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It’s all about the truffle – a peek into our chocolate hampers

Meet our suppliers

In the first of a series, we’ll be chatting to some of our trusty suppliers who provide us with the fabulous products that make up our hampers.

To kick things off, we spoke to the lovely people at Chocolaterie Diane about their melt-in-the-mouth Belgian chocolate truffles that make our chocolate hampers so scrumptious. Chocolate guru Gary De Cock, Managing Director of Chocolaterie Diane, chatted to us from Belgium – the chocolate making world capital.

Which are the bestselling chocolate products in your range?

“Our dark chocolate truffles are high in cocoa at 57%, making them a delicious bitter treat to enjoy with a well-refined coffee. Dark chocolate is always popular with the older generation as its flavoursome, yet not as sweet as its milky counterparts. Our range of crunchy chocolate is popular with young children and the milk chocolate is a well-known favourite among trendy young adults.”

How was your company started?

“Chocolaterie Diane was initially formed in 1936 by four brothers who decided to make ice cream cones. After the war they were rebuilding their business and decided that ice cream cones were far too seasonal so began making chocolate. We still make this chocolate today and have sold it locally for a number of years. In 1995 we began exporting our delicious truffles to the shores of Australia – it was only fair they could try some too!”

Gary’s top chocolate tasting tips:

  • “To make the most of Chocolaterie Diane’s products (or any other chocolatey treat) you must taste it right! Don’t eat for 30 minutes before or after as this will influence the taste of the chocolate. Simply sip on some fresh water, bite the chocolate and let it melt in the mouth.”
  • “Chocolate should always be served at room temperature, so ensure it’s been out of the fridge for at least 15 minutes before tasting it.”

Chocolate facts:

  •  “If I had to choose one product from my range to take on a desert island with me, I would take the crunchy truffles…But the dark orange truffles would be a close second choice!”
  • “Our truffles make the perfect accompaniment to a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee or, for the more adventurous, a well-deserved cognac.”

What makes Chocolaterie Diane so unique?

“All the chocolate truffles we produce at Chocolaterie Diane are based on a secret family recipe. All our products are made by sourcing the best ingredients on the market; this is outsourced to Callebaut, who are one of the best suppliers in the chocolate business.”

These delicious Belgian chocolates make the perfect gift, which is why we’ve handpicked these divine truffles to put in our assorted chocolate hampers:

Chocolate Heaven Hamper

Champagne & Chocs Box

Deluxe Golden Tower

The Royal

To find out more about Chocolaterie Diane you can visit their website here.

Header image caption: The three chocolatiers: Anne De Cock, Administration, Diane Ivens, Finance Manager, Geert De Cock ‘Gary’, Managing Director

Crunchy Praline Truffle from Chocolaterie Diane

Crunchy Praline Truffle from Chocolaterie Diane