope

  4. tishist

    My father’s no longer with me but I’d love to win this for my other half who makes a great dad.

  5. Georgie Wright

    I love how he tries to hide smiling at anything even slightly rude (a mild double entendre for example!) when Mum’s around. He’d love the hamper as he’s a fan of traditional ales and he’d also enjoy the nibbles, especially the oakcakes and shortbread.

  6. Jules Eley

    I love how creative my Dad is, when i was little he built me an amazing wendy house out of odd bits of wood he had come across 🙂

  7. Paul Ballantine

    He’s always been there for me and as I’m getting older I’ve realised I’m becoming him in many ways.
    I’d like to tell him that and share this great hamper with him


    he loves his beer and food–something ive inherited

  9. Andrew Turner

    my dad has schizophrenia which is bad so i moved away and didn’t tell him where i’m living which is good for me as he used to say all sorts of wierd things…for god sake he even designed his own u.f.o…lmao

  10. michelle thompson

    because he is mine , that simple , he would love this he loves his ale

  11. My dad is sadly no longer with us but he used to play a great game of chess and was funny too

  12. My dad in law is the best ever, no longer have my dad… he does all he can to help us & so deserves something special x

  13. Elizabeth Gaskell

    Hamper looks amazing, thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  14. Andi Gurney

    My Dad isn’t around, but my husband is a perfect Dad to our children lots of fun. My father in law is my replacement. He’s always there when i need him

  15. Eliza James

    I don’t have a dad but my kids dad is great, even tho we are divorced he never let’s the kids down, is love to win for them to give to him xx

  16. Deborah Clarke

    He works so hard to look after us all always putting himself last. He deserves a treat and what a treat a hamper would be. Thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner

  17. kelly mobbs

    I love that my dad adores his grandchildren and he would do anything for them.

  18. emma davison

    he’s so handy to have around. v good at DIY tasks and fixing the car!

  19. donna hale

    Not close enough to my dad to comment but my favourite thing about my stepdad that he is always willing to help us out as much as he can whenever we need him.

  20. Ali Fanstone

    my dad is no olnger here so I would give this prize to my husband who is father to our children and grandfather to our 7 grandchildren, he loves taking them out for the day especially to the beach, he always builds his sand boat and we have so many photos of them sat in the sand boats with their little flags

  21. Linda Turner

    My stepdad is the most kind hearted person I have ever met. He is a gentle giant and all the kids and grandkids love him so much

  22. Cathryn Crawshaw

    my dad has recently passed so would to win for daughter to give to her amazing daddy

  23. Natalie Gillham

    …and he’s love to recieve this hamper as he loves food treats x

  24. Natalie Gillham

    My favourite thing about my dad is that he’s always there for me x

  25. jacqui rushton

    My Dad is the best for his crazy sense of humour!

  26. Jamie Millard

    he’s an oracle. anything i need to know, he’ll know it.

  27. Michelle Ferguson

    My dad is Super Man and is just brilliant at everything

  28. My Dad took me to a Play-Off Final in 1999. He would love to have this hamper as he would like to get a present.

  29. katrina walsh

    My Dad doesn’t dwell on the mistakes I make in my life (after ive had a quick telling off of course 😀 ) He concentrates on positives and happy times and is devoted to us all xx He loves his treats so this would be perfect

  30. My favourite thing about Dad is that he comes to see every play I’m in; even when that means travelling 100 miles to watch me perform in the pouring rain. <3

  31. eloise mccarthy

    My favourite thing about my dad is his fun active life style – he retired a few years ago and spends his time staying in his holiday home in West Wales – kayaking, sailing, walking, cycling, stunt kiting, fishing and exploring!

    He would love this as he loves his real ales

  32. Dianne middleton

    Love my dad to bits still his little girl love u dad

  33. Dawn Calder

    I love how he drives me nuts shouting at the telly but then turns around and does something really sweet like going to do the washing up! Dads! Gotta love ’em

  34. Victoria B

    I have lots of favourite things about my dad, but probably his sense of humour the most. My Dad would love this as he is just about to be able to drink again after 6 months in hospital – he’s been dreaming of his first drink!

  35. Lyn Burgess

    I love the way he plays with my children, and the way they snuggle up to him when he is reading to them

  36. Jessica Barber

    His sense of humour is my favourite thing about him! He’d love this as loved trying new things!

  37. This would be for the dad of my children actually as my dad doesn’t drink.

  38. Kelly townsend

    He’s very handy with DIY and great with the kids

  39. My dad is amazing because he just never gives up and follows his dreams! He’d love the hamper because he’s a complete foodie.

  40. Ellen Stafford

    He always makes me laugh! Love the hamper. Bishops Finger – lush!

  41. Because he does so much for me and my siblings and his community and never expects anything back

  42. Valerie Seal

    I’d love to win this for my hubby who is a wonderful Dad to our children and grandchildren.

  43. Lynne OConnor

    At 83, he still thinks he’s 33 and acts accordingly. Bishop’s Finger is his favourite beer so this would be the perfect opportunity to spoil him

  44. Helen Allan

    He’s always ready to fix, mend and help out. Top Dad

  45. katie w

    my step dad has been there for most of life, he is my dad, and always offers the best advice

  46. Hayley Elvin

    I love my dad’s honesty and his generosity. He makes people feel welcomed into his home and always does his best to make sure everyone feels included

  47. Toni Pearson

    My dad passed away, but I would love to enter for my hubby, a fantastic dad to our two boys. My 9 year old son says the best thing about his dad is that he takes him ParkRun 5K, and they run it together….but my son wins!!! “Dad tries hard, Mum, but he just isn’t a good runner!”

  48. Paula Phillips

    My favourite thing about my Dad is the way he is always there to help me when I need it.
    He would love to win this hamper as it has lots of his favourite things in it and he loves getting little treats.

  49. Sandra Bald

    My Dad got a great sense of humour, although it does get a bit tiring hearing some of the same old Dad Jokes!
    He’d love this hamper as he enjoys trying different beers & enjoys a snack while he samples them.

  50. Simon Sheldrick

    Dad is very generous. He also likes ale and quality snacks …

  51. Rebecca roberts

    He’s just amazing he helps anyone and trust his best to make everyone happy even if that means he’s not happy

  52. Kevin Johnson

    My dad is totally selfless. He will do anything for my brother and me even if it means missing out on things for himself.

  53. sharon martin

    i love how kind and placid he is and there whenever needed. he loves a tasty treat or two so i’m sure he’d love this hamper

  54. Rory McDonald

    Great competition hope all the fathers have a great day

  55. Lorna M Peppiatt

    My dad is a great listener, understanding and has a great sense of humour and family commitments.

  56. Sally T

    sadly lost my dad last year, but he would never say no he was always there for us all. My boys would love to give this to their dad though!

  57. paula cheadle

    My Dad is sadly no longer with me, but my hubby is a wonderful hubby, Dad and granddad

  58. My Dad is dead, but my bf is a great Dad because he cares so much and he’s hilarious.

  59. Michelle Smith

    I would love my husband to win because his a great dad who deserves a treat, and he would be over the moon to win this prize.

  60. Alice Colling

    He’s so funny, we have the same sense of humour. He would love this, especially the ales.

  61. charlotte wilson

    My dad always puts others before himself and would help anyone who needed it. He is such a caring soul and always pushes me to achieve my goals. He makes me a better person every single day and I am proud to call him my father. Without my dad, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I love you dad. X

  62. claire griffiths

    my dad is someone who always thinks of others before himself he would love this hamper as a treat

  63. Michelle Wild

    How he always makes me feel safe. He likes ale so he would be happy to receive this.

  64. Hia bility to make me laugh so easily, even when I may be feeling a little down.

  65. Tracy Baines

    My dad has been such a rock my entire life he is now 85 and still manages to inspire me I would love to give him this hamper

  66. michelle o'neill

    I never grew up with a dad, but my hubby is the best dad and grandad in the world!

  67. Rachel Craig

    Sadly / unfortunately my Dad died of a sudden heart attack when my siblings and myself were children. We like to Celebrate Fathers Day now that we have Dads within the extended family. As keen to acknowledge Dads positive contributions, etc to family life. A Dad’s role is valuable, and deserves acknowledgement and appreciation. Would be lovely if we won hamper, as could celebrate as a family, and welcome recent new addition. Which will impact on Fatherhood role. New family dynamics.

  68. Karen Hughes

    I love how my dad is always there for me. Be it emotional or handyman questions. Could never have wished for a better dad

  69. Marie Cozens

    This would be for my kids awesome step dad. He’s kind and caring and has taken on 5 children with no hesitation.

  70. ANNE Woodthorpe

    My dad is no longer with us, but he was always very surprising, in that you never knew what was going to happen next.

  71. Jessica Walker

    Always there for me if the chips are down

  72. laura pugh

    My dad’s favourite thing from the hamper would be the olives. One of the best things about my dad is the encouragement he gives me, my husband and the kids in every thing we do. Hes truly amazing.

  73. katie smith

    He thinks he’s hilarious and is a big softie. He would love this hamper as it has his fav things, yummy snacks and beer.

  74. Ian Scobbie

    My Dad is my best mate. He loves football, darts and beer the same things as m so we regularly go out together.

  75. Joanne smith

    My dad is my world, he knows how to fix everything ❤️

  76. Lindsey Loughtman

    He’s great at fixing things!

  77. Lydia Frew

    Always full of sage advice. He’d love the caramel pralines because Mum usually keeps the sweet stuff away from him!

  78. Kelly Knowles

    He’s ours hero, my best friend and soul mate, my children’s hero and role leader

  79. Denise Wilden

    He grows the most amazing vegetables and tomatoes

  80. Mark Allen

    He does like a beer and he deserves it because he usually shares it with me.

  81. Jessica Hutton

    I love my dads sense of humour and that he is always there for us. He would love the Hamper he has ethere are lots of things in it he likes xx

  82. Angela Kelly

    I love my Dad’s sense of humour. He deserves this because he works so hard for everyone else.

  83. Emma Middleton

    My dad is the rock of our family, he always has an open door and taught us to be who we are today

  84. jen harper

    I love his wise words 🙂 he would love this as a treat as he has great taste!

  85. Tammy Neal

    My favourite thing is that even though I’m not his daughter he treats me like one x

  86. donna l jones

    my dad always things of others before himself he would love this hamper to eat

  87. Tracey Belcher

    An old school gentleman – he would love this as he would appreciate it so much – He enjoys his English Ales too

  88. Charlotte Wilde

    my dad gives the appearance of being really grumpy and fed up yet he is funny and kind and always there for all if us daughters – even though we’ve all moved away from him. its got shortbread and peanuts in it – whats not for him to love!

  89. Sadly my Dad isn’t with us anymore – he was so lovely, a true gentleman with a kind word for everybody x

  90. my dad gives such good solid advice when i start worrying and he loves a pint now and again so would love to be able to win this for him

  91. Inga Andersen

    He’s compassionate, I love that about him and just seeing him with his great grand children melts my heart <3


    My dad is in his 70s now and he’s still very helpful with us despite us being in our 40s and he’s very special to us.

  93. Oli Marshall

    Sadly, I lost my dad recently so, I’d love to enter for my lovely husband, the most wonderful daddy in the whole world ♥️. He works soooo hard to support us and , no matter how tired he is, he always has a smile and huggs for our little ones . How wonderful would it be for my hubby to get completely spoiled with h these AMAZING goodies (that he’d LOVE) on his special day?!!

  94. He’s the best listener I’ve ever met. Always able to make sense of things, no matter how confused and lost I feel, or how muddled life seems!
    Thanks dad…. x

  95. Jaq Adams

    Dad loved nothing better than sitting after a day working on his farm, having a drink and putting us, his children and the world to right , miss him everyday.

  96. Would give these to my daughter to give to her dad as he is a wonderful dad

  97. Dawn Samples

    My Dad is always there when you need him and is a good role model to my children x

  98. Tamsin Dean

    He is always so active an off finding ace places to explore

  99. Paula Tarling

    I don’t have a dad but would love to win this for my husband. He’s a wonderful dad, he is so funny, caring and loving and the kids think he’s great xx

  100. Rachael Sexey

    My husband is the best dad ever, he is the fun parent and every night after work he goes on the trampoline regardless of how tired he is

  101. Alison Macdonald

    No matter how tired he is after work, he always has time for his kids

  102. Kirsteen Mackay

    He is always so helpful and kind without wanting anything in return. He loves English ales.

  103. Geoffroy Thomas

    He is so funny and witty – everyone loves him!

  104. Geoff Hibbert

    I always know where he is – he’s been in the cemetery for 40 years

  105. Lee Hardy

    He works hard & loves fishing. This prize would help him wind down on an evening.

  106. Julie winward

    What a lovely gift to give my Dad

  107. jo liddement

    Father’s Day is a great occasion to thoroughly spoil my wonderful husband who has brought our son up in a loving and kind way. They share a lovely bond together going for long walks, cooking and camping and i would love to treat him to this lovely hamper.

  108. Charlie Lovatt

    My dad is so giving and will help anyone, he’s been known to save peoples lives multiple times. He’ll stop his car to help someone in need, give what he doesn’t have to help and always make a new friend.

  109. joanne casey

    He is so hard-working and always puts everyone else first, he’d love this selection of goodies

  110. He’s so easy going and gets in with all my friends

  111. Alex Hill

    The smiles and laughter I get from my children.

  112. Kerry Webber

    My dad passed away 8 years ago, so can’t win for him. My 18 year old son’s dad hasn’t been in his life since he was 2 years old. My son’s birthday is normally the same time as father’s day and it makes it harder for him. I would love to win for my son to show him that he is amazing just the way he is, and it’s his dad’s loss!!

  113. Kate Williams

    His big hugs. He died in 2012 so this would be for my OH

  114. julie laing

    would love to win this for my kids to give to their dad, they think that he is really funny

  115. Carole E

    I love my dad’s generosity so hopefully he won’t mind sharing this wonderful hamper with us

  116. Hazel Rea

    My dad died some years ago sadly so I am entering for my husband who is a wonderful father who has a wonderful sense of humour and endless patience!

    • Hazel Rea

      Forgot to say he would love the hamper because he loves English ales and the nibbles would add to his enjoyment.

  117. mary chez

    I would like this for my generous kind husband who is a fantastic dad to our 2 boys.

  118. John Tingay

    My Dad’s genorosity, not only with money, but also his time, advice, love, sympathy and much much more for his kids, grandkids and now great-grandchild is inspirational. He would love this hamper as it contains some old favourites and some new nibbles – something he is always thrilled to try.

  119. Julie Booth

    My dad is really funny and makes us laugh all the time. He loves trying real ales especially with wierd names like pigs snout or Badgers bottom!

  120. Christine G Shelley

    He always puts the kids and me first and he loves real ale!

  121. Theresa Thomas

    My Dad has mixed dementia, I’m just greatful he still knows me

  122. The things I loved about my dad was he was always willing to help anyone, he would always be happy to babysit his Grand children , play dressing up with them, and helped me by picking them up from school when I had to work. He also gave me and my sisters a wonderful childhood full of special memories . Miss him still

  123. Judith MacInnes

    I’ve lost my own dad, but my dad-in-law is wonderful! He welcomed me into the family, and teases me just like my own dad used to. Love him to bits.

  124. Rachell Lynch

    My dad is just always there day or night anything he can help with he will. He would love this hamper as its filled with lots of things he loves, and he deserves a treat

  125. simon tutthill

    Hes always there for all of us and i know he would truly love this incredible prize


    some lovely treats there i know my dad with love, a great prize for Fathers day!

  127. Anthea Holloway

    Being a father is a special thing and my husband is a great father and grandfather. My own father, sadly, is no longer with us.

  128. Samantha R

    My dad has a really random and unique sense of humour! He loves ales so he’d love this.

  129. Carolynn Crabb

    My dad is no longer with us but my husband is a fantastic father to our grown up kids

  130. Laura Pritchard

    I love that my dad can solve any problem, however big! He loves his ales so would enjoy this!

  131. sarah hutt

    my dads always there for me whenever I need him, he always lifts me up when I’m down and is the most dependable and caring person I know.

  132. Louise A

    My dad (and father in law) have both passed away but my dad was the best dad ever because he taught me to try and see the best in everyone and not take them at face value 😀 if I was lucky enough to win it would be nice for my husband to have a treat

  133. steven young

    My dad is my gardener, chauffeur and babysitter. He’s an absolute legend and deserves this hamper for the beer and snacks

  134. Charlotte Clark

    My dad has a very dry sense of humour which I love about him, and also has the best taste in music (for a dad)

  135. Liam Bishop

    Is always there for me. Fan of beer too!

  136. Ali Thorpe

    My dad is a bit daft, in a good way, and he likes a drink and snacks so a hamper like this would be a wonderful surprise.

  137. Helen Adams

    MY dad is always there for me when I need him and he’d love all the things in this hamper

  138. Sian Vaughan

    There would be stiff competition for the contents of this hamper in our family!

  139. Milly Youngman

    My dad has a great sense of humour and would enjoy this in his newly-done garden!

  140. Oh wow. This would be my Granddad’s heaven!

  141. He is the only adult i know that is less mature than myself. I’m pretty sure he would love absolutely everything in that hamper.

  142. Aidan Clark

    Nothing ever phases him, and he’s generous to a fault.


    Has to be his sense of humour for sure he is such a funny guy and this hamper is great i know he would love so many products in it.

  144. sue leake

    Two Dads Jack and Rich both good fathers and husbands to their families

  145. Julie Thomas

    Gosh where do I start? Well I think dad’s patience, the way he taught me to drive, a skill that has helped me so much through my 20s and into married and adult life. A major thank you for this and so many other things are due

  146. Fiona Martin

    My dad is so helpful and does a lot of the DIY around my house for me so this would be a lovely treat for him to say thank you for all his help!

  147. Fiona Martin

    My dad is so helpful and does a lot of the DIY around my house for me so this would be a lovely treat for him to say thank you for all his help!

  148. Rich Tyler

    My dad would move mountains for me, so this is the least he deserves!

  149. The best thing about my Dad is that he’s reliable, and always there when I need advice.

  150. Ren Taylor

    Kind, patient and good fun…..he likes his beer

  151. Laura Townsend

    He is generous, caring and can fix anything, I f he can’t fix it it can’t be fixed!

  152. My dad’s sense of humour is wicked! He might not say much but when he does it’s usually something funny or sarcastic. He also loves trying new things so I’m sure he’d enjoy himself by eating and drinking through the English Ales Hamper!

  153. The way that he has always been there for me. I think that he would truly enjoy this hamper, and would undoubtedly share with my Mum.

  154. Celso Gomes

    My father lives in a country far away and is a little afraid of flying. Hopefully this hamper would be enough to entice him to pay a visit, he has a sweet tooth so the chocolates and shortbread would go down well.

  155. Tammy Tudor

    I love how my dad always sees the bright side of things, he would love this hamper full of treats!

  156. Kathleen marsden

    Our dad genuinely cares for everyone family or not. He’s a gentle giant who loves his food and drink so this win would be his perfect present.

  157. Fiona King

    I love his sense of humour and strength of character. He would love the hamper because it is full of treats that we enjoys

  158. Helen B

    My father died days before my 20th birthday, I would give this to my son to give to his father.

  159. Danielle Spencer

    My favourite thing about my dad is he is there for me and is very appreciative of most things we give him, I’d love to gift him this.

  160. Sharon Worsley

    He is always there for me. He has been suffering limited mobility and poor health at the moment so this would be a lovely pick me up

  161. Emily Hutchinson

    My dad always makes me laugh! He’d love the beer 🙂

  162. Janette

    My dad has passed away but I would love to win this for my hubby

  163. Victoria G

    I love my Dad as he is so funny and always knows how to make me and my Mum laugh hysterically.

  164. Helen CLAYTON

    The perfect box of delights for my OH who is hard working. kind and always loyal to his family!

  165. lyn west

    He never ever realises how funny he is & he loves a beer or 3

  166. My Dad have a wonderful sense of humour, and he is fantastic with my children they love his company. He deserves the hamper because he’s awesome!

  167. Susan Hoggett

    He’s like a superhero, there to rescue me in every situation be it physically or mentally! He would love a hamper of treats to try, especially the beers.

  168. Suzanne

    Always fun and supportive and would really appreciate this.

  169. C Whitlow

    The way he thinks that he is funny…when he isn’t…which makes him funny! x

  170. Karen Barrett

    My Dad is a perfect gentleman, a man of few words, the biggest heart and always there for me. Lots of lovely treats in this hamper that he would really enjoy.

  171. Susan B

    My favourite thing about my father is that he was an environmentalist long before the word became common use and I learned a great deal from him as I grew up.

  172. Carissa

    My favourite thing about my dad is how caring he is 🙂 he would love to win this hamper as he loves beer and food!!

  173. I lost my Dad last year aged 90, he was a font of knowledge and my best friend. Only flowers this year for Dad but I could raise a glass to him with this prize.

  174. Sheri Darby

    What a brilliant hamper. My kids dad would love it, he deserves it, he’s washing up right now

  175. Barbara Webster

    My favourite thing about my Dad he has a wicked sense of humour! My Dad would love to win this hamper because it contains a lot of his favourite treats, especially the classic English ales!

  176. great prize, I know someone who would love this!


    Since my Mum died my Dad has triedhis best to step into both roles bless him. Hes been there for me no matter what and would be absolutely thrilled to receive this Hamper.

  178. Bridgette West

    My stepdad is a farmer and is now 75 but will not give it up, if you cut him in half it would say farmer through his middle like a stick of rock. He may not be my real dad but hes bought me up since i was 8 and i have turned out alright 😛

  179. greig alan james spencer

    how kind he is and his funny jokes too

  180. Kristyn Harris

    My favourite thing about my Dad is that he is caring! He would love this hamper to try all these different ales!

  181. kimberley ryan

    my dad is a great guy, nothing is ever too much trouble

  182. kev banham

    my dad is my best friend that’s the biggest compliment I can give him

  183. Jan COX

    wow fabulous prize, thanks for the chance to win x

  184. Christina Palmer

    My Dad is always to hand to help anybody in anyway he can. He has a great sense of humour and I love him to bits

  185. Andrew Ewington

    no longer have father or father in law but would share prize with my son

  186. Sarah S

    My favourite thing about my dad is that he is Mr Sociable and will talk to anyone, wherever he is. No one is immune to his charm!

  187. Susan Smith

    My dad, is one in a million, doesnt matter what i have done wrong in my life, he has always been there for me, backed me up and supported me.

  188. Julian Norris

    My dad has always been there, and very thoughtful too. The hamper has all those tasty things a dad would appreciate.

  189. Kelly Hirst

    My dad is funny – he has an amazing sense of humour

  190. Christine Hall

    He taught me how to grow my own produce which saves my fortune

  191. tracey ryder

    my dad always makes me smile and is always there to help us


    My dad’s unfaltering love for his family and his sense of humour, he’d love to win this hamper so he could share it with us all

  193. Sandra Jo Siddall

    Favourite thing about my dad is he tells really bad dad jokes all the time and he really isn’t funny but I feel sorry for him because he does try

  194. Mary Baldwin

    From when my Dad was in the Royal Navy he saw the world and tasted all the cuisines. Since then he’s been game for anything and will try any activity and all foods, even those that the rest of us turn our noses up at. He really makes us laugh with his weird recipes all so that he doesn’t waste anything.

  195. Susan Elai Carter

    Hi razor sharp wit, singing Ava Maria worthy of a Cathedral and the ability to mix well.

  196. Caroline Hunter

    He always gives me good advice and is usually right!

  197. Beverley Cousins

    He’s one of the last true gentleman who loves mum deeply along with his children and grandchildren.. He opens doors for ladies, never let mum carry anything and will do anything for everybody..

  198. Lucinda Fortune

    I’m very lucky to have such a wonderful dad who devotes his life to me and my little boy. He always takes care of us and I think it would be nice for him to enjoy this treat.

  199. Rebecca Rowley

    My dad is so kind and is always there for me to help me out or offer great advice. He is currently recovering from knee replacement surgery and is feeling very sorry for himself. This hamper would definitely cheer him up and hopefully make him smile.

  200. Carole Nott

    My dad means everything to me – he is always understanding and every helpful. This hamper would be a real treat for him and he really deserves it

  201. Leila Benhamida

    My dad is great listener. Will love to spoil him with this great hamper.

  202. Katie Sharman

    My dad is my rock and supports my family and I every day

  203. Jayne Townson

    That he’s always ready to come and rescue me, whenever I need help.

  204. Derek Wilson

    He tells it like it is – whether you like it or not! Love him most for his honesty, so he deserves to win for that alone. Much appreciated.

  205. Natalie Crossan

    i love his sense of humour. He would love to win because he loves english ales!

  206. Carol Williams

    He taught me how to grow vegetables and flowers when I was a kid and I still use his advice.

  207. Jayne Kelsall

    My dad is always there for me and mt family, always with words of wisdom 🙂 he loves a drop of ale and this would be a lovely treat to give back to him x.

  208. My Dad is always joking and he would love the hamper because he loves a snack!!

  209. Maureen Moss

    His loyalty …the products would be just up his street….such a nice selection

  210. jenny reynolds

    my dads as fantastic as elastic funny helpful loving all ways up for a laugh his great and he likes a beer so fingers crossed xxxxx

  211. Lara latchem

    We dont see my dad but mystep dad always makes an effort for me and my boys

  212. Sharon Hirst

    My dad is kind, generous and funny, and let’s me use the caravan when I want. Beer is one of his favourite’s.

  213. Margaret Mccaffery

    He’s always there for me, no matter what! I’m pretty sure he’d like the hamper as there’s quite a few things he likes there.

  214. Sarah Mccaffery

    He is and always will be my best friend.
    I’m quite sure he’d love the ale,

  215. Mark Mccaffery

    He always has the right advice and he’s a real ale fan.

  216. Nicola S

    My dad’s sadly no longer with us but it would perfect for my husband as a Fathers Day present from our kids. He’s a true foodie! We are so lucky to have him. He’s funny, kind, generous and always tries to make time for us no matter what else is going on. Without doubt, he’s the best person I know.

  217. Stephen Braithwaite

    Great prize…come to Daddy.

  218. A.E. ADKINS

    My Dad passed away a few years ago, he wasn’t a big drinker but Bishops Finger was a particular favourite of his. We would give this hamper to my other half and remember both Grandads.

  219. Laura Jeffs

    My favourite thing about my dad is that he is very kind hearted and supportive, I love him to the moon and back and there’s nothing I’d like more than being able to treat him to this amazing hamper!! Fingers crossed

  220. Sarah Courtney

    My favorite thing about my Dad is at the drop of a hat if i need him his always their especially when i hammered a nail into a water pipe, dad comes to the rescue.

  221. Josie Bicknell

    my husband rob would love to get this from scott and sarah his two loving kids

  222. caroline doherty

    My Dad is fantastic but his jokes are getting worse!

  223. Megan Williams

    My dad has a great sense of humour and is also my best friend. He deserves this as a treat as he has cut out having nice foods so far this year and has lost 4 stone!

  224. Judith Allen

    My Dad is generous and caring, though rather too fond of cameras and steam trains maybe. I think he would really enjoy tasting all those yummy looking snacks.

  225. Natalie Turner

    I love my dad’s slightly morbid humour, it;’s taught me to laugfh and the bad things in life and take everything in my stride 🙂

  226. Louise Clarke

    My Dad is amazing even at 48 he says theres not a day that I don’t make him proud, hes been poorly recently so this would make his day

  227. shellyg

    DIY dad. He’s great at fixing things and mending things and working out solutions to the many DIY issues I have. He’s a very practical man.

  228. My dad is sadly no longer with us but I would love to give this prize to my husband who has a great sense of humour , is a wonderful dad and loves English ale

  229. Elizabeth Smith

    My Dad is unfailingly generous. He’ll particularly enjoy the spicy Coated Sesame Peanuts

  230. My dad loves beer! My favourite thing about him is that he is kind and good at listening

  231. He is always there for me, is funny and has great music taste. He’d love this!

  232. Zoe Atherton

    My Dad is sadly no longer around but this would be a fab Father’s Day Gift for my partner who is a brilliant long suffering Dad to our two girls.

  233. Sophie Roberts

    He’s always put his family first no matter how hard times have been and I’ll always be grateful for that!

  234. Pam Lawrence

    My own father died in 1989. My favourite thing about him was his honesty – he didn’t do subtle, was never diplomatic, and could hurt with his words. But there was a sort of innocence about his honesty which i could admire, and at least you always knew where you were with him. My favourite thing about my Pa-in-law (who would be the very lucky and happy recipient should i win!) is that he is not my father.

  235. Sophie Grayling

    This is a perfect Father’s Day gift

  236. Tracy Newton

    My dad brought me up on his own, after my mam died when I was really young. There was not much, if any, help for single fathers in the 70’s. He is a great help with my son. Although he does eat all the kids sweets, get all the toys out, wind them up. Then go home when it is tidy time

  237. Martha Chisholm

    My father always loved to try something new. Although he’s no longer with us he would have loved the opportunity to try everything in this hamper. He believed there was no such thing as ‘I don’t like’ if you’ve never tried it..!

  238. Cheron Titus

    My dad cooks, cleans, builds, supports and is the funniest comedian in our family x

  239. Liam Fitzpatrick

    Fun fact about my dad, he loves Jameson’s Whiskey so much he ended up getting a bottle of it tattooed on his arm. I would like to give him this hamper as I’ve never bothered with Father’s day!

  240. My Father would laugh himself silly if he had this hamper, more than likely raise a glass to all who entered!

  241. Dragonfly63

    My husband is a great father, guiding, correcting and encouraging his adult children as needed. Consequently both my children, my daughter in law and my small granddaughter adore him. because he is so giving he rarely has time to do things for himself and as this contains all his favourite thigs it would be a wonderful reward, thanks.

  242. Georgia H

    My dad is the king of dad jokes, especially after a few beers

  243. Ruth Harwood

    Best thing about my dad is that he has best sense of humour ever! He’d love this hamper because he loves to try new beers and foods and also he loves me and whatever I give him lol!!

  244. Natalie White

    My Dad would love the spicy sesame peanuts the most, although loads of his fav things are in this hamper! The best thing about my Dad is his daft sense of humour – he always makes me laugh 🙂

  245. Ann-Marie Gould

    his cheeky laugh and family loyalty

  246. My dad is sadly not with us anymore but this would be nice to give to my grandson to give to his daddy

  247. Nicola Stott

    He’s always moaning nobody cares about him….this would show him! 🙂 🙂

  248. claire woods

    That he’s a joker but makes people laugh. I’m sure he’d love this, as it would be unexpected.

  249. Jamie Barnes

    Good luck, some touching comments.

  250. marie miles

    my dad is my step dad and has been since i was 2 and im now 40 hes always treated me like his own and i have no contact with my biological dad at all. hes kind and caring and loving. he will do anything for anybody. hes the best dad and grand dad and now great grandad ever and really is one in a million. i was very lucky when he walked in to my mums life all them years ago and he is my dad as far as im concerned and i love him dearly. id like to win this prize for him to say that hey dad i know i dont say it often but i love you and aprciate everything you do and have done for me your simply my dad and the best

  251. Julia Nicholls

    My Dad is respected by everyone who knows him, and loved by his family for his generosity and love. He would enjoy this hamper as he never buys himself treats.

  252. Debbie C

    The ale would certainly perk up my 89 year old dad 🙂

  253. Libby Alexander

    There are so many wonderful things about my Dad. I don’t want to turn this into a sob story but I have brought my daughter up as a single parent – and he has been the male figure in her life. He does all my DIY, helps me with shopping, driving etc…. and has just renovated my garden for me, as I haven’t been able to leave my house in years and he thought it may help, by being an incentive for me to go out there. He has worked so hard. He really is my hero (apart from his jokes). He always shares whatever he has, so he deserves a treat, just for himself.

  254. Taught me much about life and the universe and being an adult, father figures are very important!

  255. My brother would love this as both a father and someone who’s birthday falls on the 18thj

  256. Alice Gilkes

    He is really funny, trustworthy and lovable.

  257. My dad is the best dad but he’s an even better grandad, even if the kids have picked up a few cheeky swear words along the way

  258. john prendergast

    that he is always there for me if i need help with anything

  259. Caron Twyman

    My dad has a great sense of humour, is very knowledgeable about DIY and is always there for me, whenever I need him. He really is my rock! I’d love to win this hamper for him.

  260. I’m the dad in the family, and my kids keep me really busy but now I have gone up a grade I am the granddaddy

  261. favourite thing is his selflessness, and he`d love to win as he enjoys tasty food!

  262. Angela Squires

    He is very honest with his opionions but will always allow me to make the choice

  263. iain maciver

    he was one in a million sadly no longer with us but in his memory he would have loved this a deserved it too


    My dad has always looked after us when we were young and we never went without. He’s not in good health nowadays, but loves his ale and his tobacco. He is very wise and doesnt say a lot, and still has a good brain on him. I love him for his morals, he is old school as they say, and hes my dad.

  265. Angela Treadway

    that he is always there for me, no matter what things are happening in his life or how hard things are for him and he has been a big support in my life x

  266. Stewart Smith-Langridge

    my dad is proud of his family and loyal to his wife of 65 years

  267. Miss Tracy Hanson

    I could have gone down the “generic answer”, but kept it unique to my Dad instead.

    The fact that he will go anywhere, and any time of the day. Even if he gets lost 3/4 times he always arrives with a smile on his face.

  268. Favourite thing about my dad would have to be his dreadful sense of humour!! He makes terrible jokes and thinks he’s hilarious! Wouldn’t have him any other way though, as he can always make people laugh! I think he would like the shortbread and the Belgian chocolates the best!

  269. Tracy Nixon

    My dad is fun and entertaining when he is with any or all of his 12 young grandchildren so he deserves a few treats!

  270. Allan Dixon

    Great giveaway, love this, thank you.

  271. My dad is so kind and generous – I’d love to win his this hamper

  272. felicity

    Got to be his unconditional love for his children 🙂

  273. Peter Watson

    My favourite thing about my dad is his laconic,dry sense of humour.

  274. dvaid cavender

    my father is kind and caring-always giving. He would love this hamper as he likes to try new ales

  275. judy kennedy

    He’s funny and kind, but not without faults!. Being Italian he’s a complete foodie and it’s the best kind of gift

  276. Sophie Marie Cartwright

    My Dad is the most selfless man i know – with 8 children, he has certainly got use to it! Hes great!

  277. Amy Fidler

    His sense of humour,he can always make me laugh no matter how i’m feeling x

  278. Pam Smith

    My dad has passed away so I’m nominating my wonderful husband who is a fantastic dad, step-dad, grandfather and step-grandfather. He’s funny, helpful, loving, caring and a real gentleman. I can’t see one thing in that fantastic hamper that he wouldn’t enjoy…and I know he’d share it!

  279. msedollyp

    entering for my hub, funniest man ever, as my dad passed away x

  280. Jade Pawley

    My Dad is one of a kind, an absolute gent and my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without him. He would love this, it contains all bits that he would love to get his hands on!

  281. Harriet Leonard

    My dad has a wicked sense of humour, he often has me doubled over laughing. He is a fantastic grandad to my two children too.

  282. Rachel F

    My dad is humorous, helpful and wise and wants the best for his children. He is super proud of both me and my brother at what we have achieved in life and you can see that sparkle and twinkle in his eyes at how proud he is. He is there for me when I need him without hesitation and people love him! When I was a child he worked hard to take me and my brother on our first holiday as I asked if we could go on an airplane and he made my dream come true! He taught me skills i would need later in life such as painting & decorating, gardening and simple things like how to change batteries in a remote control. Everything he has taught me has been useful for me to live independently as an adult and I thank him so much for this. Big cheers to my fabulous dad!

  283. Lydia Frew

    He always talks sense when I need help with a problem and I’m not sure what to do. He’d love a treat because Mum won’t buy them for him!

  284. Sharon Saunders

    The thing I love most about my Dad is that he always knows when I really need a hug and never complains about his illness. He’d love this because it would a real treat for him and he loves Ale!

  285. Melanie Daniels

    I love my Dad because he’s the kindest man I know! He’d love this hamper as he’s a big fan of real ales and a bit of a foodie too 🙂

  286. Kim Styles

    this would be for my childrens dad- my partner, as sadly my dad passed away. the childrens favourite thing about their dad is his sense of humour and always playing tricks on them

  287. My dad is always there for when I need him and he has had a tough few years with a few close family members passing away. His is a self employed dry stone waller and he works 7 days a week and I think he really deserves this hamper

  288. sue leake

    my dad is no longer on earth but my husband is a great dad to his two children and helps them at all times.

  289. Deborah Parker

    Funny. Wonderful day. Best grandad.

  290. Sheena Batey

    My husband has been a wondferful step dad to my daughter for 26 years. He is kind and patient

  291. olivia Kirby

    My dad is fab at helping me with the crossword! He would love this as he loves a beer or two!

  292. Helen G

    His sense of humour and resilience. Total legend he is 🙂

  293. Graham Ross

    Hes so funny and wise ,he would love the beer

  294. My dad’s one of a kind he’s 83 never complains and always thinks of us he’s the Best

  295. Kirsty Connor

    I’m entering for my little boy’s daddy! My favourite thing about him is he makes me and our son laugh!

  296. Lucy Barlow

    My Dad never stops supporting us – even when its’s against his own better judgement!
    Also he laughs like Muttley from Wacky Races!

  297. Adrian Bold

    My Dads been through such a lot in these last few years. But even during some of his harder times, he’s always been there to support me through my own highs and lows. He would absolutely adore this prize!

  298. Wendy Smith

    My Dad is kind, strong, funny, hard working and honest. He is my shoulder to cry on and my partner in crime. He would love this amazing hamper containing some of his favourites and some new things he would love to try

  299. Shaun Tutt

    He would love it, he’s very selfless so deserves something nice like this!

  300. Hayley Colburn

    Am entering on behalf of my children for their Daddy, their favourite thing about him is helicopter swings, my favourite thing about him is that he is so hands on, even when he’s shattered he’s still got time to play with the kids or run around doing things for them

  301. Robert Price

    If he was alive he’d enjoy the beer

  302. Sharon griffin

    Thankyou for the chance to win these great ales

  303. Wise Ways

    I lost my Dad to cancer last year, but I would love to treat my Brother with this fab hamper

  304. Victoria Easton

    He always tries to get me to think positively and makes me laugh!

  305. Karen Weedon

    My dad is really funny and entertaining – he would love his hamper because it’s got his favourite snacks and beer in it!

  306. Margaret Farmer

    My Dad is sadly no longer with us, I would like to win for my son who is a fab Dad to his three young children, he rarely treats himself

  307. Janet Palmer

    My daddy sadly passed away far to soon but my girls dad is absolutely amazing with all three of our girls. They adore him and the fact that even after a 12 hour shift he’ll have a make over, I adore him for never making the girls feel like something is to much.

  308. Frances Sunshine Hopkins

    I lost my Dad 3 years ago, it would be lovely for my kids to give it to their Dad though – he’s fantastic with them

  309. debbie smith

    my dad is sadly no longer with us so id love to win for my husband who is an amazing singer and a wonderful dad xxx

  310. sam macaree

    my dad is really sarcastic and witty.this hamper has all his fave things in it

  311. Solange

    My dad is gentle and sweet and kind and understanding. He’s very responsible and has a heart of gold. My favourite thing about him is his sense of humour. He always manages to make me laugh He would love to win this hamper because It’s packed with all the things he he loves such as the classic English ales, shortbread and peanuts.

  312. Tee Simpson

    I love my dads sense of humour. Always there to cheer me up whenever I feel down. He would love this hamper as there are a few things he has never tried and he loves to try new things.

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