Easter hampers for everyone

Easter hampers for everyone in your life

Easter is coming up soon and it’s no wonder we’re already excited. From fun pastel colours to cute choco bunnies, what’s not to love about Easter hampers? If you’re not quite sure what to get, here are a few of our absolute favourite Easter hampers for everyone in your life. And, if you order before lunch, we can often get it to their door the next day!

Lindt Easter Bunny Basket

First, we’re kicking off with an absolute classic to give to your own family. The Lindt gold bunny is an Easter hamper tradition and this one is no different. The sweet little bell and decadent flavour? It’s sure to delight everyone in the house. And, it’s not alone. There’s a whole Large Milk Chocolate Easter Egg nestled in the wicker basket too. Plus, they can snack on Elizabeth Shaw Coconut & Hazelnut Biscuits, Belgian Chocolate Milk Crisp Praline Pieces and more!

Happy Easter Tower

Next, we’re not just showing Easter hampers, but whole Easter towers this year! A vibrant pastel purple and silver, tied with a luxury ribbon? What a statement. The Salted Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg, Mini Speckled Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs, Zentis Chocolate Coated Marzipan Loaf, Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Pieces and Buchanan’s Milk Chocolate Eclairs are just some of the amazing treats in these seven boxes. We think this makes an amazing office gift!

Sweet Easter Surprise

It’s a sweet surprise indeed! This green spring basket comes with the usual suspects – a Large Milk Chocolate Easter Egg and Mini Chocolate Speckled Easter Eggs. But also Grandma Wilds Butterscotch Cookies, Belgian Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Pieces, Walkers Dessert Collection Dark Chocolate Coated Brazils, Baronie Belgian Chocolate Mint Sticks with Pure Peppermint Filling and a rich Chocolate Coated Marzipan Loaf. We think it’s ideal for a couple or small family. And once they’ve finished all the goodies, the green-striped woven basket can be reused for picnics in the early summer sun.

Taste of Easter Hamper

Next, we recommend this light and sophisticated orange-coloured hamper for clients. It screams spring and it’s full of treats that adults love. They can crack open the Large Milk Chocolate Hollow Easter Egg or nibble on a Grandma Wilds Butterscotch Cookie. Share the Syrup & Oats Flapjack and Double Chocolate Sweet Muffin or scarf a few Milk Chocolate Speckled Mini Easter Eggs or Baronie Belgian Milk Chocolate Caramel Pralines Pieces between calls. At under £40, it’s affordable and delicious – an Easter hamper not to be missed.

Easter Treats Basket

Lastly, this basket is a sweet deal at only £54.99 and it still features the iconic Lindt bunny and choco eggs with a full packet of melt-in-your-mouth Borders biscuits. If you have aunts, uncles, bosses or grandparents to give a hamper to, this is the one. Once they make it through the traditional Easter treats, there are Grandma Wilds Butterscotch Cookies, Baronie Belgian Chocolate Orange Sticks, Duc d’O Belgian Chocolate Flaked Truffles and Baronie Belgian Milk Chocolate Caramel Pralines to eat too. They’ll have eight treats to share (or not) this holiday – a superb value.

Have questions about our Easter hampers? Talk to our team at +44 (0) 1727 895 900 or email us.