Grande Hamper

Win a Grande Hamper to celebrate Hampergifts turning 10

It’s time to don those party hats and celebrate in style as Hampergifts turns 10 years old this October! To celebrate our milestone we have an awesome Grande Hamper to give away. Worth over £100, it’s packed with punchy preserves, wonderful wines and creamy chocolates.

If you’re looking for the perfect present, or want to indulge in some luxury treats, simply tell us why you deserve to win this generous Grande Hamper.

Grande Hamper

Grande Hamoer

Enjoy a pre-Christmas blow out with crackers, chocolates, cakes and wine! This hamper lives up to its name, with award winning contents including a Crusan Grenache-Merlot and some Cottage Delight fruit marmalade packed with Scotch Whisky. This really is the ultimate luxury hamper, perfect for two to share.

Click here to check out the full content of the Grande Hamper.

How to enter the competition

Entering couldn’t be more simple! There are two simple steps you need to take:

  1. Select your choice of the Grande Hamper with the Rafflecopter widget below.
  2. Complete your entry by leaving a blog post comment explaining why you deserve the Grande Hamper.


The competition will close at 12 noon on Friday 30th October. One winner will be selected for the Grande Hamper.

Good luck!

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  1. catherine

    I’m a single parent trying to battle depression after three close family members died in past year it would be nice to win x

  2. Rosemary Watson

    I would love to win the grande hamper for my husband who has been diagnosed with cancer &having a major operation. It would cheer him up.

  3. As I live in Spain but all my family live in the UK your company is the answer to my dreams I can send them hampers suitable for all occasions,not only Xmas but birthdays, weddings,new babies etc.
    This year I will be in the UK and would love a hamper to share with them

  4. My mum deserves this hamper because she’s up every morning with us and takes us to school aswell as pretty much everything else she’s awesome and deserves/needs something special to show we appreciate what she does. We love our mum

  5. The Grande Hamper would be AWESOME. There is something for everyone and I do LOVE sharing. What a brilliant Christmas this would be. XXX

  6. White Christmas Hamper would be great because I am so busy at Christmas and would love to calm down and enjoy Christmas too with all the family. This would be an ideal pressie to share. XXX

  7. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    The Grande Hamper gets my vote. I actually deserve to win it as much as any other individual who has entered – I try and spread upbeat positivity around my friends and send gratitude for the happiness I’ve had. Undeniably that happiness would be enhanced if I was lucky enough to win this! Have a happy weekend x

  8. Andrea Morton

    I’d love to win the Grande Hamper and share it with my family, I think we deserve it after some stressful times recently.

  9. Caroline

    My husband & I work hard & very long hours leaving very littler time for each other, we are both looking forward to the Christmas break as it will be the only time we can really switch off from work, we plan to just shut the world away,cosy up in front of the fire and watch loads of films. To win any one of your hamper;s would just be the icing on the cake

  10. Tracey Tedford

    I would like the Grand hamper as I am a carer for my disabled husband and it would be a nice treat for the family at Christmas

  11. amanda greensmith

    because i deserve a treat i look out for everyone and i’m always treating family and friends but very rarely get anything myself

  12. Tammy Neal

    I would love the Grande Hamper as it is full of delicious products but I think my mum would deserve it because she never puts herself first <3 this would make her happy

  13. because I have never had anything quite so luxurious in my life. I would love to share the Grande hamper with all of my family

  14. liz ferguson

    I’d love the Grande Hamper, looks delicious and would certainly brighten up my day!

  15. jen moody

    I would give it to my sister in law for the work she doing look after my mother in law as we live so far away

  16. I would dearly adore the Grande Hamper
    The contents look simply divine
    Each year with Christmas approaching
    The family say they’ll come to mine
    They say that I’m a great hostess
    A compliment, yes, but for me
    I’d love to relax like the others
    And open my gifts by the tree


    I think my hubby, mum &dad deserves this due to loads of things we’ve been through as a family this year. I would love the Classic Retro Sweets Hamper – just because it looks yummy! x

  18. Rachel Craig

    The Grande Hamper, as it looks like a Wonderful treat for sharing with family and friends.

  19. Pauline Black

    Wines and beers! It’s coming up for the festive season and it would make me jolly for sure!!

  20. Pia Stephens

    The Christmas collection as all the hampers look amazing, I feel like I’d deserve to win just from surviving this autumn with the amount of times all our 3 little ones have been sick making us stay up all night trying to keep them as happy as possible

  21. Kathleen Lynch

    I would love to win this Grande hamper. I deserve it because I am lovely x

  22. lia sturman

    Classic Retro Sweets Hamper for my daughter would love to give her a taste of the sweets i used to eat 🙂

  23. Becca Staples

    Would love to win the Christmas Sparkle hamper, would love to keep it for my mum for Christmas, she loves abit of fizz x


    I deserve to win this hamper so I can relax for a change, and I can have family round and we could all enjoy it together.

  25. Jeremy Andrews

    I have been very busy at work and not had time to relax and enjoy my family. The Grande Hamper contains luxuries all of us can enjoy. Looking forward to trying some of the award winning Crusan Grenache-Merlot wine and also some Wild Boar Pâté.

  26. Kay Foster

    Maybe I don’t but would still like to win and have a cheeky evening of inducement!

  27. Chris Hall

    Love the Grande Hamper such a fab selection for all tastes and to share.

  28. claire little

    I deserve to win as i’m hard working the grande would be lovely and enough to share

  29. I would love th grande hamper I would share it with my family who deserve it for helping me when I needed them xx

  30. Chantel L

    The Grande Hamper looks fab! A nice little treat for the family before the hectic run up to Christmas (-no deserving of than anyone else though)

  31. Lindsay Newbery-Buckley

    The Stratford. I’d love to give this to my mom. I pay her to clean my house so this would be an awesome Christmas bonus!!

  32. Kim Lam

    I’d love the Grande Hamper. I have been on a really strict diet for months and a blow out at Christmas would be wonderful

  33. Susan B

    Happy 10th birthday to all at Hamper Gifts.

    Oh, my! I’ve checked out your most popular hampers and can see why they fall into that category. I actually can’t see one that I wouldn’t be thrilled to receive but the Grande is fabulous!

    Why do I deserve it? I couldn’t possibly claim that I deserve anything classy and delicious like the Grande as I haven’t saved a life, painted a masterpiece, discovered a solution to global warming or anything worthy of recognition. Every day, though, I set out to be a good family member, friend, neighbour and citizen. One of my challenges is to make people smile so, when I walk to the local shops, I always smile and say hello to people I pass whether I know them or not. Even if they have their heads down, they usually respond in the same fashion! Spreading cheer in this small way is infectious and uplifting – well, I like to think so, anyway, so I’ll keep trying.

    Happy 10th birthday to all at Hamper Gifts.

  34. would love to treat myself with le grande hamper, looks great

  35. Thomas L

    I think if I was forced to choose one it would be the Christmas Collection. The image of the Fudge is just popping out to me and making my mouth water right now. I’m seeing Tea and Truffles in there as well. I deserve to win equally among everyone else entering although I may have a bigger belly than them which needs filling 😛

  36. I would love to receive any Hamper, as I love to be surprised by unusual things to eat and drink….of course I would share some of the goodies !

  37. I deserve to win the Grande Hamper because I would…

    jump up and down on a trampoline
    with a tambourine
    playing yellow submarine
    making everyone green
    with envy!

  38. alice lightning

    I,m no moaner, but I,ve had so much upset and a tragedy in the family lately my heart is broken, if I won the lovely hamper,it would go towards Christmas such beautiful hampers

  39. Michelle Wild

    I deserve this as I have had nothing but rotten luck for seven years’ and it’s high time it changed. It would have to be the grande if that is the biggest and best.


    Keen on winning The Grande Hamper so I can give something back to my parents for looking after me through tough times health wise. It’s a token of my gratitude and a gesture to show I care.

  41. Mike Salisbury

    To be honest, I don’t believe I deserve to win more than many of the other individuals who have commented. I do know that the Grande Hamper is the one I would like to win if randomly selected, our family of 5 would enjoy it at Xmas time 🙂

  42. Natalie Crossan

    I’d love to win a hamper for my Mum who turns 50 in 2 weeks 😀 And she is Grand so the Grande hamper would be fabulous xx

  43. Jocelynne Harroson

    The chocolate hamper. My daughter deserves it because she has a nervous condition that causes her daily horrific pain so bad she sometimes faints. She lives on tramadol but she very rarely complains. She just try’s her hardest to get on with life and always says she shouldn’t complain because there are people worse of than her. She is so strong being in pain 24/7 and although she doesn’t often say it I can see that it does get her down and make her sad when she cannot do things so thus would both be a treat to cheer her up and a gift to tell her how proud I am of her if I won

  44. Jessica Hutton

    The grande hamper or the chocolate hamper both look fantastic. The chocolate one maybe wins slightly because I’m addicted to chocolate haha. I’m a nice person but not sure I deserve it but my mum really does. I’ve had 2 spinal surgeries the last 10 weeks and she has looked after me amazingly. She’s done everything for me, cooked all the meals, walked the dogs, done the housework. She’s supported me financially while I’m off work sick. Plus they have been changing my medication to dull down my nervous system, I’m on very strong stuff and it has messed with my head because it acts on the brainas my body gets used to it. So I’ve had horrific mood swings from being fine to depressed, crying to angry and frustrated, I’ve struggled with memory and just getting words out. It’s subsided mostly now but I wasn’t pleasant for 6 weeks. She never once complained, she was just there for me to cheer me up, give me a shoulder to cry on, she never got mad when I had my ‘moments’ and helped me when I got frustrated at being stuck in bed. She’s helped me keep my spirits up and get through the hardest 10 weeks of my life. She really really deserves it xx

  45. Julie Snook

    Would love to win the grande hamper for my husband, as he is my carer and has retired early to look after me. He is a real star. X

  46. Emma Wright

    I would love to win the Grande Hamper because I would enjoy every morsel & give the wine to my mom x

  47. Georgina Lana Colley

    I’d love to win the Grande Hamper. I don’t feel that I deserve it any more than any other entrant, but it’d be a wonderful prize and would enable me to give a lovely contribution to the family Christmas that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford 🙂

  48. Kerry Smith

    It’s been a rough few months but I just landed the job of my dreams

  49. eloise mccarthy

    I’d love the Deluxe Golden Tower hamper. As to why I deserve it? Well it’s my birthday on bonfire night and I am not expecting any pressies as everyone I know is broke so it would be a lovely treat 😀

  50. Kayleigh-Anne Watkins

    I deserve to win your Grande hamper as I joined back at the gym at the beginning of the month, I now go three times a week, and I’m eating healthier too, if I was going to have a well deserved treat for doing so well this would be the treat to have, my partner and children would love this hamper too, thank you very much for the chance to win xxx

  51. Work is manic, I’m rushed off my feet;
    deserve a rest and a festive treat.
    To win the Grande Hamper would be such a coup;
    I think it’s amazing, my family do too

  52. Hannah Louise Smith

    I deserve this magnificent hamper because I would very much like to split it with my family. My grandad and his wife because they live miles from any family so don’t get a lot for Christmas. My mum as she will be on her own this year and then what ever is left I would have my family. Everyone deserves some of this perfection! Merry Christmas in case we don’t speak again xx

  53. Rachel Wise

    The white Christmas Hamper looks great and luxurious – they all do really! It would be lovely to treat my elderly parents and their neighbours – would brighten up their day.

  54. Nancy Bradford

    I could really do with some wine in my life so would choose the white wine hamper x

  55. Hazel Rea

    I deserve the Grande hamper (or the Christmas Celebration hamper if we have to choose a different one for this answer) because it has so many delicious items which would be great at Christmas reducing the amount of shopping and worry allowing me just to worry about the visitors at Christmas.

  56. Wow wow wow! I think this looks fabulous – the wild boar pate is right up my street – and so many Award Winning products packed in there! Impressive!
    I’m not sure I deserve it but I would definitely share it with my wonderful family who do everything they can to help me work, taking the kids to school and being amazingly supportive!

  57. Helen Metcalfe

    I like the Christmas hampers, would make great presents, especially for the cook in the house. The Christmas Grande is packed full of tasty treats and after cooking dinner for 12 on Christmas Day I would be in need of some treats!

  58. Anneka Hulse

    my favorite is the Luxury Christmas Wine Hamper and i would love a Christmas treat to share with my well deserving family

  59. Steve Miles

    I would love a hamper for Christmas

  60. Pauline Wilson

    I think I deserve a hamper as I don’t get many treats on a tight budget, I would love the Christmas Collection to bring some festive cheer!

  61. Fiona Hogan

    I would love to win this Grande Hamper for both myself and husband. Since January this year I haven’t been able to eat solid food due to a medical problem. Next week I am due to have treatment to rectify this I hope ,so this would be ideal for a treat to eat. My husband has helped me so this would be a thank you for him xx

  62. sue mcdermott

    I would use the christmas collection

  63. Karen Dow

    This last year has been pretty rubbish; illness, no work, etc. etc. but I’ve managed to remain cheerful throughout and keep everyone chirpy and now that things are starting to improve I think I deserve a bit of a treat and this Grande Hamper would be just the ticket. It would be perfect for me to share with my on-the-mend husband, gorgeous daughter and lovely mum. It would also save me a bit of money!

  64. Louise Gazeley

    I Deserve the Grande Hamper because my first job would be to Invite all the People who look after me to share it !! Happy Festive Season to all of you !!

  65. Louise jameson

    I deserve this hamper as I’ve had a very rough couple of year and the hamper would be a brilliant way to celebrate my all clear with friends and family.

  66. The Christmas Grande Hamper would be my choice as it’s truly luxurious with every treat we’d need for a VERY Happy Christmas now my husband only works two days a week.

  67. Romana Richards

    I deserve the Grande Hamper because there is so much to make our families’ Christmas more exciting. I always do my best with food and games but I suppose this would just add a few treats which is something that is lacking from ours.

  68. I love the Grande Hamper – it has absolutely everything in it! I don’t deserve it though! I would give it to my mum for everything she does for me and all the support. It would be a lovely gesture and I would feel I am giving her something back. (@PeanutHog)

  69. Ruth Wollerton

    I would love to give the hamper to my GRANDE friend Maria because she helps me fly when my hearts wings forget to FLY xxx

  70. Emma Schofield

    The Classic Retro sweets please just because I am a big kid.

  71. Debbie Preston

    I would choose The Christmas Grande Hamper and have it sent to my mother-in-law who deserves a treat or two as on a state pension she just buys the essentials.

  72. Teddy sheldon

    I’d love the retro sweet hamper for my better half who is a diamond
    And loves his sweeties

  73. Donna Caldwell

    Would love the luxury Christmas hamper

  74. I deserve a treat from time to time and now ….IT’S TIME 🙂

  75. Rachel Heap

    So many wonderful hampers I especially love the look of the White Christmas one, have everything crossed and hope i am lucky enough to win

  76. Annie P

    I would love the Christmas Grande please. We have had to make major lifestyle changes due to my ill-health ( I have motor neurone disease) and my hubby has now become my full time carer. It would be a fabulous surprise for us to receive a lovely hamper to help celebrate Christmas with the family.

  77. Kim Styles

    This year I have passed my driving test at the age of 52! nabbed myself a new amazing job and I am now on my way to losing 3 stone in weight ! I deserve a hamper to give myself an occasional treat and share with my family

  78. Kathleen Thomson

    Would love to win the grande hamper cos it looks yummy. I think i deserve to win cos i work full time while looking after my son and also i will be working xmas day this yr so would actually love to take it to work to share between me and the 2 other girls that will be working before i go home and have a fantastic xmas dinner cooked by my husband.

  79. Helen Spillett

    I’d love to win the Grande Hamper for my Mother in law. She always cooks Christmas lunch and spends her time looking after her grandchildren while I work. She’s been on the local Village Hall committee for over 30 years and really deserves an extra special treat!

  80. Chris Fletcher

    I’d love the Christmas Grande Hamper – as it includes everything! Looks amazing!
    I have had a really long year work wise, this would be a perfect pick me up as I relax this christmas!

  81. The White Christmas Hamper looks fabulous,it would be so nice to win as there’s no way you would ever buy a hamper for yourself x

  82. Deluxe Christmas Ruby would be my choice as I will have been engaged for a year and my ring has a hidden ruby for happiness and it is my birthstone too.

  83. I derserve to win the Grande Hamper coz although I’m sometimes ‘hampered’ by my busy family days, I’m totally ‘crackers’ about them and never ‘wine’ at their untidy ways!

  84. Alison Duke

    We have had a tough year, things are just starting to get better and a Grande Hamper would be a great celebration of that.

  85. rebecca howe

    The Grande hamper would be a perfect gift for my in-laws – who have had to put up with me and my partner for the last few months while we have been house hunting! A lovely way to say thank you!

  86. Charmian Filewood

    I actually like the Tea & Coffee Break Tower, as it would be the most useful. I may even take it into work to share as we get mega busy at work!! (think postal lol)

  87. tracey baker

    Would love The Grande hamper it would be nice to be spoilt with a surprise selection of goodies rather than having to go and buy it all myself x

  88. sarah evans

    not sure i deserve it but would really love this it looks amazing got my mum staying with me at the mo and im sure there is a few treats in there we could share x x

  89. oh i love the look of the Deluxe Golden Tower hamper. why would i like to win? because i would love to open it all for christmas and have it displayed on what i call my christmas goodies table which i do each year and is normally full of exciting sweet and savory treats for all visitors family and any guests to enjoy. this way i can share some luxury items on my treat table this year

  90. I would love this hamper after a rough year of illnesses etc. I would share with my sis who has just had a baby x

  91. I would love to win the hamper and look forward to sharing it with my daughter when she comes home from Uni as missing her hugely!

  92. I’d like the grande hamper as my family deserve it and it would be a nice treat for them

  93. simon hardy

    I probably don’t deserve it but my friend really struggles with his health, he never complains and just does his best to get on with everything but I can often see that he is in pain. I would like to win it for him as I think it would really make his day

  94. Kat Glynn

    I deserve to win the fabulous Grande Hamper because I would share it with my family, we would have a festive get together as lovely pre-christmas treat x

  95. elaine stokes

    this hamper would give me some ME TIME…………. something I don’t have much of now a days, work, home sleep, work home sleep, cook clean, cook clean………. please I need some ME TIME

  96. I would love the Grande Hamper as it is pure luxury and my daughter is coming over from Australia for the first Christmas in 6 years. I want it to be a very special Christmas and this would help me create that perfect day. Thank you so much for the chance.

  97. Vicky H

    I would love to win the Grande hamper because it would be a nice treat for my birthday next month. I would be nice and give some of it away to family for helping me look after my girls whilst I’ve been ill and husband has to go to work

  98. Jill fairbank

    I would love the grande hamper to help out with the cost of Christmas and who doesn’t love opening a hamper to see what’s in there

  99. Gillian Hale

    I would love the Grande Hamper to give to my lovely mum. She does so much to help me with my boys

  100. Samantha Rummens

    i deserve the grande hamper because im so lovely

  101. I’d love to win the grande hammer, to share with my amazing mother in law! She deserves it! She’s done so much for my husband, myself and our children, from day one, to now, always been there when we’ve needed her, emotionally, physically, financially. And is always so calm and patient. She never has time for herself between caring for her 91yr old mum, us and her other grandchildren, and her house. Yet she never moans. One in a million!

  102. I deserve the Grande Hamper because I’m a decent and honest person who’s just trying to get ahead in life. I have a soft spot for great quality food products and I believe that I can (and will) do this hamper justice by eating and indulging my self with each product and savoring each & every last drop and crumb of this fabulous hamper. Thank you.

  103. Arabella Bazley

    I love the Grande Hamper because it looks magnificent and would provide some fabulous treats to enjoy with all the family.

  104. I stay sober all year round so that I’m always on call if my family need me so I would like the Christmas Wine Hamper just to let off a little steam for once – I’d love it.

  105. Hayley Colburn

    I quit smoking!! (I know that its rewarding enough in itself) but it was really hard work and I still get tempted 3 months in.

  106. Chantelle79

    I love the grande hamper, but there all lovely so I would be over the moon to win any of them. Good luck everyone x

  107. Rachel McMillan

    I had a baby earlier in the year and would love to have some treats after a hectic few months

  108. Tim Woolfenden

    The Stratford Hamper looks oozes class!!

  109. I deserve the Grande Hamper because


  110. donna l jones

    i would love the the Grande Hamper and it looks lovely and i think i deserve a treat

  111. Robert Price

    The Stratford
    I never treat myself to luxury, but I would still share it with the family

  112. Susan Jarrett

    I would love this Grande Hamper – it would make our family Christmas extra special!

  113. Sally Henry

    Winning The Grande Hamper would mean something to treat myself for a change rather than putting everybody else first. The Christmas Hamper sounds incredible as well and would certainly make Christmas extra special.

  114. Rachel S

    I don’t deserve it, but my dad does, after a really rough year (I’m not going into details here). I’d love a Christmas Grande hamper to treat him to a grand Christmas!

  115. Susan Trubey

    This year my eldest son has returned home after a divorce. His three children stay with us three nights a week. After travelling for four years my youngest son has also returned home. I love them all, but I am exhausted and I definitely deserve Grand hamper.

  116. MichelleD

    I’d love to win the Grande hamper to share with my family over Christmas!!

  117. Donna Craggs

    I would love to win this hamper as I am organising my first ever charity event in aid of Marie Curie and Butterwick and catering for 120 people so every bit of the lovely hamper would be put to good use.

  118. I deserve the Grande Hamper because I work hard to look after my family. I would love the Grande Hamper and I would share it with my family. 🙂

  119. Lorna Lyons

    I would love to win the grande hamper. If I was lucky enough to win I would give it to my mum who truly deserves it as aswell as working hard & caring for her 3 kids & 3 grand kids she is also caring for my 90yr old gran & 56yr old uncle who are both suffering with severe dementia. This would be lovely for her & make her feel appreciated

  120. Emma Wilkie

    I deserve it as we’ve had a real bad year my daughter dislocated her arm I’m on crutches because I broke my foot in 3 places my husband got posted away missed our sons 1St birthday and our toilet seat keeps falling

  121. Rebecca Smith

    Would like any hamper – and I would like to gift this to my in laws for all their help this past year

  122. Mrs Sallyanne Metcalfe-Mullins

    I’d love this hamper, it would be going to a new mummy who is exhausted and deprived of lush stuff to look after my prem baby who has just been allowed home (yay)! Now nothing compares to this man cub coming home, but it may just cheer me right up to see it waiting for me every time I go in the kitchen for yet another bottle or medicine run!

  123. Sarah Steeples

    I would love the Grande hamper as a treat for the whole family for Christmas. Every member of the family is deserving of a share as we’ve all had stressful, busy years.

  124. Kirsty Partridge

    I love the Deluxe Golden Tower 🙂

  125. tina higgins

    I would love to win this hamper to give my family the best Christmas ever. Thank you.

  126. EJ Dunn

    I’d like this hamper because it’s my birthday on the 7th!

  127. Katie Walker

    I would love to win the golden tower hamper for my whole family to enjoy after a tough year.

  128. I would love to win the Deluxe Golden Tower for my sister and her kids. They really deserve a treat, as Her 2 year old little boy is currently in hospital with an inoperable brain tumour. You can find out more about Morgan on his facebook group, just search Morgan’s Fight or on twitter with #Morgangraysfight

  129. Caroline Cordery

    I deserve this hamper because I’d like to treat my parents to it.

  130. I’d love to win this hamper, I don’t deserve it any more or less than anybody else and wish everybody the best of luck.

  131. I would love the Grande Hamper because I could share it with all the family on boxing day and they would love me forever

  132. Pam Francis Gregory

    I work full time & visit my dad in hospital every day. I would choose the Champagne Breakfast Hamper as my mum deserves a treat!

  133. Tony Metcalfe

    I’m addicted to sweets, so the Retro Sweets Hamper would be fabulous!

  134. I would love the Grande Hamper to share with my lovely family. My Dad has just turned 90 and my Mum is in her 80’s they will be with us for Christmas and I think we all deserve a special treat 🙂

  135. Jackie Mogg

    I would love to win the bath time gift hamper. I love toiletries and trying out the different scents.

  136. dawn nash

    Luxury wine hamper for me please…I am on Santa’s good list honest x

  137. I deserve the hamper because every year we put on a big Christmas dinner for up to 20 of our friends and never want anything in return…although this would help it go with a bang!

  138. I would very much like to win the Grande Hamper,
    as I am in need of a well earned pamper.
    I would take my time to enjoy the taste and know not one morsel will go to waste.

  139. Lucy Igoe

    My husband deserves the chocolate hamper as he has been working hard and is a chocolate monster

  140. CJ Sutton

    I can’t say I deserve it in any way shape or form – but my wife certainly does!!!

  141. Sam Gregory

    Not sure I deserve it but I know someone who does and I promise to share it with them.

  142. Jennifer Conn

    I would love the Grande Hamper. I had a very rough year healthwise and would love to win something as a little pick me up. I would share it with my partner because if it wasn’t for him I would have never made it through this year alive. He means the world to me and has been there for me every day.

  143. Chris Coyle

    Because i have recently found out I am going to be a father for the first time!!!

  144. Keith Crooks

    I`d like to win a Christmas Collection hamper because I`ve just been made redundant and the family festivities will be a bit miserly unless I get a stroke of luck like winning this prize.

  145. Janet clegg

    We are looking forward to a Lovely Christmas my Husband has had major surgery and is now recovering. We never thought he would see Christmas

  146. Hannah Igoe

    I love the champagne hamper as it sounds so luxurious! I would love to win as its nice to treat yourself every now and then

  147. Rachel White

    Ooooo it’d be grande to win the hamper as I could indulge my lovely husband

  148. Tracey McPartland

    I would love to be lucky enough to win this hamper. I feel i deserve it as I hate winter and it will make it all feel better xx


    A fathers day hamper for my dad who likes a beer

  150. Marie-Clare Gauthey

    I deserve the Grande Hamper because its not for me, its a hamper my mum deserves and would adore!

  151. The Grande Hamper is my favourite. I deserve it as I have been stressed from house selling nightmares and this would save me the stress of planning for Christmas.

  152. Maureen M

    I’m the one who deserves a treat after cooking the Christmas dinner – so I would choose the Christmas Celebration (and of course share it with all the family).

  153. charlotte

    I love the look of the Veggie White Christmas – as it would be a delight to get a hamper where I could eat everything 🙂 I’m not sure I deserve the Grande though – but I would take it to the animal shelter I volunteer at to make sure people who have worked super hard all year and are still working Christmas day can have a bit of a much deserved treat!

  154. I deserve the Grande Hamper because I work hard at Christmas to make everything so nice for the family that it would be lovely to be treated with something special to share with them

  155. Hayley Deakin

    Ild gift the hamper to my mum as now ive left her home i still want to look after her 🙂

  156. Lauren Old

    I feel I deserve a hamper as it’s coming up to my one year anniversary of my first admin job. The hamper I like best is the Lindt Chocolate Gift Basket because it’s my favourite chocolate!

  157. I dont feel i’m any more deserving than the next person. I’d love to win for same reason as many as a nice TREAT 🙂 I would sure love the one thats the competition prize,looks jam packed with goodies!

  158. Caroline Blaza

    I would love the Grande Hamper. I don’t deserve it all myself but the people I would share it with deserve it for being my great family and friends. x

  159. Helen Gilbert

    Very rarely treat myself but feel I have earned one after months of rendering,sealing,painting and grouting! All new skills which I have acquired since buying an old house..the Grande Hamper would be my special choice

  160. Colleen Thomas

    I would love to win it so that I could share it with my family because they have been so caring for me this past few months when I needed them most

  161. Jolene Yule

    Why me well I’m not special but have always want to receive a hamper but have never I have made mini hampers for my family and friends but never seem to get it right to hint that I would love one

  162. Anne Eames

    I would love to win the Grande hamper because I have become a grandmother this year but sadly my beautiful new grandaughter lives in New Zealand so I haven’t met her yet! Therefore the. Grande hamper would cheer up this Grandmother!

  163. I would like the Grande Hamper to give to my sister as she is hosting Christmas this year in her new house and it would be a lovely treat for her and her family

  164. I hope I deserve to win a hamper because as being a mum at home, as most mums with little ones are, I never EVER treat myself (feeling too guilty all the time) so this prize would literally bring tears to my eyes but even then, I would share it with my wonderful hubby and our little ones. Wow, so many beautiful hampers but, if I won, I would still choose Grande Hamper, there’s something for everyone :)!

  165. kellyanne mitchell

    after a difficult year i deserve a treat and with that in mind i would love the grande hamper x

  166. Christine Caple

    I love the Grande Hamper, it looks amazing for xmas, perfect for sharing around and feeding my family!

  167. If I won, I would take it with me at Christmas to share with my Inlaws and my Sister in Law and her boyfriend. This is our first Christmas as a married couple and this would be a very generous gift to share with my husband’s family.

  168. sharon martin

    i’d love the Christmas Celebration hamper as it has a little of something to cater for everyone, making my christmas a little easier

  169. Kalie-dee

    I would love the hamper because I am spending all my money on my dog’s medical care and Christmas for everyone else so I don’t get to treat myself anymore! Would make a fab treat to share w family and friends.

  170. Beth spink

    To win this grande hamper would be great ! My mum who means the world to me deserves a treat for everything she does for me everyday such as listening to me play piano and helping me achieve my goals in life . If I was to win this grande hamper it would help me to show her my appreciation for everything she does for me , although nothing in the world can show my mum just how much I love her . It would be a heartwarming moment though when she receives it her smile would light up everybody’s faces

  171. Susan Hunt

    Great British Hamper Tower looks nice and just think it will make the family happy.

  172. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    I deserve to win as I’m the one who does all the Xmas cooking so if save it up as a reward for myself 😉

  173. Kirsty Woods

    I don’t :p but i would like the Grande Hamper 🙂

  174. Nikki Hayes

    I don’t consider myself to be more deserving than anyone else – but the Grande hamper would be fantastic to put away for Christmas as its full of lovely treats and, as usual, money is tight :o)

  175. Joanne Beale

    I would love to win the Grande Hamper because I am a carer for my father-in-law and this would be a real treat for me and my husband to win

  176. I’m no more deserving than anyone else but I can promise you that it would go to a good home! Our ukulele group would have a fab party!

  177. because we deserve something nice i work hard caring for my disabled partner we never have any help so think its time we had something nice happen to us

  178. jemma dwyer

    Classic Retro Sweets Hamper for my partner he lovesssss sweets this would be great 😀

  179. caroline hooton-picard

    I would love the Grande Hamper – not for me but for my mum just as a treat as she goes through a terrible time with my dad who is in the final stage of Alzheimer’s. It’s difficult for all of us, but torture for her and seeing as I can’t make it all better, it would be nice to give her a gift to show how much I love her and am there for her.

  180. betony Bennett

    I would be happy with any (chocolates are my favourite though) and I deserve it because I am a knackered mum of 4 who rarely gets anything for herself!!

  181. Laura Todd

    I would love the Grande hamper for a wee treat for xmas! 🙂

  182. i would love a bright and happy hamper with chocs for my mum in a million, who deserves this so much this year x

  183. I deserve this fabulous Grande hamper as I’ll be hosting my family at Xmas this year for the first time in years and I need to make sure that all the gourmets in the family have some wonderful produce to enjoy.

  184. I would love to win the Best of British Hamper, it wouldn’t be for me but for my brother and sister in law who truly deserve such a lovely gift.

  185. Crystal Gaze

    I would love to win a hamper! I buy hampers for my friends and very special ones like the silver tower for my close family but I have never had one given to me! As a pensioner, living alone but loving life, it would be a thrilling experience to open up all those goodies and share them with my close family, especially my brother who I have not seen in 2 years as I don’t drive and he lives 250 miles away and can’t drive due to his health. How inviting they all look! YUMMY..!!

  186. I live in New Zealand and every year I buy one your wonderful Christmas hampers to send to my family in the UK to share and enjoy. And I never get to taste any of it! So I think this year I deserve to win your deliciously tempting looking Grande Hamper so I can share in the indulgence.


    I deserve to win this hamper as my daughters say I am legendary, the stories they tell their friends about me which makes them laugh. I would love to win the Grande Hamper because it has everything I adore, red wine and cake.

  188. rebecca nisbet

    i would love it to save it for boxing day around my mums house.

  189. The Grande Hamper for my wife.She is a wonderful mother and when I am ill,she is my rock.What better way to say thankyou than with this amazing hamper

  190. Allan Wilson

    The Grande Food & Drink hamper – not for myself but for my Mother in Law who has lost both her other and daughter this year and has had to fly between home and the USA all year to look after them.

  191. carole n

    I would love to win the Grande Hamper. Looks a great collection of treats that I could share with all my family, thank you.

  192. I would love the Grande Hamper for my husband as I think he deserves a treat for recently receiving his MBE and all the hard work he has put in to it.

  193. I would love a Grande hamper for my friend Jane to cheer her up after a tough year , she is my soul tea sister and my best friend.

  194. charlotte

    i like the grande hamper because i think i need a few goodies to relax 🙂

  195. Norman Whitfield

    The Grande Hamper please as it’s full of award winners. Do I deserve it? I like to think I do!

  196. I always think of others generally, so just once I’d love to be treated unconditionally to a hamper. It’s the one thing that is on my Christmas list each and every year but very rarely get sent one so would love one just for me one year. And that one would have to be the Noel for me I think as it’s all rustic, and non alcoholic so I could keep a clear head whilst indulging.

  197. Gemma Massey

    I love the christmas collection would be amazing to share with family at Christmas time thanks for the chance x

  198. Cristín

    Who doesn’t love a hamper at Christmas, sharing is caring

  199. I feelIi deserve a hamper because I am a very caring person, I always help others out and put others before myself, I also have 2 young children and it would be a lovely surprise to have something for me. (But of course I would share it, because that is just who I am 🙂 )

    Good Luck everyone xx

  200. That Lindt Chocolate Gift Basket was made for me – just for me, and for me only! It would be criminal of me not to offer it a home.

  201. Emma Matthews

    I would like the Grande Hamper for my mum and dad as they have been through a lot recently x

  202. sue hodges

    love to win the grande hamper – the contents look divine. we all have a reason we think we deserve a hamper and mine is that I do all the organising and purchasing at Christmas time (including buying my own presents!) so having a hamper given to me would be wonderful

  203. Curtis Cleary

    I don’t think I deserve anything, I would love to give this as a gift.

  204. claire woods

    I deserve to win the Grande Hamper because I’d be generous and share it out with everyone I know.

  205. Marie A Jacobs

    My daughter is expecting in November and I have helped her look after her kids and her house , to win this would be a real treat

    Cheers for the chance

  206. Clare W

    I would love to win the Grande hamper, I think I deserve because I am as generous as I can be to my friends and family and would definitely share this hamper with them because it’s ENORMOUS!

  207. I deserve to be selected as, as a a fan of the Stratford Hamper, I appreciate quality, style and the most perfect of flavours and it would be a reward for all the selfless acts of helpfulness I carry out for others………..

  208. Warren Jacobs

    I wrote a haiku
    to win – I hope it doesnt
    “hamper” my chances

  209. Rachel Butterworth

    I would like the Chocolate and Nut Deluxe Hamper for my mum, who works really hard.

  210. sadie coffin

    The grande hamper looks so good. I deserve it because I work hard and no one is at home to take care of me.

  211. Zach Hudson

    I’d love the Grande Hamper. It’s my wife who deserves it, she has health problems but always has a smile, never complains and is the first to offer help to others – A real diamond, luv her to bits

  212. I would love the Christmas Splendour Hamper as my daughter and her family are coming for Christmas and it would be a lovely treat to share.

  213. Like you I hope to reach a major milestone this year. On Christmas Day I will have reached one year post heart transplant. I intend to visit the hospital on Xmas Day to celebrate this achievement and would share the Grande Hamper with all the medical staff there who played a part in saving my life and, more importantly, toast my donor.

  214. I would love the Tea and Coffee Break Hamper,as I’m a mum to a newborn and my husband works away. The Hamper would both cheer me up AND give me a much needed energy boost!

  215. I’m no more deserving that the next person but the Grande Hamper looks full of treats for myself and to share with friends and family. I work for a charity advising on debt on money saving so I like to think I make a difference in my work.

  216. Linda Thomas

    I’d love to win the grande hamper or any hamper for that matter as for the last few years & including this year I order several hampers for friends & family for their Xmas gift and each time I receive them I’m tempted to keep one of them! but have resisted, so would love to actually receive one this year instead of handing them out.

  217. Maggie Ali

    I’d love the Christmas Joy Food Hamper! It’s my husband who deserves it. He’s been through a lot of work stress at the moment and on top of that finished his degree so I am nominating him to be the receiver of the hamper if I was lucky to win!

  218. Miriam Said

    I would be grateful to recieve any hamper and would like to win because I am a disabled wheelchair user and in constant agonising pain every second of every day and winning a hamper would make my life sparkle a little bit and I could smile for a change. It would also be ideal to share with my wonderful carer too.

  219. I would love the Grand Hamper to share with my fiance, we have had a tough couple of years with health problems but things are finally starting to look better & it’s our 4 year anniversary at the end of the month followed by his birthday early November so thehamper would be perfect to celebrate with 🙂 xx

  220. Julia Whitehead

    I would love to present the Grande Hamper to my wonderful partner Rog who looks after me with lots of patience and love. He cooks, cleans and puts up with me! He’s worth his weight in gold and would appreciate some of the finer things in life as a spectacular treat.

  221. If I won I would love the Christmas Decadence. We buy one as a present for our son and daughter-in-law every year for Christmas. They live so far away that we never get the chance to even see it.

  222. Layla Thomas

    I’d love to give this to my hubby to celebrate his MBE.

  223. mazgoli

    I don’t deserve a hamper but my husband does. He was looking forward to visiting his mum who lives abroad – not having seen her for a year, and she passed away the day before he got there.
    I’d choose the picnic hamper, we like to have a ‘carpet picnic’ snuggle up and watch a film.

  224. Amy Zabbal

    I think I deserve it the most, I live in Canada and my Daughter and her family live in England (Birmingham) for different reasons we can’t reunite at Christmas and that will be the best Geste to express our wishing spending Christmas with them 2 grand kids (6 and 3) but I know that chocolate and wines would make a wonderful Christmas gift for them. I’d love to win it because it’s been a tough couple of years without being able to go visit my Daughter and it’d be nice to feel good about winning the Grande Hamper and send it to them.

  225. Amy Zabbal

    I think I deserve it the most, I live in Canada and my daughter and hers kids and husband live in the UK (Birmingham), since we are far apart and can’t see each other for different reasons and Christmas suppose to be a family gathering and happy moments with the kids and grand kids, so that will be our only and unique gest to tell them happy Christmas from Canada to UK
    would love to be the lucky recipient of the Grande Hamper. It would give me great pleasure to be able to share it with my daughter and her kids. I don’t know if that really justifies me receiving!

  226. Mr. Ray Moores

    you encourage customers to order early for Christmas ,then later, offer discounts
    after payments is this a good way to treat people?

  227. Suzy Grant

    I most definitely deserve the Grande Hamper as I will be throwing a Christmas party and I will be sharing it with my nearest and dearest!

  228. I would love to win the Grande Hamper as I never win anything and this looks absolutely fab. I would to be able to share this at Christmas with the family.

  229. Emma Eustace

    I would love to win the grande hamper because I give my grandparents one of your hampers ever year and it would be lovely to give them this one.

  230. i don’t know if deserve is the right word but i would like to recieve a Grande Hamper as treats have been a bit thin on the ground since my husband first had a stroke and was then made redundant.I have been trying to find myself a job but they are thin on the ground too.

  231. Jayne K

    I deserve cheering up so, something like The Breakfast Hamper would be a perfect treat for me or the Christmas Joy Food Hamper for xmas

  232. Sam imray

    This is such an amazing prize I would love this for my hubby to be. Some of the many reason he deserves this is that this Christmas he is leaving the army after serving 17 years. He has took part in many operations including Afghanistan Iraq Bosnia and Kosovo throughout his career. He is my best friend, my hero and my soulmate xxx

  233. Jackie Mogg

    This would be a lovely treat to share with the family. Thanks for the chance

  234. My life’s not hard, and I’m not needy,
    But I’d love the Grande Hamper because I’m greedy!
    I try my best and I love all things yummy,
    Of course I’d share it with my Mummy.
    Award winning wines, cakes, jams and choccies too,
    All that’s left to say is Happy 10th Birthday to you!

  235. any hamper would be great to win and share with my grand parents for looking after me all these years

  236. Joanne Hankinson

    My friends deserve the Grande Hamper as it’s been a really tough year.. financially & emotionally. I would be sharing it with my two best friends who have been through a tough year. Will just be glad that it’s over with. The kids will love the chocolate and biscuits the adults the wine. 🙂

  237. Harry Sutton

    The Grande hamper for Christmas with the family

  238. Katie Skeoch

    I deserve this grande hamper as I make Christmas dinner for the whole family every year! This would help immensely!!

  239. Wendy Clewes

    I would love to receive the Grande Hamper as it would be a fantastic way to pass to a local charity that could benefit from a fantastic raffle prize.

  240. Valerie

    For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to win a hamper.

  241. Valerie

    For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to win a hamper.

  242. i would love the grande hamper because i have no money for amything for christmas and this would go down well for my family to enjoy

  243. Anthony G

    The Grande Hamper would be ideal. Why? Because I’m sweet, nutty and a little fruity, like the contents of the hamper! Just like The Grande, I’m “guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.” 🙂

  244. Rebecca

    I don’t deserve to win this prize. My in-laws on the other hand do deserve this. I am entering with the intention of giving it to them. And what a stunning Christmas it will be!

  245. I would love to win the hamper for my parentsr. They do so much for me and have been there for me throughout a difficult time in my life. I would love to give them this beautiful hamper as a special thank you, to show them how much they mean to me

  246. I would like the hamper as we run a charity raffle at our xmas party and this would make a grande prize and help the charity

  247. elaine murphy

    If i win a hamper i would like to gift it to my lovely aunt, she has had lung cancer twice and copes daily with COPD. It would be lovely to put a smile on her face.

  248. Hayley Mulgrove

    I would love to win the a White Christmas Hamper and had a rubbish year with health soo this would really cheer me up, Thank you

  249. Amanda Gregory

    To be honest I am not sure that I deserve to win any more than anyone else. However, I would certainly like to win and would share with family and friends.

  250. Ali Thorpe

    I’d choose the amazing-looking Grande Hamper. I don’t deserve a big hamper but every year, my family comes together from far and wide for Boxing Day. My mum works very hard beforehand to prepare food that will suit everyone there, old and young, and barely sits down on the day ensuring everyone is watered, fed and contented! If I won a hamper, I would give it to her to help save her some time shopping and preparing treats so she has time to sit down and enjoy a glass of something tasty!

  251. Glenys McGrath

    Christmas wine hamper for my husband please!
    Excellent selection of hampers. I am taking a note of your web site. Great present
    Ideas for my family and friends.

  252. jodie yorke

    Would love to win any hamper for me and my hubby.

  253. ann clements

    Have not had a good year health wise and would like the Luxury Christmas Wine Hamper to
    cheer me up

  254. Kathleen Brown

    The Grande Hamper is filled with treats, for me and my family, to enjoy and eat.
    Hampergifts you’ve outdone yourselves, it’s beautifully presented, you clever little elves.
    I’ve seen other hampers in shops and online, but the Grande Hamper, by far is most fine.
    Your website is so tempting, a treat for everyone; but the contents of the Grande is simply my number one.
    If I win it will make me happy and if I don’t, I won’t be miffed. Either way I’ll tell my friends to visit your store, Hampergifts!

  255. I would like to win the Zombie Survival Hamper for my wife because by the end of my working week thats what she has to put up with!

  256. Chris Williams

    I would love the Grande Hamper it be just be a lovely end to the year to share with my Grown up family after a really horrible year and one that we would all love to erase from our memories.

  257. Crystal Rowe

    The Grande hamper would be amazing. The best way to celebrate the birth of our baby in December and her first Christmas with us.

  258. CJ Sutton

    I would love to win this for my wife. She deserves it …for putting up with me!

  259. lisa tebbutt

    I’d love the Grande Hamper i give to my mother-in-law for her 80 th birthday but mot the wine she don’t drink i kee that

  260. Grande Hamper – So I could give my family a real treat this christmas. We all work hard and we all deserve a little treat

  261. Jennifer Toal

    I deserve a hamper to get through my daughters secondary homework we could share and take a break!!


    Would love to win the Grande Hamper so I could share it with my family

  263. I’ve always wanted to be given a hamper and I have been a very good girl this year!
    My favourite is the Royal because it is so full of delicious treats but any of the luxury hampers would be wonderful to share with friends and family over Christmas.

  264. Mrs Alison Tracey

    I am entering this draw to win a nice hamper for my 10 year old granddaughter’s mum and stepdad. They have had to deal with the illness and death of their baby daughter because of Leukemia and although 2 years has now passed they are still going through the grief and sorrow of losing her. Nothing will ever compensate for the loss of a child but they do deserve a nice treat for Christmas. Thanks.

  265. michelle banks

    i am getting married on halloween and i would love to give this to my daughter that has helped me loads as a thankyou x

  266. karen cowley

    I’d love a retro sweets hamper, just had my first baby , little Rory ,2 weeks ago, been very complicated and would be my treats during these sleepless nights x

  267. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    I deserve to win because I have a free to all website, and I would give it to my friend, who has fallen on hard times. (Don’t we all). My friend would love the Royal Hamper. Thanks.

  268. Steve Dickinson

    I’d like this for my partner, who works hard all day then comes home and cares for me in the evening, she’s my life.

  269. Lizzie H

    I would love the Grande Hamper -1 of my best friends is visiting from Dubai after a year away I’d love a catch up feast. What a fantastic welcome home it would be!!looks awesum!

  270. Vikki Murray

    I think my brother and his partner deserve the hamper, they have just moved into their first house and are busy redecorating it, sorting the garden whilst working 6 days a week!

  271. karen hutchinson

    the grande hamper would be grand ! – mum and I hate food shopping so this would mean we could avoid doing a ” big shop ” for a couple of weeks !

  272. Haydn Dunant

    Having moved house three times this year, my wife seriously deserves some recognition. I tell her how wonderful she is, but this would be fantastic and be a small way of saying “thank you” for being so patient and understanding with me.

  273. Gloria Wilding

    I would love to win the Stratford Hamper,there is such a good selection and would be a thrill
    to receive.

  274. Any excuse to get all the family together. Just had a party for my parents golden wedding which was hard work world love something for my husband to say thank you for all his hard work he worked his socks off xx

  275. Ruth Harwood

    I deserve an awesome Grande hamper because it would cheer me up after all the health issues I’m dealing with!

  276. Catherine Wright

    I think my husband deserves a hamper as this last year has been very difficult and he could really do with a boost. He is passionate about food and drink so ideal.

  277. I’m no more deserving than the next person but I have a stressful job as a debt councellor which can be equally rewarding and thankless. A few little treats for myself and to share with friends and family would be lovely!

  278. A little bit of everything in this hamper is bound to please every family, lovely prize, a treat as we don’t spend a great deal on luxuries.

  279. I’d love the grande hamper as ive just come out of hospital and it would be great to share!

  280. gemma clark

    I deserve the grande hamper because I am 9 months pregnant and getting impatient to meet my baby! Looking forward to enjoying some forbidden treats once she arrives!!

  281. I would love the grande hamper our baby is due on the 21st December and this would be great to treat our visitors over the xmas period xx

  282. Helen Stratton

    I would like the Grande Hamper to give to my dear friend and his son. His wife died unexpectedly in her sleep Friday night at the age of 44. Obviously a hamper would not be much, but it would be a nice token to know there being thought of.

  283. Ray Becker

    I would like the Grande Hamper for my wife as she deserves a treat

  284. Charlotte Hood

    I’d love a hamper as a treat for the family to share! We’re always all so busy so would be nice to have this on a dedicated get-together day!!

  285. I would like to win the grande hamper prize draw as I am so seldom lucky when it comes to these things and I frequently purchase the hampers as gifts for friends. It would be excellent to try for myself and the hamper would be most gratefully received by myself and the family as a welcome acknowledgement as always putting others before ourselves.

  286. Kristina Trick

    All the hampers look amazing! The golden tower hamper is really eye catching. I’d love to win and surprise my family at Christmas

  287. My wife is overdue a treat..and she likes indulgent treats.We have just celebrated 26 years together. She is kind,thoughtful,loving and giving to me and the children….and I would like nothing better than to treat her to this wonderful hamper.

  288. claire griffiths

    i would love the Grande hamper i deserve to win so i can share this with my family and we can have a bit of luxury for once

  289. I would love a Grande Hamper – I love any hampers if they have a bottle or two and some choccies that’s a bonus. As to deserving it – who am I to say? I love to share my goodies – a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled x

  290. frances hopkins

    My mum definitely deserves this, she’s had the worst 6 months of her life and deserves something really nice

  291. Amanda A

    I think I deserve to win the Grande hamper to give to my Mum as she is my main support network for my health issues and helping me with my disabled child.
    I honestly don’t know where I would be without her!

  292. Sarah Tunstall

    Busy working mom of four kids, two labradors, two rabbits, one goldfish and a grumpy old man. I would love the chocolate hamper but the grande hamper really looks amazing. In particular I quite fancy the look of that marmalade and wine. I may share the rest with my crazy family!!

  293. Harriet

    The chocolate hamper, as it’s been a sad year.

  294. Tracy Newton

    I would love to win the Grande Hamper. I have both sides of our extended family around over Christmas and this would really help with the budget and give everybody a treat.

  295. Ian Campbell

    In life I’m fed up being hampered, I’d much rather be pampered, The Grande from Hampergifts provides the ultimate award-winning feast.
    Bulging with all things yummy, nutritious, delicious and sweet, it’s definitely an unbeatable treat.

  296. I would like to host a big house warming party for all my friends and family and this hamper would just help me do that. We have been looking for a property for 2 years, and are finally getting the keys in 2 weeks time 🙂

  297. Tony Spillett

    I live on the other side of the world and would like to send the Grande Hamper to my Parents. They have been having a tough time with their health this year and this would be a lovely boast to make their Christmas extra special.

  298. Hello, would love to win the hamper to give to my lovely Auntie Janet.

    Born with a rare blood disorder she has a very low-immune system and picks up illness quickly, therefore I think this would be a lovely treat to cheer her up.

    Sending lots of love
    Nat xXx

  299. Barbara mcgibben

    Everyone needs a bit of luxury in their life…..the Grande hamper would make my day.

  300. I would love to win a Grande Hamper . This year i was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and i have many other Health Ailments to deal with at the same time . I have a very positive attitude and will come through this as i have with all my other illnesses . It would be nice to have something to look forward to winning in the build up to Christmas.

  301. Danni matthews

    Not only would I deserve to win this, but my fiancé and mother in law would deserve to win this too. Both have been an absolute rock to me this year. They have both stuck by me and helped me I’m so many ways. If I were to win it I’d share it with them this Christmas.
    We move into our new house next week and cannot wait to host Christmas I’m our new home. This is when the hamper would be shared. Thanks for the chance x

  302. Rosemary Watson

    Would love to win the grande hamper for my husband who has been in hospital whilst on holiday & it would be a lovely gift for our golden wedding anniversary

  303. Rosemary Watson

    I would love to win the grande hamper for my husband. He has been ill all of this year & when we decided to take a holiday,he ended up in hospital for 10days. It was very stressful for us both & now he awaits many hospital tests. The hamper would really cheer him up & would be a lovely gift to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary.

  304. I don’t think i deserve it, but i think my nan and grandad do, for always being there to support me through my life and never letting me down 🙂 The grande hamper would be fab

  305. Stacey Tripconey

    The White Christmas hamper looks amazing! I deserve to win as it would make for an amazing festive season

  306. Love hamper gifts, love receiving the hampers and delving in to see what treats await me, then great to share out all the goodies. Its like receiving lots of presents in one box.

  307. Darrell

    I’d be very happy to win the Grande Hamper, as I’ve never had a Hamper before and this would make my family’s Christmas complete! There are so many items there that I’d love to taste!

  308. This hamper was meant for my wife and I, to celebrate a very special occasion. As we share our lived together with the good and bad, we would share this hamper and enjoy some quality time together.

  309. Tracy Nixon

    I would love to win a hamper simply because I have never had one given/sent to me before, even though I have sent a few. I would love a Christmas hamper to share with my family over the festive period. Your Noel Hamper looks lovely!

  310. Josie H

    My October looks set to be absolutely awful. If I won this hamper I’d arrange a get together with friends to celebrate the end of the month!

  311. peter stickland

    I deserve it becasue i would give it away in my charitys christmas raffle as a great prize!

  312. I’d just love a hamper to share with my family as I always love to treat them and think this would be the perfect gift for everybody! I’d love the Gourmet Treats Hamper as I think there would be something for everybody in one!

  313. Elaine Anderson

    I would love the Grande Hamper – I don’t deserve it but my husband does because he works so hard. There are so many of his favourite treats in it he would be a very happy chappie!

  314. Sarah Davison

    I deserve a hamper I think because I scrimp and scrape to make make sure my family get all that they need…which means I go without most of the time. I would also go for the Grande Hamper because it has a bit of everything…alcohol, sweet and savoury so something to suit everyone.

  315. Corinne Peat

    I love this hamper! So many lovely things! I would give it to my mum who deserves it. She’s helped me out loads with my kids through some very tough times lately so she definitely deserves this!

  316. Catherine Jones

    I’d love the Grande Hamper, it would be lovely to share with my flatmate over the Autumn evenings

  317. Please don’t give me a hamper, give one for my Mom. She’s spent most of August in a hospital. Thankfully, she’s well and back with us now, and I like to take every opportunity to treat or surprise her 🙂 I’m sure she’d love the Grande hamper.

  318. Rachel Stephenson

    Grande Hamper as it looks brilliant, full of all the things I love. This would make fora happy home as we’ve had a lot of bad news just lately.

  319. Ian Goodyear

    Cheese and wine hamper I think – just in time for Christmas


    The Deluxe Golden Towers Hamper for my wonderful children who have been ‘towers’ of strength to me since their father died suddenly 18 months ago. Despite them having my gorgeous grandchildren to care for they have been amazing in their support of me and each other. My grandchildren are my ‘golden’ rays of sunshine that keep me going when I’m feeling sad. This hamper would be shared among them as a special thank you from me and their father.

  321. lindsey stuart

    I would absolutely LOVE the Grande Hamper! WOW, All of the hampers look fantastic, The champagne breakfast one looks divine, (Out of this world)
    I think i deserve the grande hamper because I can’t remember the last time I was treated, I work full time come home see to the little ones and all the house chores, I would be sure to make time for this gorgeous hamper I would feel the luckiest lady on this planet!
    And I am reaching 30 years old on bonfire night! I would love to celebrate with this hamper 🙂

  322. david cavender

    Just moved into a new home and have invited extended family to celebrate christmas at mine this year, so the delicious christmas hamper would really be all i would ask santa for!

  323. I would like the grande hamper because I have just had my birthday yesterday so would be a lovely slightly late addition to my presents and this one I could share with my other half Carl

  324. karen turton

    i would love the Grande hamper, it looks full of delicious things to eat

  325. Howard Sleight

    I simply enjoy the pleasure & surprise of opening a hamper to see what is inside.

  326. Tom Morrison

    I’d like to win Your Christmas splendor hamper, it’s really caught my eye, I promise you I’ll share it ’cause I’m that sort of guy!

  327. Nat thomason

    I would love to win this hamper I’m an avid comper and have yet to win one . I don’t deserve one cos I Can be very naughty but this one would be Grande

  328. Joanne Welsh

    I don’t deserve the hamper but my mum does. She does so much for everyone so she deserves a treat!

  329. I’d love the Grande Hamper because it’s full of delicious treats which I would share with a very dear friend who travelled half way across the world to be with me.

  330. Mel Ward

    There is no way it is possible to choose which one I love best.they are all I know what it’s like when I ask my boys to choose in the sweet them I would love them all!!!

  331. I have never won a hamper but really would love to, would love the anticipation of seeing whats coming out next

  332. C Kennedy

    I love the Grande hamper! It would make for a lovely Christmas feast of nibbles!

  333. suzanne brzeski

    18 months with a broken leg- a hamper would definitely cheer me up, and i’d love to share it with my mum and hubby who have gone above and beyond to help me. good luck everyone. the chocolate hampers and sweet hampers look great too- i have a huge sweet tooth! xx

  334. sarah brooker

    Grande hamper for me please. An early Xmas present from you to me!

  335. Abigail Cullen

    I think I deserve to win the Grande Hamper as I work hard for a living, would share the featured goodies with my nearest and dearest and
    have a taste for the good life.

  336. Grande hamper as it looks a wonderful gourmet selection, and fun for family Christmas!

  337. Maggi L

    I’d love to win the Grande Hamper, the contents looks fantastic! would love to share this with my wonderful family to celebrate Christmas and the new year, this would be perfect! 🙂

  338. Daniel Armitage


  339. valerie cooper

    love the pamper hamper as i could do with some pampering xxx

  340. Bernhard Maier

    The Grande Hamper would be great, because i deserve it 😉

  341. Robert Hemper

    I would like the Grande Hamper. I think I am the Grande Hemper so it should be mine

  342. John Holroyd-Doveton

    I would like the Grande Hamper, it looks absolutely amazing and would put the icing on the cake this Christmas. Why do I deserve it ? Why not !!!

  343. kim wallace

    super prize for any time of the year

  344. Elisa Trueman

    I’d love to win the Grande Hamper and keep it to share with my family at Xmas – it looks totally scrumptious

  345. I deserve to win this as Im hosting Xmas for the family this year so it would be great to shower them with fine food and drink!

  346. Laura Craggs

    The Grande Hamper looks lovely. We are moving into our new house just before christmas so will be having all the family over. This would be lovely to share with them

  347. Susan Williams

    I would love to be lucky enough to win the Grande Hamper. I would make a present of it to my parents, who haven’t enjoyed the best of health this year. It would be a Grande surprise for them and they would be so thrilled to receive it.

  348. Tracey Parker

    I would love to win the hamper so that I could give to my sister who has had a tough couple of years and is gradually getting back on her feet again and found happiness

  349. Katie Richards

    I’d really love to win this hamper as I love trying new things and can’t always afford to. I’d love to share it with my family this christmas, to treat them and to help get them into trying new and exciting products!

    • Katie Richards

      I forgot to say it was the Grande Hamper that I would love to win 🙂

  350. Laura Pritchard

    I don’t “deserve” a hamper more than anyone else but I’d love to win the Funky Scented Bath Gift as I have two small children so my evening soak in the bath is my relaxation time to think & read my book.

  351. Emily Clark

    I’d like the deluxe golden tower. It looks like a lot of fun!

  352. I’d love to win the retro sweets hamper and take it along to my in-laws for our family Christmas. It would make them smile don’t

  353. I deserve the Grande hamper because I’m skint and and owe a mint

  354. Rick Carr

    It would be great to share with family and friends

  355. Leonie Nicholls

    Well I think my fantastic hubby deserves it, we’ve been married nearly 4 years and he is so good to me I would love to give him a treat like this!

  356. So many lovely hampers to choose but as today is my 49th birthday I’m going to say the Grande hamper would be perfect! The wine and cheese hamper and the luxury picnic hamper look super as well!


    I would love the Grande Hamper as it would be brilliant to share with some of my good friends and neighbours

  358. Tracey Peach

    I would choose the Lindt Chocolate Gift Basket to share with my Family because we have been through a tough year

  359. Leanne Lunn

    Love the luxury picnic hamper would love some time out as a family away from renovating our house.

  360. Jaelin Farrow

    I’m happy with any hamper, I don’t deserve it, but my Grandma does. She does so much for everyone and looks after us all, I do like to treat her when I can but I’m skint most of the time! She deserves something nice 🙂

  361. Rena Plumridge

    I would love the Grande Hamper it sounds FAB I deserve it because I’m forever working to make ends meet

  362. Paula Readings

    Wine & Cheese Feast looks lovely, this is the kind of hamper i would usually go for & i spotted my favourite cheese – snowdonian.

  363. carole mcdonald

    The Grande Hamper please after two years of our daughter battling with cancer and our younger daughter dying from Meningitis

  364. Alix Smith

    I deserve the Grande Hamper because my 6 month old baby boy is still waking every 2 hours overnight & some nice food & drink would make it all more bearable!!

  365. Nicki Evans

    I would love to win the Grande Hamper as I had my baby boy 4 weeks ago today and am too sleep deprived to do any cooking so this would help me to get something decent to eat.

  366. Tania Atfield

    I would love the Wine & Cheese Feast hamper because both remind me of good Christmas meals with my family.

  367. Angela Kelly

    I would love a hamper so I could give it to my amazing parents

  368. Helen Hodgson

    I’m no more deserving than anyone else, life throws good and bad at us all! I’d love to WIN the Grande Hamper, as it’s packed full of sweet and savoury- perfect for me ,hubby and our son

  369. Mary Heald

    Grande Hamper looks wonderful and as I work really hard I think it deserves to be won by me!

  370. Alison McAree

    I would love the Grande Hamper as I am recovering from a serious illness and it’s been a hard slog and I deserve a treat like this:)

  371. William Gould

    I would love to win this hamper for my darling wife, who runs and cleans the house till it’s spotless, and does a great deal of the gardening, all to make my work/life balance so much easier!

  372. Because my aunts love a glass of wine & we always enjoy trying new nibbles. I am a niece who likes to spoil them.

  373. I would love the Grande Hamper for me and my family to share. My OH has his leg in plaster and is getting a bit fed up and would love a treat and I have been looking after him and think I deserve a little treat too.

  374. Yvonne Bradley

    Can’t decide they are so lovely

  375. Louise Gazeley

    Congratulations Hampergifts on turning 10 and Many Many Happy Returns !! I may not deserve to win a Grande Hamper but the ‘Saints’ who look after me every day DO !! They will be here every day over the Festive Period and I’d love to be able to share something nice with them,and this Hamper has Something-For-All-Tastes !!

  376. Jane Barrett

    I really like the Gourmet Treats Wine Hamper. The contents are up my street. Not sure I want to give a reason why as I don’t want to give a sob story!

  377. laura stewart

    i like the Classic Retro Sweets Hamper for my daughter xx

  378. Denise Tyas

    I deserve a hamper because I’ve been trying to win one for a long time without success. I’d like to win the Stratford because lots of my family are coming for Christmas and I’d love to share it with them

  379. I would love the grande hamper as we had a baby back in January and haven’t had a night out since Christmas, so a luxury night (or two!) in would be really lovely! A sleep deprived mum always needs a treat! 😉

  380. Andrew Petrie

    I would like the Grande and I deserve because……well, just because.


    I would choose the Deluxe Golden Tower Hamper as I have a Sweet Tooth and this would allow me to truly indulge! I deserve to win a Grande Hamper as its been a couple of Years of tightening my belt and working in part-time and temporary jobs for little money, worse off than if I had been on Unemployment Benefit! as I was advised having a job gets you another job, as it showed I was willing to work. it paid off this July as I finally got a permanent job and I love everything about it; colleagues, location, the money as well as what the job entails in itself. This Hamper would be the finishing touch, a treat to myself for persevering – plus its big enough to share with those who encouraged me along the way.

  382. G Whitworth

    I’d like to win this for my family, we’ve never had a hamper of anything ever, and this would be a real experience and a treat with so many luxury products.

  383. Sara Davis

    My partner and I just got engaged and it would be nice to celebrate with a few good bottles of wine and some treats! Also If I had to choose I would get the crystal head vodka hamper – I love vodka and skulls so I’d keep the bottle after 🙂

  384. Iona Cornish

    The Grande Hamper please. I’d love to win this because it would solve most of my Christmas present problems in one easy stroke

  385. cheryl hadfield

    I’d love the Grande Hamper for my family this Christmas

  386. Lisa Pond

    Probably don’t deserve the hamper really but thought I would try my luck! Me and my husband sometimes have midnight picnics and this hamper would be such a welcomed difference! 🙂

  387. Hollie Thorman

    I deserve the Grande Hamper because I’ve been so stressed at work lately, and so has my boyfriend, and we’d enjoy this together to unwind 🙂

  388. I would love to win the Grande Hamper it looks so luxurious. My baby is due 21st December so it would be extra special to have this ready to celebrate with my family over the xmas period thank you for the chance to win x

  389. I’d love to give this to my man, he deserves a treat because he looks after me and he’s kind.

  390. Michelle Ferguson

    Anything with wine as could do with some me time

  391. Olga carpenter

    I would love to win it. I work long hours and it would be a treat to win the fab prize

  392. Louise Asekokhai

    I deserve the Grande Hamper because I will share it with all my friends and family and spread the joy.

  393. Sandra Lane

    The Grande Hamper is my favourite as it has such a diverse selection of food and drink. I would love to win so that I can treat the family to some fine dining at Christmas. I am expecting my Swiss cousins over soon and I’m sure they would appreciate the lovely gourmet foods in this hamper.

  394. Julie D

    i’d love the grande hamper, such lovely items would be lovely to sample them!

  395. Justine

    Would be a delightful Hamper for myself and Grandmother to enjoy together during this Autumn Season With some Whisky Marmalade to smother our toast with in the morning,Pecan & Maple Syrup cookies for a mid morning snack with a cup of coffee. Later in the day an afternoon English tea with some rich fruit cake and shortbread. We would save the award winning vino for a Saturday “Strictly” Night with some tasty crackers and pate and a smear of Plum,Pear & Apple Jam and olives on the side. But ! the Belgian selection of chocolates would be devoured very quickly in this house, so would love to #Win this Sublime Food & Drink Hamper full of award winning treats.

  396. Heather Macklin

    The Grande Hamper has everything I like in it – and I would share it with my family so I’m a good Mum!

  397. Steve Barrett

    I think I deserve this hamper, because I do and that’s the end of it. No argument!

  398. It’s my husbands 50th birthday next week and I just know he would love this as a present

  399. Evette Gabriella Williams

    I would love to celebrate my birthday with a Chocolate hamper.

  400. Jean Vaughan

    I’m a widow living alone but am having 13 extra people for Christmas and Boxing Day. This hamper would give so many treats to lots of people at this very special time of the year.

  401. clair downham

    i would like to win do i could share it with my lovely hubby and fantastic kids thankyou

  402. I’d love the Grande hamper, it looks fab! I’m not sure I deserve it more than anyone else, but I’d certainly make good use of it! 🙂

  403. I deserve the Grande Hamper because I am a caring and sharing kind of person and would not eat and drink it all by myself but have a get-together with friends and family to enjoy it.

  404. Neil Firth

    I’d love the Grande Hamper. It’s my wife who deserves it. She works every day, getting up at 5:15 – not easy these dark mornings – and goes to work. She’s had to since I retired early on ill-health. She deserves a treat.

  405. Gareth Evans

    it would make a grande end to summer

    its been a long and arduous one at that

    and relaaaax

  406. Hester McQueen

    I would love to be the lucky recipient of the Grande Hamper. It would give me great pleasure to be able to share it with friends and family. I don’t know if that really justifies me receiving!

  407. Jorgelina

    It’s hard to choose, I love chocolate but I know that wines and beers would make a wonderful Christmas gift for my in-law family. I’d love to win it because it’s been a tough couple of years without being able to go visit my family and it’d be nice to feel good about winning something and then being able to share it.

  408. Sue McCarthy

    Any hamper would be wonderful. I’d love to win as I’ve had a rough year; jobless, boyfriendless, my lovely cat died & I’ve just had an operation 🙁

  409. jules eley

    i would love the the Grande Hamper. looks amazing, I would give it to my uncle who struggles to buy anything nice to eat and lives very basic it would be a fantastic treat for him and something he would really enjoy.

  410. Carolynn Woodland

    I would love the Grande Hamper as it is full of delicious products. Not sure if I really deserve it but like to think I am a good person.

  411. iain maciver

    Classic Retro Sweets Hamper, for my wife or the chocolate hamper

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