Chinese New Year hamper

Outrageous and unusual hampers: from £25k to adults only!

We’re really proud of our range of hampers and we think they’re appropriate for almost any occasion. But if you can’t find a hamper on our website to suit your needs, maybe you need one of these unusual hampers instead!

[And if you have an amusing hamper idea yourself – enter the competition under this post!]

  • The £25,000 Christmas hamper. Our most expensive luxury hampers come in at well under £300 (and they’re worth every penny), but that’s small change compared to Fortnum & Mason’s Snow Queen Hamper. Available in 2008, it included a magnum of champagne and four pounds of caviar. Unsurprisingly, it fell victim to the credit crunch and didn’t reappear in 2009.

Fortnum & Mason’s Snow Queen Hamper.

  • The washing up liquid hamper. Apparently, gift hampers are popular in Thailand. But as well as the usual baskets filled with tasty treats, you can get more unorthodox hampers – including ones that contain cleaning products and washing up liquid, or toothpaste and mouthwash. Would you appreciate being given some toilet roll in a basket for Christmas?
  • The Chinese New Year hamper. Chinese superstore Wing Yip offers this excellent Chinese New Year hamper, containing sauces, chopsticks and even a wok. Ideal, perhaps, if you’re aiming to explore some new types of cooking. Alternatively, apparently it’s easy and fun to build your own Chinese hamper for Christmas.

Chinese New Year hamper

  • An ‘adults only’ hamper. To be honest, we’re not sure where to start with these ones (the link is definitely not safe for kids, or for work either!). A selection of adult hampers suitable both for ‘beginners’ and for ‘advanced users’, it’s easy to see these as just a bit of fun. Until you see the price tag, that is – at up to £2,000, some of these hampers are quite an investment.
  • The crazy-amount-of-food-in-a-single-hamper hamper. This Australian firm’s Christmas hampers left us feeling rather confused. Options appear to include lots of crisps or an enormous selection of frozen vegetables . Our favourite, however, is the Mega Holiday hamper which includes such delights as baked beans, paper towels and quite a lot of meat. At around £700, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a bargain.

Mega Holiday hamper

Competition: Can you think of an amusing hamper idea?

Leave us your suggestions below and the funniest / most original idea will win our bestselling Ruby Hamper delivered anywhere in the UK!

The competition will run until the end of October and we’ll announce the winner here & on our website at the beginning of November. So time to get your creative hats on!

Congratulations to: * Jane Sparrow *

Thank you very much for your entry Jane – a QUANTITATIVE EASING HAMPER! – and we will be in touch shortly to get your delivery address.

The Ruby

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  1. john webster

    i think a natural world hamper
    which could consist of chocolate covered and flavored insects , gold infused caviar , zivet coffee , Black Ivory coffee ,Century eggs , snake wine ,
    to name a few items

  2. I think that we need a hangover/morning after hamper. My girls are going on a weekend away to bristol and I can’t go so wanted to send them a hamper with stuff for the morning after or return from clubbing munchies in it but I can’t find one. Alka Seltzer, crisps, muffins etc

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  4. joanne sutherland

    A ‘ Cant;t wait to get home Hamper’ winter time
    A lovely evening meal first then
    Lots of goodies for a cosy night in after, chocolate, candles , fleecy blanket. hot water bottle .All for a winters night..Umm i want one now just thinking about it


    How about a USB hamper – everything you could possibly need to survive just living off your computer. There are so many USB gadgets about that you must be able to fill a hamper so you never need to leave your computer!

  6. Anna Aird

    If YOU can spend hours on end
    Driving your household round the bend,
    Just by sitting in the smallest room
    And always seeming to assume
    That WE have no need to use the loo…
    Then BOG HOG, this hamper’s for you!
    Just look at the treats we’ve got in store…
    To start, a ‘BUSY’ sign for the door!
    An Ipod and some headphones too,
    To block out grumbles from the queue.
    Next, some slippers so your feet are cosy
    And air freshener to keep things rosy!
    A crossword book so we’re assured
    That whatever you’re doing, you’re not bored!
    A siren to control the enormous rush
    When we hear that longed-for flush!
    With towels and soap and loo rolls galore
    What hamper could offer a BOG HOG more?

  7. Diana Cotter

    A game player’s hamper to prevent the sort of tragedy that occurs when playing non-stop for several days or more. Liquid would be supplied via a hydration backpack and would include a selection of heavily caffeinated beverages. Finger foods would be essential, along with a number of the self-heating ration packs provided for polar exploration and Kendal Mintcake is always needed when tackling arduous tasks. The hamper should also contain headache tablets, dark glasses for the return to daylight and in the luxury range, a porta potti.

  8. a his and hers saturday survial hamper, beer, pizza, football boots, poker cards for the lads and face masks, wine, chic flicks chocs for the girls. would be great for newly weds and aniversarys as it would save a fair few arguements keep everyone happy!

  9. sue willshee

    A hamper to banish the post holiday blues. It could be themed to include food and drink from the place just visited on holiday plus it should have the necessities for when returning from your hols such as milk, bread, potatoes, etc.
    It could also have a bottle of fake tan (to keep the colour topped up), a diet book (because we all put on weight on holiday) and a calendar full of pictures of the place just visited to use to countdown to the next holiday!

  10. How about a Flower Flavour Hamper. Everything in it has it’s roots in flowers. Like Violet Flavour cupcakes, Rose Petal Liquor, Turkish Delight (Rose), Elderflower Jelly, Jar of Honey, Lavender shortbread biscuits, box of camomile tea and a box of hibiscus tea. I know I’d love to receive something like that.

  11. I recent;y made my husband a hot head gift basket. He’s hard to buy for usually and is a chili/heat fan so I put it together by finding nice and different ‘hot’ items like different chili sauces from medium to mega hot, the worlds hottest peanuts, wasabi, hot salsa, chili oil for cooking, chili jerky, chili pretzels, hot crisps, a chili salami and several others. I even found a few different varieties of chili plant seeds! Also, as a jokey item, I put in a packet of Rennies to help with any chili after effects! (which thankfully there were none!) I’m happy to say my husband loved it!

  12. nichola armstrong

    a readaholics hamper.. books, magazines etc those that love to read can indulge in this until there heart is content :0)

  13. cheryl lovell

    A twilight breaking dawn part 1 hamper! That would be THE best ever!!!

  14. nichola armstrong

    an adult only hamper … naughty toys and dvd’s and wine for those dirty weekends away whilst the kids are with the grandparents.. i think lots of couples would love this :0)

  15. Eleanor Barley

    How about for a Students Hamper, featuring everything a student may need to help them survive their first few weeks at uni, including pot noodles, cans of beer, revision materials, paracetamol, an alarm clock, and sweets.

  16. Herbert Appleby

    I’d like a tool hamper full to the brim with the latest cordless drills/ sanders/ multi tools and every imaginable bit to fit not stopping there as the good old hand tools would be amassed in the basket as well with saws, levels, tape measures etc.etc….

  17. Gillian Holmes

    A ‘Sorry your cat/ dog/ horse has died’ hamper

  18. Belinda Matthews

    I think a Honeymoon hamper would be a great idea, champagne , caviar, chocolates, fluffy handcuffs, a whip and other exciting things to spice up the honeymoon

  19. Michelle Bruce

    A cheesy night in hamper. Cheesy movies on DVD, cheesy music CDs, cheesy puffs and a cheese selection.

  20. The ‘Tastes Like Chicken’ hamper, filled with Chicken Flavoured Crisps, Chicken Flavoured Biscuits, Chicken Flavoured Condiments and even Chicken Sweets. Hmmm…not sure how well that would sell 😛

  21. ali mckenzie

    what about a break-up hamper, a dartboard kit to make a dartboard of your ex-lover, a bottle of wine, etc etc

  22. There are various hampers that would amuse me/my friends:
    * A hamper full of kittens, jam and salami
    * The assorted Animal Poo hamper (a perennial favourite)
    * The Religions of the World Hamper (gives you guaranteed rights in the next life)
    * The Hop, Skip and a Jump Hamper – containing a rabbit – they’ve got it all.
    * The Empty Hamper – for the person who has everything except a wicker basket.
    * The Corrie Murder Hamper – containing everyone’s favourite murder weapons from Corrie past, including an abstract coffee table sculpture, a tram and a canal.
    * The Dali Hamper – containing a melting clock, swan-like elephants and an inner view of the human soul.
    * The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Hamper – containing a towel, a book and an infinite improbability drive
    * A Procrastination Hamper – containing the Times crossword, a Pot Noodle (you’d never eat it unless you had something worth putting off), sheep for counting and some Daytime Television Presenters.
    * The Ultimate Dimensions Hamper – containing access to a bewildering array of parallel universes. Ever wanted to be a one-armed barkeep in the USSR named Vlad? Well, in one of these universes – you are!

    Just a small selection. Alternatively, everyone likes cheese and port, innit?

  23. kelly mitchell

    a edible under garment hamper !!body paints and the like-the naughty but nice hamper xx

  24. William Gould

    How about a CSI hamper, containing stuff like drinkable fake blood (red wine), body parts made from chocolate or cake etc. sample collecting shaped cutlery, fingerprint kit (facepowder and brush), some DVD’s and most importantly, a pair of Horatio Caine sunglasses!

  25. Dee Edmonds

    The lazy hamper full of microwave ready meals,paper cup,plates and plastic knives and forks so they dont need to wash up x

  26. Angie Hoggett

    flavour lovers hamper with the worlds rarest and unique flavour combinations for the daring foodie


    A hamper for the person who has everything – it would be a hamper full of 365 belly button warmers (little pieces of round fluffy matial to stick in your belly button), one for every day of the year!

  28. Sharon Blevins

    The Dieter’s Hamper.

    No food, just a teaspoon with a hole in the middle!

  29. Kelly Hooper

    A fetish hamper specially designed for those with an intense interest in . . . well . . . whatever they like 😉 specially designed hampers for the foot lovers/bondage fanatics/underwear fans

  30. glen bailey

    A Sunday morning hamper, hair of the dog, headache tablets and bacon sarnie

  31. miss emma louise hogan

    A hamper that says I will start my diet tomorrow, it would contain everything that you would eat to be naughty then when your feeling guilty you would have all the healthy food that would be including, this hamper woud be ideal after a breakup or a single person on valentines day!

  32. June Gaynor

    A Thank God its Friday Hamper. A bar of chocolate, a bottle of wine, and a DVD of any film featuring Johnny Depp.

  33. Natalie moore

    A be the ultimate golddigger hamper, to include blonde extentions, chicken fillets to give them a boost, fake tan, false eyelashes, false nails the size of eagle claws, a barbie(just incase they forgot the look they were aiming for) and the icing on the cake, an empty purse.

  34. jodie wren

    A ‘festival’ hamper.
    Ideal for your summer festival, which could include a handy flag on extendable pole to easily identify your tent amongst the thousands around you, baby wipes (for your tent shower), dry shampoo (for the greasy days), toilet roll (and maybe some loo seat covers would be good too!), ear plugs (optional for the festival goer who also likes sleep) and an all important raincoat/cover for the inevitable downpour.

  35. eirwen bridges

    A “Welsh Scrummy” hamper for a total rugby fan.I would include a Wales signed rugby shirt,rugby ball,welsh cakes,lava bread,Caerphilly cheese,Penderryn whisky,Pembertons chocolates,some leeks and Brains beer all packed in a box covered in a welsh flag

  36. Andy Caldwell

    A cheer up hamper for when someone is really down,only your imagination limits choices


    A hamper full of empty boxes for someone on a diet!

  38. Lindy Hine

    A Man Flu Hamper. Guaranteed to cheer up any man when he’s suffering from that really bad virus that only men can get. Tissues (special soft ones for that delicate nose), a cushion for the remote control to sit on the arm of the chair beside him so he doesn’t have to strain to reach it, a couple of Lads Mags, some chocolate (for keeping strength up), a couple of cans of Guinness (replenish iron levels), a voucher for a Pizza delivery service (too ill to cook), a couple of DVDs of the sort of action films that only men are really interested in – and a recording of a sympathetic female voice saying “Oh you really are ill aren’t you – best stay off work for a couple of days. No, no, forget the DIY and the gardening … and that shopping trip you were going to take me on”

  39. Katoffler

    A Bedroom hamper for those who want to get down to ‘it’.
    Champagne,chocolates,lubricant,chocolate sauce,johnnies.furry handcuffs,a whip and a rolled up copy of The Sporting Life

  40. lucy farrington

    a hamperphobia hamper! for all those that are terrified of hampers! a hamper would arrive through your door disguised as big shoe box or clothing box, and on it it would say THERES NO HAMPERS IN HERE just lovely shoes or clothes etc, then when the recipient opens there is one giant hamper, full of tiny litte hampers all with a ghoulish tricks or treats inside, there could be books on hypnosis and mediation and HOW TO CONQUER YOU HAMPER phobia as well as treats for being brave and opening more tiny hampers, there could be a fan for keeping calm as well as a brown paper bag for any hyperventilating events, and the tiniest hamper right at the bottom has the best gift of all a TRIP TO THE WORLDS LARGEST HAMPER FACTORY IN THE WORLD 😀

  41. Daniel Todd

    A Romantic evening in hamper a selection of dvds (rom-coms) A his and her bath robe and slippers popcorn choccies champagne and strawberrys with tortillias and dips and a little book of love poems

  42. Emma Wolski

    The Cabin crew hamper! Ooodles hosties have worked so hard in the summer and I know especially in my company the winter isn’t any easier these days. So may tough hours and passengers to contend with lol! A lovely hamper for suited to us would be brill! Homage to the hostie ha ha x

  43. Create a True Ham-per, by creating one containing only ham and ham related products. Tins of Spam, Smokey Bacon crisps, Pickle for ham, tin of ham and pea soup, Them Percy Pig sweets from M&S……….

  44. Charlotte H

    The Break-Up hamper… ice cream, wine, chick flicks, tissues… perhaps a male voodoo doll complete with needles?! haha

  45. Diamond Delight- a glittering hamper with champagne, sparkling wine, luxury chocolate, pampering body lotion, nail varnish and other glittery things! Perfect for a girly treat!

  46. Emily Hutchinson

    The Scamper Hamper for animal lovers, sugar mice, old tom beer, bunny shaped chocolates, cuddly toy puppy. Perhaps you could select what pet you have and get some treats and toys just for them included too.

  47. Charlotte Hoskins

    A night off hamper! This would be for the men out there who need to give their ladies a night off the chores (or it could be the other way round if there are men out there who do all the chores?! – I haven’t found one!!!)! It would include cleaning products with precise instructions and pictures) on how they can complete the various cleaning tasks round the house, and ingredients and instructions on how to cook a gourmet meal. Then some massage oil so they can give us a lovely, relaxing massage – Ahhhh, when can I order mine??!!

  48. Hayley Todd

    The Hen Party Hamper – perfect for all those embarking on the wonderful ‘Hen’ weekends!! It could be filled with fizzy sparkling wine (in preparation for the champagne toasts at the wedding), L-Plates for the Hen to wear on her weekend/night out, pink cowboy hat (as these seem to be all the rage for hens apparently!), Flashing LED Bride-To-Be garland/sash for said Hen to wear, Fluffy pink Hen Party Boppers for Hen to wear on her head, Hen Party t-shirt, Hen Party Badge, a pink frilly veil for Hen to wear, the proverbial garter, of course and some saucy novelties. It could also include chocolate (a girl’s best friend) and maybe some alka-seltzer, coffee and a soft pillow and eye mask for the morning after!

  49. Mark Whittaker

    Think a winter sniffles hamper would be great, a set to make hot toddies, some luxury hankies, bath soak and perhaps a pillow and throw to snuggle into…plus chocolates for the pain of course.

  50. Angela Webster

    My dream hamper would be a winter hibernation hamper. Full of foods that don’t take much cooking, soft blankets, fluffy slippers, loads of TV series box sets to enjoy on the sofa, candles, mulled wine, and anything else that has the sung factor!

  51. Nyree McDougall

    The lovers hamper (for valentines day). Red win, champagne, champagne flutes with heart charms, luxury chocolates a bespoke present. Other romantic items to knock the partner off their feet 🙂

  52. Suzanne Anderson.

    A Baby’s 1st Hamper
    Equipped for the 1st year of baby-bliss-
    A n advice booklet for dad – ‘How to be a good father’- for Mum ‘How to be a good Mother’- Nappy, soothing creams. A bib, sweet baby foods, rusks. A CD on ‘Learn to talk Baby’- A rattle and a soft toy. A whistle for service , a Soft Teddy and a Baby Cd of ‘Brahms lullaby’

  53. katie skeoch

    The zombie apocalypse hamper – Lots of tinned food, can opener, coffee (for the night watch), powdered milk, breakfast bars (when you’re on the run) ski mask, plasters (chainsaw/hatchet an optional extra!)


    A Dirty Weekend Hamper including champagne, adult toys, adult games and chocolate

  55. Emma Gallagher

    A break up hamper – half measure of everything so chocolate, bottles of wine (half bottles), box of tissues, candles, Happy fridge magnets.

  56. A pet food hamper, full of luscious items for your “baby”. Pet bed, food, treats, drink, toys

  57. A sorry you’re going bald hamper for the other half in ur life, could include wigs, alcohol to drown sorrows, shampoos for hair growth, hair paint for bald patches, a hat etc

  58. Jennifer Stokes

    A “40th Birthday” hamper, including reading glasses, incontinence pads, lubricant, pull-in pants, false teeth, and any other funnies for the older lady!

  59. Mhairi Sutherland

    My idea is a TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) inspired hamper, that would include things such as haribo rings (diamond rings), mini gems (variety of jewels), fizzy non-alcholic wine (champagne) and other things that represent expensive things.

  60. The Royal Purple Hamper, which would have a selection of gifts and food which are good enough for Royality and obviously lots of purple

  61. zoe bryan

    Weddign anervesary hamper. You could make and option for each year of marrage so papper anversary have some pretty sugar paaper sweets and so on through each year of anversary. Would mean if a man forgets he can just tell yu how many years hes been married and get a hamper sent to his wife and she woudltn kwo any better and he would earn extra brownie points for supposedly knowing what each year means:P

  62. d mullooly

    a hamper hamper – full of lots of lovely stuff to put you off daily chores

  63. Sarah Hay

    The Brain Hamper, containing Blueberry Cordial, Tomato Relish, Mackerel Pate, Different kinds of nuts and seeds, a crossword book, a scrabble set, some classical literature and of course a couple of bottles of good red wine as that always helps you to think!

  64. My idea is ‘A divorce hamper’. A collection of foods, wines, alcohols and other items for recent divorcees.

  65. isabelle

    a kitsch accessory hamper with cute headbands, rings, brooches etc

  66. ellie bromilow

    Bah Humbug Hamper for your own personal Scrooge. Includes a repro candle holder for shuffling around before bed, a bed hat complete with bobble, quill and paper, money box, small sherry, cheese and bread and a big bag of humbugs of course!

  67. Natasha Walton

    A ‘phobia’ hamper…Filled with everything from realistic looking fake spiders, wind-up rats, rubber snakes, jelly snakes, oozy red jelly, speech cards, a ring (for the commitment-phobes!) and anything else you can think of that will scare people out of their wits!

  68. jude Green

    one of those days !! hampers, when everything gets to you, it woyuld contain lots of alcohol, lots of chocolates, lots of rubbish magazines and cd of the 80’s classic hits! Fluffy slippers, bath stuff and not forgetting a punch bag ( not a human)

  69. Viv Gilbey

    A birthday hamper themed on various decades! For example an 80s hamper with a mixed tape of 80s hits, deely boppers, leg warmers, pac man game, bottle of pernod, packet of refreshers, a rubiks cube, shoulder pads etc!

  70. Katherine Coldicott

    How about a hamper filled with practical jokes. Fake blood finger, blackface soap,garlic sweets,stink bombs, squirting camera, trick dog poo etc etc oh! and of course a whoopee cushion

  71. Jack Keene

    I’d go for an INVISIBLE hamper. That way you could use your imagination and have unlimited supplies of whatever you wanted in it for you, your family and your friends – and the beauty being it’s both environmentally-friendly AND it wouldn’t cost you a penny…….just what we could all do with in the run-up to Christmas!

  72. helen rhoads

    a kitten goody hamper for my new kitten Eric

  73. Lucy timcke

    The man flu hamper: filled with facial tissues, a blanket, some man flu mints,some do not enter tape, a cool head compress a hand held bell to call for assistance when the feel of dying from a common cold becomes tomuch or to pass the tea mug ( also included) a tub of vics an eye mask, and other things that may be needed whilst dying from a cold


    a “golden” hamper for golden anniversaries

  75. a travel hamper – toothpast, ear-plugs, eye blinkers, travel socks and last but not least – sweets to suck on when going up in the air and landing !

  76. Catherine Whittall

    How about a hamper full of rare strange goodies – the “person who’s got everything” hamper

  77. danny mac

    a hip hop hamper. packed full of bling (gold chains, gold rings, gold grills), jeans 4 sizes too big, designer underwear, a bandana, a box of blunt cigar rolling papers, 2 bottles of prescription strength cough syrup, one bottle of sprite, one bottle of brandy & a pair of oversized white trainers. must not contain condoms cos they take away all the feeling.

  78. How about a “Congratulations You’re Having a Baby” Hamper – Looks like it’s full of cute “Baby” things but is actually a survival kit choc full of Coffee (for the sleep deprived), Energy bars (for the “no time to feed myself”) and ear plugs (for whoever is the designated sleeper of the night) Plus a deluxe ready programmed answer machine with: “I’m sorry we can’t answer the phone right now, we’re dealing with a dirty nappy / a wet nappy / baby sick / baby feeding / being first time parents / baby is asleep and mum & dad have just passed out. Please call back in a years time… “

  79. Amanda Richardson

    For a friend who says they don’t want anything, but secretly they do but don’t say so.

  80. Jane Paddey

    At first I thought about a retro sweet hamper but then noticed that you have the new baby hampers what about a new pet hamper for all those people that have pets and treat them like children, you could put in a pet toy, loads of different shaped treats, even an item of clothing like a doggy jacket, there could be a dog or a cat hamper etc – even go as far as having the worming tablets made into treats to save owners the trouble

  81. Elizabeth Kidger

    Saints and Sinners Hamper:-
    Alcohol, chocolate, Cakes, Biscuits and Pate, Hemp Oil, Nuts, Seeds, Dried fruits and Pickles and Smoked salmon

  82. Frances Morgan

    Family *very* stereotype themed – the ‘daddy’ in the typical,wishful overinflated ego sense, cigars, whiskey,sovereign rings – the domestic goddess with bakery stuff and fine wine/or ballsy businesswoman with posh watches,pens,strong perfume, liquer found in the office cabinet etc – the nerdy/skater boy with fingerlesss gloves and tees and beanies and cider – the bookworm kid with a selection of classic reads,notepads,artwork – and finally the pampered teen with a ton of accessories, jewellery, an ipad etc. But the Ruby hamper would be me personified! 😉

  83. Julia Briscoe

    A back to school hamper (for teachers) it would include pain killers, a stress ball, alcohol and anything else that can can help you deal with over 30 children every day.

  84. Nautical but Nice Hamper – For all things sea-going – This would appeal to yacht owners around the world – and could include courtesy flags, epirb beacon, welcome mat, non-breakable glasses, ships cat, navionic maps, sail mending kit the ideas are endless – Try one out on me if you like 🙂 x

  85. Louise Comb

    I’ve made up hampers for friends as they’ve turned 40, 50 & even 60. It contains lots of things to take the mickey out of them for getting ‘old’. Such as: blue hair dye, denture cleaning tablets, support stockings, Tena Lady, Sanatagen wine, huge white knickers, reading glasses, anti wrinkle cream, prune juice, Femfresh, Saga magazine, Facial hair removal cream, and so on. This has always gone down very well at their special birthday do’s.

  86. Fran Light

    How about a ‘Your Boss is an idiot for not appreciating you, but WE do’ hamper containing tissues (for mopping up the tears!), a stress toy, a self help book on standing up for yourself in the workplace, a book on searching for a new job, chocolate (the perfect anti-stress treat!), a minature dart board with suction pad darts so the recipient can pin a picture of their boss on it and vent their frustration, a personalised mug with the slogan ‘Need my help? Make me a tea and we’ll talk …’ and finally a framed picture of penguins sliding on ice … why the framed picture? Because whenever I got really stressed out at work one of my colleagues would tell me to imagine penguins sliding on ice as it is impossible to stay miserable thinking about something so funny – and he was right, it really works!

  87. Nadia Mitab

    The student hamper complete with: alarm clock, cookbook, baked beans, paper cups and a mobile with mums number on speed dial!

  88. beverley

    “You’re dumped, loser” hamper.

    Some toothpaste/deodorant.shower gel, clean socks, toothpick, a leaflet explaining that a bar of Fruit and Nut is not a suitable 1st anniversary present andneither are flowers that have clearly been stolen from the roadside (this was the last straw). A tiny flannel and card on personal hygiene and a list of links to dating websites.

  89. Nicola Bostock

    The Couch Potato Hamper – plenty of chocolate, crisps, booze, DVDs, spare batteries for the remotes, warm blanket to keep out the cold -everything you need for a veg out weekend without leaving the comfort of your sofa.

  90. Gill Saunders

    A “What I Thought I’d Never Need in my Car” hamper, for that just in case stuck in traffic jscenario. A reflective jacket (to make you appear more elegant as you step into the fast lane), a torch (so you can see the car that’s about to run you over), tow rope (for that lovely passing lorry driver), a warning triangle (to add a bit of pzazz to the situation), a wind-up phone charger (so you can instruct your husband on how to cook the tea), a space blanket (it will co-ordinate nicely with the flurescent jacket), ice-scraper and collapsible shovel (again, that lovely lorry driver will need them), loads of sweeties, water, and puzzles for the kids (to keep their minds off being late – again – for swimming) and of course the essential shee-wee (for obvious reasons!).

  91. david cavender

    Getting married hamper. Newly-wed couples could buy for themselves or friends and relatives could buy them a hamper full of mixture of champaign/wine and food to see them them through the first few weeks.

  92. Sorry, I posted this in the wrong place earlier. Anyhows, here goes…

    How about a University Hamper? It could contain lots of emergency items that may get overlooked. Examples: Alarm clock, Pen, Headache cure, emergency vodka, personal alarm, packets of just add water meals, batteries, condoms, pens, £5 pre-paid card, iTune voucher, underpants and so on plus ‘Mothers day card and stamp’.

  93. paul baker

    how about a kids-B-quiet hamper ? items could include a special volume remote control for when the kids are bickering, a do not distrub forehead sticker so the kids wouldnt bother you, a eye mask so you didnt have to look at snotty noses or toe nails left on the floor, and a nice bottle of ice cold cider so this dad can sit back and relax 🙂 great idea 🙂


    A pick-you-up-tonic hamper – which includes movies, a slanket, cocoa, marshmallows, chocolates, comfry cushion

  95. Linda Gray

    ‘A Hangover Hamper’ containing effervescent vitamin C, lemons, satsumas, honey, worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, Resolve, ingredients for a big greasy fry-up, teabags, sweets, fizzy juice, eye mask, ear plugs, toilet paper, sick bowl and a little ‘hair of the dog.’

  96. A Big Brother hamper – with games featuring the contestants, bananas and frosted flakes, and LOTs of alcolhol!

  97. A Welcome To Your New Home hamper – it would contain all the things you need when yo first move in somewhere. disposeable blinds to black the windows whilst you find the curtains, loo roll, tea, coffee, sugar and UHT milk. A teaspoon two mugs and some emergency paper plates and plastic knives and forks, a candle, a pack of lightbulbs, some batteries for the TV remote and a pen and paper because you WILL need one for something!

  98. Patricia Bowley

    A Compers Hamper, full of postcards, envelopes, stamps, pens, scissors and a huge bucket load of luck.

  99. Hayley Wells

    Thinking of popping the big question? Then the “Tonight’s The Night” hamper is for you! Filled with some posh Champers, 2 flutes, caviar, chocolates, flowers, candles, luxury bath/pamper treats for two, romantic music CD, do not disturb sign, and a little box for something sparkly! Even a nice little velvet cushion for getting down on one knee when you request your good lady’s hand would be a nice touch. Using a set of heart shaped sticky notes with either pre-printed or write your own clues in the form of a treasure hunt, she must follow the trail to locate the ring! After you’ve pushed the boat out so far, this will definitely be an occasion she will never forget, and how can she possibly say no now? Celebrate with a bang with some wedding confetti party poppers. (Also includes tissues to cover a range of emotions, such as tears of joy or possible rejection!)

  100. Catherine McAlinden

    For my husband – a toilet hamper. A magazine subscription, so he has something to read. Some air freshener. A little radio so he can listen to music. Some sweets, he likes a snack or two. Some manly wet wipes. Some hand cream, so he doesn’t have to steal mine. And lots and lots of different toilet rolls, patterned, quilted, ones with jokes on etc.

  101. Maya Russell

    I’d love a Dolls House hamper with everything you’d need for the doll’s house kitchen larder and I’d have the equivalent in real size.

  102. Always stuck what to buy my tenneage sone for christmas… an inbetweeners hamper would be great – self washing socks, dry shampoo, book on chat up get the picture!!

  103. Isobelle Forde

    I’d appreciate a Power-Cut Hamper …
    with ..nice candles, matches, a torch, small radio and some batteries, a simple mobile phone with a pre-loaded top up card, a pack of cards, 2 good books, an assortment of ready to much nibbles, miniatures of Baileys, Brandy and Jaegermeister, thick socks and Snuggle blanket for two! 🙂

  104. Jane Willis

    A “new man” hamper, containing new pairs of socks and pants, a tin of deodorant, a razor, a pair of rubber gloves, a bottle of washing up liquid, an iron and a holder for the TV remote so he doesn’t need to hold it all the time.

  105. klara cort

    how about a ‘Honey, I locked up the kids’ hamper?! This would be a basket packed with luxurious goodies for those rare kidless evenings, when the tired parent would love to spend some quality time together…in it:
    -scented candles
    -quality chocolate
    -naughty adult game
    -massage oil
    -a cleaner service for the house (so they can really relax) 🙂

  106. carol phile

    My Big Fat Greek Hamper – a Greek night in a hamper, Ouzo, Metaxa, Greek dips, olive oil, mezes, plates to smash, a CD of bouzouki music, lamb to roast and pittas and herbs and spits to make the souvlaki…and if it’s for me, a Big Not Fat Greek Handsome Man to go with it 🙂

  107. Stop Smoking hamper: Camomile tea and meditation CD to keep you calm, bags of boiled sweets and lollipops to keep your mouth busy, Rubik’s cube and bubble wrap to give you something to do with your hands, wallchart with stickers to mark off your number of days as a non-smoker, bottle of “Eau de Old Ashtray” to sniff when you’re tempted, ready reckoner gadget to tot up money saved.

  108. Christine Johnson

    North, South, East and West hamper with goodies from the four corners of The UK

  109. Laura Pritchard

    The Husband Hint Hamper – it would contain massage oil, a Good Sex guide, a pair of washing up gloves with pictures of footballs on (to encourage them!), a guide to preparing the perfect date night….the list could be endless!

  110. Linda MibsXX Johnson

    How about an “MP’s Expenses Claim Hamper”

    It could be filled with a particular MP’s expenses claims, which from what I could see could range from a Duckhouse to a kettle and lots of expensive gadgets and bills paid inbetween!
    You too could live the life of luxury for free!

  111. How about a joke hamper – lots of tricks, illusions, practical jokes, indoor fireworks etc. That would cheer up most people on a foggy Autumn evening.


    How about a “girls holiday” hamper. One with sunglasses, sun lotion, sun hat, flip-flops and a “girlie chit lit” book?

  113. John Wade

    A hamper with its Christmas eat and forget the DIAT

  114. Sharon Pattison

    Lets make a baby hamper! It could contain some naughty items from the adults only but also include sensual bubble bath, divinely scented massage creams, sexy smelling candles, baby oil, chocolates, heart shaped pillows and to top it all a couple of pregnancy kits for a couple of weeks later!

  115. How about a “Solving Life’s little irritations” Hamper. It would contain:

    A plastic screen to place in front of your TV so you could throw darts with suckers on the end at the politicians etc. who irritate you.
    A book containing helpful phrases to get rid of telephone cold callers e.g. “… and how long would it take the Council to approve the cost of these double glazed windows?”
    A sign with a fake knife embedded in it to put beside the front door which reads: “Please do not knock this door to try to sell me anything – I have really bad PMT.”
    A selection of envelopes addressed to the main junk mail culprits so you could send your junk mail back to them.
    The motion triggered water gadget which would fire water at the neighbour’s cat when it came to poo in your garden.
    A bug catching device for the intellectually challenged insect which cannot work out how to fly out of an open wndow.
    Electronic tags to put on the things the family keep misplacing so you could get them to beep so they could be located.

    The possibilities are endless. Think what it could do for the nation’s health – it might even qualify for Lottery funding since lower blood pressure all round could save the NHS millions!

  116. Arabella Bazley

    How about the “It’s been a long time Hamper”. A huge hamper the size of a laundry basket covered in present labels showing old friends and family and memories from the past…… The customer just has to conjour up the “Old Friend” to sit in the hamper til it is opened as a surprise. Optional wheels might help with this one!


    How about a christmas hamper full of Easter eggs and bunnies

  118. The New Student Hamper duvet, bedding, tin opener, Bottle opener, towels fresher guide and guide to the city they are moving too, keyring for halls keys, gift card for Tescos for food and a can of baked beans

  119. the best hamper would be a hamper for OAP, this would include thing such as old school food types that they loved back in the day…. they would love the food and drinkd and love telling you about the times they had them as a kid , over and over and over again lol

  120. an American hamper,huge steaks big gas bbq excessive amount of budweiser and jack daniels oh and some diet coke !!

  121. catherine anderson

    How about a new baby hamper filled with stuff like, nappies, wipes, cotton buds, talc, babybath etc. These items are a godsend to new mums, I should know because I make one up for every new mum in the family or in my group of friends.

  122. Jane Sparrow

    It’s the right time for a BEAT THE RECESSION hamper (also known as the QUANTITATIVE EASING hamper or BANKERS’ BASKET), crammed to the gunnels with essential luxuries: champagne, smoked salmon, quails eggs, caviar, truffles, opera tickets, and an envelope containing a huge bonus!

  123. Claire Louise Jones

    It would be great to have a ‘Compers’ Hamper! Contents would include a laptop, postcards, paper, stamps, pens, slogan books, envelopes and most importantly, FAIRY DUST!!!


    A third trimester hamper, the time when you cravings go wild and body aches. lots of snack goodies that you can mix and match like chocolates and chilli dip, jalopenos and chocolate dip. (both tried and loved) lots of bath stuff cause you know the next 3 months you’ll be taking loads, magazines for when you’re lied up in bed slippers dressing gown etc etc


    A car journey hamper,full of books,games and food for the journey,book not for driver of course lol

  126. Sue Harrison

    How about a Menopause Hamper.. says me having one of my “Tropical Moments”.. could include.. a fan… extra cool mints.. funny anecdote books..instructions on how to build your own igloo.. a survival pack for the husband :). ice packs.. maybe even sensible stuff like self help and vitamins 🙂

  127. It would be good to have a “1st day at school” hamper, including pencilcase, lunchbox, stationary, excersize books, hair bobbles for girls etc etc xxxx

  128. Hannah Beadle

    I think you should make a “sorry you’ve been dumped” hamper with all the supplies you would need to recover from a break up, as initially you have the loveliness that someone has gone out of their way to buy it for you then a kit to pull your self together. containing pyjamas, box of chocolates, tissues, Sex and the City dvd, Bath Salts, new dress £50 voucher, face pack, make up, bottle of champagne

  129. Karen Painter

    A Joke Hamper filled with fun items like a whoopee cushion, stink bombs, fake turd, fake blood, a joke book etc.


    A hamper full of treats for expats living abroad.

  131. andrew petrie

    A hamper for discontented husbands – containing lager,footie dvds,and ear muffs.

  132. geraldine jackson

    a retro hamper full of betamax and player of course, of old tv shows,,70s LPs, with record player, prawn cocktail, fonde set, vista curry in a box, retro sweets, blue nun wine, glitter ball, a watneys red barrel party pack, plain crisp with a salt packet inside, a real blast from the past he he x

  133. Marian Coburn

    I’d love a “heavy metal” hamper! It would have a couple of bottles of AC/DC wine (they’ve recently branched out into winemaking!), some limited edition CD’s and DVD’s of bands like Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper etc, signed band photos and t-shirts, an inflatable guitar for rocking out with… Oh, and some band pants too! I have some friends who’d love to get a gift like that (me too!) it would be in a big black hamper tied with a red bow with printed skulls on! 🙂

  134. Kirsty Fox

    A “Hangover Hamper” it will include all the things for your hangover cure, strong coffee, Coca Cola, Water, ingredients for a full english breakfast and most importantly Paracetamol!

  135. Donna Sadler

    A Spider catching hamper!! I am PETRIFIED OF SPIDERS!!! and living on my own I have to ring someone to come a get rid of one for me LOL Id include a hand held spider catcher, a copy of the yellow pages (either to throw at them when they scuttle along the floor or to ring a handyman to rescue me??? lol), a bottle of brandy to calm my nerves after the trauma of coming across the spider, a plug in spider sonar (Yes you can buy them on line, they are meant to repel spiders from the house lol). a bag of conkers (Meant to also repel spiders from the home) and super adhesive traps to catch them humanely . ID BUY ONE! lol GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR ENTRIES GUYS xx

  136. Tracy Nixon

    How about a ‘This is your Life…..’ Hamper that comes in a big red basket (rather that a book) and contains all the foods and treats you have enjoyed throughout your life! Like for me, as a child I loved Sherbet Dib Dabs, Rainbow Crystals, Bons Bons and other Retro Sweets! As I was also lucky enough to have had a mum who made meals from scratch and my favourites included homemade Lasagne, Shepherds Pie, Macaroni Cheese, Chilli Con-Carne (so deluxe chilled versions could be included in my hamper). I also worked as a rep abroad in Spain and Greece and Turkey so I would love to have some of their specialty dishes and foods included in my hamper – like Paella, Moussaka and Kebabs, along with Ouzo, Sangria and Turkish Tea! I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne so I would love some of our local products included – like stotties, saveloys and peas pudding! I also spent several years living in Aberdeen, and while I was there, I loved to eat Scottish Stovies, pancakes and shortbread! Throughout pregnancies I had cravings! With my girls it was anything with lemons – lemon cheese cake, lemon curd, lemon curd tarts, lemon mouse, lemon meringue pie, and with my boys, I craved cherry tomatoes! So all those would be included! So basically my hamper would include all the foods and drinks I have enjoyed throughout the whole of my life and that trigger a special memory, person, time or place!!!

  137. Alison red

    How about an x-factor final hamper? All you need to throw that party that you swear you won’t ever do again…but year after year…you get sucked back into the craziness that is the live shows 

  138. Lindsey Pound

    How about a ‘Taste of Scotland’ hamper. Some shortbread, Dundee cake, a haggis maybe, other Scottish products and delicacies. And of course a bottle of whisky.


    A sad and lonely hamper filled with comfort eating goodies!

  140. Renee Armstrong

    A pet hamper… for your dog,cat rabbit or budgie !

  141. iain maciver

    a bad boy hamper or a bad girl hamper

  142. Julie Johnson

    A Pamper Hamper, and lock myself in the bathroom away from everybody and chillax

  143. Emma Holness

    I think a getting fit hamper would be a good idea, it could follow all those indulgent hampers at christmas: a pedometer, some light weights, a water bottle, workout dvd, yoga mat, a diary and an inflatable gym ball. I know I need one every new year.

  144. I’d love a hamper full of bubblewrap — lots and lots of bubblewrap in one wicker basket that can fit me just so I can roll around in it and pop all the bubbles! 😀

  145. Victoria Langley

    The perfect hamper for me would be a Apple gadget one 🙂 I am an apple nut. Have a mac, iphone, ipod touch, nano and older ones, ipad lol. I also adore all my gadgets got tonz of chargers, cases etc. Would adore a hamper with fab things too use with the itemsx

  146. Kirsty Mairi Rudderforth

    I would like a hamper based on my mood or situation at the time i.e “I need a drink because it’s friday” and before my eyes a never ending supply of wine appears in the hamper! or “I drank to much the night before” and appears headache tablets, can of coke, fry up etc” Basically a genie in the bottle type hamper crossed with a Mary Poppins bottomless bag. I could then just wish for what ever I desired or needed at time and it would appear in front of me…. 🙂

  147. catherine warburton

    I’d like a music themed hamper, like your’re off at a festival, with goodies, cd’s and a pair of wellies, cool eh!

  148. Debbie Connell

    How about a ‘gaming’ hamper? My son would love this! Filled with an assortment of video games plus loads of sweets, soft drinks and other goodies etc for the ultimate young boys night in! Would be a great Christmas/birthday pressie!!!

  149. edel farrell

    Girls night in hamper- containing masks, dvd’s, ice cream, chocolates, bubbly and some CD’s for dancing around in your pj’s.

  150. A Halloween hamper- complete with pumpkin, treats, witches hats, masks, silly string and everything you need to make it the best halloween ever!

  151. Donna Armitage

    how about a retro sweeties hamper……….all those sweets you loved as a kid like pink shrimps, love hearts, refreshers, bananas, cola bottles, black jacks, fruit salads, strawberry laces, sherbert dib dabs. You get the idea all those sweets that bring back memories.

  152. I’d like a Eurovision hamper! It would contain food from every country competing so you have the opportunity to try lots of different flavours; flags; scorecards and of course plenty of alcohol and a shot game so you can get nicely sozzled while enduring..sorry, enjoying…the bad songs, bad singing, ott costumes and tactical voting 😀

  153. John Tingay

    A love/hate hamper containing just the food drink that people tend to love or hate such as Marmite, Dr Pepper, sprouts, snails etc.

  154. How about a ‘Post Divorce/Brakeup Hamper’? Containing: Tissues, chocolate, wine, diet & shape up book, hair goodies and an inspirational book/video on dating and relationships 🙂

  155. Lorraine Howarth

    How about a ‘Pamper Hamper’ containing all the things a lady requires to make herself irresistible. Pedicure stuff, manicure stuff, make up, shower gel, body lotions and potions, you get the picture. It also solves a problem for the man in your life – Christmas present sorted. 🙂

  156. rachel sollis

    “You shouldn’t have, No really you shouldn’t have hamper!” the hamper no one really wants…lol: socks, bookmark, diary, calender, christmas Jumper, slippers, toffee’s, talcum powder and Rose smelling bath set and not forgetting the hankies!!!

  157. Karen Lancaster

    I would love an around the world themed hamper. With odd delicacies from around the world. America we could have Morel mushrooms, Spain some Chorizo, France a jar of snails, South Africa Billtong and stuffed vine leave from Greece..the list could go on and on. I myself would love to receive a hamper like this and I’m hope you think its a fab idea 🙂

  158. Nicola Woodings

    I reckon the “Doggylicious” hamper would be perfect for a 4 legged furry best friend.

    Couple of tins of Pedigree, tennis balls galore and a basket made up of sticks (perfect for ripping up all over the carpet.)

  159. Ian Graham

    The gamers hamper! A couple of games, beer, peanuts, crisps and a do not disturb sign for the door which says – keep out gaming in progess!


    I’d like the Colin Firth Hamper (or let’s call it the girls night in hamper).
    It would include a copy of the original Pride and Prejudice BBC series, the book, The Kings speech DVD alongside some lovely wine, chocolates and nibbles to enjoy whilst watching Mr. Darcy…opps, I mean, Mr. Firth. If you could send Colin Firth alongside the hamper, that would, of course, be greatly appreciated!

  161. Gill Faichney

    How about the new parent hamper, with loads of coffee to help you stay awake, plenty of tissues for the weepy moments, chocolate, a bottle of wine for mum (it will last weeks as one sniff will be enough after the baby is born, lol). A crotch protetor for Dad when mum gets a bit upset with him, A couple of sorry cards for Dad to give to Mum at approriate moments, earplugs, luxury bath stuff for mum and fake awake glasses for dad. Totally practical hamper that would be loved by any new parents, lol.

  162. Sharon Griffin

    The Premenstrual Tension Relief Hamper filled with some lovely stuff to take the edger off of those mood swings : Big Bottle of Red Wine called ” Seeing Red “. A Chocolate Man so that you can bite his head off ! Flashing Do Not Disturb sign to hang on your door, A Tin Of Chamomile “Keep Calm and Drink Tea ” hot water bottle with a cute jumper saying ” A Warm Hug ” and a lovely box of Ladies Cupcakes decorated with miniature icing sugar shoes and handbags xx

  163. sandy hill

    How about a “feeling poorly” hamper. Junk food, plenty of fluids (isotonic), a face mask to keep the light out… all in a bucket, just in case!

  164. Chris Jones

    What about a Oscar Night special Hamper, it could come with Champagne, chocolates and a selection of oscar nominated movies to get you in the mood for the award ceremony. also u could put a piece of red carpet in there just to make people feel extra special lol.

  165. katie deane

    a naughty but nice hampers for adults 😉 body choclate naughty underware games etc could be fun xx

  166. how about a 2012 Olympic Hamper?, it could be very, very expensive and full of things that nobody wants but insist on having anyway!

  167. Kelly Dudley

    I would like to introduce the ‘happy divorce’ hamper. It should include a massive bar of chocolate and several bottles of wine, so that you don’t have to cook dinner for a few nights. It’ll also include a few months membership to a dating site, something slinky to wear, a spare mobile phone (for girly chats and hooking up with your new fellas) and a fire pit and a box of matches, for burning the b*st*rds’ stuff in the front garden while the neighbours look on in shock.

    I have actually never been married, but I am pretty sure this idea could make us all very wealthy…

  168. lucy robinson

    I would love a toy hamper, how cool. That would be Christmas sorted.

  169. Gemma Harrison

    How about a Hampear Hamper that only contains types of ham and types of pear!

  170. Emma Doust

    How about a “Basket of kittens and puppies” hamper. I can’t think of anything that would make any animal lover more excited than an entire hamper filled with cute little animals. Definitely not practical though, as I’m sure not many people would want to look after a whole lot of animals…

  171. simone lee


  172. liz denial

    How about ‘The morning after the night before hamper’
    Contents for the night before to include wine, beer, spirits, pizza, crisps & nuts
    Contents for the morning after to include water, paracetamol, alka seltzer, orange juice & all the ingredients for a massive full english breakfast

  173. Sarah Louise Forrester

    How about a “going on holiday” hamper …included could be Sun cream, funny tummy tablets…calamine lotion…hangover products…sun shampoo…passport cover.luggage sweets…puzzle book and pen… adapters…and possibly some items for adult fun!

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