Have You Kept Your New Years Resolutions So Far?

It’s nearing the end of January and we’re settling into 2020. How are those New Years resolutions going for you? Maybe you made lots of promises at the beginning of the month and have yet to get started, or perhaps didn’t make any at all.

The good news is that it’s never too late to make new ones. They don’t need to be anything extreme either. Your New Years resolution could simply be to try something new this year. We’ve put five ideas together to inspire you. Which one will you try? If you have any ideas you want to add, comment below, we’d love to know!

1: Take A Class

You won’t need to study for these ones! Take a fun class that you and a friend or loved one can enjoy together. There are lots of types to choose from. Cookery classes, chocolate making and art classes are just a few.  Not only do you experience something different, but you also gain a new skill.

Take a look online and you will find lots of different classes and workshops around the UK that might pique your interest. There are plenty of options for solo classes, couples classes and big group workshops.

2: Discover A New Place To Walk

Getting fit is on the top of many people’s New Years resolutions lists, and one of the best ways to get healthier is to get out into the great outdoors. The UK is abundant with beautiful places to walk, full of lush greens, mountains, and forests. Getting back to nature has a wonderful way of blowing away old cobwebs, and walking is one of the easiest ways to get fitter.

Not sure where to go? The National Trust has some fantastic pointers and tips to find a walking route to help you get fit in 2020.

If you feel like challenging yourself beyond a gentle meander through the woods, Timeoutdoors has lots of great options to find the perfect walk for you.

3: Declutter Your House

It might sound obvious, but clearing out all the stuff you don’t need can really go a long way. Not only do you free up space in your home, you free up space in your mind too. How much better do you feel when you sit down in a clean, spacious room. We all have those items we’ve bought and used once only to put away on a shelf to gather dust. Why not box them up and take them to your local charity shop?

It doesn’t need to be a huge overhaul or anything like that, just take one room or shelf at a time to see what you could live without. You might even find you get a small workout from it all, so if fitness was on your list, you’re getting two birds with one stone.

4: Give Up One Small Bad Habit

Too many of us try to go extreme when we give things up, and we often end up failing because of it. Why not go smaller and work your way up? Maybe you like to have a few extra biscuits with your tea at lunchtime, or you drink a little bit too much soda during the day. The next week, cut that amount in half again, and before you know it, you’ll no longer be reaching for those extra treats.Small wins lead to big wins, so set yourself some mini goals this month to get started. Even better, you save money too.

5: Do Something Spontaneous

Why not put a new twist on something fun to make it your own? We loved the idea of an indoor picnic. Let’s face it, the weather is pretty gloomy out there, and there’s no way you’d be putting a picnic blanket under the tree in January. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hamper full of picnic treats though. How fun would it be to set up your picnic indoors? You can be snug and warm in the comfort of your own home while you enjoy all the yummy flavours of a traditional picnic. If you miss the sounds of nature, there’s probably a wildlife show on TV to leave on in the background. Be unconventional!

We have a lovely assortment of picnic hampers, perfect for outdoor and indoor picnics alike.