English Ales Hamper from Hampergifts

Win an English Ales hamper for dad this Father’s Day


Father’s Day is around the corner and we’ve got a scrummy hamper that makes the perfect gift for dad.

Our English Ales Hamper is a fizzy concoction of three classic English ales paired with award-winning sweet and savoury snacks. Spicy olives, peppery oatcakes and luxury shortbread are just some of the delicious snacks in this delightful hamper.

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The competition will end on Monday 15 June at 1 pm and three lucky winners will get a hamper each.

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  1. Heather Tinkler

    Well he absolutely loves Ale so this would be great!


    He’d love this because he’d be able to share this with us all x

  3. Sarah Lewis

    My dad simply loves a good beer so dream gift x

  4. adam smith

    my dad loves virtually everything in this hamper

  5. caroline tokes

    i wouldnt give this to my dad i would give it to my partner for being the best step dad on the world, he would love this so he could treat himself as he doesnt get treated enough

  6. has good taste!! and you are giving away just that!! Taste the difference!!

  7. Eleanor Powell

    he loves his Ales and loves to try new ones

  8. Natalie Crossan

    He loves presents so he’d definitely like this 🙂

  9. Leanne Perrett

    my dad would love this as he likes propper english fare

  10. Sarah H

    Would be a lovely treat for my dad as he’s just had a very busy weekend helping us in our overgrown garden!

  11. cheryl hadfield

    it has all his favourite treats

  12. Mandi Davison

    My Dad would love this as it has his two favourite things in…beer and nuts!

  13. olivia kirby

    He loves a little of the finer things in life now and again!!

  14. sarah evans

    he is a real foodie loves to try anything new

  15. Deborah Swain

    Dad ‘Ale’ways puts everyone else first, looks after my ill mum, never let’s life’s problems ‘Hamper’ him, and , as he say’s himself his ‘glass is always half full, never half empty’!!! Love you dad!!! you’re a true gent, my inspiration!!!

  16. Eleanor Wigmore

    Dad is an ale drinker and so are we so we could have a bit of a Father’s Day knees up! (although I’m 34 weeks pregnant so I will stick to the snacks!)

  17. Louise Chambers

    He does love a drop of the cold stuff on a sunny day!

  18. Claire Ward

    Because this hamper is full of his favourite things and ifs a gift he won’t have to share… He will love it

  19. Alison Johnson

    Because he used to run pubs so is a bit of a beer lover.

  20. Julie Booth

    My dad is always spoiling us but never himself. He loves beer and good grub so this would be a lovely treat for him.

  21. Think my dad would love all of this! 🙂

  22. My Dad’s awesome, he took care of his Mum at the end of her life so well & does loads for the whole family too (not to mention a ton of Cordon bleu grub 🙂 In short, it’d be an fantastic Father’s Day prezzie, a lovely way to thank him for all his efforts xx

  23. Alexandra McGahey

    My dad loves real ale and he loves receiving hampers as presents, so I know he’d really appreciate this gift!

  24. Peggy Muncie

    It would just be such a lovely treat for him, as he will be 83 this year

  25. Ursula Hunt

    This hamper ticks all my dads boxes, beer and food and he would add the little merry cheer just by being him

  26. Kirsty Woods

    Because it has lots of treats that my dad deserves

  27. Martina Alban

    my dad loves his ale this is why this is the perfect gift

  28. My girls would love this for their Grandad as he never treats himself but always buys things for them.

  29. alice lightning

    my lovely dad is no longer here but always in my heart so iwould love to nominate my hubby,hes disabled yet always there for our children and me and helping out others such a gorgeous gift for fathers dday would be lovely to say thanku to him from all of us

  30. I would love to win this for my fiance. He is a great dad though his children have moved with their mother back to the USA so he only gets to see them a couple of times a year but they chat every weekend on Skype. It is also his birthday on Father’s Day.

  31. Michelle Wild

    It’s choc full of man-type snacks and beer ………he’d love it.

  32. Ruth Wollerton

    My dad would love this as he’s always rushed off his feet, he could do with a treat. He would definitely ‘BE’ER happy with this xxx

  33. Wendy Smith

    My Dad very rarely buys anything for himself so this would be a real treat

  34. Rebecca Hodson

    Because of the variety it contains. It’s a really good hamper, filled with an excellent, quality range of products.

  35. Paula Phillips

    He would love all of these as he loves his food and drink.

  36. Sarah Thomas

    He loves real ale and is pretty fond of a decent snack too!

  37. Christina Hodson

    My dad would love this……perfect cold beer after hard day…..blisss

  38. tamalyn roberts

    my dad is home this year so cannot wait to spend fathers day with him, he loves his food so am sure he will love this hamper

  39. Lindy Hine

    Because this is what my Dad would choose if he could pick his own Father’s Day present! 🙂

  40. Anneka Hulse

    my dad would love the beer and all the nibbles to enjoy while watching the sports on TV

  41. Claire Bingham

    My dad loves his food and drink and he would love something like this, plus I need to make up to him for missing fathers day last year as I was off enjoying my holiday and forgot.

  42. Laura Barratt

    He never treats himself so this would be a lovely gift for him!

  43. he appreciates something a little different like this, and he`ll love everything in it

  44. Jayne K

    My dad is no longer around, but my brother would love this.

  45. pam Lawrence

    Well, he would never treat himself to these sorts of goodies, and he particularly enjoys oatcakes, so I think this would be a total treat for him x

  46. Hazel Hulson

    Would give this to my father in law as having a operation this week will take weeks to recover so will miss out doing a lot for fathers day but this lovely hamper will sure cheer him up aid his recovery thankyou for lovely giveaway x

  47. Holly Boyd

    This would be perfect and just what he deserves.

  48. Corrine Appstolopoulou

    fab prize English Ales are great

  49. Karen Lloyd

    My Dad loves sampling real ales which is why he would love this hamper.

  50. jessica newman

    My dad us a real ale conoissour so this would suit him to a t

  51. Debbie Preston

    Because its full of treats he likes but wouldn’t buy for himself as he has to spend wisely on a pension

  52. Julie Whittaker

    My stepdad loves ales and trying different ones!

  53. he’s a big beer and savoury snacks person

  54. alison clark

    something to drink and something to nibble on he would be in his element !

  55. Helen Stratton

    My dad would love this hamper because it contains all the things my mum won’t buy him!

  56. gemma nisbet

    My dad loves fancy stuff but never treats himself to it, so this year I will treat him!

  57. Suzanne M

    It would be just the thing for his ideal day – football on the telly, beer and a range of snacks to hand.

  58. Lyndsey Beckford

    Because it contains everything he likes! 🙂

  59. Sue Dorking

    Because it’s a special hamper, full of special products and my Dad’s a very special Dad!

  60. Sophia M

    Amazing prize. I want to taste everything in the Hamper (Or whatever is left after my dad gets his hands on it at least!)


    he loves trying new food/drinks & i know he hasn’t tried ny of these 🙂

  62. Because its such a fantastic hamper with a brilliant choice of his favourite things, and Dads are always pleased with what they get, that’s why they are so special we always please them has long has we turn up on the day

  63. Jayne Wilson

    My Dad is no longer with us but my husband would love this. He is a fantastic dad to 5, grandad to 25 and great grandad to 3.

  64. Anthea Holloway

    He loves surprises and so he will love this – a very big surprise!

  65. Chris Noton

    Because, with luck, he’d share it with his only son and heir. Well, hope springs eternal! Happy Father’s Day, dad!!!

  66. Donna Caldwell

    He loves his ale he hasn’t found the perfect one yet he said


    He’d love all the nibbly bits and he’d give the alcohol to me!

  68. Irene Murdoch

    Because it is full of quality things

  69. Daniel Todd

    Hes always enjoyed a bishops finger 😉 ooohhh matron

  70. Hayley Lynch

    My Dad would enjoy this .. he has always made sure me and my brother have the best things in life so He deserves the best things back at him x

  71. This would be the perfect way to drink a toast to my father who is no longer with us. Like me he was a real ale man and a member of CAMRA.

  72. Nadia Stanbridge

    I hope to be toasting dad with a few beers this Father’s Day! This would be perfect therefore.

  73. Nadia Stanbridge

    What a bumper prize bundle! Perfect prize.

  74. I would like to win this for my father in law who loves his ales and is my surrogate Dad as my Dad passed 20 years ago x

  75. Tracey Redfern

    my father in law is like a dad to me, and would love to receive this, he may then realise just how much he is appreciated x

  76. Jill fairbank

    Who doesn’t love a hamper with new things to try in it

  77. Emily Clark

    He’d love this because he’s a big fan of Bishop’s Finger ale, and I know he’d like to sit down and have a drink and some of the other lovely snacks included here!

  78. joanne liddement

    My dad died when I was young but my husband would love this for Father’s Day.It looks a real man’s Hamper

  79. Emily Hutchinson

    My dad loves his beer, but I hope he would share as it all looks amazing!

  80. Katherine Coldicott

    My dad loves his ale, so along with the tasty treats in this hanper it would be perfect.

  81. Catherine Bell

    He loves beer and short bread so this would be a lovely treat.

  82. liz ferguson

    He loves trying new Ales so this would be a lovely treat!

  83. Melissa Manning

    He’s just a total foodie, so he’d be much happier with something like this as opposed to a rally day or something.

  84. Amanda Gregory

    My dad is no longer alive but would have loved this. However, my husband would certainly enjoy this very much. He works very hard, seven days every week and often until late at night, so he deserves a treat.

  85. sue alleyne

    it’s full of my dad’s favourite treats!

  86. Zinzi Graham

    My dad doesn’t live in the country, but a good friend who doesn’t get to see his daughter as much as he’d like would love this.

  87. Susan Trubey

    Because he loves beer. He loves to eat. And he love me.

  88. Leanne Tobin

    Its something different that he hasnt tried before x

  89. Julie Fisher

    Fabulous hamper. Fingers firmly crossed!

  90. amanda davis

    My partner would love this has he loves to try different kids of beers and ales out plus he deserves a treat cos he’s such a good daddy to our 3 adorable kids

  91. Maggie Bermann

    Becos he never treats himself so would be lovely to treat him

  92. he never treats himself and does everything for his family

  93. Natalie Roberts

    I really need his help soon when I move into my new house and this hamper would be a great thank you for him. x

  94. Nicola Holland

    Their Dad likes the nuts as he’s a nutty character

  95. Hannah Igoe

    So many yummy things to choose from and I know my Dad would just love the choice and we would love to treat him

  96. Alexandra Smith

    My Dad is in hospital at the moment. He’s will by mouth & seriously missing food & beer – this would make a great pressie for when he’s better!

  97. Katie Hodges

    This would be perfect for him because he loves his food!

  98. Carol Emmett

    Because he much prefers a beer to a lager and this would give him some new types to try (and nibbles as a plus !)

  99. Donna Lawton

    He loves ale, he loves snacks. Perfect lol

  100. Anne Plumb

    Everything a Dad could want on Father’s day

  101. Louise A

    whats not to love…beer and nibbles, perfect

  102. claire little

    he’s a big foodie and ale taster so would love it

  103. Laura Grayless

    My dad loves to try new ales, but rarely treats himself. This would be an amazing prize for him

  104. I would like to win this for my husband as a fathers day present from our daughters as he absolutely love trying new ales

  105. Lucy Robinson

    My dad would love this hamper as it is full of his favourite things. x

  106. My dad would love this as he likes all it contains (especially the ales) and he wouldn’t buy himself anything like this. he’d be thrilled to receive it though 🙂

  107. Sarah S

    My dad would love everything in the hamper. The beer would be particularly well-appreciated.

  108. Claire woods

    Because he wouldn’t be expecting it, so to receive it would make him very happy.

  109. Andrew Ferris

    He would love this bacause it would be given by one of his children

  110. Emma Nixon

    All his faves in one hamper. He would love it

  111. Alex Brownlee

    My dad would love this because he only drinks real ales!

  112. Sadly, my dad is no longer with us but my husband would really enjoy the delicious treats in this lovely hamper!

  113. My pops would love this hamper because he loves to try lots of different ales so this hamper would be right up his street!

  114. Lauren Old

    Dad loves any food and drink so this is perfect for him!

  115. Hannah Martin

    My dad would love this with the steak and ale pie I’m making him, it’s his fave treat x

  116. Caroline fox

    The beer would definitely be dad’s favourite.

  117. Patricia Edwards

    He loves treats and this would be perfect

  118. Susan B

    He’s never won a hamper of anything in his life so this would be not only a wonderful surprise but also a much appreciated treat for a lifetime of ‘Dad Services’

  119. Richard Evans

    My dad was amazing but he died years ago. Now my wife is pregnant with our first and due to her bad morning sickness I’m having to do everything and working my bum off, so I nominate myself as a father to be that deserves a treat!! 😀 😀

  120. William Gould

    It’s a running joke in our family that our Dad never says he is hungry, nor eats big meals, but he constantly nibbles! So this would be great for hm!

  121. Sandra Clarke

    My son’s Dad would love this hamper as he always likes to nibble on snacks and he deserves a treat.

  122. Charlotte Hood

    My grandad would love this, he likes his ale!

  123. My daughters daddy would love it, because he’s very passionate about food :}

  124. Jessica Hutton

    I would give it to my grandad. Because he is always there for me and would do anything for me but he never ever treats himself!

  125. Bernhard Maier

    he would love all the items, especially the beer

  126. jane frampton

    After working hard at home and work over the last few months veshe deserves a treat and he loves English Ales…and nibbles!!

  127. Helen G

    He’s a fussy foodie and this hamper is full of perfect treats for him

  128. Mrs Armstrong

    My dad is a fan of shortbread and olives so he’d love this

  129. I lost my dad last year so Father’s Day is a bit sad at the moment but my son would love to give this to my husband and we could raise a glass to my Dad.

  130. caroline mccabe

    My Dad deserves a treat such as this hamper to show him just how much he is loved and appreciated. He has always done so much for me and now for my family it’s time to give something back to him…

  131. my dad would love this simply because he never expects gifts but this contains all his favourite things

  132. Sarah Swainsbury

    Dad would love it as it’s wonderful. Just like his daughter hahah. Happy fathers day every dad out there x

  133. Rosemary Watson

    My husband is a dad of two. He has been ill recently for a long time & a ale hamper would put a smile back on his face & really cheer him up.

  134. Natalie Mitchell

    My dad is always trying to brew his own beer, but it never works! Poor dad! He would love this as he could just relax and enjoy. Thanks 🙂

  135. caroline hooton

    My dad has Alzheimer’s and has very sadly lost his speech already, but still enjoys his food and drink at the moment so it would be lovely to treat him with this wonderful hamper. x

  136. jennifer thorpe

    my dad would love this because he rarely treats himself and this would be such a novelty for him

  137. Beverley Cousins

    Because he’s a real gent with a heart of gold, so this would be a fantastic fathers day gift to say thank you for being you!!

  138. Nikki Hayes

    My dad loves his ale and munchies, this hamper would make his day :o)

  139. katrina walsh

    He’d love this selection. I work in a newsagents and he always pops in and buys all the new sweet products saying he is ‘helping my shop out’ Mother and I know he just has a sweet tooth and is grateful for the excuse

  140. Kimberley Howes

    He’d love it cause everything in it he loves and he’s really into a nice Ale

  141. Julie Paton

    Fab goodies to try – what’s not to like?

  142. Lara Latchem

    Basically because all his does is sleep and eat these days so be perfect for him

  143. Kristy Brown

    Because he loves a nice treat or two when he thinks we’re not looking!

  144. rebecca nisbet

    simply because he likes food and he likes beer! 🙂

  145. Louise Smith

    My dad appreciates good food and drink and he would certainly appreciate this prize

  146. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    My dad loves making home made beer, this would float his boat.

  147. Allan Wilson

    A little luxury would be great for my dad.

  148. Richard Rowley

    He just loves luxury food and drink!

  149. Marsha Richardson

    He’d eat the lot in record time, burp and say whats for desert! Seriously, it has everything he loves inc the real ale!

  150. Rebecca Smith

    He loves English ales so would be perfect for him

  151. Leanne V McKenna

    He likes to eat and drink! ha ha

  152. Tammy Tudor

    He loves and deserves to be treated, he’d love it just because I gave it to him but the contents are so amazing that I’m sure he’d be ecstatic!

  153. Helen W

    he would love this hamper as it is full of treats my mam wouldn’t eat

  154. Kristyn Harris

    My Dad would love this hamper and he likes to be pampered on Fathers Day! : )

  155. elaine stokes

    beer, snacks, his favourite thing in the world……..

  156. gemma brown

    he loves to try new foods that he wouldn’t normally be drawn to oir be stocked in a supermarket

  157. lauren Tourle

    Not my dad but my partner from my children would love this, he is a huge ale fan 🙂

  158. Lyn Burgess

    He loves good beer, and they are really good beers

  159. John Taggart

    Because he says beer is the perfect cure for any ‘ale-ment’

  160. MichelleD

    He’d love trying the snacks in this hamper, whilst enjoying a beer!

  161. lindsey stuart

    My dad works away alot and i know on his time off at home he would thoroughly enjoy this he would class this hamper as luxury 🙂

  162. Unfortunately my own dad is no longer with me but would love for my sons to be able to give this to their dad who really does like his beer !

  163. John Hunt

    Dad Loves real ales, so would be delighted with this hamper

  164. Charles Moore

    My Dad would love this, especially the Bishop’s Finger!

  165. Vicki Weston

    I would give this to my husband from our little girl, he loves his ale so this would be perfect for him

  166. Ruth Harwood

    This hamper would be a lovely surprise for my dad, and I know he’d share with the family 🙂

  167. My partner could use this as a little pick me up for all the sleepless nights he’s getting at the moment 🙂

  168. claire griffiths

    my partner would love this as he loves trying different ales

  169. My dad would love this hamper because he’s a very Ale’oquent chap and he’d definitely enjoy the Hopp’ortunity to try some classic English ales and delicious foodie treats.

  170. Lori Mckillop

    my dad absolutely loves ale! he would be over the moon with this

  171. All dads love Beer and nuts, dont they 🙂

  172. helen tovell

    my dad doesn’t do luxury just basics so this would regal for him

  173. Janet Humphrey

    Combination of lovely beers and snacks. My dad would love this.

  174. charlotte

    because beer and goodies are his favourite thing 😛

  175. Abigail Cullen

    My partner would love this as he likes his beer and is a bit it a foodie.

  176. Gemma Snell

    Because my dad sure loves his ale 🙂

  177. My dad would love everything about this hamper!

  178. Lorraine Tinsley

    I would love to treat my dad, he loves a nice beer so I think he would love this hamper

  179. Stephen Duell

    It would all be something nice and new for him to have a try of.

  180. lynsey magowan

    my dad loves shortbread and it would be a great gift. He never treats himself but always treats me when I come home to visit

  181. Lee Davis

    He loves beer and snacks! Whats not to like!!!!!

  182. Nathan Webb

    my dad loves ales, especially bishops finger!

  183. stephen wilsonleach

    he just loves real ale non of that lager rubbish

  184. denise walker

    my dad would love it – and he shares 🙂

  185. Layla Thomas

    Because he loves Ale of course! Also because it would be a nice change from the home made cards and cake he normally gets, although he loves that too of course.

  186. Maxine G

    Dad would love this hamper as it contains all his favourite treats

  187. laura stewart

    my dad would love this, plus he might share?

  188. Looks like a great selection! Would be lovely to win.

  189. Jacqueline Fawcett

    He would love this hamper because there is a fantastic selection of items he would be thrilled to try 🙂

  190. Because his fave thing to do is eating and drinking!

  191. Leanne Lunn

    He would love it as it would give him the chance to chill out put his feet up and enjoy for a change.

  192. Sarah N

    My kids dad would love everything in this hamper. He’s a great dad and deserves a treat.

  193. Chrissie Curtis

    It contains loads of his favourites especially beer!

  194. Anthony Harrington

    I would like this for my Son-in-Law who is a wonderful new Dad who would love this, having recently descovered real ale

  195. When fit he used to make his own beer but now it has become a luxury. He so deserves a treat because he always puts the rest of the family first and never considers himself. Just for once I’d love to seehim have something that is his, nobody elses and something I know he will enjoy and appreciate thank you

  196. Paul Ballantine

    I’d love to give this to my dad then sit and share a few bottles with him one night… father son time 🙂

  197. Rachel Butterworth

    My dad loves beer and biscuits, so its perfect.

  198. Jo m welsh

    He would love it as he loves trying new things and he loves his beer!

  199. Tina Bonner

    Every single thing in this hamper is fantastic ! It would make a perfect gift.

  200. Rachel Stephenson

    Nuts and ale…..that is my dad…..what a treat!

  201. susan younger

    Full of all the things he would enjoy

  202. Joanne Baldwin

    My dad would love this hamper as he is a foodie and real ale fan!

  203. Jo Jones

    Ex brewery worker so appreciates a good beer

  204. Sarah Griffiths

    Everything! But especially the ales

  205. PHILIP W

    Because he would love it for taking the grand kids fishing

  206. beccy rowley

    My dad would love this hamper as it contains all of his favourite treats.

  207. Brad Start

    My dad has always had a soft spot for a good beer

  208. Charlotte Batkins

    would love this for my partner from our 3 beauties, they would love handing this over to their Daddy x

  209. Tina Holmes

    Would be perfect for a present from the kids for there daddy. Lots of treats he would like.

  210. My dad would absolutely love this hamper because there are all the things he enjoyed the most: the ales, the snacks… What else does a guy need 🙂 ?!! LOL

  211. My dad would love the hamper as he likes his ale and I see there is shortbread in it and he loves a biscuit or two!

  212. Angela Paull

    It’s jammed packed full of all his favourite things 🙂

  213. cecelia allen

    Because no matter what he does for everyone else he always says “I did it because you’re worth it” so I am entering thisfor him because he is worth it too.

  214. Karen C

    Cos it’s filled with English Ale and savoury/sweet snacks, and it’ll bring a HUGE smile to his face 🙂

  215. Richard Turner

    because he’ll find the contents delicious

  216. Maureen Millward

    My dad is a foodie and likes trying new food and drink, he will eat anything!

  217. Claire Bodin

    My dad would just love it because it came from me

  218. Maggi L

    He would enjoy this hamper because it looks tasty and he loves having nibbles and drinks while watching the sports on TV 🙂

  219. Rosalind Sargent

    My Dad is Fun Loving, hard working and a Super Duper dad and for just being him he deserves a treat and a nice few Pints of British Beer would be his choice of a lovely Fathers Day present

  220. Amy Bird

    Amazing giveaway. Would love this for my dad x

  221. Julie perry

    Dad would love this hamper because it has a lovely collection of his fave things in it

  222. Mrs Rachel Heap

    This is a lovely treat for anyone and my dad would really appreciate it

  223. Elizabeth Gurney

    He is all about real ale so this would be perfect!

  224. Avvie Cunnington

    My dad’s a huge ale fan and loves trying new ales!

  225. Simon Tinsley

    Because it’s got beer in it and it’s free.

  226. Elizabeth Hinds

    He loves beer, coffee and snacks, and he loves getting hampers!

  227. Laura Pritchard

    I’d give it to my children’s dad rather than mine as he loves beer & would really enjoy this!

  228. The Real Ale would be a big hit with my Dad.

  229. John Tingay

    My dad would love this hamper because he rarely treats himself, but loves tucking in to treats that are given to him!

  230. Lynthia Doran

    Michael Treacy has recently become a grandfather to baby Charlotte and is loving his new role. Maybe this hamper would make up for all the teasing I’ve been doing because he is totally obsessed with being the best granddad ever!

  231. kath wright


  232. This would be for my ‘significant other’, a wonderful gift that would make his Fathers Day one of the best yet, with all his favourite treats included he would have a truly wonderful day…….and make up for his own children often forgetting it’s Fathers Day!!

  233. Sadly my dad is no longer with us so I would love to enter for my husband if possible.It would be a lovely surprise treat to give him for Fathers Day…thank you!

  234. Rob Baker

    Because it’s full of his favourite food (and drink!)

  235. There once was a Dad called Dave,
    Over nuts and beer he did rave.
    I tried once to share,
    But got given a glare,
    My share of his goods I now waive!

  236. Judith Luscombe

    Sadly my dad passed away last December but my partner really is a fantastic dad and grandad and truly deserves a treat.

  237. He would love this because this is real mans hamper.Beer and nibbles,what’s not to like.It gives the impression of “hands off this is mine”.He would be just like a child,as he would be so excited if I won for him.xP.s,is there a toy?,all dads like a toy x

  238. Elaine Skye Clark

    I would love to win this for my daughter in LW to give to my lovely on. She needs 24/7 care and he deserves a treat.

  239. Lisa Parker

    My dad will love to try all the lovely items in the gorgous hamper especially the items that he would have not tried before. Plus as a great dad he deserves a great Fathers Day gift.

  240. Paula Readings

    It has a little of everything he likes (& me)

  241. He’d love the different things,he lives in a different Country and loves to try different Ales and other beers when he visits

  242. David Thomson

    I know for a fact he’d love it all…because I’m the Dad!

  243. Jaelin Farrow

    My Grandad would love it because he just loves alcohol 😛

  244. Helen Grayson

    I’d donate it to my friend who has just recently become a dad! I think he really needs to treat himself. 🙂

  245. liz denial

    Dad’s a real ale man so would love this

  246. Maxine Owen

    It is packed full of his favourite things!

  247. Harline pagdinparkin

    My dad would love this he’s hard working but loves a beer or two after work x

  248. Ashleigh Allan

    because there is lots of nice treats in it!

  249. Paul Wilson

    My Dad loves trying different types of beer.

  250. Suzanne

    He would really appreciate the contents, mores so as he puts himself last and wouldn’t normally buy these for himself.

  251. Fiona K

    My dad would love this hamper because it is perfect for an afternoon treat or 2 or 3!

  252. He loves his real ales and anything treats to go with it would put a huge smile on his face

  253. My dad would love it, it would be a well deserved treat

  254. Steven Appleton

    He enjoys his beer & I know he’d love to share!

  255. kellyjo walters

    for my hubby not my dad… he is just perfect in every way and will do anything for our 2 babies


    The hamper has a bit of everything my Dad loves all wrapped up so nicely!

  257. Chris Davies

    My Dad lovvvessss beer, therefore he would lovveeeee this hamper! 😀

  258. Kelly Koya

    beer and nuts – what’s not to like!

  259. judy parslow

    my dad has just gone through prostate cancer treatment so was unable to drink his favourite beers so this would be a lovely treat for him x

  260. Lorna Kennedy

    He’s usually at the back of the queue when treats are dished out, so it would be lovely for him to have this, all for himself 🙂

  261. justine meyer

    He would love this as he never gets surprises x

  262. My father-in-law is a lover of fine beers. I know he’d appreciate this.

  263. He would love that someone had gone to the trouble of getting him something so nice.

  264. lynn heath

    My dad would be over the moon with this, he loves beer and biscuits and nibbles!

  265. Paula Barker

    He just loves receiving any kind of surprises

  266. Louise Asekokhai

    A lovely treat for a lovely , generous person.

  267. Jayne T

    Beer, nuts and shortbread, it’s full of his favourite treats.

  268. Lyla Horley

    My dad never treats himself and yet he would love all of the items in the hamper. It would be brilliant if I could give him the chance to have this x

  269. Leila Benhamida

    he will love a treat as he always take care of us before himself.

  270. Helen Battle

    My dad loves his food so this would be perfect for him 🙂

  271. Emma Ferguson

    My Dad would love it all especially the beer and luxury shortbread!

  272. Louise Gazeley

    A true Englishman loves his Ale !!

  273. Heather Macklin

    Sadly, my Dad is no longer with us – but my kids’ Dad is a real beer fanatic (in moderation, of course) and would love this.

  274. Hayley F

    My dad would love this hamper because he loves ale and food. Perfect combination x

  275. Rachel Craig

    Delicious refreshments which could be enjoyed at leisure with pals.

  276. sarah hall

    He loves good quality food and drink

  277. Marion Weir

    He is passionate about real ale, this would go down a treat 😀

  278. With spectacular taste and sparkling action, English Ales would give him the most satisfaction

  279. Tracy Nixon

    My dad doesn’t ever get to the pub so has the odd beer at home an in the garden. This would be a real treat for him – to try some different brands x

  280. Julia Nicholls

    Because everything in it is delicious, and he loves real ale

  281. Andrew Ewington

    Great prize – count me in please!

  282. Tracey Peach

    My Dad would love this hamper because he misses out on going to the pub to save money so the drink & nibbles can come to him xxx

  283. Julie Tift

    My Dad would love this hamper because it would be sent from me.

  284. Joanna Orr

    My Dad wouldn’t normally treat himself, so he’d love everything in there!!


    as he’s no longer with us my husband would love it instead as he’s a dad of 3 and grand-dad to our 3 grand-kids

  286. Jorgelina

    I think he would love it because he loves trying new things.

  287. Martina Pichova

    My partner would love this, he likes trying different drinks on nights out (or in).

  288. marc tams

    my dad would love this hamper because he’s a booze-hound who enjoys stuffing his face as well, bless him 🙂

  289. helen southam

    My dad would love this as he is a real ale fan but he rarely treats himself to any, would love to present him with this beauty!

  290. Chris Andrews

    Please leave a comment telling us why your dad would love this hamper. . . . . . . . . because he likes everything it contains

  291. iain maciver

    he would be jumping for joy with all the goodies in this hamper all his Christmases at once

  292. Victoria Thurgood

    because he would love the items in this hamper

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