Win A Deluxe Golden Tower For Your Mum This Mother’s Day

It’s almost that time of the year again. The day to celebrate just how amazing Mums really are. They do everything for us, even when we’re well past the age of needing it! For this reason, we wanted to help you make your Mum feel extra appreciated this Mother’s Day. We’re giving away a Deluxe Golden Tower to one lucky winner! Just enter via the widget below to be in with a chance to win this extra special treat for your Mum.

Make Mother’s Day Extra Special With The Deluxe Golden Tower


This whopping tower is packed full of wonderful treats for your Mum to enjoy this Mother’s Day. She will love discovering the impressive selection of delicious sugared almonds, lemon cookies, chocolate and so much more. Each shimmering golden box houses something new. To see the full list of contents in this hamper, click here.

  • Enter via the Gleam widget below (mandatory)
  • Complete your entry by leaving a blog post comment (mandatory)
  • The other entry options listed are not mandatory but will gain you extra entries into the giveaway!
  • The competition will close at 3pm on Friday 2nd March 2018.
  • One winner will be selected and contacted via the email address they provided.
  • Entrants can be from anywhere in the world, but the prize can only be delivered to a UK residents address.

Win A Deluxe Golden Hamper For Mother’s Day


  1. Veronica

    Know Mam she would shatre it width all the family.Heart of gold she has.

  2. Michelle Harker

    Actually wanting this for a raffle prize for a group that help children develope their building and creative skills
    The Next Great Engineers

  3. Faridah Brooker

    My mum is mine so there is no comparison.

  4. Laura Lee

    My mum has always been my mum and my dad, she has done such an amazing job and she has always put her life 2nd to ours I would love to treat her to something amazing. Fingers crossed 🙂

  5. paula cheadle

    sadly my Mum is no longer with me, but would love this hamper for my daughter, who is a great Mum, she is bringing up her children on her own. this would be a nice treat for her

  6. Miss Tracy Hanson

    My Mum is amazing. My sister went off to live in America over 10 years ago and left her daughter and son in the UK. Means if they want anything doing my Mum has to run about looking after them and making sure they are OK. Unfortunately my sister doesn’t have the manners to say “thank you” and the only time she rings/contacts us on FB is when she actually wants something. It now doesn’t help that my Dad had a fall 2 weeks ago and broke his hip, so my Mum is running backwards and forwards to the hospital .


    (I hope I can nominate a mother figure very close to my heart) She is a treasure, devoting her time to help others.

  8. because she’s kind and thoughtful and would really appreciate this x

  9. Jessica Townley

    She’s funny and caring,
    Sometimes a little daring!
    The mum with the awesome tan,
    But best of all the greatest GRAN!

  10. Sarah Haynes

    My mum died a few years ago but my aunt stepped up to be my 2nd mum. She is a listening ear when I need it and she always has amazing advice

  11. Sarah Haynes

    My mum left us a few years ago but my aunt has stepped up as my 2nd mum, always listening to me and there when I need her

  12. Ella Langford

    Because though she is 79 years old she has been fantastic since my MS diagnosis.encouraging, motivating always researching alternatives, help and tips and putting up with my frustrations, fear and anger.

  13. Rebecca mercer

    My mum is the loveliest lady she would love this

  14. Rachael O’brien

    Because although not blood she is the most selfless person ever and always makes me feel like her daughter x

  15. Would love this for my mum. She needs a double knee replacement due to arthritic knees, but not well enough to have the op. This would really cheer her up. She’s always has a smile and is loving and kind despite being in lots of pain

  16. Natalie Gillham

    My mum is amazing as she a;ways puts others before herself and is the kindest most caring person I know.

  17. Georgina Prince

    my mum deserves a medal she had 6 of us under 10 lol including two sets of twins x

  18. Oksana Fitzgerald

    My mum is selfless and caring. I would love to treat her!

  19. LORNA Wils

    A fabulous ptrize, would turn my mums frown upside down as she has never receive a hamper like that. Oh, yes please…

  20. Sam Parkes

    My mum is the best as she’s put up with me for 37yrs and she’s the best nanna to my little girl

  21. Alison Macdonald


    She’d love these to satisfy her sweet tooth x

  22. Helena Gilbert

    What an amazing prize!!! this would make Mother’s Day very,very special xx

  23. Carol Phile

    My Mum beat sepsis this year so she deserves a treat. She would love the Lindor truffles.

  24. vicky haining

    OMG my mum would be so surprised if this was delivered to our house!!

  25. ellie spider

    My mum is awesome because she puts up with me 🙂 She would love this as shes a big chocolate fan

  26. Jessica Barber

    She is always so supportive and caring and helped me beat anorexia! She’d love the lemon butter cookies!!

  27. Rachel Craig

    My Mum has always been kind, caring and sharing. That was how she was brought up to be, when young the family did not have much, neither did the neighbours, etc. It was a time of knowing each other and looking out for each other. Times have changed. I can recall when young and my Mum happily accepted and welcomed our friends. She had friends who visited, we visited family and friends. We even had times when people stayed over, or stayed sometime and became part of the family.

    We don’t have so many visitors now, many gone. Some too frail, etc. Yet we continue to love them. Younger people tend to be busy with work and their own pursuits.

    Mum loves to share sweets and treats with family and friends. Some persist with visits, though less frequent due to commitments, health, etc. Quality of Time is Valued and to be Treasured. My Mum we Treasure, and she deserves a Treat to Share.

  28. Selina White

    Would love this for mothers day great wee gift

  29. Sarah Austin

    I’m 37 weeks pregnant and my mum has been so supportive throughout my pregnancy. She definitely deserves a treat as I have no doubt that once baby is here she will be equally as helpful!

  30. For looking after us all and never thinking about herself – A Golden Tower would be a treat she couldn’t ignore!!

  31. She is always there for us no matter what time of day. Biscuits are her favourite so these will go down a treat

  32. My mum is amazing because she is always there to give advice – I would love to win the tower to share with her and my sisters and brothers in one big get together (Mum would like that)

  33. This would be wonderful would love to treat my wonderful mum she’s my best friend my world kind caring always there for everyone no matter what time of day nothing to much trouble for her she’s the best nanny my kids could wish for we love her to bits

  34. Bella Smyth

    My mum is super awesome because she picked me out of 1000s of other children in the kids home and brought me up as her own, Even now shes in her 80s we still talk everyday and shes still my best freind x

  35. She cares for her mother with dementia and is also a foster carer and looks after child in need. But is also a fantastic Mum to me and my adopted sister. I think she really deserves a treat for herself

  36. chantelle hazelden

    My mum is amazing as she always put others before herself even when she’s in poor health

  37. natalie Crossan

    She works hard for her whole family and never takes any “me time”, in fact she’d probably say “what is that?” – so I’d love to treat her and show her how good me time can be!

  38. Lynne OConnor

    My mum’s been living in temporary accommodation for 6 weeks so far after her home was flooded and despite being 80 this year, she’s kept positive and really deserves a treat

  39. Adrian Bold

    My Mums been through such a lot in these last few years. But even during some of her harder times, she’s always been there to support me through my own highs and lows.

    She would absolutely adore this prize as she loves sweet things!

  40. alice lightning

    no matter how bad mum is feeling shes ways there for the family and friends when needed, also shes definately partial to a choccy treat and you cant get anymore decadent and lavish than this prize giveaway to give to mum on mothers day

  41. Krzysia

    My mum is amazing because she’s not that young (or that well) but she manages to campaign for her local town to stop inappropriate development taking place. She’s also fought to get some beautiful Edwardian shelters listed so they can never be pulled down. She would adore this tasty tower as she’s a complete chocoholic and has a very sweet tooth……I wonder who I take after;-)

  42. Amanda Botterill

    My Mum will be 80 this year, yet she still helps out my foster brother and recently spent a week at his bedside, sleeping at the hospital, when he had heart surgery. She is simply amazing

  43. Rennene Hartland

    She’s not just a mum to me she’s also my carer and she’s amazing i wouldn’t be here without her.

  44. Kerry H

    My mum has amazing patience and is great with her grandchild. Her little treat has always been chocolate and a diet coke.

  45. natalee gosiewski

    never realised how amazing my mum was until i had my own children i kind of took it for granted

  46. gemma hendry

    my mum is amazing as shes always there no matter what and made me person i am today, she would love this

  47. Ronan O driscoll

    Wonderful mum who does anything for anyone and sooo deserves to win this

  48. Anthea Holloway

    Mu mum is wonderful and has always put the family before herself and she has been there for me however she felt. She certainly gave unconditional love.

  49. Kerrylyn John

    My mum is simply one in a million
    She’s been through so much aswell and still never ever puts herself first.
    About time she did

  50. Tracy Gladman

    My mum is amazing because she is so caring!

  51. maria hackett

    My mum is the loveliest person i know. She always visit elderly people who lives alone and make them a cuppa and have a chitchat! she always has time for others! so kind!

  52. Victoria Dixon

    My mom is so fab! She has been mom and dad to me and my sister and she has always made sure that we have got everything we need and is always on hand in a crisis, she phones everyday and has the most amazing relationship with the grandchildren, I really don’t know what we would do without her

  53. Claire Little

    she’s mine and deserves a treat!

  54. Laura Finch

    My lovely mum who’s been very stressed out lately, would be a lovely treat xx

  55. tishist

    I think she deserves it as she’s the only mum to me

  56. Rachael Sexey

    My mother in law is like my mother she is kind and generous and adores her family ‍‍‍

  57. She’s always there for me ! She would really love this

  58. Carol Peace

    My mum is no longer here but she was amazing she was lame but worked full time and looked after her parents too. I would love to win this and share it with my daughters who are both great mums as well.

  59. rachel curley

    She’s super mum (or nan) at 73 years old she has just completed high ropes course at Go Ape and zip wires – she lives life to the full!

  60. Bethany Westley

    My mum is amazing and deserves to win this s she has always been and is always there for me. She raised me and my sister on her own after my dad walked out when I was only 6 months old. It was a tough few years and she often went without so me and my sister could eat.

  61. A.E. ADKINS

    My Mum is the best and this would be a fabulous thank you to her for putting us first from the day we were born

  62. Sarah Wilson

    She always puts everyone before herself, and she would love this because it’s such a special treat!

  63. My Mom is amazing! She went through so many things and she is still positive and smiling!

  64. zoe brown

    mums very ill at the moment having a big operation on the 13th so would love to treat her for mothers day

  65. Emma Price

    She can always make me smile and laugh no matter how bad things seem 🙂

  66. Fiona Martin

    My mum has been such an amazing help to me this year and would absolutely adore this hamper. It’d be a treat for her and something she’d share with the family. The Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut Pralines sound utterly divine!!

  67. Mum is always there for me and is my golden tower of support and strength so she deserves a golden deluxe tower of her own 🙂

  68. Julie Edwards

    My mum is the best as she is a carer for my dad and never stops!! She deserves a treat!

  69. Karen Usher

    My Mum is literally the sweetest lady in the world. 1 – She loves anything sweet lol and 2 – This woman lives in Australia and every year she will come over to the UK to help me with child care during the summer school holidays so I don’t have to pay for a babysitter! Now how sweet is that? She def deserves something like this to show my appreciation.

  70. Laura Corrall

    My mother was amazingly positive and always looked on the bright side and never had a negative word to say about anyone. Unfortunately she lost her battle to cancer last year. As a mummy to two little girls I would love to share this with them

  71. Well actually, I’m a good mum so if I won the prize I would keep it to myself (sharing with the husband and kids of course)

  72. Helen Jones

    Delicious prize to share with the family on mother’s day

  73. Hayley Green

    My mum is amazing so strong and beautiful. If I grow up to be half the women she is I’ll be happy. Diagnosed with terminal cancer last January she is still fighting. Would love to treat her to this to tell her just how amazing she is!

  74. Stuart Dunlop

    My Mummy –

    I came into the world, just last year,
    With great joy and many a tear.
    For eight months now, I have grown
    With many a cry, and a little moan.

    I have thrown my food in every direction.
    While Mummy looks for any protection.
    My collection of nappies is growing fast.
    But will my hobby ever last?

    I sleep at any time I choose.
    When I awake, Mum’s having a snooze!
    She has large bags under her eyes,
    Looking after me, it’s no surprise!

    My mummy has seen this every day,
    Yet her love has never gone astray.
    I wish I could repay her everlasting love.
    Maybe a ‘Deluxe Golden Tower’ can answer the above?

    Lots of Love
    Baby Kirsty Dunlop

  75. My mum is not just a mum to me but also to everyone around her – always caring for others helping people and having fun. If I end up half the mum she is I would be happy! Amazing woman! My hero!

  76. Matt Allison

    My mum is the best as she never fails to lift my spirits or those of others around her

  77. Katie Walker

    I would give this to my mother in law who is amazing because since I came into her life she has taken me as her daughter, supported me as one of her family through a lot of my illness and keeps strong and steady no matter what

  78. Emma Davison

    She’s always there for us, a great baker, kind to elderly neighbour’s etc

  79. Heidi Brown

    Great prize, me (I’m a mum) and my MIL would love to share this…yes share, it wouldn’t be right to let her eat it all on her own haha!

  80. I love to win for my mum because she one in Million she always spent time to make sure we loved safe healthy and happy she always there for good and the bad and ready with smile and cuddle great support and advice she really deserves a nice Gift this mother day

  81. Maria Jane Knight

    My mum loves like she has never lost which makes her an absolute superhero in my opinion! I wish i had her courage and kindness to forgive and forget when many people have done her wrong. A mega sweet treat like this would just be a small token of how much she means to me and how much i value her morals and way of thinking and acting.

  82. Lauren Old

    My mum is amazing because she works hard and always puts others before herself

  83. Christine Hobbs

    My mum is 84 drives, comes up and saws logs for my burner, tidys my garden and usually washes up. She does this for me and my two brothers. She is sarcastic, rude and keeps us all on our toes. We give her just as much back and she takes it well. Would not change her for the world we love her to bits. xx

  84. Jo McPherson

    My mum is no longer with us, but I would give this to my daughter who just became a mum 2 days ago and deserves this after a traumatic time in hospital

  85. Yvonne Dimbleby

    My own Mum is no longer with us, but my second ‘Mum’ deserves this treat simply for being there for me.

  86. Gemma Massey

    My mum is so special to me she’s so kind and has helped me enourmously through a difficult time it’s like she’s been my carer as well as a full time job. I find her amazing and would love a special treat for her, thanks for the chance

  87. Tracey Hallmark

    My mum is a supportive, caring role model, my friend forever and generous always putting others before herself so it would be lovely to treat her and just between you and me she has a secret sweet tooth hehe!

  88. Amanda Noble

    My mum is amazing she’s in her late sixties and still helps everyone out.She’s very patient and selfless.She’s also a alcoholics so this would be the perfect gift for her xx

    • Amanda Noble

      Chocoholic I mean to say not alcoholic! Lol x

  89. My mom helps me out so much, still looks after so much whilst I am at work she organises plumbers, elections and builders so my life does;t fall apart.

  90. Jessica Hutton

    Because she has always been my best friend and taught me to be strong and work hard for what you want. She has helped me through 2 spinal operations and a knee reconstruction. She was my nurse, maid, councillor, cook but most of all my best friend through it all. She wouldn’t let me feel sorry for myself and pushed me so I healed faster and stronger. She really is amazing.

  91. james wright

    my mum is a star she brought her 5 kids up,then brought up 4 grand children and is now bringing up another 2 grand children,she is an amazing woman at the ripe old age of 73 shes a modern day hero

  92. Lindy Hine

    She’s like a box of chocolates – sweet and lovely, soft centered, slightly nutty and always welcome

  93. Jo Hutchings

    Because she’s non-judgemental and always treats her kids but never herself.

  94. MichelleD

    My Mum’s always there for me and my Daughter, we’d be lost without her!

  95. Chanette Kennedy

    My mum would absolutely love this! She lives her life by Slimming World so she doesn’t get to treat herself to chocolate and biscuits often, so I think this would shock her if I gave it to her! She would of course share with me and my sister though 😉

  96. Rich Tyler

    My mum is so selfless, always putting others first, would love to treat her, Melting Pot Cranberry & White Chocolate Fudge sounds amazing!

  97. Rebecca Powell

    My mum is just amazing and would love this

  98. Abigail Cullen

    Such a great selection of Pralines and Truffles etc, my mum would love this.

  99. Muhammad

    I love my mum because she’s the best mum in the world!!!!!

  100. Ian Campbell

    When it comes to the crunch she always has the edge, she’s never glum, she’s my best chum. To reward her for all her kindness would be a sweet dream come true 🙂

  101. Sarah Lewis

    I would simply be lost without her x

  102. Susan Jane Gray

    My Mum is so amazing because she always has a kind word to say about everyone. She never judges anyone and is always kind, loving and caring. She is totally the best and deserves an enormous treat.

  103. My mum is amazing because she is alway full of surprises and always there for me. She would love this fab prize it would make hersmile

  104. Jayne K

    No mum, but I’d love to see my toddler granddaughter help her mummy with this tower

  105. Denise Whiskin

    My mum is the most amazing human being in the world. She’s always been there for me and whenever I needed advice or help she’d be there offering it, but also giving me the space to learn from my own mistakes. I’m everything I am today because of her and when I try to let her know she just says she’s my mum and it’s nothing!

  106. lorraine kirk

    My Mum’s a tower of strength and finds the positive in even the worst of circumstance. She is a no-nonsense kind of woman but is kind to everyone and never has a bad word to say.

  107. olivia Kirby

    She always shares all her goodies with me and the children and it’s only fair we win her something this amazing to repay her generosity!

  108. Angela Kelly

    My Mum is amazing for the way she takes care of my Nanna, who has dementia. She’d love this treat because she and my Nanna both have a sweet tooth!

  109. Sarah Ann

    My mum really deserves a little luxury and indulgence after caring for me through both my transplants. This would be the perfect way to spoil her!

  110. Alison MacDonald

    My mum is and was the most amazing person I have ever known I will love her forever xx

  111. Sadiyya Maryam

    My mum is not only my mother but also my best friend and my rock. After suffering years of multiple miscarriages and fertility treatments I became pregnant with my daughter. My mum stood by me helping me when I couldn’t help myself. I was so weak and drained out but she was my strength. Our precious daughter is now 5 years old and her bond with my mum is incredible even though we live away, her Nan is a biggest supporter and I would be delighted to be able to gift this to her as a way of saying heartfelt thanks for everything she does for me and my daughter.

  112. charlotte

    she does everything for us and is great! always on the end of the phone too, but she never gets a treat so this would be lovely

  113. Fiona Johnstone

    I only have a mother in law now but she is fab. She is 87 and always on the go, helping people much younger than herself.

  114. madeline connolly

    i be happy to win or all my nine grandchldren

  115. Linda Bird

    My Mum deserves it for putting up with me!

  116. My mum is sadly no longer with us and nor is my other half’s mum but my other half’s step mum is awesome and I would love to win this for her. She is such a good grandparent to our two little ones!

  117. emma franklin

    My mum is so awesome as at 50 shes just started travelling all around the world, and making me very envious! It’s made me realise you really do have to follow your dreams and live in the moment.

  118. My wonderful Mum is no longer here, but I would love to give this prize to my daughters and daughter-in-law, who are fabulous Mums and make me very proud.

  119. katrina walsh

    My mums great as she always judges me on the good things I manage to do in my life and doesn’t dwell on the past. Chocolate is her fave treat and she’d love to try all of these yummy ones

  120. Tina Deacon

    I’d love this for my mum she’s always there for me, atm she’s very poorly suffered from sepsis so this would really cheer her up

  121. Angela Cringle

    My mum is always fun and love’s us all the same

  122. Allison Sherwood

    Sadly my mum is no longer with us but I would love to give this delicious hamper to my daughter.
    I don’t drive so she often drives me to work and will pick me up again (on her days off) and quite often she arranges her own days off to coincide with mine so we can go for a nice drive and day out somewhere.
    She works in the dog kennels looking after the RSPCA dogs who have been abandoned and badly treated and I know it gets to he sometimes.
    I think this hamper would be a lovely way to cheer her up.

  123. Angela Booth

    Beacuse she will drive 1 1/2hr to let her daughter in the house after she locks herself out…lol.. xxx

  124. Allan Wilson

    My mu drops everything to come and babysit (300 miles away) when we haven’t got any other options.

  125. Linda Turner

    Brilliant giveaway. One Mum is going to be very happy with this amazing tower. Thanks for the chance

  126. Mark Whittaker

    Mum is amazing , she still runs around after us . her adult children . She always has time for her Grandchildren and even cooks meals for elderly neighbours . She was just born to mother people .

  127. Because she does so much for me and my sister and now my two nieces too, she deserves an extra special treat

  128. Lynda Jones

    My Mom has been my rock, without her I would not have been able to bring up my two sons on my own, especially as my youngest was mentally handicapped, would love to win this amazing prize for her

  129. Suzanne Walkingshaw

    This would be nice treat for my wonderful mum, she has been a tower of strength for my 2 boys & myself for the past 19 years. She just seems to be indestructible & tackles everything head on & seems to find a solution for everything. The amount of great advice she has given me & the rest of our family has always been very comforting & reassurance.

  130. Hayley Payne

    Sadly my mum passed away a few years ago but I would love to win this for my mother in law as she’s been amazing and deserves a treat.

  131. Lindsey Martin

    My mum is such a credit to our family. I don’t know where we’d be without her! I’d love to win this for her as we both have a sweet tooth.

  132. Sarah Morris

    My mum is no longer with us,but she would of loved to share this with my children

  133. Gillian Hay

    My mums not around but im a mum to 3 boys and 2 girls and I foster another girl love every minute of it

  134. barbara madden

    this is just so unusual and would be so amazing a Mothers Day Special

  135. Janet Birkin

    Recently lost my mum so this is the first mums day without her – will nominate my daughter instead she’s a lovely mum to her little family

  136. Lorna Ledger

    she’s kind caring, and has always been there for me through thick and thin

  137. Wendy Smith

    A wonderful treat for a wonderful mum, thank you so much for the chance to win

  138. Pam Lawrence

    My mum-in-law is wonderful – when my own mother died she simply swept me up and adopted me into her family, no fuss, no embarrassment, and gave me the sense of belonging I needed. She made my loss more bearable by her generous and kindly actions, and she gave me back a family.

  139. Diane Carey

    My 88 yr old mother-in-law has been like a mum to me. She is so caring, kind and generous. Most of all she is a very brave lady, having to cope seeing her son (my husband) cope with MND

    • Diane Carey

      ……and she would love this hamper because she loves her sweet treats. She doesn’t have many pleasures now. To turn up on Mother’s Day with this would be lovely

  140. Jennifer Morgan

    My mum is a chocoholic so this would be perfect for her. But she is the most wonderful mum. She hqs always been there for me and my siblings no matter when day or night do so deserves a treat.

  141. Kirsty Ward

    She is the most Kindest, Loving person i have ever known! she would absolutely love this!

  142. suzi moore

    my Mum is 80 years old and is still there for me at the drop of a hat, She has supported me enormously since i had a brain tumour 12 years ago and i cannot thank her enough

  143. Michelle smith

    I would like to give this to my daughter who is a wonderful mum to my granddaughter

  144. Kristin Burdsall

    My super mum definitely deserves a treat. My eldest son has addition needs and from day one she has always been there at any time of the day or night to lend a hand. My son is now 18 but still needs a lot of help and support. My mum is always there to take the pressure off and give me and my son any extra help he or i need. It really does make all the difference

  145. georgina sudron

    My mum would deserve this mammoth of chocolate as she lost my dad a year ago and its been so difficult for her this would make her smile

  146. Martha Chisholm

    Sadly I lost my mum when I was very young, but I’d love to win this for my daughter. She is a fantastic mum to my little grandson and I think she deserves – as all mums do – a special little gift for herself.

  147. Paul Ballantine

    My mum’s the best mum you could ever wish for. She’s also the best grandma in the world, she never stops looking out for all of us and is the heart of our family.
    I’d love to surprise her with this and tell how much she’s loved by all of us

  148. Christina Palmer

    My Mum deserves this because she is always there for me with loving advice and support when needed. She is a fantastic Mum, Nan and Grandma. Even when she is in bad health she still always puts others first.

  149. Debs Geordie Johnson

    Such a lovely selection which I’d share out to my four beautiful daughters who are a mummy’s now themselves

  150. kelly morgan

    My mum would love this as she loves sweet things.

  151. My mother is not around any more. But she would of loved this .
    My mother in law does only care for herself. So she can be gifted to anyone who wants her.
    So this gift I would give to a friend that helps everyone. But she’s a single mum and hardly anything to her name .

  152. Brianna Cavins

    Shes always been my number 1 fan!!!

  153. Caroline Hunter

    I’d give this to my stepmum, she was married to my dad for 40 years and looked after him so well until he died. She’s always very welcoming and kind 🙂

  154. jenny reynolds

    mum loves her chocolate this prize would keep her happy for ages it so beautiful too xxxx

  155. Ron Goodwin

    My mother passed many years ago, but I would like this for the mother of our children please.

  156. Katie Kingsbury

    My Mum had major brain surgery and was determined not to lose herself, she re-learned to drive and never gave up fighting. Always an inspiration.

  157. Pam Francis Gregory

    My Mum is wonderful. She will do anything to help any of the family.

  158. What a fantastic competition prize to offer and so very generous of you. Thank you very much for the chance to win.

  159. My Mum is pretty amazing for giving birth to 8 of us and always being there for us throughout our often chaotic upbringing.

  160. Katy Malkin

    My mum is having her second knee replacement within a year soon, so she would love this whilst recovering!

  161. My mum is utterly selfless- so I just KNOW she’d share this golden tower with all of her family <3
    She's a star my mum, she never stops trying even when things have been really hard. Even better, I consider her one of my best friends now I'm older (and a mum myself now!)

  162. Sarah Tunstall

    I’d love to win this for my mum. We live opposite ends of the country so don’t get to see each other very often. She loves chocolate so I couldn’t think of a better gift than this! It’s amazing.

  163. sandy ralph

    I would love to win this for my mum, because she has struggled whilst my dad has been in and out of hospital for the past year or so, yet shes still always there for the rest of the family

  164. Joy Buckenham

    i would love this for an aunt that was there for me when no one else pulled me throu a real bad time and need cheering up this year as she lost her oldest son and husband since christmas

  165. Keri Jones

    My mother in law deserves to win because she’s a very lovely person.
    She’s always sharing her treats with me & my son so it will be nice for her to have treats just for herself x

  166. My mum is always there for me (and everyone else) when we need her so it would be nice to give her something back

  167. Sadly my Mum passed away 3 years ago but I do have a fantastic mother in law who would love this and is very deserving as she has loved and welcomed me since I married her son 🙂 x

  168. Kelly Hanson

    My mum deserves this as she has stood by me when nobody else did and pit up with my c**p for far too long. Also she loves sweet treats so would love this.

  169. Kim Christianson

    What a beautiful and unique gift.. and i would def be no 1 daughter

  170. Victoria Easton

    She is my best friend and perfect for going shopping with!

  171. Alexis Pettie

    My mum was an amazing woman, who lived for her children and grandchildren. She would do anything for anyone and was always putting everyone before herself. Sadly she passed away a year ago and I miss her more everyday. If I’m lucky enough to win this I’d give it to my sister who is, just like my mum an amazing mother to her daughter and great auntie to her twin sisters, (who also passed away 3 years ago) 4 children. She deserves this special treat.

  172. Kimberley Ryan

    my mum is amazing, she is always there when anybody needs her, as a shoulder to cry on or a giver of great advice. She is a fabulous mum, grandmother and great-grandmother

  173. She has always been supportive of my choices even if she clearly does not agree with them!

  174. Donna Scoging

    She is amazing because she is my mum 🙂

  175. cheryl hadfield

    my mum is one in a million, so caring and supportive. she would love this special treat

  176. Samantha Atherton

    My Mum is ‘Mum’ to the whole family she’s always there looking after everyone else and asking for nothing in return even though her own heath isn’t great, she really deserves this treat.

  177. Janie-Fleur Matcham

    My mum gave me the qualities and values that made me the person i am proud to be. She also gave me her sweet tooth she would love this

  178. Janie-Fleur Matcham

    My mum gave me the qualities and values that made me the person i am proud to be. She also gave me her sweet tooth she would love this

  179. DAWN HULL

    My mam is amazing as she is so thoughtful, kind and patient. She would love the Deluxe Golden Tower as it looks fantastic. I am sure anyone would think it is a brilliant treat.

  180. Susan Sargent

    Although my mother is no longer with us, I would give it to my grandson to give to his fantastic mother who spends quality time with him

  181. Crystal Cawley

    My mum always deserves pampering and spoiling cause she does so much for the family all the time with no enough thanks

  182. S Holmes

    My Mum is the best she is always there for us to help out in anyway she can.

  183. Beccy Rowley

    My mum is so amazing as she will do anything to help anyone.

  184. Anthony G.

    Why is Mum so amazing? Because she raised ME!
    …and she STILL puts up with me, despite my many, many, MANY faults.
    Ta, Ma 🙂

  185. Andrea Fletcher

    My mum is always doing things for other people and it would be nice to give her this Deluxe Tower as a well deserved treat.

  186. Deborah Hambleton

    Sadly my mum died a few years ago but i have the most amazing mother in law who is more like a best friend. We even travelled Australia together for her 73rd birthday!


    No mum, but my sister who has helped me through the good and bad times

  188. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    Very simply – she has ALWAYS been there irrespective of the highs and lows, it doesn’t get better than that!

  189. Hannah Wallington

    It would be lovely to treat my mum after all she’s done for me.

  190. Sandra Jo Siddall

    My mam is my best friend, taxi service, babysitter, school run buddy, zumba partner, the list goes on and on. I wouldn’t be me without my mam she is just my whole world and I can talk to her about anything and I know she can keep a secret! My mam doesn’t realise just how much I love her and how much she means to me. I spoil my mam whenever I can and she’s always so grateful – She totally adores my 4 children and they absolutely love their nana endlessly. My mam is my one in a million and my tower of strength and I will always be here whenever she needs me! I know my mam would love the Deluxe Golden Tower! She is a chocoholic just like me and maybe she would share with me too!

  191. Lori Darling

    This would be for my mother in law.. since my mum died she has been a mum to me ❤️

  192. My mum is 87 though frail still the matriarch what she says is right she has said she will neever go in a home so we will havee some fun to come looking after her,she deserves some pampering but i know a lot of mums are as worthy


    my mum despite being in her 80s does my ironing because she loves that chore!

  194. Chris Andrews

    Leave a comment on this blog post telling us about why your Mum is so amazing and why she would love the Deluxe Golden Tower!

    because she loves us no matter what

  195. laura banks

    my mother in law as she is always helping us out

  196. My mum deserves it she has had alot of problems to sort out.

  197. My mum is amazing because she always puts others first. She helped me raise my two teenagers when my husband walked on , when they were babies. She taught me to be strong and believe in myself and anything is possible.
    Kind hearted, strong, protective, the best.
    I would never have wished for a better mum

  198. Elinor Fisher

    My mum is no longer with us but my sister has been my support, confidante and best friend over the years and I would love to show her how much this means to me by winning her this fabulous prize!

  199. Lucy Barlow

    My Mum.
    Cooks like Deliah. Gardens like Titschmarsh.
    Knows enough about everything to rule unchallenged at Trivial Pursuits. Raised four kids. Went back to Uni during the death of her mother and divorce. Aced her degree and went back to work after decades of being a home maker.
    More recently, her partner died, after she nursed him for a year longer than his prognosis. Then Her dad died, while she was recovering from her own chemo and stem cell transplant (which sadly was unsuccessful)

    She’s a walking miracle if you ask me – and she still takes great joy in life and does duo much for other people and to better herself

    No-one could deserve a treat more

  200. Emma Wilkie

    Such a fab gift anyone would be lucky to win this for their mum

  201. My mum sadly has dementia and is in a care home. She would not fully understand the gift if honest .
    The care home do a marvelous job looking after mum, she can be quite difficult and aggressive sometimes with the illness and more than once has managed to escape!!!!!!
    I would give it to mum AND the care staff to share just to say thank you from her four children from our as we so appreciate what they do.
    Fingers crossed

  202. Laura Thom

    A prize as sweet and wonderful as my mum is and probably almost as tall – she’d love this – and I guarantee every box would find a use

  203. Jules page

    My mum is kind a gentle x and she would love this x

  204. Constance Albert

    i love my mum, she is the best and does a lot for me and my mental health and i appreciate her so much for all of it!! ♥

  205. Azeem Isaahaque

    My mom is amazing because she has always been there for me. Even when my dad wasnt around for me

  206. Shaun Heathcote

    My mum has just beaten cancer and has also struggled with losing her grandson but she was a rock for everybody through it all. Kudos to all the strong mum’s out there .

  207. Iris Tilley

    My mum is amazing cos of her ability to work as well as take care of her own mum (85) cooks & cleans for her aunty/uncle to

  208. Sharon Saunders

    My mum is amazing because she always thinks about us and our families first. But more than that my mum still knows when I need a hug, even when I don’t tell her.

  209. Leila Benhamida

    My mum is caring, loving and wise. She will love the prize and will share with all her friend.

  210. Jayne T

    My mum is amazing, because she’s always been there for me and been ready to lend a helping hand.

  211. Julie Booth

    My mum is amazing as she always put others before herself, and not just family but friends

  212. Karen Howden

    my mum is 78 years old and has just bought and renovated a new house, travels Europe with my Dad in their caravan, babysits for her grandchildren and still has time to bake, craft and look after her husband

  213. Sheena Batey

    She never complains though she is immobile in a nursing home

  214. Laura Britton

    I’m salivating looking at this! Would love to win for my mum but hopefully she’d share it with me…

  215. What a stonker of a prize!!!! would love to win this for mothers day. She would be straight into the fruit cake. While all the family will be looking at all the other tasty treats
    well here’s hoping she does share !
    thank you for a great giveaway

  216. Sarah Phillips

    Wow what a treat this would be for my mum

  217. Eileen Sumner

    My mum is no longer here but I know some super mums to share this with

  218. Sue Hocking

    My mum is no longer with us but I have the most amazing Mother in Law whom is always there for me if i ever need her.

  219. Tracey Tedford

    As well as doing everything for her children and grandchildren my mum spends all her free time crotcheting hats for kids in orphanages abroad and premature babies in the local maternity hospital. She really deserves a tasty treat xx

  220. Alana Walker

    My mum is brill, she is so hard working and has instilled the same work ethic in me. We both have a super sweet tooth so we would love to share this gorgeous prize! Thank you.x

  221. Paula Maher

    This would certainly put smile on my moaning grumpy mum’s face lol

  222. Ruth Wollerton

    My grand-MUM TOWERS above everyone for her constant support and love. She puts the SPARKLE into my day and the LOVE into my heart.

  223. Jeanette Leighton

    Because she’s always their whenever I need her , if I call she is always their for me

  224. My mam was Amazing still is in my heart but I’d give this to my daughter a single mother of three who has a heart of Gold a fantastic personality witty and very sincere a mother who adores her Children

  225. Carole Nott

    This would be lovely for my mum as she deserves a nice treat

  226. My mum is my best friend and she deserves such a brilliant treat

  227. Rachel Colclough

    I would love to win this for my fabulous mum

  228. Ellen Nixon

    My partner mum is like a second mum to me now that my own mum is sadly not here . Shes a wee dote

  229. kirsty thompson

    my mums amazing. brought me and my 2 sisters up on her own, shes always been there for the 3 of us through everything, including the loss of my baby almost 13 years ago. she has suffered with her health quiet a lot over the last couple of yeara and is in pain every single day but never complains. she truly is my hero snd sure as hell could do with a nice treat.

  230. Maggie Norvell

    If my mum was still with us, she’d be so happy to see everyone enjoying this super prize.

  231. Laura Williams

    Always has an answer for everything!

  232. melanie stirling

    My mum deserves this for caring for my brother even though she has a fracture in her spine herself.I know she would share this with everyone as she always shares.

  233. Laura Pritchard

    My mum is so sensible and level-headed, giving great advice & talking sense. She’d enjoy sharing this with all her friends & her grandchildren!

  234. Ann Chapman

    What a delicious and amazing prize – my Mum would love it and hopefully share it!

  235. I no longer have my mother though she certainly was the best. I’d love this for my daughter who has given me a gorgeous grandson it would be much deserved . Thanks for the chance

  236. Suz O'Neill

    cos she is mine and i love her loads!

  237. mari sutherland

    It’s a lovely gift for a lovely mother.

  238. Elizabeth Smith

    I’ve been in and out of hospital for 20 years and am quite possibly the worst patient ever and my mum deserves a medal for not throttling me☺

  239. Chris Mayer

    My mom always takes care of me in new and surprising ways.

  240. Catherine Spencer

    At 75 and after haviing a stroke my mum still makes crafts to sell for Macmillan cancer support. She is one in a million who goes out of her way to help others and I’m sure if she received this she would give it to her charity group to raffle off well apart from some fudge (her favourite) She is funny, knowledgeable, and very patient, a true lady.

  241. Angela Treadway

    unfortunatly my mum isnt here but she was a wonderful mum and taught me so much and brought me up to be the kind hearted person i am today x

  242. This looks like such an amazing present! Sharing would be hard.

  243. Heather T

    My Mum lives away but is always at the end of the phone if I need her and she loves chocolate!

  244. Jackie Dawson

    My mum is amazing because she does so much for me and my sister, and shes the only person that can bring a smile to my face on those bad days we all have, she’s not just my mum and carer but she’s my best friend!

  245. Emma Nixon

    Lovely lady, very happy and brilliant at everything..

  246. Jean Vaughan

    My mum is totally selfless, always putting everybody else before herself. If they are happy then she is happy. She really does have the patience of a saint, believing it is more important to find the reason behind someone’s unacceptable behaviour, rather than reacting to it.My sister and I do try hard to follow in her footsteps so rewarding her, with this tower of many of her favourite chocolates, would demonstrate our love for her.

  247. My mum is amazing because she just never gives up. She had a huge heart attack at the beginning of February, but powered through it and is now making a full recovery at home. She never once complained and takes everything as it comes.

  248. Sharon Hirst

    My mum deserves a special treat because she has severe arthritis is in considerable pain but never complains

  249. maria blythin

    my mum is amazing because she made me lol x and she is ace and she would love this and use the boxes afterwards for storing jewellery make up x

  250. Ruth Ryan

    For always giving me good advice. What a lovely gift this would make

  251. Maggie Coates

    My mum is sadly no longer with us. Hope I can still enter.

  252. Sharon Freemantle

    Sadly mum died when I was 12. But I have a friend that has been like a mum to me. She has helped me through the hard times and laughed with me through the great times.

  253. Louise Reeks

    My mum is my rock, always there for all off us

  254. Tracey Belcher

    She gave up Chocolate for 2 years to support my father in his efforts to control his diabetes!! Any woman who does that voluntarily deserves a medal and a Golden Tower

  255. Kathleen marsden

    At the age of 13 when my granny died and left my mum the eldest of 5 she has looked after and brought up those four siblings to be beautiful aunties and uncle to me and my family, sisters and brother and relentlessly given her knowledge and time to help us in life without questions or negative thoughts. Everyone that has the pleasure to meet her is a friend forever. I know that her one vice in life is anything sweet so this would be especially nice for her to receive. Just a little of what she fancies for a change. We all love her dearly and she deserves to be treated.

  256. claire woods

    She’s always there ready to help out. She would think this is a real treat.

  257. Jenny Barker

    Love my mum i’m 40 years old and she still does me a stocking at Christmas :0)

  258. My mum is not amazing, she abused me and my father abused my sister, but I’d like to win the chocolate.

  259. Amanda tanner

    all mums are fantastic for bringing us into this world. my mum is always there when I need her.

  260. Joanne Beale

    My mum is amazing and always thinks of others before herself. She deserves to win as she would love this prize.

  261. She’s been there for me through everything – lifelong epilepsy, hip operation as a baby, and our failed IVF cycles. That’s why she is the best. x

  262. Sarah Roberts

    My lovely mom always knew how to calm me down when l was upset, she was the most amazing and strong woman l have ever met and if l’m even a quarter like her l would be happy. My wonderful aunt became a second mom after my wonderful mom passed away so l would love to win this for her. Shes always there for me x

  263. jamie millard

    i’ve never known someone else to show such unwavering patience in the face of utter chaos. choc and fudge are her favs.

  264. Nigsdylan

    My wife is an amazing mum as she toils tirelessly looking after the family

  265. Kayleigh Watkins

    My mum is the rock of our family, if anyone needs advice or help they turn to her, she works 6 days a week, never treats herself, and on her one day off spends it with her grandchildren, she’s a nightmare to buy gifts for as she always answers with don’t get me anything, spend it on the children when my sister and I asks if she has anything in particular she wants for Christmas, mothers day etc, this would be a lovely surprise for her xXx

  266. Patrick Campbell

    My mum hasn’t spoken to me for 18 months now. My fault to be honest and I feel so guilty. This Mums day I’ll visit with a huge apology under my arm. Hopefully with this beautiful prize too.

  267. Christina

    My loving mum is in her eighties now and she worked hard through her life to provide for us – often sacrificing her health and happiness. She is always ready to help me. She is my best friend, great babysitter and my fashion and cooking adviser. She taught me to believe in myself and never to give up. Thanks to her I am who I am today.
    I would love to treat her to this special gift on Mother’s Day.

  268. My mum is my hero. She is my mentor, my rock and my support system. She has been nothing but influential and the centre of my universe. She never fails to put a smile on my face and inspire me to greatness. She is the strongest and most incredible woman I know.

  269. anthony harrington

    My Daughter is a fantastic Mum to our little Grandson, she would love these

  270. Amanda Richardson

    Any mum would enjoy this, especially mine (I hope that she’d share it with me too)

  271. Hannah Mary

    My Mum is always there for everyone else, she should be slowing down but seems to squeeze in more each year- Mothers Day is definitely a day she deserves to put her feet up and be selfish x

  272. Brooke Ritchie

    Would love to win a hamper for my Mum Mandy. She’s so beautiful inside & out, has a witty sense of humour and still shares cream cakes with me

  273. iain maciver

    she is ours that makes her one in a million

  274. john prendergast

    Would like to win for my mom who is always there for me through thick and thin times

  275. helen tovell

    She had a bad year last year after breaking her hip and this would really lift her spirits and there is plenty to share which is what she loves doing

  276. Tracey T

    My Mum is amazing she is always there for me in good times and bad, I love her so much. She so deserves a treat. x

  277. Leah Wheatley

    My mum is amazing as she is my rock and is always there for me.

  278. Sophie Roberts

    She’s always been 2 parents in 1 and has never complained about a thing. She’s the hardest working person I know and would do anything for her family! She’s my best friend and my rock ☺️❤️

  279. ruth robinson

    my mum passed away this year but loved her chocolate i would share with my family there are some yummy flavours of sweets and choccies here

  280. Chloe Taylor

    Firstly, my Mum is caring & supportive as she works long hours for the NHS and is dedicated to her job. She is loving and has a fab sense of humour. She would love this hamper as she enjoys a sweet or chocolate treat and an energy boost!

  281. Superb prize and my Mum is the best

  282. ashleigh allan

    She is always there for me and my family!

  283. My mum has always been creative and resourceful.

  284. Jade Hewlett

    My mum is amazing as she is always helping me and the family with anything and she’d love it as it would be a nice treat for her to enjoy

  285. Ross Hanney

    My Mum is always so positive and supportive! She loves anything sweet!

  286. Rebecca Walton

    Fingers crossed, would love to win this for my mum, and I’m sure she would share it with her girlies (her 2 daughter’s + 3 granddaughters’)

  287. glenn hutton

    She is amazing, she brought my brother and I up when our Dad died in an accident when we were young and these sweet treats would be such a treat for her as she has a sweet tooth!

  288. Hannah Scudder

    My mum is always helping me and is great with her grandchildren.

  289. Susan Smith

    My mum is not just my mum, she is my best friend, shes one amazing lady, who puts herself out not just for me, but anyone who needs help or support, she would love this Golden Tower, because she absolutely loves chocolates

  290. My mum is my inspiration, she is a strong and loving mother/grandmother. I couldnt ask for a better person to call mum.

  291. debbie smith

    i am one of 6 kids and my mum is always there for each and everyone of us i dont know how she does it xx

  292. This would be for my grandma as I lost her daughter/my mum and so she will be a mother’s day gift short this year.

  293. My mother in law has been so positive in her outlook – she’s moved from her home, and friends,of over 50 years to move into retirement flats. She has made many new friends there and I know she would love to be able to share this with them

  294. Ann Marie Gould

    my mum is no longer here but she was a fiercely loyal person who i really miss

  295. Laura Jeffs

    My mum has been through a lot in her life, but she’s always been there for me and still is..she is my rock! She would love this amazing golden tower because she has a sweet tooth and she would be ecstatic if I won this for her

  296. Hannah Fowler

    My Mum is brilliant: great sense of humour, really generous and always there for us all.

  297. Simon C

    All mums are amazing. I’m going to nominate my wife because she is the most wonderful mum to our girls. She has been unwell recently and struggling to cope, but she’s managed to keep things going all the same.

  298. My mum is amazing because despite living on the other side of the world she is still there for me and my brothers at any time of the day or night and is a fantastic nanny to my children who adore her

  299. Paul Green

    When my mum looked after all of us six children, Bathing, feeding, dressing and generally making sure we were all ok. My mum is amazing. She will be 80 this year and is a carer for my father. She has problems of her own but her first thought is to make sure he is ok. She’s a real trouper and says “you just do what you gotta do”. Luv my mum so much. Go mum – I hope I’m as strong as she is and this is why I feel she deserves the Deluxe Golden Tower!

  300. Margaret Clarkson

    My Mum is sadly gone but my my daughter is wonderful and I would love to win this for her.

  301. Fiona K

    Mum is amazing because she has endured a terrible year due to ill health but has never moaned or felt sorry for herself and always puts others first. She is genuine, thoughtful and inspirational

  302. Tracey Peach

    Mum’s amazing because she has gone through so many health conditions with me from Meningitis twice, life threatening asthma attacks to the chronic illness I live with on a daily basis. All through that Mum has always stood by me never once has she wavered I just wish she had not of gone through it all.

  303. Julie F

    my mum was a star, the brightest one in the sky, a very kind and generous person

  304. My Mum’s 92 (despite being a heavy smoker) but still has a saucy sense of humour. She’s housebound now so amazing treats like this delivered to her door would really make her day.

  305. Andrea Yerolemou

    Would love to give this to my mum! She is super mum – always been able to balance being mum and dad, and being a very successful businesswoman!

  306. Ren Taylor

    My mum is no longer here but I would love to win this for my sister who is a brilliant mum to my little nephew and I know she deserves this and would adore it x

  307. Tracy Nixon

    My mam is so amazing because at the dear old age of 67 she is still able to enjoy taking part in outdoor persuits and games with her 12 young grandchildren! She would love the Deluxe Golden Tower so she could share it with them!

  308. Julia Nicholls

    My mum has brought up six children who are all loving, intelligent and well grounded people. And now she is a trusted and hard working Grandma.

  309. Honey McKinley

    Mum has always been there for me, encouraging and supporting, even while going through her own problems. Nothing is too much trouble for her and I’m blessed to have her. She’s so lovely that she’d use the ribbon from the prize for her cardmaking, have a couple of treats for herself and give the rest away, probably the majority to me as she insists I need treats due to my health issues!



  311. My lovely Mum is 88 and after a battle with colon cancer, she struggles to keep her weight up so we often buy her delicious treats. She has always been a real ‘sweetie’ herself and each Christmas, one of our gifts was always a round golden box, tied with a ribbon, full of our favourite sweets. Back in the 60s, this would have cost quite a bit of her little income from nursing, she must have struggled to do this for us kids, but she always did it, no matter what.
    I want to give her this golden tower – she will immediately recognise the significance. Boxes full of more than sweets – boxes full of loving memories X

  312. Layla Thomas

    She always does her best, is always there for us and is an amazing grandmother.

  313. Laura Townsend

    My mum is amazing because she helps me so much with my children allowing me to work. She has looked after them and my dogs recently when our house flooded and we had to arrange alternative accommodation along with essentially managing a building site. It has been very stressful and she has made it so much easier for us.

  314. David Wootton

    My Mum is the best because she is always there for me. I have done some stupid things in my life and she has never judged me, she just picks me up and says tomorrow is another day…. Shes great!

    • Samantha milner

      Amazing hamper. I’d love to give this to a deserving mum

  315. Ursula Hunt

    This year my mum has had a stroke and she has been truly amazing in how she has fought back in her recovery, Go Mum! This would be an amazing treat for her

  316. Graham Ross

    What a fab prize to win for my mum who has always been there for me no matter what

  317. My mum is simply the best! Her love is unconditional and selfless. I am so Thankful she is my mum and is always here for me. She is so special and would love this wonderful treat!

  318. Loma Wood

    Patience and a wicked sense of humour.

  319. Natalie white

    For kicking cancers butt! She had a double mastectomy and emergency surgery for an infection less than a week later. She never stopped smiling throughout her chemo and radiotherapy. Such a brave woman!! She is now in remission and I would love to treat her

  320. Ellie Lane

    Sadly my Mum is no longer with us, but I have a friend who is like a second mother to me. Even to the point of baking me a birthday cake every year. This is in spite of bringing up her own family and holding down a full time job. I would love to give her a treat, and she’s second only to me in her love for all things sweet and chocolatey.

  321. Tania Atfield

    My mum is incredible woman and I’m very proud to be her daughter and she would love this hamper especially the sugared almonds.

  322. It would be so lovely to treat my Mum because she is always looking after everyone else. I am so grateful to have her in my life and would love to give her this amazing Deluxe Golden Tower .

  323. Marycarol

    Fantastic prize, any mum would love this – fudge would definitely be a favourite xx

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