Fun ways to celebrate Easter

Fun ways to celebrate Easter

Spring is well on its way and that might have you thinking about fun ways to celebrate Easter. From traditional egg dying to festive photos, we’ve collected our best ideas for how to do Easter festivities this year.

Egg hunt

Planning an egg hunt couldn’t be simpler. First, you need to get some of those fabulous plastic eggs. Then, set aside time the night before to fill them with candy, little toys, coins, rolled up paper money and more. If you have more than one child (or the whole family is taking part), you might want to assign colours to each person. That way everyone ends up with around the same number of eggs. Wake up early on the day to hide them all over. Remember to make a list of where you’ve left them so there’s no chance of feeding any rodents leftover candy.

Church services

If you’re looking to tap into tradition, visiting your local church for Easter Services is a popular option. Remember to wear your Sunday Best and that pastels are a popular colour for the day. Most churches have websites and Google location pages now, so it should be very easy to know when services start. Remember to advise your family on church etiquette if this is the first time they’ll be attending.


And while you’ll all be dressed up, why not take some family photos. Tripods for your cell phone are really affordable. And with shutter buttons or timed photos in a lovely outdoor setting; you’ll get some great snaps.

Egg dying

While one of the messiest things on this list, it’s great for showcasing your child’s creativity. Invite them to dye boiled eggs or accessorise them with stickers and such. Nearly any sort of craft supply can be used to add sparkle to their egg. We love these ideas from House Beautiful.

Chocolate bunnies

Who doesn’t love chocolate bunnies? Hollow, solid, filled and more – they are irresistible. Looking to elevate your Easter bunny game? Try the Lindt Easter Bunny Basket. At £39.60, it’s chocked full of seasonal goodies like the popular Lindt Lindor Gold Bunny and Large Milk Chocolate Easter Egg, Elizabeth Shaw Coconut & Hazelnut Biscuits, Lindt Excellence Dark Coconut Intense and lots more. Plus, it comes in a lovely wicker basket with a handle that your little ones can use for their Easter egg hunts.

Easter baskets

It’s almost like Christmas morning. Seeing your little ones rush down to find out what the Easter bunny has brought for them is precious. And it’s easy to DIY great baskets. But if you’re pressed for time, we have a wide range of handmade Easter gift baskets just waiting for your family to enjoy.

Easter bunny visit

Some pubs and shopping malls in your local area might have Easter bunny visits that you can arrange to attend. But we love the idea of getting a reasonably-priced costume and making an annual Easter bunny visit your family tradition. It’s a great photo op and they’ll love making memories with their special guest on the day.