Spring lamb in a field by Tim Pokorny on Flickr

Tips for celebrating the start of spring with friends

Throw off your winter coat, spring has finally sprung! Here we look at the best ways to make the most of spring’s arrival, from getting out in the garden, to enjoying the long weekends.

Garden tips for spring

As soon as you’ve seen the smiling faces of daffodils and narcissus popping up, you know it’s safe to venture back outside! Spring has officially arrived, and our neglected gardens are suddenly accessible again. Winter takes its toll on the garden, but now we can use the lovely long evenings and warmer weather to get back out there and help bring it back to life.

Carry out a thorough weeding, sow herb seeds, feed roses and shrubs and repair those patchy areas on the lawn: all perfect jobs for April and May. To make gardening more fun, why not help a friend with their garden, and they can help with yours. Four hands are better than two!

Dust off the barbecue!

Show off the hard work you’ve put into the garden by dusting off the garden furniture and firing up the barbecue for a spring get-together. Spring lamb cutlets with early new potatoes and mint from the garden are a delicious barbecue treat.

Going to visit friends for a BBQ? Nothing goes better with charcoal-grilled succulent meats than cold beers… so why not give them a proper thank you with a Beer Hamper?  They’ll love the gesture, and you might be allowed to share the delicious contents too.

Make the most of the spring bank holidays

The long weekends in May and the school half term holiday at the end of the month present the perfect opportunity for a spring time escape. A few days by the sea, a week in a holiday cottage or just a visit to friends is a reason to celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring.

If you’re going to a self-catering cottage, prepare your own hamper basket with a few essentials: salt and pepper, olive oil, butter, bread and milk are a good place to start. If you see holidays as a time for a few little indulgences, have a look at our luxury food hampers to make your break extra special, and to stop you slaving over a hot stove on your holiday! The Savoury Heaven Food Hamper includes feta cheese and red pepper meze, with olives and a variety of delicious crackers and chutney. Perfect for no-cook holiday meals with a well deserved glass of wine.

If you’re going to stay with friends, make them smile by arriving armed with a beautifully wrapped hamper basket full of goodies to say thank you. While having guests to stay is a delight, it can also be very tiring, not to mention expensive. Arriving empty handed, or with just a bottle of wine or two is one way to make sure the invitation won’t be repeated! Don’t forget you can always send hampers by post after your visit, too.

Enjoy these tentatively warm, fresh days of spring, and remember to give yourself time to relax at this rejuvenating time of year.

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