Muffins & Cookies Hampers

Have you got that favourite co-worker who loves nothing more than to unwrap their tuna fish sandwich right next to you at lunchtime? Why not change things up and have a delivery of delectable muffins & cookies instead. Not only do they taste delicious but they will smell infinitely better!

Indulge your taste buds in a marvellous medley of flavours with our Muffins, Cookies & Flapjack Selection, perfect for sharing around the office, or wow everyone with the crowd pleasing Chocolate Heaven Hamper packed with an assortment of delights. Our Cookies and Cake Tower is bound to make an impression, its golden stack of boxes concealing an assortment of sweet treats like White Chocolate & Strawberry Cookies, Cranberry Burst Flapjack and melt-in-the-mouth Baronie Belgian Milk Chocolate Caramel Pralines.

Gift wrapped and presented in a re-usable basket, our Muffins & Cookies hampers are sure to put a smile on even the grumpiest co-workers face.
Muffins & Cookies | Muffin Hampers | Muffin Gifts - Muffins, Cookies & Flapjack Selection

Muffins, Cookies & Flapjack Selection

Product ref: 118

A great gift for family, friends or even just sharing round an office. Our smart Muffins, Cookies & Flapjacks Selection is brimming with seven delicious large American-style muffins, three flapjacks in mouth watering flavours, not to mention the scrumptious chocolate & hazelnut cookies! Arriving in a stylish tray gift wrapped with ribbon, this is a unique treat that can be shared by everyone.


Muffins & Cookies | Muffin Hampers | Muffin Gifts - Breakfast For Two

Breakfast For Two

Product ref: 251

Treat someone to breakfast in bed in style! This charming breakfast hamper is crammed with treats including tea, fresh ground coffee, a pair of marmalades - including tangy grapefruit & lime and a medal winning whisky marmalade - a deliciously sweet plum, pear & apple jam plus four moist, mouth-watering muffins!

* Please note that it is not possible to guarantee a morning delivery for this hamper (deliveries are 8am to 6pm)


Muffins & Cookies | Muffin Hampers | Muffin Gifts - Tea & Coffee Break Hamper

Tea & Coffee Break HamperBestseller

Product ref: 159

Anytime's a good time to take a break with a cuppa! Our tea and coffee hamper contains a subtly-flavoured Assam Tea and a full-bodied fresh ground breakfast coffee. We've also included a range of perfect tea-time (or coffee-time) snacks! You'll have trouble deciding between cherry & coconut and honey flapjacks, an indulgent double chocolate muffin and the incredibly tasty cookies. Or for a smaller snack, how about the delicious chocolate-coated cashews? All these items come carefully arranged in a classy box with magnetic fastener, which you can reuse again and again.


Muffins & Cookies | Muffin Hampers | Muffin Gifts - The Breakfast Hamper

The Breakfast Hamper

Product ref: 103

This special breakfast hamper is the only way to start the day. Arriving beautifully gift wrapped, theres fresh ground breakfast coffee start you off. Next, delve into a basket absolutely crammed with delicious American style breakfast muffins in three mouth-watering flavours: blueberry, cherry and double chocolate. Spread one of the three delicious preserves on toast, choosing from the fruity apricot jam, a wonderful plum, pear & apple jam or an award-winning whisky marmalade. And to quench your thirst take your pick from award-winning elderflower pressé or go for English breakfast tea if you prefer a classic cuppa.

* Please note that it is not possible to guarantee a morning delivery for this hamper. .


Muffins & Cookies | Muffin Hampers | Muffin Gifts - Cookies & Cake Tower

Cookies & Cake TowerBestseller

Product ref: 179

You've never had cookies and cake like this before! Five gorgeous stacked boxes open to reveal a tempting selection of cookies, biscuits and cakes. Delving into the boxes you will discover pair of delicious Flapjacks, a large family sized Fruit Cake, Chocolate & Hazelnut Cookies, Honey Biscuits and more. The lucky recipient of this tower won't have any idea what's inside! If you like to grab attention when you give a food gift, our pile of cookies & cakes should do the trick.

Tower Height: 34cm


Muffins & Cookies | Muffin Hampers | Muffin Gifts - Tea & Coffee Break Tower

Tea & Coffee Break Tower

Product ref: 244

Take a well deserved mid-afternoon break with our Tea & Coffee Break Tower. Presented in five cocoa and sky blue gift boxes, the carefully selected contents are sure to please everyone in the home or office. With fresh ground coffee, a pair of moist muffins to choose from, and twin pots of jam and marmalade to spread on toast. Or you can brew up the classic earl gray tea and devour the devilishly good ginger crunch biscuits – perfect for dunking in your cuppa! As if that's not enough you'll also discover savoury biscuits, a pair of flapjacks and some Belgian chocolates nestled in this beautiful gift.

Tower Height: 34cm


Muffins & Cookies | Muffin Hampers | Muffin Gifts - Chocolate Heaven Hamper

Chocolate Heaven HamperBestseller

Product ref: 105

Chocolate Heaven? Its a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. But in this case our huge chocolate hamper cannot fail to impress! With a wide selection of temptations to choose from, we suggest starting with the gourmet triple chocolate cookies, the mouth watering double chocolate muffin, Belgian hazelnut pralines or the unusual milk chocolate 'stones'. Then delve deeper to discover the white chocolate truffles or the three different varieties of dark chocolate mints. This delectable hamper comes beautifully gift-wrapped in a seagrass & wooden basket.


Muffins & Cookies | Muffin Hampers | Muffin Gifts - Champagne Breakfast Hamper

Champagne Breakfast Hamper

Product ref: 323

Serve the half-bottle of Louis Dornier Champagne alongside five American-style muffins in three mouth-watering flavours. For something savoury try the delectable wild boar pâté, the ale-infused wholegrain mustard or spread the 3-fruit marmalade on toast. And for some fruity sweetness you'll love the apples & prunes in syrup, the strawberry extra jam or the little pot of acacia honey. Finish off with either fresh ground Brazilian coffee or brew up a cup of earl grey tea.

* Please note that it is not possible to guarantee a morning delivery for this hamper.