Mothers Day Giveaway 2019 : Cookies & Cake Tower

We’re excited to announce our Mothers Day giveaway! Because we know just how special every mum is out there, we’re giving away a Cookies & Cake Tower to not one but TWO lucky entrees. Just enter via the widget below and leave a comment about what the best thing about your mum is.

Cookies & Cake Tower

A glimmering tower of gold conceals a host of cookies and cake for mum to discover. Five beautiful boxes house delicious treats like honey biscuits, ginger crunch cookies, a family sized fruitcake and much much more. She will adore opening each box to discover what’s inside. And to top it all off, a Hampergifts teddy bear makes the perfect keepsake to treasure forever.

Once you’ve entered our Mothers Day giveaway, why not check out the full range of our Mothers Day hampers for some gift inspiration?


Enter via the Gleam widget below.
Complete your entry by leaving a comment (mandatory) on this blog post telling us what your favourite thing about your Mum is. 
The other entry options listed are not mandatory but will gain you extra entries into the giveaway!
The competition will close at 10am on Monday 25th March 2019.
One winner will be selected per prize and contacted via the email address they provided.
Entrants can be from anywhere in the world, but the prize can only be delivered to a UK residents address.


Mothers Day Giveaway: Be In With A Chance To Win A Cookies & Cake Tower


  1. Vicky Robinson

    My mother is always there for me no matter what and always has good advice 🙂

  2. sandy lynn ralph

    she is an amazing cook, and taught me to cook well too

  3. joanne cox

    Wow! Beautiful hamper for my mum! She looked after my kids while I was away for the weekend!

  4. Christopher Podmore-Stiles

    that she lives in Spain so i have a reason to get out of the country 🙂

  5. My mom is simply the best and would love this !!

  6. Sylvia Paul

    My Mum is very kind and gentle and bakes a fabulous cake!

  7. Jacqueline Roberts

    I admire my Mum so much wish I had her strength, she puts me to shame at the age of 80

  8. Shannon Williams

    She’s so loving and helpful I would love to spoil her

  9. Lucy Chester

    The best thing about my mum is how much she loves and spoils her grandchildren and loves coming out for days out with us all

  10. Peter H

    My Mum has just retired from her charity work raising money for poorly children at the age of 86 and then got a job as a volunteer in a care home teaching crafts to the residents where the majority are younger than her. It would be nice for Mothers Day that her commitment is recognised with this lovely prize. She is a true inspiration to one and all.

  11. Rachael Sexey

    My mother in law is amazing as she is an incredibly loving strong woman

  12. Nigel Steady

    My wife and mother of our two wonderful kids would love this prize. She does so much for our daughter who suffers with severe anxiety and her own mother who has early onset of osteoporosis and needs lots of help with everyday things.

  13. Carly Belsey

    She is kind and generous and helps out with the kids so that I can work ❤️

  14. My mum is the most incredible human being I will ever know. She has kept my alive even when I didn’t want to be, and continues to stand by me/believe in me! There are no words to describe how much I love her

  15. J wheate

    My mum has an amazing spidey sense. She always knows when I need her by calling me to give some TLC before I even dial her number. She’s amazing!

  16. Julie Scattergood

    Her endless energy and sense of humour.

  17. Jamie Millard

    Her unwavering patience in the face of utter chaos.

  18. Su Brett

    Her ability to talk to anyone and everyone and her willingness to help when she can

  19. Georgie Wright

    My Mother-in-Law looks for the positive in everyone and every situation.

  20. katrina walsh

    My Mum never judges me on mistakes I might make in my life. Instead she focuses on my strengths. I think that’s a really lovely quality!

  21. Lynne OConnor

    She never judges me when I make bad decisions

  22. Tracy Barber

    Everything, she’s the best mum in the whole wide world and she’s an amazing lady who I love to bits

  23. chris hindle

    The best thing about my mom is she loves me

  24. craig hindle

    The best thing about my mum is she is caring

  25. Sian Buckingham

    She is always there to help the moment anyone needs her.

  26. Janine H

    She’s always at the end of the phone with a solution

  27. fiona drinkell

    My Dad died when Mum was 41, she was devastated. She strove forward & brought us all up on her own, never looked at another man as she adored my Dad. Now she is nearly 75 in ill health & housebound but she still manages a smile for us & her grandchildren 🙂

  28. paula cheadle

    loves me for who I am, not who I could be

  29. Tee Simpson

    Her big heart. She never says no to helping others

  30. The best thing about my Mum is that she is one hundred per cent NOT responsible for making me the person I am today!

  31. Catherine

    This is a stunning prize. I’d be so happy to win this.

  32. Stephanie Clifford

    So caring and thoughtful…always putting others needs before her own.

  33. Anna Brown

    My mum is so kind, caring and loving. She would do anything for anyone.

  34. Amanda Richardson

    Caring and thoughtful, always putting others first

  35. Diane Duggan

    My mam has always been caring and thoughtful towards her family.

  36. Sam Parkes

    For being a wonderful mum and nanna to my little girl. In the words of Tina Turner she’s ‘simply the best’

  37. ellie spider

    my favourite thing about my mum is her sense of humour – she finds the funny in every situation

  38. Angela Macdonald

    I know she’s always there for me to cheer me up if I’m feeling down

  39. Christina Curtis

    She is so supportive and always makes sure I am OK

  40. Susan Willshee

    The best thing about my mum is that even at 90 years old she is unbelievably strong and independant

  41. Jayne Townson

    The best thing about my mum is there is no end to her kindness and she has always put me first.

  42. Adrian Bold

    My Mums been through such a lot in these last few years. But even during some of her harder times, she’s always been there to support me through my own highs and lows.

  43. Miss Vicky Allum

    She is very generous and kind hearted, would love to give her this hamper as a gift!

  44. Ian Campbell

    When it comes to the crunch she’s always kind-hearted, sharing and never glum – she really is my best chum! 🙂

  45. Sarah Morris

    Just a lovely person and so loving

  46. Victoria Easton

    She is fantastic at shopping, finding amazing bargains and good to have a gossip with!

  47. Jane Webb

    She always sees the best in me, even if I have trouble seeing it myself.

  48. Kim Neville

    My mum has such a kind heart and full of wisdom

  49. Elena Kase

    My mum is determined or stubborn really depends from situation but once she get her mind about something it is impossible to change it.

  50. Vanessa Cox

    Her ability to carry on and stay positive despite facing life difficulties and lonely times!

  51. Kate Davies

    Her determination to get the job done once she’s set her mind to it.

  52. Rebecca roberts

    She has a heart of gold she’s one in a million and simple the best

  53. Laura C

    My mum gives the best advice don’t know what I would do without her

  54. donna l jones

    she always thinks of others before herself

  55. Helen W

    Her outright honesty, sometimes it stings but you know where you are

  56. Jeanette Leighton

    My favourite thing about my mum is her generosity she always puts others before herself

  57. Kim Neville

    My mum has such a kind heart and always helping others no matter what is going on

  58. janeoholl

    The best thing about my mum is the relationship she has built with my children. It is lovely and heart warming to see how much they love each other. She looks after them while I work and has helped me so much over the years. She deserves to be spoiled!

  59. Eilzabeth Gaskell

    My mum always said “treat others as you would lie to be treated” and I have always tried to live by this. She is no longer with us but remembered every day for being the wonderful mum and gran she was.

  60. Faye Reed

    She will do anything for anyone no matter what and expects nothing in return.

  61. Rachell Lynch

    She is always there, no matter what never judgement just support

  62. Shannon Mostert

    Her patience, how she kept herself calm when I was a teenager, I do not know! She helped me when I was a teenage mum and has always supported and helped me with my kids, so blessed to have her.

  63. Ellen Stafford

    My mum gives me great advice and is always there for me and the rest of our family x

  64. Christina Edmondson

    My Mum is one of my best friends – she is open minded and kindhearted.

  65. Jayne Kelsall

    She is always there with words of wisdom when I need them most .x

  66. Because she knows when somethings wrong before I’ve even spoken to her and she knows exactly what to say to make things better!

  67. Alison MacDonald

    My mum was so good at helping people and making them feel better I can’t count how many people over the years she helped. x

  68. Jenny Rogers

    My mum always has good down-to-earth advice, and gives very practical help.

  69. Kay Broomfield

    My mum is a real fighter. She’s had 5 major strokes and still works hard every day at 75 to maintain her fitness!

  70. Jo Hutchings

    She doesn’t really care what other people think and is very true to herself.

  71. Richard Saunders

    She always gives her kids the best advice

  72. betsy ferguson

    her sence of humour – she is a born comedic, so is great company x

  73. Mary Baldwin

    The best thing about my Mum is her ability to see past the emotions involved and always see the practical things that can be done to help.

  74. Kay Adeola

    She is superwoman to me,Always has the best advice and always puts everyone else before herself which is amazing but sometimes I wish she would put herself first for a change..
    She is amazing as a mum she raised 9 kids 8 of which are boys.Now she helps us homeschool our kids and helps around the house here.
    She is 75 going on 25 lol.

  75. She’s down to earth, sensible and has Irish hospitality.

  76. Debbie Bird

    The best thing about my mum is how she always has a smile for everyone even if she is having a bad day

  77. My mum is aging and suffering .but without the sob story .I just would like to show her how grateful I am for her never ending support and commitments .She deserves this lovely treat

  78. Kuda Guti

    My Mum is the strongest person I know. Her mantra is ‘everything comes to an end’. She has been such an inspiration to me and everything that I do is to make her proud.

  79. cheryl hadfield

    my mum gives the best advice and is always supportive of my family

  80. Amy Jo mclellan

    She’s my best friend – she’s just such a lovely, fun and kind person!

  81. Carla mooney

    No matter what she’s always got my back even if she has her own problems. I’d be lost without her

  82. Sarah Morris

    She is a real mum, she has my back as a parent and is also my best friend.

  83. My mum is very caring and loving and also her food is delicious!

  84. Tina Bell

    She’s a great listener, and shoulder to cry on

  85. AnnaSSS

    My Mum is the best in the world. She was always there for us.I love her so much.X

  86. Tracy Clark

    She is always there for us no matter what

  87. Maxine Lewis-Enright

    My mom is the best because she is always there for me no matter what, gives the best of advice and warmest hugs xx

  88. Ms C Bryan

    My mum is kind and supportive to friends and family

  89. Jen Rogers

    So brave through serious illness – telling us not to worry!

  90. Diane Carey

    My mother-in-law has been like a mum to me. She has always been a big support to me, very kind and give help if needed

  91. Carol W.

    She’s always made people feel worthwhile and able to do what they tried to do.

  92. Sheri Darby

    My mum is so warm and loving, yet still incredibly strong

  93. claire blakeley

    My mum would absolutely love this, looks amazing!

  94. Libby Noack

    She is everything I hope I will be as a Mum 🙂

  95. Hannah Wilding

    Her independence and quirkiness. She really is one of a kind!

  96. Amy Bondoc

    she wipes my tears, gives the best hugs makes the perfect cup of tea and makes me laugh til my sides hurt!!

  97. Emily Fraser

    she is always there for me to help & offer advice

  98. She is always there when I need a good chat!

  99. sammysjb2

    She makes life so easy so stress free and it all boils down to is a cup of tea she says

  100. Helen Tovell

    The best thing about my Mum is she keeps out of my business unless I ask her opion

  101. Laura Jeffs

    The best thing about my mum is that she’s always so supportive and caring, she’s truly is the best mum in the whole world!

  102. greig spencer

    her amazing sunday dinners xxx ( and cuddles)

  103. Matt Baker

    My favourite thing about my mum is that she lives several hundred miles away.

  104. Angela Kelly

    My favourite thing about my Mum is how dedicated she has always been to everyone. She read incessantly to me as an infant and that love of reading has been a gift I will carry for the rest of my life.

  105. My mum is a beautiful person inside and out.

  106. Melanie Pennie

    Always offers the best advice and is generally right about most things!!!!

  107. Andi Rose

    This looks absolutely amazing, I’d love to win!

  108. Helen Cooper

    my mum never interferes she just waits patiently until i need her then she’s there without judgement

  109. Catherine Gregory

    I love how my Mum has always been there for me and she is now for my 17 month old son

  110. Rena Plumridge

    Great prize would tower over my 90 year old mum

  111. Ann Marie Gould

    my mum has now passed but she was a loving loyal woman who was also abit scary!

  112. My favourite thing about my mum is her compassion. She would never turn her back or anyone or anything in need.

  113. Gemma Hendry

    the best thing about my mum is that you can trust her with anything

  114. My mum always puts others first does amazing charity work and has been my rock through hard times over the years , she deserves something nice because she’s such a special & loving person

  115. Carolyn E

    She is uniquely special, Always trying new things.

  116. Donna Caldwell

    Mum always gives out great advice

  117. Anthea Holloway

    She loves her family and puts them before herself!

  118. kez Humphrey

    it would be amazing to win this for my mum x

  119. Vesta Poulston

    My mum has always been there for me in my life no matter what. She’s a great listener and the most kind hearted person I know

  120. Angie McDonald

    Just that she always makes me smile

  121. Brooke Ritchie

    I love my Mum, she’s a beautiful rare jewell with a never ending kind smile

  122. Julia Linsley

    After my Dad died she just stood up to 4 daughters and everything that needed sorting

  123. the best thing about my mum is even now at 86 and in not good health she always puts us first and makes us laugh

  124. Priscilla Stubbs

    The best thing about my Mum is her longevity. She is 103 and still gives the family wise advice and enjoys treats so would love this hamper

  125. Sue Hodges

    she has maintained her positive attitude and a glowing smile

  126. Mike Cuss

    My Mum never loses her temper, no matter how bad I screw up !

  127. Katie J Blackmore

    She always knows when I need some help without even asking

  128. Mrs Kathryn Davies

    She was always so loving and supportive.

  129. Victoria Prince

    The best thing about my mum is that she gives the best hugs, that can make everything better even when it feels like the world is ending

  130. Michelle Smith

    I would share this with my daughter who is an amazing mummy to my 2 year old granddaughter don’t know where she gets the energy from to work as a bookkeeper during the day, she really deserves a treat.

  131. Laura Bryant

    My mum would live this she is great at listening

  132. Nadine Carruthers

    My mum is an absolute star and she’s always there forme when i need her most!

  133. Amanda winner

    My Beautiful Mum is the worst cook in the world!… The most untidy Mum in the world … The worst dresser in the World …… The most disorganised person in the world … But I would not have her any other way as she is the most special person in the world who I love to the moon & back

  134. Katharine Burrows

    My Mum Is Amazing
    I’d like to say
    She gives me love
    Every single day
    She would love a cookies and cake tower
    For Mother’s Day

  135. Emma Howard

    Because she’s always there for me, no questions asked x

  136. My Mum has always been there when I need her love and support – no matter what.

  137. Anthony G.

    Her laugh. Once she starts, everyone does…and she laughs a lot!

  138. Debbie Birchall

    After my Dad left home my Mum was my constant. She worked so hard to support us and was always so loving and caring as she continues to be to me and my sons. She is the type of Mum I try to be xx

  139. Apart from all her support, she`s a great source of good advice

  140. Catherine White

    Her acceptance of who I am without judgement and her unconditional love❤️

  141. My mum was really level headed and always willing to help and give good advice

  142. My mum is always there for her family and loved ones, even when many haven’t been there for her. She’s selfless, often a little too much, which is why she deserves the world.

  143. Krzysia

    My mum would do anything for us and is quite selfless. Also I love the fact that she’s a real maverick..

  144. Rebecca Brown

    The best thing about my Mum was her laugh

  145. The best thing about my mam is her ability to always make me smile.

  146. Caroline Tinsley

    It’s my dad who’s always been there for me and done everything that a mum usually does. The best thing about him is his resilience, he keeps going whatever life throws at him!

  147. natalie bates

    not only does she cook the best food, she’s always there when i need her.

  148. debbie smith

    utter love and devotion my mam is one in a million amazing giveaway thankyou x

  149. Christina Palmer

    Always puts on a brave face no matter how she is feeling. Always there for others and is a great example for her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

  150. Susan B

    Tireless and selfless giving of her time and efforts to her family.

  151. Lauren Reed

    She is always smiling no matter what life throws her way xxx

  152. Richard Eldred Hawes

    She was always there when you needed her in good times and sad times

  153. Kayleigh John

    She is an amazing mother, and grandmother, who is always there when I need her, especially offering to look after my little one while im at work

  154. James Travis

    She makes sure she gets everything done.

  155. Lorna Ledger

    We do a lot together including choir, I wouldn’t be here without her, and I couldn’t ‘be’ without her, she is kind caring lovely lady, with a good heart, who would give anyone the shirt off her back xx

  156. Martina Pichova

    Her patience… I wish I could be so patient with my kids as she was with me and my sister…

  157. kimberley ryan

    she is an amazing mum, grandma and great grandmother. she is always there whenever we need her, she is the kindest most generous person I know

  158. Jessica Barber

    She’s so lovely and kind but also makes me laugh every day!

  159. Michelle Henderson

    My mum is always there for me no matter what

  160. charlotte isobelle

    She is awesome! Always there for us when we need her, and puts everyone before herself always!

  161. There are so many things I love about my mum so this was hard to pick just one. But it would have to be her love and support in everything I have ever wanted to do even if she was worried and didn’t think I was a good idea.

  162. Rebecca Cusick

    My little boy’s nannan is an actual angel. She’s been our rock through the past 12 months x

  163. Carole Nott

    She gives me great attention and love at all times – would love to share this prize with her

  164. Gary Upton

    My mum deserves this i love her so much she has always been there for me

  165. James McLaughlin

    She is always there for me and my family. Superstar of a mum.

  166. Claire Woods

    Always happy to help out whether it’s advice, loan of money, babysitting!

  167. tina saunders

    She always helps look after my dog and is a great cook!

  168. The Woman

    What a treat, I would so share this with my wonderful Fiance, who has been my constant companion and carer throughout my cancer diagnoses, surgeries and treatments. Never complaining an so supportive. I have just gone through my last major surgery and now we can enjoy the rest of our lives. He also proposed at Christmas. He loves cakes and biscuits and I used to bake for him, but due to illness and recovery have not been able to. This would be a wonderful way to say. Thank You.

  169. Gareth Evans

    this looks a little taller than my mum, to be honest , what a gift that would make !!!

  170. Juliette Giles

    This would be absolutely amazing my Mum is so special and really deserves to be spoilt and have an amazing treat like this x

  171. Laura Drury

    My mum would be so thrilled with this! She deserves it more than anyone ❤

  172. Barbara Webster

    My Mum is a great listener, she is always the first person I turn to for advice.No matter how trivial.

  173. Annie Ley

    This looks fabulous, my mum would be so chuffed with this as a mother day gift

  174. My Mum is with the Angels. I would share with my stunning Son, Daughter-in-Law and Granddaughters, they are my world x

  175. Nageena Ahmed

    The best thing about my mum is that she is very selfless she always puts others first and loves helping people out.

  176. Sarah Ann Roberts

    Her heart, she would do anything for anyone and give her last penny to someone who needed it.

  177. Rennene Hartland

    The best thing about my mum is she’s always there for me and everyone else, She’s caring and kind and is also my best friend, She doesn’t know how to say no to people so she never stops. she’s so appreciated but i don’t think she realizes how much. She’s irreplaceable 🙂

  178. A S,Edinburgh

    The stories she tells me about the times and places she’s witnessed.

  179. Eileen Teo

    she is the only person who listen to me complaining about my husband.

  180. iain maciver

    The best thing about my mum is everything she is ours

  181. Jo m welsh

    The best thing about my mum is that she is always there for me .

  182. Sarah Hutt

    The best thing about my mum is she is always there for me and my family through thick and thin.

  183. Christina

    My mum she is always ready to help me. She is my best friend, babysitter and my fashion adviser. She is the ONE I can rely on.

  184. Anthony Harrington

    I would like this for my Daughter as she is an awesome Mummy to our Grandson, she is doing a terrific job and i am s proud of her.

  185. Jayne K

    She cooked a great Sunday roast with wonderful Yorkshire puds.

  186. My mother is over 80 and still cooks a family Sunday dinner for us all – every Monday evening!

  187. Solange

    My mum is gentle, sweet, kind and understanding. My favourite thing about her is her sense of humour.

  188. Catherine Bullas

    She loves coming to clean my house!

  189. William Gould

    My Mum’s always there for me and always comes up with sensible answers to any problems I have!

  190. Georgina Prince

    The best thing about my mum is that she is always there for me x

  191. She’s the only one I have – which is lucky because she’s the only one I’d have chosen.

  192. Judith Allen

    Mum was never surprised by anything, always ready to help.

  193. Lindsey Stuart

    The best thing about my Mum is how honest she is.

  194. Catherine S

    My mum never puts herself first and is always there for me, my sister and my twin girls (and anyone else who needs her).

  195. Her unconditional love no matter how old I am

  196. Joanne Beale

    My mum is loving, caring and is great company

  197. Carolynn Crabb

    I love my 80 year old mother’s determination to keep going even with really bad arthritis – she still quilts and sews and is involved in charity fundraising

  198. Sandra Clarke

    My sister is like a Mum to me since we lost our Mum. She is always there and ready to help all the family. She is very generous to my son and gives much of her time to doing voluntary work.

  199. Her wit, humour and intelligence. She has inspired me to go out into the world as a strong independent woman. She’s my role model.

  200. Gillian Brown

    She is always there if we need her for anything big or small

  201. Will Tunnicliffe

    Her unconditional love and generosity to others.

  202. Judith Lightfoot

    Would love this for my mother in law & her best friend. They have both lost their husbands in the last 6 months so sad.

  203. Natalie Crossan

    I love her sense of humour 🙂 Thank you

  204. T Brailey

    Mum mum is strong, independent, loving and a fantastic role model. Simply put she is fab.

  205. Andrea Dimmick

    Best thing about my mum is her cooking

  206. Lyn Bosomworth

    Would make a fantastic present for Mum xx

  207. Jane Willis

    Her sense of humour. She’s 93 now, very frail and mentally not the woman she used to be – but she still has a filthy sense of humour!

  208. steven young

    My mum sees the best in everyone and can relate to everyone no matter what their age is. When I was growing up my mates used to love coming round to our house just so they could have a natter with my mum!

  209. Ellie Lane

    My mum never gave me bad advice, but was always ready to listen to an alternative point of view.

  210. Tania Atfield

    My mum would love this prize. My favourite thing about her that I love is her ability to listen

  211. twirlywhirly3

    Wow this would be amazing to win a mother’s day Hamper my, would give to my chocolate loving daughter to share with the grandchildren for being a yummy mummy

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