King Charles Coronation: How to Celebrate in style

King Charles Coronation: How to Celebrate

King Charles coronation is a historic occasion for the whole nation. It’s been decades since we’ve crowned a new monarch, so you might be looking for ideas on how to celebrate. With a few weeks left to go, here are some ideas you can jump on to get into the festivities right away.

Plan a street party

Bunting, music, cakes and laughter. Street parties are an amazing UK tradition! And there might even be some funding available from your local council to put on such events. Remember to think about allergens, seating, cutlery, tableware, decorations and music when planning your event. And if you can have King Charles coronation coverage showing on the big screen? Even better.

Learn a maypole dance

Dancing the Maypole is a popular English tradition (as with many other cultures). It consists of dancers -of all ages- frolicking around a raised central pole. Colourful ribbons are tied to this pole and they are held while dancing. It’s a fun and coordinated effort that goes back centuries. And it’s easy to learn! Try some of the PDF guides here.

a picnic basket for King Charles coronation

Couple’s viewing picnic

Grab your Picnic Treats for Two and a tablet with a stand. Host a private viewing picnic with amazing treats for you and your mate. Use your phone as a hot spot (if you have the data) and stream King Charles coronation in real time for you and your hunny. Bring a cheeky bottle of gin to make your own cocktails with the Breckland Orchard Ginger Beer with Chilli and Breckland Orchard Elderflower Drink. Pair it with the savoury Odysea Alexandria Olives in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Brown Bag Crisps – Beetroot, Carrot and Parsnip Crisps, Dry Roasted & Salted Peanuts. Or sweeten it up with the Chunky Apricot Flapjack or Cranberry Burst Flapjack.

Bring it home

Invite all your friends over and put King Charles coronation on the flat screen at home. Curate an amazing butter board and make fresh bread to fill your home with luscious scents. Grab a Great British Tower and give a box away to each one of your guests as a patriotic take-home gift. (And don’t forget the bunting!)

Give back

Part of the official festivities is about giving back to your local community. See what initiatives you can get involved in. Or maybe donate some money to a nearby charity. You can find reputable charities near you on this government website. Don’t forget that just giving your time is an amazing thing and try volunteering if you can. Most charities are very understaffed and need help as much as they need money.

Support your local

Lastly, you could go down to the pub. Many pubs will be showing King Charles coronation live and would welcome your custom. As one of the largest employers in the country, it’s important we help UK hospitality thrive. Search for pubs near you and get in contact via email or phone to see what they’ll have on in May. (Don’t forget to book so you’re not caught out on the day.)