Win A Luxury Hamper This Father’s Day

Dads have an uncanny ability to be both completely ‘unfussy’ as well as notoriously tricky to buy for. We all know that feeling of wanting to find the perfect Father’s Day gift that will let him know he’s the best Dad in the whole wide world. That’s why we are giving away two lovely Father’s Day hampers, packed with hand selected, award winning treats that every Dad is bound to enjoy.

Enter our giveaway today to be in with a chance to win one of the luxurious hampers below, and make this Father’s Day an extra special one.

Luxury Port & Stilton Hamper

Luxury Port and Stilton Hamper

A must-have classic for every cheese aficionado, this Port & Stilton hamper is a cut above the norm. Featuring delicious Blue Stilton from the famous Cropwell Bishop creamery, cut into a generous wedge, this velvety soft cheese perfectly complements the deep, rich flavour of the Fine Ruby Port. To perfectly finish off this dynamic duo, a trio of chutneys and pickles teamed with Parmesan oatcakes and moreish tomato and sesame biscuits are sure to be a hit with Dad!

English Ales Hamper


English Ales Hamper

The perfect gift for a Dad who loves some closer to home beers. This hamper features three large bottles of hand selected English Ale and is packed with award winning goodies like Cairnsmhor Parmesan & Pepper Oatcakes and Olives with Cumin Coriander & Cardamom. Also full of  mouth-watering chocolates, nuts and lots more irresistible goodies, this hamper is guaranteed to make this Father’s Day a memorable one. Just don’t expect Dad to share it!

How To Enter:

Entering couldn’t be easier! Just take these simple steps:

  • Select your choice of hamper with the Rafflecopter widget below.
  • Complete your entry by leaving a blog post comment explaining why your Dad deserves either the Luxury Port & Stilton Hamper or the English Ales Hamper.

The competition will close at 12 noon on Tuesday 14th June 2016. One winner will be selected for each hamper.

This giveaway is open to UK recipients only.

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    My Dad would prefer the English Ales Hamper. He does enjoy an Ale, plus I wouldnt mind tasting one of those Chocolates, as I know he is kind enough to offer them around, even though he has a sweet tooth! My Father is the best in the World as he is always kind with no agenda; a friend, a witty & funny man, who sees the best in everybody. Why does he deserve it? Other than he is Scottish 🙂 because he can make me laugh out loud, even when I am grumpy or upset and dont want to! So this would make up for all those times he cheered me up.

  2. Janette Pryor

    I know the Port & Stilton hamper would go down really well with the ‘Dad’ in my life and as he’s recently been a hero spending 3 days getting a friends car sorted as well as being surrogate mum to an abandoned 2-3 weeks old kitten, including night-time feeds, I think Terry really deserves a treat just for himself.

  3. frances hopkins

    I lost my dad last year, he would have loved anything with chutneys in, he was amazing, he was mine, if you needed anything he’d be straight there – nothing was ever too much for us, he was my hero. I’d love to share with the kids and and mum for him on fathers day x

  4. lou chaud

    He would love Luxury Port & Stilton Hamper. Though I do not get to see my dad much, he always make time to talk to us, encourage and inspire. Life would be empty without his wonderful advice! Thank you for being there.
    And he is special.

  5. caroline hooton

    My dad sadly passed away a month ago, so will be spending some time at his grave this Sunday. It will be a difficult father’s day, because the first where I can’t give him a card and a present and tell him how much I love him. Although it’s not exactly conventional, would love to actually give my mum the luxury port and stilton hamper instead, to tell her I love her and that I am here for her during this sad time. x

  6. Chris Noton

    Just for being the best – there whenever I’ve needed him, there for my wife and kids, there for my mum, demanding nothing and supporting us through everything.

  7. My Dad – caring, giving wonderful, bright and humble . They say we can’t choose our relatives but if I’d had a choice there would have been no contest! The Port and Stilton hamper would be perfect and such a treat! x

  8. Dave F Barker

    My dads the best ever as he brought me up and made me the man I am today to be caring hones,t hard working & loving #FathersDay

  9. Laura Whittle

    My stepdad Ian is a star! He took on 4 kids that weren’t his own and has been the best Dad my siblings and I could ever ask for. He has always looked out for us and now we’re all grown he’s Grandad to 6 grandkiddies who adore him. He is always helping us out with DIY jobs and looking after the grandkids and deserves a treat! He would love either hamper as he a fan of Port and Ale, but think I would choose the Ale Hamper (then I could nick the chocolate from it lol!)

  10. debbie patching

    port and stilton hamper …because he was a respectful kind and loves his children unconditionally.

  11. Sharon Williams

    I would love to win the Stilton and Port hamper for my dad. He would absolutely adore this. Usually he’d associate Stilton and Port with xmas, a rare and luxurious treat. My dad is just the best, he’s been there for me through everything and now travels the length of the country just to be with his grandchildren or by my side. He’s my inspiration and idol.

  12. Charlotte Bradley

    My dad is the light of my life. If I have any success in my life this is because he taught me to be myself, to be me. I appreciate him so much, for being in my life. No matter what I do or what I say, I know, for a fact, know my dad will be there to support me. He would sacrifice everything for me. Has great sense of humor, good music and excellent knowledge of old time movies. He isn’t perfect, but he is good and simple and loves me in his own way. Since a young age i’ve wanted to be a singer and each time I get up on the stage he’s there, smiling away, filling up with pride and I just want to be able to give him something back, It was be so amazing to win the English Ales Hamper for him.

  13. My father no longer with me so I nominate my son Richard who has always been very supportive to me, English Ales Hamper would be a marvellous treat.

  14. I would love to win either for my Dad but I know he would especially love the ale one. He has been especially amazing this year and has really helped me with my move. He is the best!

  15. Christine Beake

    He is the only person to ever make me cry with laughter, we share the same ridiculous sense of humour and I love him to bits. He would love the Ales hamper x

  16. kellyjo walters

    My hubby would love the stilton and port one… we have furbabies and he is a great dad… they love him so much and both would do anything for each other x

  17. Stuart Dunlop

    My Dad –

    I came into the world, just last year,
    With great joy and many a tear.
    For eight months now, I have grown
    With many a cry, and a little moan.

    I have thrown my food in every direction.
    While Dad looks for any protection.
    My collection of nappies is growing fast.
    But will my hobby ever last?

    I sleep at any time I choose.
    When I awake, Dad’s having a snooze!
    He has large bags under his eyes,
    Looking after me, it’s no surprise!

    My Dad has seen this every day,
    Yet his love has never gone astray.
    I wish I could repay his everlasting love.
    Maybe ‘A English Ales Hamper’ can answer the above?

    Lots of Love
    Baby Kirsty Dunlop

  18. Will Tunnicliffe

    My dad would love the English Ales hamper because he’s been through a lot these past few years, losing my mum to cancer, my brother’s major heart surgery, so I think he deserves a treat and this would be something he would appreciate and enjoy x

  19. jessica cook

    I would love the english ales hamper for my wonderful dad, he is the best dad because he is always there when i need him with the best advice and a hug

  20. Tania Atfield

    I’m entering on behalf of my children who think their dad is amazing because he always wants to have fun with them and listens to their problems, he would prefer the English Ales hamper.

  21. Graham Ross

    I would love to win the English Ales Hamper for my Dad as hes always been there for me no matter what and he has made me the man I am today

  22. My father-in-law definitely deserves the Port hamper for all the work he does for the family. x

  23. Nat thomason

    The port and Stilton hamper . He’s doing a good job cos despite ill health he still manages to keep mum happy . She’s been poorly this year and he stepped up to the plate .


    my kids daddy would be over the moon with the beer hamper, we have been on a seemingly never ending rollercoaster over the last couple of years but he is always there for all of us

  25. Kat Lucas

    Dad used to be a Drayman, so he would love the English Ales. He is one of those adorable gentleman that visits his sick friends and neighbors and nothing makes him happier than sneaking off with me to have an ice cream at McDonalds. He is a man who makes the most out of every little thing

  26. cheryl hadfield

    My Father in Law would love the Real Ale Hamper, he loves to try new Ales in the different places he visits throughout the year, this would be perfect for him from my family this fathers day.

  27. cheryl hadfield

    My Father in Law would love the Real Ale Hamper, he loves to try new Ales in the different places he visits throughout the year, this would be perfect for him for my family this fathers day.

  28. Tracey Foster

    A thoroughly enjoyable delicious hamper 🙂

  29. Melanie Slater

    English Alesha hamper

    My dad truly deservesorry this as he always puts others 1st and never treats himself, he could do with been shown we appreciate him and all his help

  30. Sassie Clarke

    Dad would love the English Ales Hamper – He’s a crate guy who ale-ways gives a helping hand and beer-ly has time to sit down as he’s so busy doing things for others.

  31. Howard Sleight

    English Ales Hamper, please.

    My Dad would really enjoy winning. He is one of the few WW2 RAF Navigators still with us at 92 years young. He lives alone and does all his own shopping, cooking, washing, ironing and gardening. He still drives his little CLIO automatic which he loves.

  32. sarah brooker

    lovely gift set for my lovely Dad. Always there for me & offers great advise when I need it.

    • Hampergifts

      Hi Sarah, Thanks for entering and good luck! Don’t forget to leave a comment saying which hamper your Dad would love the most 🙂

  33. Beverley Cousins

    My dad is best in the world because he fun, not judgemental, always there for us all and most of all he was a fabulous husband to my mother who suffered with a autoimmume disease called Lupus for years it attacked her body until sadly she lost the battle a few years ago..But through it all he kept her smiling and me for that matter even when it was bad times..This hamper would be amazing to win to show him just how much i love him and appreciate him..

  34. Sandra Lane

    My dad drives us all mad with his awful Elvis impressions and his hopeless magic tricks but we love him for his kind and generous nature and wouldn’t have him any other way. He deserves to be spoiled rotten with the lovely Port and Stilton hamper.

    • Hampergifts

      Thanks for entering, Sandra. Good Luck 🙂

  35. i would like to give my dad the english ales hamper.he mows my lawn every week,even does the edges.he could sit ,have a beer and admire his hard work

    • Hampergifts

      Thanks for entering sb, and good luck!

    • Hampergifts

      Hi Chloe, thanks for entering. Don’t forget to let us know which hamper your dad would love and why 🙂

  36. Jean Vaughan

    Having no dad I would love to nominate my sister’s husband who exemplifies everything a real dad should be to her two children from a previous marriage. He has loved and cared for them, taught them morals and manners, played the most exciting games, encouraged them to be whatever they wish to be, sat with them when struggling either healthwise or emotionally and his bear hugs are the best in the world. What a man and what a dad.

    • Hampergifts

      Thanks for your entry, Jean. Good luck in the competition 🙂

  37. Wendy Collard

    I would love to win the Stilton & Port Hamper for my dad. He has always been there for me, through the tears, joys, trials and tribulations without a cross word or an eye roll x

    • Stephen

      The English Ales one, that is! He’s my dad, he’s mostly good, this would cover his dark side 🙂

      • Hampergifts

        Thanks for entering the competition Stephen, good luck 🙂

  38. Catriona Pavey

    My dad is the best in the world because even though he’s a terrible dancer, has a habit of telling awful jokes and thinks making toast counts as cooking, I wouldn’t change him for the world! Ok so he knows exactly how to embarrass me, but he also knows how to make me smile when I’ve had a bad day. I’d love to win him the Port & Stilton Hamper 🙂

    • Hampergifts

      Hi Catriona, thanks for entering. Good luck! 😀

  39. I’d love to win the Luxury English Ales Hamper, this was a hard choice since they both look so good. I would love to win it for my dad because he is always doing as much for as possible, even still when I live 3 hours away. He recently had an operation and cannot work or drive for 2 months, he is a hard working man so I know he deserves a little r and r and I would to be able to treat him.

    Great competition!

    • Hampergifts

      Hi Emma, thanks for entering. Best of luck 🙂

  40. Alice Johnson

    Hello! I’d love to try and win the luxury Stilton & port hamper for my dad!

    I couldn’t be more thankful for him. We really struck jackpot for being blessed with him as our dad! He’s the backbone to our whole family & we wouldn’t be where we are today without him. He has worked everyday for the last 7 years (7 years was the last time my parents had a holiday!) The only days off he has is christmas. Even though he is rushed off his feet, In agony with his joints and having a cancerous lump removed from his throat last year he never complains! It’s his 55th birthday today and all he cares about is making It a good day for the grandkids! He’s honestly one in a bazillion. We Owe everything to him. Alice xx

    • Hampergifts

      Hi Alice, thanks for entering the competition! Best of luck.

  41. my partner is a great dad – always puts his family first and is always fixing things! He’d love the English ales hamper.

  42. Clara Cort

    My husband is the best Dad in the world. He works 6 days a week for our family and I couldn’t appreciate him more. He would love the English ales hamper, it would such a nice treat for him.

    • Hampergifts

      Hi Clara, thanks for entering the competition, and best of luck!

  43. Jorgelina

    My dad is the greatest because I know I can always count on him! I’d love the English Ales Hamper.

    • Hampergifts

      Thanks for entering, Jorgelina 🙂 Good luck!

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