Chinese New Year hamper

Outrageous and unusual hampers: from £25k to adults only!

We’re really proud of our range of hampers and we think they’re appropriate for almost any occasion. But if you can’t find a hamper on our website to suit your needs, maybe you need one of these unusual hampers instead!

[And if you have an amusing hamper idea yourself – enter the competition under this post!]

  • The £25,000 Christmas hamper. Our most expensive luxury hampers come in at well under £300 (and they’re worth every penny), but that’s small change compared to Fortnum & Mason’s Snow Queen Hamper. Available in 2008, it included a magnum of champagne and four pounds of caviar. Unsurprisingly, it fell victim to the credit crunch and didn’t reappear in 2009.

Fortnum & Mason’s Snow Queen Hamper.

  • The washing up liquid hamper. Apparently, gift hampers are popular in Thailand. But as well as the usual baskets filled with tasty treats, you can get more unorthodox hampers – including ones that contain cleaning products and washing up liquid, or toothpaste and mouthwash. Would you appreciate being given some toilet roll in a basket for Christmas?
  • The Chinese New Year hamper. Chinese superstore Wing Yip offers this excellent Chinese New Year hamper, containing sauces, chopsticks and even a wok. Ideal, perhaps, if you’re aiming to explore some new types of cooking. Alternatively, apparently it’s easy and fun to build your own Chinese hamper for Christmas.

Chinese New Year hamper

  • An ‘adults only’ hamper. To be honest, we’re not sure where to start with these ones (the link is definitely not safe for kids, or for work either!). A selection of adult hampers suitable both for ‘beginners’ and for ‘advanced users’, it’s easy to see these as just a bit of fun. Until you see the price tag, that is – at up to £2,000, some of these hampers are quite an investment.
  • The crazy-amount-of-food-in-a-single-hamper hamper. This Australian firm’s Christmas hampers left us feeling rather confused. Options appear to include lots of crisps or an enormous selection of frozen vegetables . Our favourite, however, is the Mega Holiday hamper which includes such delights as baked beans, paper towels and quite a lot of meat. At around £700, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a bargain.

Mega Holiday hamper

Competition: Can you think of an amusing hamper idea?

Leave us your suggestions below and the funniest / most original idea will win our bestselling Ruby Hamper delivered anywhere in the UK!

The competition will run until the end of October and we’ll announce the winner here & on our website at the beginning of November. So time to get your creative hats on!

Congratulations to: * Jane Sparrow *

Thank you very much for your entry Jane – a QUANTITATIVE EASING HAMPER! – and we will be in touch shortly to get your delivery address.

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  1. Chris Jones

    What about a Oscar Night special Hamper, it could come with Champagne, chocolates and a selection of oscar nominated movies to get you in the mood for the award ceremony. also u could put a piece of red carpet in there just to make people feel extra special lol.

  2. katie deane

    a naughty but nice hampers for adults 😉 body choclate naughty underware games etc could be fun xx

  3. how about a 2012 Olympic Hamper?, it could be very, very expensive and full of things that nobody wants but insist on having anyway!

  4. Kelly Dudley

    I would like to introduce the ‘happy divorce’ hamper. It should include a massive bar of chocolate and several bottles of wine, so that you don’t have to cook dinner for a few nights. It’ll also include a few months membership to a dating site, something slinky to wear, a spare mobile phone (for girly chats and hooking up with your new fellas) and a fire pit and a box of matches, for burning the b*st*rds’ stuff in the front garden while the neighbours look on in shock.

    I have actually never been married, but I am pretty sure this idea could make us all very wealthy…

  5. lucy robinson

    I would love a toy hamper, how cool. That would be Christmas sorted.

  6. Gemma Harrison

    How about a Hampear Hamper that only contains types of ham and types of pear!

  7. Emma Doust

    How about a “Basket of kittens and puppies” hamper. I can’t think of anything that would make any animal lover more excited than an entire hamper filled with cute little animals. Definitely not practical though, as I’m sure not many people would want to look after a whole lot of animals…

  8. simone lee


  9. liz denial

    How about ‘The morning after the night before hamper’
    Contents for the night before to include wine, beer, spirits, pizza, crisps & nuts
    Contents for the morning after to include water, paracetamol, alka seltzer, orange juice & all the ingredients for a massive full english breakfast

  10. Sarah Louise Forrester

    How about a “going on holiday” hamper …included could be Sun cream, funny tummy tablets…calamine lotion…hangover products…sun shampoo…passport cover.luggage sweets…puzzle book and pen… adapters…and possibly some items for adult fun!

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