Valentine’s Giveaway: Cava & Chocs Hamper

Share the love this year by giving the love of your life a yummy Valentines Hamper! We’re giving away a Cava & Chocs In Wooden Bowl to two lucky winners. Enter via our widget below!

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Cava & Chocs In Wooden Bowl

Love in a bowl, the Cava & Chocs In Wooden Bowl will let your loved one know how special they are to you. This classy wooden bowl contains an array of delicious, romantic goodies for them to enjoy. Treat them to chocolate caramels in a beautiful heart shaped box. They will adore the award winning white chocolate and cranberry fudge. The pink-hued Rosada Cava pairs wonderfully with the milk chocolate truffles. There’s lots more to discover, along with an adorable cuddly puppy!

Enter via the Gleam widget below (mandatory)
Complete your entry by leaving a comment on this blog post telling us what you love most about your significant other and why they’d love this hamper!
The other entry options listed are not mandatory but will gain you extra entries into the giveaway!
The competition will close at 3pm on Friday 8th Feb 2019.
One winner will be selected per hamper and contacted via the email address they provided.
Entrants can be from anywhere in the world, but the prize can only be delivered to a UK residents address.

Valentine’s Giveaway – Be In With A Chance To Win A Cava & Chocs Hamper


  1. angie pickering

    He makes me laugh every day and he loves chocolate!

  2. He’s just a really good egg. He takes good care of us x

  3. Claire sen

    My husband is kind, caring, fun and absolutely gorgeous. He deserves these to show him how much he means to me!

  4. Becca Bushnell

    I would love to give this to my m as a thank you for all she does for me.

  5. I love that he’s my best friend too. He’d love the hamper for the chocolate.

  6. Natalee Gosiewski

    love and support helps with everything around the house is a great father

  7. Harry Truss

    Love everything about my wife – but mainly how she has the ability to make me happy just with a cuddle

  8. Sharon Williams

    He is such a good dad and husband and would do anything for us. He’s a perfect family man x

  9. Natalie Crossan

    His sense of humour – he also is a chocoholic so he’d love this

  10. Elisa Brunning

    My partner is my rock, I don’t show him enough how much I appreciate what he does for me and how hard he works.

  11. Aimee Charbonnier

    I love everything about my man, he is wonderful and he deserves the world (and this hamper!)

  12. Paula Barker

    After 34 years of marriage he still makes me laugh every day chocolate and cava would make his day

  13. Jamie Millard

    their sense of humour.

    She’d love it all but the Lindor would be top of her list.

  14. Tammy Neal

    He always puts me first treats me like a princess and always gives me compliments he’s amazing and also for putting up with me haha

  15. Tee Simpson

    I love his hard working ethic and his sense of humour. He would love the hamper because Lindor is his favourite chocs.

  16. Hayley Coleman

    Always making me laugh and knows how to cheer me up

  17. melanie stirling

    They help everyone, even complete strangers. The chocolates would definitely go down well!

  18. I love how hardworking and determined he is, he strives for the best for myself and our kids.

    He would love this hamper, a token of my love for him.

  19. Shirley Ajuebon

    Great prize would share with my daughter

  20. Emma Davison

    I’m single but I would share the hamper with my mum.

  21. Emma Middleton

    It’s always the little things, the different smiles he has for everything, the way he knows what I’m thinking before I say it and how it feels the exact same way today, if not more, than the first day we met

  22. Denise Wilden

    This would be a lovely hamper to share and I love the little puppy

  23. LorraineK

    My husband cooks for me every night and he would love the bubbles and chocolates

  24. Matthew Warman

    We have just had our 15th anniversary and he loves some chocs and fizz!

  25. Paula Tarling

    I love that we laugh together every day, my husband is wonderful x

  26. olivia Kirby

    He is very clever and very funny! He would love this, he loves to be spoilt!

  27. Hannah Scudder

    My partner is such a good kind man and he would love the fudge in this hamper.


    My lovely husband, is my rock, caring for me every day since an accident left me housebound in late 2015. He never complains, I couldn’t manage without him. I’d love to share this superb hamper with him to say thank you. It’s our 40th (ruby) wedding anniversary this year. I think he deserves a medal for putting up with me.

  29. Chrissy58

    My partner has been at home looking after his invalid dad for the last five years. I’d love to give him a gorgeous surprise like this! 🙂 x

  30. chris williams

    My hubby of 31 years is the kindest loveliest supportive man and puts everyone before himself and would do anything for me and our children. He’s my best friend and soul mate and am so lucky to have him. I’d love to surprise him with this he’d love it.

  31. Melissa Lee

    He’s always so considerate, willing to listed and very reliable. And he absolutely loves chocolate so he would adore this hamper!

  32. Mary Campbell

    Their sensitive, loving and sweet nature, all boxes that are wonderfully ticked by this delightful offering! 🙂

  33. Rennene Hartland

    She’s amazing to me she really is my world, i would love to treat her how she treats me.

  34. sue mcdermott

    would love the Lindor for my hubby, they’re his favourite!

  35. Teresa B

    My husband makes me laugh and as he loves chocolate, this hamper would be perfect!

  36. Sarah Morris

    My husband deserves this hamper for just bri g wonderful and supportive and I love him very much

  37. Charlotte Wilde

    i love the fact he is happy when we are all together, we don’t need much money just us and our children!! He’d love the fact i’d love this hamper!!

  38. Hayley Todd

    My husband is the kindest, most thoughtful person in the world. He always puts himself last on the list, below myself and our daughters and would do anything for us. I would love to give him this lovely hamper as a Valentine’s surprise.

  39. Pauline Wilson

    I love the fact that he has a kind considerate soul so would defo share this wonderful prize with me 🙂

  40. fiona drinkell

    He has unconditional love for me, he would love these tasty treats as we can seldom afford such nicetys 🙂

  41. I love my partners humour the most, he would love this hamper

  42. Elizabeth Yeates

    He is my best friend. He would love it because we would share it together I expect!

  43. Laura Napier

    Id love to win this for me and my husband to share – had a rough time lately and recently welcomed our first child into the world. We need a wee treat for us!

  44. We’ve been together for 43 years this year . I’ve had lots of anxiety disorder problems over the years and my hubby has been been there for me. I still get lovely orchids on our wedding anniversary which were my wedding flowers. He’s the best.

  45. natz davies

    no significant other but my mother is the most cherished person to me who always without exception treats me on valentines day. As a single parent she is my significant other and my rock, i would love to treat her back this year

  46. tricia bingham

    i love the fact he is thoughtful and caring

  47. Johanne Currie

    He works sooo hard and he loves chocolate

  48. Catherine Bullas

    My partner is very good at cooking, when he decides to do it! He’d love this hamper, especially the chocolates.

  49. Richard Saunders

    I love my wife because she’s so yummy, which is also why she would love the hamper 🙂

  50. He’s amazing…I have been working 7 days a week taking care of a cancer patient in his own home and my Mr E has taken care of EVERYTHING at home, cooking,cleaning ,washing and spoiling me when I get home after a 14 hour shift…he so deserves a special treat x

  51. Wendy Guy

    My husband is my valentine and has been for forty years. This prize would add tremendous to our celebrations.

  52. Lorraine Crawford

    My husband always ‘forgets’ Valentines day, but gets me chocolates once the shops reduce them!!

  53. joanne casey

    He’s just the best husband and father, I feel very lucky x

  54. Victoria Easton

    My fiance has been engaged to me for 19 years, we have been through a lot and this would be a lovely surprise

  55. Danielle Hesketh

    He’s the most caring, handsome, genuine loyal person I could of ever wished for ❤


    I love my husband’s sense of humour! A relationship can’t work without laughter. He would love this hamper as Lindor chocolate is his favourite! Thank you xx

  57. He’s always there, supporting me no matter what 🙂

  58. Claire Little

    he makes me laugh and he LOVES chocolate

  59. Michele Freestone

    My partner has been a rock last year as I lost my mum. This would be a nice surprise for him. Thank you for the chance to win.

  60. diane murphy

    just had our 40th anniv 2 weeks ago but son isn’t keeping well. Husband and me have been through rough times but he has always been there for me.Husband or son would like this. Diane Murphy

  61. Tamara Wheatley

    He just got addicted to Lindor chocolates and loves miniature alcohol!

  62. Rebecca Whatmore

    He’s hard working, honest and always happy! He deserves a treat and would especially love the chocolates in the hamper!

  63. Derek Wilson

    He makes me laugh (although his jokes are terrible) and he’s such a softie that he’d probably like the cuddly puppy dog the most!

  64. He has a heart of gold and always treating me, love this hamper to share as he loves the finer things on life.

  65. claire blaney

    he never fails to make me smile, he always makes me feel special, & this hamper would make him feel feel special

  66. David Greenhalgh

    She is dedicated, hard working and loving. This would be a real treat for her and she is always grateful for anything she gets

  67. Michelle Ptak

    My hubby is my world and soul mate, we would love this as we always snuggle up together on a Saturday night to watch a movie with a bottle of wine and a box of chocs. So this would be just perfect.

  68. Judith Allen

    I’m not good at gooey stuff, but she has really great eyes. And always knows what to do in an emergency.

  69. sheri Darby

    My husband is ever so caring although he tries hard to hide it. He does most of the washing up too.

  70. Irene Murdoch

    My fiancé is kind, caring and makes me laugh and I would give him the hamper cos I luvs him!

  71. Penelope S

    He’s the one I can rely on for support and he loves chocolate and bubbles, so this would be perfect

  72. Krzysia

    My other half is always so helpful and never procrastinates. He’s also very loving and a great cook.

  73. Michelle Moloney

    I don’t have an other half, but my best friend always makes me laugh.

  74. The last year has been heartbreaking me and my husband both lost people we loved dearly within a month of each other so I think we deserve a treat thank you for the chance

  75. He’s so kind and thoughtful – would love to spoil him with a hamper x

  76. Amanda Gregory

    I love my husband’s loyalty. He’s always there for me and I can trust him 100%. He’d love this because there are so many nice things in it but also because it would show him that I appreciate him.

  77. greig spencer

    my partner is always there for me and kind and loyal

  78. Richard R

    My partner would love the hamper and she deserves a treat for putting up with me

  79. I love how kind he is and how much he puts our family first. He deserves a treat for that reason 🙂

  80. Jennie Wheate

    I’ve been so unwell over the last few months and my wonderful partner has been so caring and loving. He really does deserve this hamper.

  81. Patricia Avery

    I love the twinkle in my hubby’s eyes. Its what first attracted me to him when I bet him over 50 years ago. He is the centre of my world and I love him to bits! 🙂

  82. Daniel Waterhouse

    Me and my girlfriend have just had our first baby and she’s amazing and I’m so proud of her but recently lost my job so would really like to show how much I appreciate her and how much of a good job she is doing and the fact I cannot afford anything is killing me

  83. marie miles

    my husband iis the cook of the household and always cooks the most amazing tasting meals ever. we have stood the test of time many times over and he is always supportive when life throws curveballs in my life and most of all i love him because he is my soul mate, we have laughed together and cried together but no matter what we always come through stronger we are very close and we share 3 children and 1 grand daughter together he is the light in my life and my reason for getting out of bed sometimes hes my rock and has been for over 23 years we are still very much in love even after all these years and id love to share this hamper with him to say thank you for being you and i love you with all my heart and soul forever and an eternity

  84. My sweetheart Mart, with his sweet sweet tooth would be cock a hoop with all this loot ! ❤️

  85. Anthea Holloway

    I love my husband to whom I have been married for 52 years and we help each other and have remained good friends throughout the years. He would love this especially the wine and chocolates.

  86. My wife is currently going through job cuts and is about to lose her job

  87. Michelle Beaver

    My husband is a beautiful person and so understanding with all that I do in my charity work.

  88. donna bowen

    beauiful valentines hamper me and my daughter could share <3

  89. My husband is the most amazing dad to our three gorgeous children, he makes me laugh and smile every day. He cooks for me and does more than his fair share of housework, but he doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body so it would be lovely to have such a gorgeous hamper to enjoy for our 20th Valentine’s Day together.

  90. Louise M

    I love my other half’s optimism, when things seem bleak. He puts me back on track and he is (nearly) always right!

  91. Debbie Birchall

    What a gorgeous hamper! I’d love to share this with my wonderful hubby – we have been married 20 years in July and I’d be truly lost without him xx

  92. He never lets me down, is always willing to listen and understand my weird ways. He would love every bit of the hamper, most especially the gorgeous wooden bowl.

  93. My partner has always bought me beautiful Valentines presents every year and always says he doesn’t want anything. He always does the cooking, washing and ironing and is now a better cook than me. For him to win one of your gorgeous hampers would be a wonderful way to say thank you for all his years of looking after me.

  94. Nyasha Mtutu

    Dan is my main man – always surprising me and supporting me through whatever life has to offer. He absolutely adores our kids and would do anything for them.

  95. Angela Sandford

    My husband is my best friend, husband, and also carer. He does a huge amount around the house and it would be nice for me to reward him with some nice choccies! The puppy is so cute I think I’d keep him for myself! ❤️

  96. Alison MacDonald

    My husband has a kind heart and does his best to help anyone that needs it this hamper would be a lovely treat for him he loves choccy and fudge xx

  97. His inability to say no! To me, the children, the dog anyone really! He puts up with a lot and deserves a treat because of it!

  98. Chantelle kilroy

    After having a baby New Year’s Day and have 2 other children my husband has been my rock he works long hours and still comes home feeds the baby helps with homework and makes sure I get a hot meal and coffe. This would be a wonderful way to show him how much I love and appreciate him although I know he’d share with me and the girls

  99. zoe brown

    i would give it to my parents 43 years married strong as ever thats worth celebrating lasting love

  100. jenny reynolds

    love this for my gorgeous hubby philip he deserves this fantastic hamper for putting up with me ha ha xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  101. twirlywhirly

    spoils me rotton so would love to be able to give this to him 🙂

  102. Louise A

    He’s always there for me and knows the right things to say and do when I hit problems

  103. caroline watson

    my husband is so kind one of the qualities i love and he does like a choccy!

  104. Judy Kennedy

    He is my best friend and cooks a mean chilli. We both have a sweet tooth so I don’t have to hide my stash of treats

  105. I love my wife because she is a wonderful cook and I can’t imagine life without her

  106. Maria G Thomas

    Aver nice gift set. would love to win!!!

  107. Hazel Rea

    What I love most about my husband is that he is so thoughtful and caring. He’s always there when I need him – and also for our grown up children.

    • Hazel Rea

      Sorry forgot that he would love this hamper because it’s something we could really enjoy together.

  108. Susan Hoggett

    I would love to give this to my hubby he is always by my side through thick and thin. He would love the Cava in the hamper and I’d cook him a nice meal so we can enjoy it.

  109. Kelly Knowles

    For me, having the relaxing meal with my better half, good food and time to talk, whether it be out, or takeaway at home.

  110. Carolynn Crabb

    Married for 38 years and still love him to bits

  111. Mary Baldwin

    My husband would love this as he has the biggest sweet tooth ever and this being so beautifully packaged would just make him smile so much.

  112. Karen Barrett

    He is my best friend and there are chocolates in there!

  113. I’m single and don’t have a significant other (but super, super, super happy on my own and cannot imagine life any other way), so I’d love to win this hamper for myself seeing as I won’t be getting any presents or cooked valentines meals this year!

  114. My husband of 22 years is my best friend and still never fails to make me laugh. He abolutely loves chocolate liquers.

  115. Susan Jane Gray

    I would love to give my hubby a Valentines Pressie to remember. This would be ideal plus my hubby is very good at sharing too. LOL

  116. Natasha Dodds

    I value my hubby’s honesty and loyalty. Things haven’t always been great between us but we’ve stuck together through thick and thin. He’d love this hamper as he does have a bit of a sweet tooth! I think he’d probably give me the Cava and the puppy dog though! It’s a win-win!!

  117. Darrell Perry

    What I love most about my girlfriend is that she is very easy-going, is great with the kids & doesn’t ever venture into the kitchen 🙂 (I tried her cooking once & that was enough!). She’d love to have this hamper as she rarely spoils herself & she deserves something nice

  118. Helen Thurston

    I love that he’s kind and considerate with a wicked sense of humour, and he surprises me with little gifts from time to time for no particular reason but to see me smile.

  119. Lindy Hine

    My husband can always turn my frown upside down!

  120. Emma Nixon

    He is happy to do housework and can survive my cooking! He would love a tasty hamper.

  121. Caroline Hunter

    I love my other half because he always puts me first and thinks about making me happy! (I do too!) He’d love this hamper because it would make him smile 🙂

  122. Laura Wheatley

    he puts up with my ups and downs and is sympathetic towards my anxiety issues. I couoldnt be without him

  123. Katie Skeoch

    I adore what a wonderful father he is

  124. Claire Woods

    I love his smile and his support. We have so much in common too. He’d love this because I know he doesn’t feel appreciated enough even though he is.

  125. Hayley Colburn

    I mostly love his kindness, he would do anything for anyone and doesn’t ever expect anything in return, he’s also the most grateful person I’ve met too, always feels like he has to give back to anyone who gives to him. I’m sure he would love this, he’d most certainly deserve it

  126. Lynn Neal

    My husband would love this to share with me on Valentines evening!

  127. Rachel B

    I love his generosity and patience. Nothing is too much trouble and he’s such a great father!

  128. Sophie Roberts

    I’ve never been this happy in my life as I am with my boyfriend. I didn’t realise it was possible to love somebody so much! He’d do anything for me, he surprises and makes me feel loved all the time, I couldn’t be without him and I can’t wait to spend my life with him!

  129. Kelly Knowles

    Love to win for my better half, not only my husband, but over the last couple years become my full time carer and best Friend. He spends his life caring for myself through a chronic illness and our four little ones. When i became ill a few years ago, without hesitation he left his job of 25 years to look after me.

  130. Dawn Mooney

    I would love to win this for my husband. We’ve had a really difficult year so far and he has been my rock so he deserves a treat! X

  131. Isabell Whitenstall

    My husband has been looking after me for 53 years and he still does it so well. This hamper has his favourite chocolates in and he would love it.

  132. Laura Pritchard

    I love how affectionate, caring, thoughtful, driven, and intelligent my boyfriend is – he’s amazing & he totally deserves this as he is currently decorating my house for me!

  133. Geri Gregg

    My partner is a brilliant dad, he helps me with so much and is always there. He deserves a treat like this, he’d love the teddy bear!

  134. Kristyn Harris

    My husband Andrew is wonderful. He is so thoughtful and kind and works very hard for me and our family. He would love these treats to show him just how much he is appreciated!

  135. Kaitlin

    My mother has been battling cancer and she is going through a hard time with her partner(my step father) she would enjoys this

  136. melanie betteridge

    I would give it to my wonderful Dad

  137. Danae schoeman

    My husband and the boys will finish it in no time because it is so delicious. The way they have to putup with me because the only queen in my house. It would be an honour to win this hamper.

  138. My hubs has been through everything with me, he’s my best friend and is the one person I can always rely on


    Has to be how funny they are as they are always telling jokes and silly stories this hamper would be a nice treat for them to enjoy as they love chocolate so this would be great.

  140. Love this, I’d send it to one of my girl friends as a surprise 🙂

  141. My OH is a fighter, and has just gone into remission – this would show how much I admire the fighter in him

  142. Maureen Moss

    He is always there for me when I need him and he is a chocoholic so would love the products in this hamper

  143. Gemma Clark

    All the little things my hubby does, like bringing me a cuppa in bed or warming my pjs on the radiator, and bringing me choc home after work. He’d love this to share with me haha

  144. Suzanne Drummond

    well my fiancé proposed to me 27 years ago on valentines day not sure what he is waiting for but this might jog his memory

  145. Emma Howard

    He’s a brilliant dad to our kids and would never think to treat himself

  146. My fella is fab and is always there for me. He does all the jobs that I hate around the house. I would love to win this to treat him.

  147. Jayne Townson

    My husband is always ready to help me when needed or to listen when I need someone to talk to, he’s my best friend.

    • Jayne Townson

      He loves chocolate so he would enjoy this hamper.

  148. Julia Nicholls

    He is so generous and kind, he always deserves a treat. He loves sweet treats of any kind.

  149. He is always there for me and makes me laugh when I’m down, he would love these treats and hopefully share with me

  150. Amy Bondoc

    he makes me smile til my face hurts hehe hes got a sweet tooth and works super hard soid love to win these lovely goodies for him

  151. What i love most about my boyfriend is he’s really caring and he always tries to make things right because it upsets him if he knows something isn’t.

  152. Angie McDonald

    I love that he shares everything with me and this would be an amazing prize to surprise him with on Valentines Day!

  153. Sheena Batey

    My husband is wonderful and I think he would like the chocolates best

  154. karen Usher

    Best thing about my husband and I tell him this regularly, its his perseverance, he never gives up, hes never defeated! I love him for that!!!! Hes a one in a billion!!! Im very lucky to have him. He didn’t even pay me to say this!

  155. Jo m welsh

    I love that he is thoughtful and looks after me and can fix anything I break .

  156. AnnaSSS

    My partner is with me 11 happy years. We are doing everything together and we are still very much in love.This hamper will be for

  157. Lindsey Stuart

    I couldn’t imagine life without my partner Robert, he is incredible! The most amazing family man always full of laughs and fun, This would be a lovely hamper to share with him on Valentines.

  158. William Gould

    I love my wife because she is so hard working and VERY organised! She loves chocolate!

  159. My other half – he’s been there in good times and bad.

  160. I love my husband because he supports me through thick and thin. He also makes me laugh! He’d love everything in the hamper and it would be a great way of showing I love him x

  161. frances hopkins

    That is he so kind, would be the perfect valentines gift

  162. allan evans

    Would love this for my fiancée,so she’s knows she’s so special to me


    Nothing really, I just want to win so I can share it with my sister

  164. Emily Hart

    My hubby is a very patient man (he has to be to put up with me haha)

  165. Annabel Greaves

    I love that he is always there for me and my family and would love the Lindor chocolates x

  166. Susan B

    My significant other is seriously cute, playful, loving – and a little furry. She would love to play with the ribbons and sleep in the basket while I munch my way through the chocs and drink the bubbly. Cheers!

  167. Jean Cassell

    Hes the sweetest man that ever walked this planet. In 42 years he has never been mean to me. He deserves this lovely surprise

  168. Erica Tomlinson

    No other half,just would love this treat for myself 🙂

  169. charlotte

    Hes always there for me and never have i had any doubts about that, so id love to treat him with this!

  170. Hazel Lemar

    I love the fact that my husband always listens to whatever I have to say and doesn’t complain. He loves chocolate!!

  171. clair downham

    because he works so hard and deserves a treat

  172. My fella not only makes me a cup of tea every morning, but he does my ironing for me too- and if that’s not true love, I don’t know what it! He’s a wonderful partner and daddy to our son (plus we’ve a baby on the way now too!) so it’d be lovely to treat him please

  173. Katherine De Riera

    My husband is the love of my life and I’d love to share this with him. The last few months have been a struggle and I’d love to put a smile on his face with this lovely buncdle of goodies!

  174. Ursula Hunt

    I love that he makes me laugh every day and he would be happy to receive this as I usually cannot think what to by and opt for a box of chocolates

  175. Rich Tyler

    What a great mummy she is / gives best cuddles, she’d love the lindor

  176. Pamela Griffiths

    Perfect for my husband, my soulmate, my best friend. x


    Since I retired, I have taken over the cooking, and more importantly for my wife, the washing up. I have found that my life is far simpler when she is happy. If there are two things in this world guaranteed to make her happy, they are Cava & Chocolates … you can see where I am going with this can’t you ! Here’s hoping.

  178. Laura Banks

    he’s always there for me and we are so alike and the hamper would be a lovely treat

  179. Chloe Taylor

    i don’t have a valentine – but would love to share this amazing hamper with my Mum who is very kind hearted and makes me laugh ❤️
    She would love the sweet treats included!

  180. He’s always doing little thoughtful things for me – he’s a big lindt fan so would love this

  181. Sue McCarthy

    I’m on my own now but would love to win.

  182. Barbara Webster

    I love my husbands sense of humour, he’s always cracking jokes, and he still makes me laugh after 45 years of marriage. As he loves chocolate, he would certainly love your hamper.

  183. T Brailey

    We have been together for 36 years since the age of 14. I love them because they still make me belly laugh everyday.

  184. Clifford Sherwood

    My wife has been with me for 35 years and I think she deserves this prize just for putting up with me

  185. Ren Taylor

    His patience and generosity….. he deserves a treat for himself

  186. Tracey Belcher

    He is just the most caring person I know and generous too so I know he would love this and love to share with me

  187. Jo Bryan

    I value his friendship and love. He would be so happy with the hamper.

  188. I would love to give this to my lovely Mum, because she’s old in years but young at heart, and has no-one to give her Valentine’s Day gifts anymore. She’s fun, kind, loving, and means the world to me. Needless to say that she loves chocolate and Cava!!

  189. iain maciver

    my wife of 28 years my best friend also this would be a great surprise

  190. Lynda Jones

    My partner spoils me, he brings me a cup of tea in bed every morning, and sometimes watches TV in the kitchen so I can play my PS4 in the living room in comfort, this would be a lovely treat to show just how much I appreciate him 😀

  191. Sarah Lambert

    He knows how to cheer me up when I’m feeling tired and fed up with things, he has stood by me through everything

  192. Carole Nott

    This would be a great hamper to share – a thank you for all the patience and helpfulness over the years

  193. Victoria N

    I love my hubby as he always brings me breakfast in bed on a sunday, he deserves this hamper as my appreciation

  194. kate kathurima

    I love how kind he is to his family and deserves a treat

  195. Lorraine Tinsley

    I love my husband as he’s a brilliant new man, he does more than his fair share of the housework. I think he deserves the hamper to say thanbks for being a brilliant hubby and a fantastic dad

  196. Natalie burgess

    My boyfriend is my best friend and amazing with our little girl and does loads of housework!! We always laugh everyday and our baby boy is due in march….he really is an amazing man and id love to treat him xx

  197. Natalie Charman

    He always looks after me and makes me feel safe.

  198. Sarah Phillips

    I love that my partner will always support me, even when I make mistakes,

  199. Solange

    I love his sense of humour and he has a sweet tooth so would love this.

  200. Katie J Blackmore

    My husband keeps me calm when I’m flailing and this would be anixe way to say thanks

  201. Jillypops

    My husband is so supportive and is going through a lot as he has recently lost his mum. I’d love to treat him with this

  202. nicola dean

    I love how thoughtful my husband is, he wouldn’t like the prize but I would haha.

  203. Corinne Henson

    What I love most about my hubby is his ability to always put his family’s needs before his own, he works incredibly hard for us and I love him with all my heart for it. He deserves a little treat I think x

  204. Amanda Tanner

    He doesn’t help with any house hold duties and never cleans up after himself but he treats me like a princess so he deserves a treat for Valentine’s day

  205. Helen B

    I would share this with my son, who is always there for me when I need him

  206. Amanda hart

    Just because he is such a good husband and a great dad.

  207. justine meyer

    Unfortunately my hubby passed away young at 37 years, although I did remarry he never came up to scratch so now my kids are my significant others and they mean the world to me

  208. Lisa Everaert

    Me and my partner have been together since i was 16 (27 years now). I can honestly say that i was very lucky in that i found my soul mate without even looking. He is my Rock in every way and always has been. What would he love about the hamper? Thats easy, the choccies as he has a bit of a sweet tooth (big kid at heart and still visits an oldie sweet shop every month from his childhood where his nan took him as a treat).

  209. Louise Comb

    I am sooooo thankful for my fella for giving me a life that is, mainly, full of love and laughter.

  210. Jackie Howell

    my hubby is so happy and thoughtful of others and nothing is too much trouble for him. He is also a chocolate fiend so would love to win this for him


    He is very helpful, always makes my tea and always doing something around the house. He’s not a romantic, but after 20 years is still my partner & best friend and we never lack something to talk about. He’d love this hamper because he would love the sweet treats & I’d get to keep the wine & cuddly toy .. win win.

  212. Lynne O'Connor

    I love his honesty and integrity. I can see his favourite chocolates in the hamper so I know he’d love this

  213. Keith Embleton

    Fantastic prize. My lovely wife would love this.

  214. Helen Tovell

    We love still being able to laugh at ourselves with each other and he would love the bubbly

  215. Anthony Harrington

    My Wife is my Soulmate, she is my everything. She has the ability to always see the bigger picture and is a genuine and sincere lady.

  216. Georgina Prince

    i love his brain and his heart, he is so intelligent and has an amazing memory and he’s mine x

  217. Katie Witherington

    his kindness, he would love this

  218. Nikki Stewart

    My husband is amazing, he is always there for me through my health battles and even I struggle to understand how he puts up with me sometimes! He would especially love the Lindt chocolates as they are his favourite! x

  219. Leanne M

    We’ve only just got through our Christmas chocolate so it would be great to gift some for Valentine’s Day!

  220. Claire Nutman

    The little things that they do for me, and the fab foot rubs that i get !

  221. Katie B

    I love my partner because he doesn’t care about what other people think of him. He doesn’t care what’s cool he just does what he enjoys. He’s massively supportive and has been an amazing support over the past year.

  222. Fiona K

    I love how thoughtful he is and great company even if he has had a bad day

  223. Loretta McDonald

    Awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity to win this fab hamper.

  224. Joo Dee

    a nice treat to say thankyou to my hubby and also a belated b/day gift for him too!! x

  225. Emily Smith

    I don’t have a significant other, I just want to win this as a treat for myself.

  226. My lovely hubby is really good and has put up with me for 16 years, he needs a medal as well as a nice hamper 🙂

  227. Andrea Upton

    We have been married for nearly 23 years and I love that even in the tough times that we have had, my husband has not let them get him down. He loves chocolate so would enjoy this

  228. Ellie Lane

    My husband has been there for me for over 2/3 of my life, through the great times, and the pretty dire ones.

  229. Karen hutchinson

    He’s always there for me and our son and deserves a treat

  230. Judith Lightfoot

    To win this would be just amazing. We have been 38 years in March & since my husband has never given me anything on Valentines Day, I don’t think he will start now!!! So it would be lovely to receive something for a change.

  231. Paula Daines

    This is a fabulous Hamper for Valentines Day from

  232. Lorraine Llewellyn

    My partner has amazing cooking skills and he would love the chocolate in this hamper

  233. Lorna Cox

    Having been married for over 30 years my husband has seen me at my best and worst and has always stuck by me. The best thing is we can still laugh together. This hamper would be a perfect way to say thank you to him.

  234. Peter Watson

    I love my wife’s ability as a cook and she would love the cava.

  235. caroline McCabe

    My other half – hubby of 21 years Andy is very kind and supportive, is my best friend and a wonderful Dad to our daughter. He would love these and it would be a great way of showing him how much he is loved and appreciated.

  236. Alison Macdonald

    Despite being self employed and working sooooo hard my DH still brings me a cuppa in bed every morning and will help with any chores/cooking without complaint! Would love to show my appreciation with this bundle of goodies (ideal for sharing )

  237. Andrea Dimmick

    What I love is my husband is happy to do most of the cooking, so this hamper would be my way of saying thank you

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