Why our customers send their clients Christmas hampers

Customer Q&A: Sending Christmas hampers as client gifts

Corporate gift giving is a big part of our business here at Hampergifts. Around the festive season our Christmas gift hampers find their way to our customers’ employees, clients and colleagues all over the UK. We asked Chris Brown of Quad Contracts why she chooses to send Christmas hampers to clients at this time of year, and here is what she had to say:

Q. Why do you think Christmas hampers make good gifts?

They make good gifts as they are well presented and have good, varied contents.  The recipients all respond well and appreciate the thought that has gone into sending them a hamper.

Q. How many Christmas hampers do you typically send out?

Last year we sent our clients around 65 Christmas hampers, but this figure can vary from year to year.

Q. Who’s your typical Christmas hamper recipient?

Our recipients tend to be regular clients & architects we work with throughout the year.

Q. Why do you choose to give clients Christmas hampers rather than another type of gift?

I think it’s nicer to send a hamper as it shows more thought has gone into the gift and the hampers are something they can share with family and friends.  Since we have been sending hampers, rather than a bottle of wine, we have had a much better response from clients thanking us for the wonderful gifts.

I have always been extremely happy & impressed with not only your gifts but the service from Hampergifts as well. They are always well presented and delivered when promised.

Q. Do you have any tips for corporate gift giving? Do you send the same hamper to all clients?

We choose different hampers, usually dependent on the amount of work or enquiries we have had throughout the year

When I’m choosing a hamper I go through all of them on the website, choose a couple between a certain price range and then look at the contents.  As ours are being delivered to various areas I tend to choose ones that don’t have perishable goods.

Q. Have you chosen your hampers from the range for this year? Which ones do you most like the look of?

I am in the process of looking at this year’s hampers but not yet made my choices, although Festive Chocs & Cookies, Luxury Christmas Wine Hamper, Deluxe Christmas Ruby, Christmas Celebration and the Double Wine Gift Box are in the running for my favourites of the selection this year.

That’s lovely, Chris, thank you very much for taking part in this interview for the Hampergifts blog. And happy Christmas too!


If all this talk of chocs, cookies and wine has got your tastebuds on red alert, check out our range of Christmas hampers here.

If you’re a business thinking of sending out hampers to clients or staff, have a look at our Corporate Hampers page for lots more information, or get in touch with us: sales@hampergifts.co.uk or phone +44 (0) 1727 895 900.