Best gifts for summer

Best gifts for summer

As the weather starts heating up, there will be even more events and parties to go to. That has people thinking about the best gifts for summer and how to be the perfect guest. So, today, we’ll break down some fabulous ideas from gift hampers to spa breaks to give you a few ideas you can take to your next soiree. 

What is the best gift for summer?

Gift hampers naturally rank highly on our lists but we’ll throw a few more ideas out for you as well. What we’re focusing on is something that your hosts or giftees can use in summer that’s not too awkward to carry and would be appreciated by most people. So, in that vein, here we go.

Outdoor gear

Items like a portable hammock, camping equipment or a picnic hamper are great for those who love outdoor adventures. But even little nods like a chic water bottle, comfy outdoor socks or a windbreaker can show you know what they love to do without being a huge expense.

Beach essentials

While there aren’t a whole lot of beach days in the UK, a stylish beach tote, high-quality beach towels, a foldable beach umbrella or a portable cooler can make these rare days better. Need something smaller? What about a personal air con?

Garden accessories

Gardening is a great British pastime. So, a set of gardening tools, decorative planters or some flowing seeds are unlikely to go amiss. What about a personalised sign so they can really stake their claim? This one is adorable.

Summer apparel

While gifting clothes won’t be appropriate for every event, if you know them well, it can be a beautiful touch. Think light, breathable clothing like sundresses, linen, hats, sunglasses or flip-flops to keep the summer vibes going.

Water kit

If your host has children, water balloon kits, water guns or inflatable kayaks can provide hours of family fun. If they have a big garden with a bit of a slope, this water slide is a must! Even very big kids (aka dad) will have a blast.

BBQ tools

Does your host love grilling? A set of BBQ tools, a portable grill or gourmet BBQ sauces can be a real treat. And for the grillmaster who has everything? This smoke box is a really out-of-the-box idea.

Gift cards

Spa day cards, meals out or the like are great gifts that fit snugly in a card if you don’t want to lug anything big around. We suggest going for the multi-brand ones, that way they get a lot of choice baked right in.

Outdoor games

If they have a decent-sized garden space, lawn games like croquet, bocce ball or frisbee can be enriching. It’s a good way to get kids and adults to spend sunny days outside together, soaking up the vitamin D.

Tech gadgets

Who doesn’t like a bit of tech? Waterproof speakers, solar-powered chargers or a luxury pair of wireless headphones are both practical and fun. Also, don’t forget about keeping the party going late into the warm evenings with a wireless outdoor lamp.

Hopefully, you found something fun in this list of best gifts for summer. But, if you’re short on time, remember most of our gift hampers are available for next-day delivery