picnic in the fall

How to picnic in the fall

As the UK turns away from summer and into autumn, the leaves change colour and the air gets crisp. However, with just a light jumper, it can still be lovely weather for a day out in the park or by a lake. Ideal as a low-cost activity for families and a romantic afternoon for couples, picnics are universally appealing. So, if you’re wondering how to picnic in the fall, we’re sharing tips. We’ll guide you to the right location for your picnic blanket, how to pack and hacks for convenient dining like fall picnic hampers.

Selecting a pitch

Overall, you want a smooth and dry spot. Since the sun is unlikely to be a large factor in autumn, it’s not necessary to consider shade during a picnic in the fall. A patch of leaves can provide a lovely cushion for your blanket, old towel or purpose-designed picnic mat. Just check that there aren’t any sharp objects or roots growing up into your picnic location before sitting down your fall picnic hampers or DIY picnic kit to prevent injury. Perhaps bring a dustpan and brush to clear any rubbish from your patch before laying out your blanket and food items.

What to pack

We’ll cover food including fall picnic hampers next, but you’ll want plates, cups and utensils in addition to your ground covering for a more DIY option. There are biodegradable disposable varieties that are better for the environment than plastic options. Or you could simply bring some of your usual dinnerware – packaged with care – for use in the park. Store any cold items in an insulated bag and don’t forget to bring a wine bottle opener if you need it. Also include some napkins and cleaning wipes for afterwards. Bring a rubbish bag with you or maybe two, just in case there are not readily available bins at your picnic site. Remember to pack some warm accessories in case the weather turns like mittens, scarves, hats and outerwear.

What to eat/drink

If you want to skip all the faff and invest in fall picnic hampers for your day out; like our Picnic Feast for Two, they include everything you need for a luxurious meal as a couple.

However, if DIY is more your speed, consider packing a mix of sweet and savoury treats. We love nuts, olives, cured meats, pickles, hard cheeses and relish for salty options. For sweet items, biscuits, mini cakes, sweet chutneys, jams and jellies are lovely. To drink, the fall is a welcome occasion for hot beverages like teas or coffees. Keep your hot drinks warm with Thermos like this selection at John Lewis or heat everything up in the car right when you arrive with a travel kettle.  A tipple of whiskey or brandy can be a nice treat as well or you could stick with the more seasonal lighter versions of red wine. As a very festive finisher, you could include desert items with pumpkin, nutmeg, gingerbread or other seasonal flavours to leave a lasting impression on your fall picnic experience.