Chocolate Heaven Hamper

Win a luxury chocolate hamper for your Mum this Mother’s day

Win a delicious chocolate hamper for mum this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we at Hampergifts would love to help you spoil your mum by giving you the chance to win one of our luxury hampers. If you think that your mum deserves to be spoilt this year we would love to hear from you!

Chocolate Heaven Hamper for One Lucky Mum

We are offering the Chocolate Heaven Hamper – perfect for chocoholic mums! The luxury chocolate contents include dark orange Belgian chocolates, Lindt mint chocolate and white chocolate drops. To see the full content of this hamper click here.

Chocolate Heaven Hamper

How to enter the competition

To enter the competition all you need to do is tell us why your mum is such a star and why she would love the Chocolate Heaven Hamper by using the Rafflecopter widget below. Good Luck!

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If chocolate isn’t your mum’s cup of tea and she is more of a Champagne lover, then head over to our Facebook page where we are giving away the Champagne Breakfast Hamper to one lucky mum!

Click here to shop our full range of Mother’s Day gift hampers.

Closing date is midday on Friday 26th February 2016.


  1. Charlotte B

    Because she’s my best friend in the whole wide world!

  2. We lost my mum a few years ago so I would give this to my nan. She’s been through so much over the last few years so really deserves a treat.

  3. Gloria C

    My Mum puts everyone before her. She is kind a caring, and deserves a treat 🙂

  4. Andrea A

    I can count on her being there for me no matter what the circumstances, whether it be 3am or 3pm. It’d be nice to give her some chocolates to go with that cup of tea and listening ear.

  5. betony bennett

    Because even though she annoys me like crazy she is still the greatest 🙂

  6. Stacey Leigh

    My beautiful mama deserves to be spoilt this mothers day because she’s been a bit unwell recently with various ongoing conditions, and she never lets it show. She’s so brave, and even runs her own business through it all! She’s a superstar and she deserves to be spoilt every single day xx

  7. stephanie campbell

    shes wonderful. me and my son moved back in with her 18 months ago when my relationship broke down and i was still in uni and working and was struggling just to keep going shes a rock! x

  8. Kristin Burdsall

    My mum is an absolute star. After having my daughter i didn’t want to return to teaching as i wanted to spend as much time with my little girl as possible. She supported me and paid for me to retrain so i could take a new carer path. Thanks to her help and support i am able to have a good work/life balance and think myself very fortunate indeed to have such a fantastic mum

  9. Victoria Dixon

    My mum has just had to have a knee replacement and its getting her down not being able to move around much so this stunning hamper would make her day x

  10. Charlotte Bell

    My mum should be spoiled this Mother’s day because I’ve recently moved out into my first house with my boyfriend and it would be a lovely gift for her to say thank you for being such a fantastic mum.

  11. adrian price

    because she`s managed to put up with me for 47 very long years

  12. karen turton

    like all Mums my Mum is amazing, working hard, putting herself last others first, always with a smile and laugh

  13. Alison Johnson

    She’s just had a major operation but is still trying to help me!

  14. Kim Lam

    Because she had a terrible year last year and this would cheer her up

  15. Mums should be spoiled on mothers day. That even includes breakfast in bed.

  16. karen watt

    My Mum was such an inspiration so wise and mother knows best never judges great listener

  17. Destiny Collins

    Because she is the best person in the world, who loves her children and grandchildren the same, and will go out of her way to take care of those who she loves and cares deeply for.
    She never asks for anything but we all like to spoil her at times like Mothers Day, birthdays even Christmas.

  18. MichelleD

    …because she’s always there to help me out, to listen to me and to laugh with me!

  19. Lisa Pond

    Because she is the glue that holds everyone together 🙂

  20. Maggi L

    I love my mum because she is so supportive and is always here for me. She is my rock and my world! She deserves a wonderful treat. This delicious chocolate hamper is amazing just like my mum! x

  21. Melanie Burton

    Because she helped me get divorced from an evil man!

  22. Jamie Millard

    all mums should be spoiled – superheroes, every last one of them. mine is bonkers but deserving all the same.

  23. My should be spoilt because she always puts everyone first and she deserves to be treated like royalty for a change.

  24. alice lightning

    even though my mum have health issues she,s always there for everyone in their time of need one in a million, and now again a lovely treat says thankyou for being you just to show her that she,s special

  25. Jane Gorton

    You only only have one Mother so enjoy her while you can x

  26. Julie Thomas

    Because she should be put first, after all she has put us first without a moment of selfishness for many years

  27. Lynne OConnor

    for travelling for hours by train every day to visit me while I was in hospital even though she’s nearly 80

  28. Jessica Powell

    My mum is a star because she can do anything. I have never seen anything stop her and she has inspired me to be the person I am today. I would not have the wonderful life I have today if she hadn’t of given me the best start to life. I am proud to call her my mum.

  29. claire blaney

    She’ s so amazing because she has a heart of Gold & she’s unique in everyway xx

  30. Oksana Fitzgerald

    After I had my own child I realised how much my mum has done for me. I would love to spoil her this mothers day with some tasty chocolate that she loves so much!

  31. Ellen Stafford

    Everyone’s Mum is special. Everybody believes their mum is the best mum in the world. This is true. My mum is the best in the world to me. From bringing me into the world, taking me to school when I was a child and taking care of my bumps and bruises; tending my war wounds, scrapes and cuts – kissing it all better and telling me things are going to be alright…all the way to now as an adult where she supports me with her advice, her encouragement but most of all her love. And this is what makes her special to me. She has a special place in my heart and always will do.

  32. Charmian Filewood

    Shes been a little run down with a viral infection so it would be nice to give her a pickmeup 😀

  33. Terri-Louise Dudey

    Every mum is perfect but i love my mum because she is mine xx

  34. Lynsie Lynn

    My Mum deserves to win because she is simply the best! She is always there for me, no matter what time of day or what she’s doing! She has helped me through ill health and has watched and looked after our children when I’ve been in hospital… She’s not only my Mum, she’s also my best friend!! – Amazing giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  35. Laura Vitty

    My mum deserves this because she has helped me retile my whole bathroom walls and floor! She has shown that this girl CAN (when she has her mum to show her what to do!). She’s a DIY genius. Plus she loves chocolate!

  36. Monika S

    Because shes my best friend and I owe her everything I am today

  37. Ashley Phillips

    My mum is a mum in a million who has recently had to start from scratch helping my brother bring up his son after he suddenly became a single dad. She has put her life on hold for both of us at some time in our lives and as a mum now myself, for that I am truly grateful.

  38. Kerry Smith

    Because she is amazing she has spent today looking after my poorly little girl so I can work even though she’s not well herself

  39. Lydia Houghton

    My mum is my absolute hero. Recently retired, my mum has spent thirty years working as a home-care worker for sick, elderly and vulnerable people, enabling them to remain in their own homes and providing them with love, care and a friendly smile, even in the most difficult circumstances. In my opinion, home care workers are one of the most under-paid and under-valued professions. It is horrible to think that one day I might need a carer, but if I do, I sincerely hope it is someone as kind and gentle as my mum.

  40. Crystal Williams

    My mum deserves to be spoilt because she has been through so much recently, she has fought hard to have guardianship of her grandson and has finally got him home with her where he belongs 🙂 Im so so proud of her x

  41. My mum should be spoiled because she has had a difficult time recently – her sister passed away last year and she takes care of my elderly uncle. She also looks after my special needs niece. Add to that she puts up with me and she deserves to have something amazing for mother’s day

  42. Emma Rawlinson

    She does so much for our family and sacrificed her career to raise my sister and I

  43. Karen Dixon

    Because she is the strongest person I know

  44. Claire D

    My Mum gets through tonnes of chocolate every week-this would be her perfect gift!

  45. linda curtis

    AS A THANK YOU for bringing us up single handed which was very hard in the 60/70’s
    but she done the best she could and was a loving caring mum
    then a fab hands on grandmother
    now a doting great grandmother at 78 still loves going running around the park with her great grandchildren

  46. Mother’s Day is almost here, a time to celebrate a Mum so dear,
    This chocolate hamper, such an indulgent treat,
    A perfect gift for a Mum so adored & sweet.
    The choc is a cut above the rest,
    For a special Mum who is simply the best!

  47. Because she’s always there for the whole family and is so selfless.

  48. olivia Kirby

    She is just amazing!! She is the best Mum and Grandma – so much fun, so loving and so kind – she always shares her chocolates!

  49. Because she has been a brilliant help to me with arranging and making the wreaths for my grandparents funerals and helping look after my 2 lovely sons whenever i ask her to, i would be lost without her

  50. Ruth Tesdale

    All mothers should be spoilt including me and my daughter.

  51. Simon Keeping

    My mum should be rewarded as she always puts her three kids and nine grandchildren before herself. She deserves a treat for herself for once.

  52. My mum is caring for a mentally ill family member who’s going through a rough patch, and it’s hard work. She really deserves a treat on mother’s day to tell her how amazing she is.

  53. Carol Emmett

    Because she’s had some health scares recently and I’d love to give her this to cheer her up

  54. Jocelynne Harrison

    Because my mum would give you the shirt of her back if you needed it. She doesn’t have a lot but would do anything for her family. For example I didn’t realise this weekend they were planning on doing work on their car for it’s MOT. My daughters car wouldn’t start and they left theirs and came to fix my daughters without telling us, This meant they were working in the dark each night this week to fix their breaks. Xx

  55. Jessica Hutton

    The doctors couldn’t find the answer to why I was in so much pain all the time I was fainting. I was in a wheelchair most of the time and depressed. My mum refused to give up and after lots of research found a doctor and treatment that could help. She has nursed me through 2 spinal operations, when I was stuck in bed rest and in lots of pain. Been my best friend and my rock. I no longer need a wheelchair am in a lot less pain and have made it back to work part time. She has literally given me my life back xx


    because she is the person that gave me life, without her I would not exist. Both of my parents have been the best you could ever have.

  57. Sarah Lewis

    Because she gets up at 4.30 every day!!

  58. Claire Ward

    Simply because she’s MY mum she looks after all the family and often doesn’t take care of herself enough

  59. Corinne Peat

    My mum should be spoiled this mothers day because I’ve been ill for over two months now and she’s been helping me out loads with all four of my kids. I couldn’t of managed without her!

  60. my mum is such a massive chocaholic so this would be a perfect gift for her! X

  61. Moany Mike

    As with 99.99% of other Mum’s, my mother is special for the love, guidance and support that she has provided over many years since the day I flopped out sobbing into the world 🙂

  62. Donna Caldwell

    I’m a mum of three would love a delicious hamper

  63. Faye Reed

    Because my mam means everything to me. I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s always there for me when I need her and would do anything for me.

  64. Lara Latchem

    because it doesn’t matter that it takes her 4 hours on public transport to visit she does it every week to help me out with my boys

  65. I would win this for my nan as she is just like a mother to me. x

  66. Tim Woolfenden

    Mum spends all day running round after us so it’s payback time

  67. Andrew Hindley

    Because my mums always there to show that she cares

  68. Jennifer McDonnell

    Because she always puts me and my sister first, even if it means she loses out. She’s amazing! X

  69. Leighanne

    Best she’s not only my best friend, she is my inspiration. Such an amazing woman so lucky to have her as my mum

  70. tracey olver

    my mum is wonderful as a single mum of 3 boys, she helps me out a lot, so this would show my appreciation, shes also a massive chocolate fan

  71. Victoria Prince

    My mum should be spoiled with this hamper because she is an absolute legend – she is so kind, caring and selfless and never complains despite the fact she is my full time carer and has given up everything for me. She’s the most amazing woman, I am so grateful to her. She is also a self-confessed chocoholic so this would be very much appreciated!

  72. simon hardy

    I don’t see my mum often so this would be great to let her know that she still means a lot to me!

  73. Andrew Speirs

    Because she deserves it. Short but true.

  74. sion manley

    because shes lovely and allways there when I need her

  75. Lisa Houston

    Shes had a rough 3 years caring for my dad who had dementia. it was very tough on her. he past away last month, just before there golden wedding anniversary. So she deserves a treat to put a smile on her face. even when she was busy with my dad she still had time for her children and grandchildren. she always puts everyone before herself

  76. Michelle Wild

    Because she has alzheimers and is not long for this world. Each minute is found anew each minute so this will be a surprise to her for weeks’. It’s a rotten disease like mice nibbling at your brain at the minute it’s the frontal lobe so she is talking but incoherent. I have lost her.

  77. Ali Thorpe

    She is so thoughtful, without realising it, and it comes naturally to her so it would be amazing to surprise her with a well-deserved hamper 🙂

  78. tina edwards

    my mum passed away when i was 8 years old, leaving my dad to bring up 7 children on his own, he was and still is the perfect father, he went without so much to provide for the 7 of us and would still give us the world if he could, he remarried after the 7 of us was married and settled with families of our own and absolulty adores his 12 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. i would give this to him for being mum and dad to us all as he loves chocolate.

  79. Amy Lambert

    because she is always there for me whenever I need her and offers the best advice

  80. After what she does for us she deserves a treat 🙂

  81. Caroline Cordery

    Because she’s interested in all the details of my life!

  82. Krzysia

    Because she helps out her local community (even though she’s not that well herself). Also she’s also a chocolate connoisseur like me 😉 x

  83. Simon Sheldrick

    she is kind, generous and patient!

  84. Chantel L

    She puts the rest of the family before herself – and with my family that’s deserving of this treat and more!

  85. Kathryn Casbolt

    Mum has just returned home after a spell of five months in hospital. She really deserves spoiling while she tries to regain normality 🙂

  86. esther james

    My step mum needs to be spoiled as she puts up with my dad!

  87. Andrew Knight

    I’m doing this for my 6yr old granddaughter who would love to give her nan a gift for mothers day. they are so close to each other that you need a crowbar to seperate them.

  88. Michelle Jenkins

    My mum past away but I visit her resting place every year, she was the most loving, honest and kind person I ever mat and I miss her every day, she loved chocolate nearly as much as me.

  89. Lisa lewis

    I would like to win this for my daughter who is going to be a Mum in April, she has not been able to eat sweet things during her pregnancy so winning this for her would be perfect xx

  90. caroline doherty

    My mum’s great as she does all my ironing (and she’s 80 this year)!

  91. sue moore

    my mum died on mother’s day nearly 20 years ago. so its not my favourite day even though I’m a mum and a nana.

  92. kim wallace

    because she is in heaven with the angels and i am sad without her, but am a mum myself so suppose i am being selfish

  93. Vicky Loveday

    Because she’s my mum! She’s always on my side with a friendly smile and words of encourage ment

  94. Lucy Major

    because she is always spoiling everyone else and it would be nice for it to be her for a change!

  95. sarah rowland

    because she is amazing plain and simple, we live 12 hours drive apart so i cant just pop in to see her but i know she is always there for me.
    when i had my first son she waited in the waiting room for 15 hours then came in and helped me into the shower and help me get dressed she really is a star

  96. cause shes lovely and deserves a really lovely treat.

  97. srephen smith

    because she bought us all up to do whats right by others and she has always tried to do her best by our family and others

  98. Rachael Mccadden

    because she always supportive and there when i need her

  99. Leanne Bell

    Because she is always doing nice things for others, so it would be lovely to give her a treat of her own. x

  100. Alison MacDonald

    My dad died when I was 6 and my mum brought up 7 children on her own in very hard times such an amazing lady 🙂

  101. Rebecca Townsend

    My mum means the world to me, she is always there for me and I’d love to treat her to her a lovely chocolate hamper ’cause she’s my Super Mum!

  102. Natalie Crossan

    Just simply because she’s the best!

  103. Melanie Southey-Hill

    Because she’s always been my mom and dad 🙂 Love her loads x

  104. kirsty szekeres

    Fantastic prize and a perfect gift x

  105. Sarah Bates

    I have three boys and a husband to put up with! I need chocolate!

  106. I sadly lost my mum so I dedicate this to my mother in law. She is one in a million. Always there for everyone including me. Dotes on her grandchildren and is always smiling no matter what life throws at her.

  107. katrina walsh

    shes always the biggest support in my life and only judges me on the good things I do in life rather than dwelling on the bad

  108. Because she is always there for me even though I am married and live away from home 🙂

  109. Joy Walker

    My mum is amazing, she is so lovely and kind and I would be lost without her 🙂

  110. Elspeth McMillan

    Sadly my Mum is no longer with me I miss her daily but I would love to win this hamper for my Daughter in law a fantastic Mum to my lovely Granddaughter xx

  111. Lorraine Polley

    my mum is no longer with us, but this would be perfect for my daughter louise who is a wonderful mum to daniel and sophia

  112. Petra Beck

    Because she has made an amazing recovery from heart surgery a couple of years ago, and she is now 86 and still going strong! Fabulous woman.

  113. maggie riordan

    Who doesn’t deserve a chocolate treat? We share everything, mum and I, and no doubt we will both enjoy this hamper

  114. Natalie Wild

    Because she deserves the absolute best, for being the absolute best.

  115. my mum deserves this because she never tells me i told you so if i am wrong shes very caring and it always on hand to help me out

  116. Louise Blackah

    My mum is selfless, she is always there for everyone, whether that be community or family. A rock to us all and an example to many. Her love surrounds us all and keeps us safe.

  117. pamela hamby

    my mum is such a warm, generous kind person, she has a heart of gold. She will always help everyone and she expects nothing in return, I would love to win this for her – she made me the person I am today – thanks Mum xxx

  118. Catherine Bell

    My mum is simply the best
    Head and Shoulders above the rest
    Always there no matter what
    She has really been through a lot
    This lovely hamper is just what she needs
    She really deserves it for all her good deeds
    I love her more than words can say
    Please let me win and make her day <3

  119. Annmarie Jefferies

    My mum is the beautiful and selfless person you could ever meet she deserves a treat

  120. Caroline R

    She’s always around when you need her

  121. jo liddement

    Because she always puts her children and grand children first and is such a kind and caring person who is very much loved

  122. Leeanne Clifford

    My mum passed away 10 years ago but I would give these to some of the mums I know that deserve a treat

  123. Maureen Quinnell

    Cause she always looks out for me and deserves a treat

  124. Rebecca roberts

    When i was busy have my baby she did all my shopping!filled fridage freezer nappys clothes shampoo everything i will never forget she must of used ever pennt she had it lasted months!

  125. michelle thompson

    cause she is mine and bakes fab cakes

  126. Louise ryves

    Because she h saga s been a brilliant support throughout my life

  127. Thomas Perry

    My Mom should be spoiled on Mothers day because this is the start of big Month for her. Firstly is Mothers day first, secondly its her 40th wedding anniversary on the 15th of March and then she is 60 on the 18th, I’m going to make sure she has a month to remember

  128. Matt McAndrew

    She raised my brother and I all on her lonesome and continues to take care of me even though we are far apart.

  129. Paige Goodfellow

    My mum deserves to be spoilt because she’s the most amazing mother a girl could ever wish for and she’s done so much for me and my brother and given us all the love in the world, she’s a very special lady

  130. Gilla Abrahams

    …because she’s lovely and she’s mine.

  131. shes always constantly on the go, doing things for myself, my sister and now her grandkids. she deserves a treat for herself!

  132. Lyndsey Beckford

    Because she deserves a treat for being such a special person 🙂

  133. James Holyland

    Because she helps me non stop without complaint!

  134. Kristy Brown

    Because she is simply amazing and has not had the best year health wise but never fails to be there for everyone else

  135. Hayley Mulgrove

    Because she lovesss hampers and it a very special mum indeed she deserves this so much.

  136. Because she was there for me when I was recently ill with Pneumonia – and I’m not the easiest person to be around when I’m ill ! x

  137. Helen Gilbert

    She is and always will be the most important,special and amazing person in my life and I love treating her with surprises and gifts and I know this chocolate hamper will make her Mother’s Day even happier

  138. Lani Nash

    Because she is wonderful, caring and always there for me!

  139. Samantha loughlin

    My mum is truly amazing she was widowed at 59 11years ago after my dad died of cancer they were married 40years and so happy true soul mates. She has remained on her own saying no other man would ever live up to my dads personality and make her happy. She also had life saving surgery herself for years ago and made an amazing recovery. She is always there for us we are very lucky xxx

  140. Anneka Hulse

    My mum deserves a treat for being so thoughtful, kind and caring, sharing her wisdom and never judging , giving the best hugs and baking the best cakes

  141. Keshia Esgate

    she made my wedding cake and five bridesmaids dresses!!

  142. james wright

    my mum is such a star worked hard all her life,with an abusive husband and now at 77 shes bringing up her grandchildren,what an amazing woman i love her a lot

  143. Donna Caldwell

    My mum isn’t with us anymore but as a mummy to three I would love this fantastic treat to celebrate Mother’s Day with the family as that’s what it’s all about family

  144. Karen Smith

    She is always there for me and my family no matter what

  145. Ellie P

    Because she always puts me and my sisters first – and it would be lovely to treat her for a change! Plus she absolutely loves chocolate!

  146. Jennifer Rhymer

    Because she always puts everyone else before herself, she is the kindest person you could ever meet and she asks for nothing in return. She’s lovely 🙂

  147. Solange

    My mum never complains, and is always there for anyone. She’s never got any money because she will invariably give her last pound to someone who needs it. She’s loving, kind and generous.

  148. Caroline Signey

    She overdid it cleaning my house when we moved out last week and now she’s in bed ill, so would love to cheer her up

  149. Angela Kelly

    My Mum should be spoiled because she does everything for everyone else.

  150. My mum would really love this,she’s 93 and my brother always sends the most beautiiful bouquet of flowers.There really is nothing she needs or wants,she doesn’t each very much and going out for a meal doesn’t appeal to her either.She is however,the biggest chocoholic I’ve ever met and she’s so slim,totally unfair,but anyway,she would be so excited to receive a whole hamper full of chocolate just for her,I’d love to see her face light up with such a gift x

  151. Jayne K

    My mum is no longer around, but I’d love to win this for my daughter who became a mum 3 weeks ago.

  152. Jenny Jones

    I’d love to treat my mum to this because she’s a bit of a chocoholic and would be lovely to see her eyes light up when she sees it

  153. Russell

    Mum tought me how to cook French cuisine and speak French. It’s time I spoil her

  154. Leanne Newsome

    Because she deserves a treat and is a wonderful mum

  155. Tony Metcalf

    Because she puts up with all sorts throughout the year, without complaint, and deserves a special treat.

  156. arthur humphreys

    Always a welcome and always something to eat!

  157. Mark King

    I feel every mum is special so good luck to each and every mum that include my
    special mum

  158. Because she keeps going even through illness and inspires all who know her.

  159. elaine stokes

    just for being my mum, always being there when I need her and never telling me ‘I told you so’

  160. Because she tirelessly supports myself and my son who is disabled.
    I really dont know where we would be without her – as I type she is stood doing my ironing whilst I rest! 🙂

  161. my mum is always there when I need her and should have a treat to thank her for all she does

  162. hayley cooper

    My mum is the best,
    A cut above the rest.
    She is a true star,
    a diamond by far.
    She is queen of the bakes,
    you should try her coffee & walnut cake.
    She deserves a treat,
    something that’s right up her street.
    To say thanks a million,
    I love you trillions!!
    When things are glum,
    there she is MY MUM!!

  163. because she lives on her own abroad and I can’t get out there for Mothering Sunday so would love to be able to treat her to something like this instead.

  164. Donna Lawton

    I’m expecting baby number 2 and my mum has been helping out whilst I decorate the house all over in preperation.

  165. Mark King

    We all say our Mums are the best but my mum was a nurse for 45 years and enjoyed
    caring for each and every one but unfortunately she had to pack up work which made
    her very depressed. She had to have a pacemaker now she is so low all the time.
    So please cheer her up. Thank you Mark King.

  166. kim neville

    She is very thoughful and always goes out of her way to help everyone and deserves a nice treat

  167. Samantha Atherton

    My Mum should be spoilt everyday not just mothers day, she is so strong & our family would be lost without her.

  168. Roseanna Scott

    she deserves the best. she brought me and my sister up single handly..which was no easy task. we were not the easiest of kids. she still supports us and motivates us every day

  169. Mum is so supportive with my illness and helps in every way she can. It would be a fab gesture of saying thank you for all her love and help over the years to give this to her on Mother’s Day. She loves chocolate! (@PeanutHog)

  170. Katie Coggan

    My mum is recovering after major Carotid surgery x x

  171. Kristina Trick

    My mum is a community carer for the elderly so she works very hard to look after other people and it would be nice to look after her and spoil her with this surprise.

  172. Caroline S

    Because she’s too modest about herself and her achievements, and I’d like to spoil her this year.

  173. Ruth Harwood

    because she’s turning 60 and its her 40th wedding anniversary too xx

  174. Allan Fullarton

    What a lovely prize! Looks great. Mother would love this.

  175. Georgia McAllister

    My mum really deserves a chocolate hamper because whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, a word of advice or a really good laugh, she’s always there for me.

  176. david cavender

    she’s kind, caring, mindful of others, great advice giver, and the greatest of mums.

  177. Loma Wood

    The older you get the more you need spoiling – that’s why my Mum should win!

  178. Ruth Goddard

    She has supported me through everything I have done

  179. David Douglas

    All mums should be spoilt because they give up a lot for us!

  180. Chloe M Bailey

    Because she’s extremely selfless and has already done so much for others this year xx

  181. I would love to win for my Mum as she has become a very fussy eater as she has aged, but one thing you can guarantee she’ll eat is chocolate! If it wasn’t for chocolate I’m sure she would have wasted away completely by now!

  182. Bryanna Martonis

    My mum is my hero. She is superwoman. And, like all great superwomen, she has a sweet tooth! #lovemymum

  183. Michelle C

    My Mum works hard as a Nurse and also cares for my Grandparents but is also more than willing to help me with my Children. So I think she more than deserves to be spoiled this Mother’s Day!

  184. Pauline Wilson

    Mothers Day is the one day of the year Mums should get spoilt and treated for all they do all year

  185. donna baxter

    because she’s my mom and she has always been there for me no matter what

  186. Debbie Preston

    I would spoil my mother-in-law as she has always been there for me since my Mum died

  187. Stuart Dunlop

    My Mummy –

    I came into the world, just last year,
    With great joy and many a tear.
    For eight months now, I have grown
    With many a cry, and a little moan.

    I have thrown my food in every direction.
    While Mummy looks for any protection.
    My collection of nappies is growing fast.
    But will my hobby ever last?

    I sleep at any time I choose.
    When I awake, Mum’s having a snooze!
    She has large bags under her eyes,
    Looking after me, it’s no surprise!

    My mummy has seen this every day,
    Yet her love has never gone astray.
    I wish I could repay her everlasting love.
    Maybe ‘A Chocolate Hamper’ can answer the above?

    Lots of Love
    Baby Kirsty Dunlop

  188. Miren Vadera

    Shes literally one in a billion!! 🙂

  189. charlotte clavier

    Id like my mum to win because she very rarely treats herself to anything & id love to treat her with this. Shes means the world to me. More than words can say. I know she would be chuffed to bits if she received this on mothers day 🙂

  190. Lisa Wilkinson

    Because she is always there for us in our times of need. She is just so selfless when it comes to her family.

  191. Jodie Hutchinson

    Because my mum is also my best friend, she has done so much for me and deserves the world!

  192. Carly M

    Because I can never afford to get her the gifts she deserves and this would be a great gift! 🙂

  193. Katie Walker

    My mother in law deserves this because she has taken me in as a daughter and shown me such love I feel blessed to be her daughter in law.

  194. Dee anne Partridge

    All mom’s are the best but mine is the best of bests

  195. abigail edkins

    Because shes my mum and Im hard work 🙂

  196. Michelle Smith

    She deserves a treat she’s the best mum in the world.

  197. peter stickland

    Because she bloody loves chocolate and would devour that hamper like it was easter!

  198. carole nott

    Because she is one in a million, and is always there for me

  199. Simon Collinge

    Shes always there for me and always will be 🙂

  200. Denielle Nicol

    She has taught me the most important jobs of my life and what’s important to have in it 🙂 Dxx

  201. Lindsay Davies

    My wonderful Step Mum, she has been fantastic and I feel so very lucky to her.

  202. Louise Asekokhai

    She works hard for the local community, babysits loads and makes great cakes so deserves a treat!

  203. Anthony Martin

    My Mum gave me life and brought me into this world,
    What greater a gift could anyone give?
    for without my Mum how could I live xx

  204. Sarah Brokenshire

    Because my mum has been an absolute star with helping me with my new baby and I know have a new form of appreciation for her 🙂 xx


    Because no matter has been said or done in the past she has always been there for me

  206. Francesca Brown

    My mum deserves everything and anything, after having breast cancer twice while i was little yet still bringing me up and being there to help me become the person I am now, I would give her everything in the world if I could. She’s not only my mum but my best friend and i love her more than anything.

  207. Always there in the background for help and guidance if required without recriminations!

  208. tracy baines

    I’m afraid I would have to treat the rest of my family as my lovely mum is no longer with us

  209. Ursula Hunt

    My Mum should be spoiled this Mother’s Day because even though she is 84 years old she is still there for me every step of the way. Her love and devotion is undying

  210. Kelly Goodall

    Shes been through a lot this past few months and this would put a smile on her face

  211. Mark Hayes

    Because it would be great for my mum to have her smile back and give my nan some smiles while in hospital with a broken hip and share with her 🙂

  212. Lucy Robinson

    Because she is a super duper mum. x

  213. Angela Williams

    She cares for my Dad and does not grumble

  214. Scarlett Dowie

    My mum will be recovering from surgery for some time and I’ll be going over to keep her company lots would be nice to give her a hamper to make her feel better

  215. Theresa M

    I no longer have a Mum, but, I do have a daughter who is a Mum, and she is the very best so I like to join in with my son-in-law and grandchildren celebrating her on Mothers day … because she makes me very proud, what’s that saying … the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree :0)

  216. Katherine Coldicott

    My mum is kind, caring, always remembers to buy my favourite ice cream & loves to dance with my 3 boys.

  217. Saran Benjamin

    My mum is just a chocolate addict so she would love this hamper

  218. Collette Mackey

    Because she looks after her nightmare of a husband every day and totally deserves a treat

  219. kelly edwards

    I love my mum dearly…..and we both love chocolate DEARLY! We’d enjoy this super prize together x

  220. sandy ralph

    because my mum is the rock of our family, shes raised all 7 of her kids well with many struggles along the way but shes just accepted it all and got on with it, now we have all grown up and have families of our own but shes still there if we need her, and shes also coping with my dad who can hardly get around anymore, but does she get many treats? no and i for one think she deserves one just for being my wonderful mum

  221. clara cort

    2 months ago it seemed that we’re gonna loose Mum…she was diagnosed with stomach cancer and needed an operation immediately. Miraculously she pulled through and recovered really well from such a complicated surgery. Since then, we’ve had two chemo therapy, and still a few to go, but her spirit and optimism giving hope to everyone in the family, and a lot of reasons to smile about! We’ve just celebrated her birthday this weekend, and it was such a joyful occasion! I just want to spoil her with her favourite thing- chocolatem because she so deserve it!

  222. My mum would absolutely adore this, she deserves a treat like this! 🙂 She does everything she possible can for me and everyone else and never treats herself, it’s time for her too!

  223. Liz Briggs

    My Mum is my inspiration and everything I hope I can be as a mother 🙂

  224. Kimberley Harris

    Not only is my mum amazing but we currently have a dieting bet on and if she wins this yummy hamper I will definitely win the bet!!! 🙂

  225. Jorgelina

    I’d like my fiance’s mother to win this hamper because at the moment I’m living far away from my own mom and she’s always looking out for me if I need anything…she’s a great woman!

  226. Because she is always there when I need her.

  227. Sherri-Anne

    My mum is always working hard to make sure we have everything we need!

  228. My mum, is my rock. She works full time as a teacher whilst supporting 5 daughters, and my dad. As a teacher, her focus is always on her students but, she still always manages to make time for all of us individually and maintain our home.

  229. Anthea Holloway

    Because she is so inspirational and loving and she doesn’t get to eat many chocolates because my father (her husband) is diabetic so she tries not to tempt him!

  230. Marie cozens

    My foster mum deserves this for simply looking after me as a child. Amazing lady

  231. Valerie Seal

    she’s looked after our difficult Dad for years – and she’s 92 and ill herself!

  232. Kristyn Harris

    My mum should be spoiled this mothers day because she is always so busy spoiling everybody else. Now is her time!

  233. Wendy Smith

    My mum is my best friend, my keeper of secrets. She has been there for me through the good times and the bad, laughing with me or providing a shoulder to cry on plus she’s a chocoholic

  234. Donna Craggs

    My mum should be spoiled as at nearly 70 years old she is amazing, walking dogs daily, cooking for the family and generally devoting her time, love and energy to others.

  235. Max Power

    Because she puts up with far too much stress the rest of the year.

  236. amanda richardson

    As I am estranged from my own Mum I would give this to my mother-in-law who has been like a mum to me in recent years xxx

  237. John Harrison

    My mum is the best and I don’t tell her often enough how much I appreciate and love her – this would be ideal for her as chocolate is one of the few things she can enjoy – she is allergic to alchohol [no perfumes] doesn’t smoke, is gluten intolerant and has severe arthritis and doesn’t get out much. So thank you for the opportunity to win her some happiness.

  238. Martina Alban

    because she is our one in the million and always will be

  239. Mark Beynon

    I haven’t got a mother, but i could happily eat it in her memory!

  240. Joanne Welsh

    My mum does everything for everyone, even when it isn’t appreciated. She also took out a loan to take me to New York for my birthday last year because i’d always wanted to go. She deserves to be treated for being so amazing

  241. Joanne Pearson

    My mum deserves to be spoiled with this hamper because she has looked after me for the past couple of years while I have been unwell and chocolates are the best way to say thanks x

  242. Isabelle Smith

    because i love her and she loves chocolate

  243. Lucy Black

    She is kind & caring and helps me with everything!

  244. Julie Ward

    No ma this would be for daughter in law, she’s on a diet so I def help out big style, one for you and the rest for me

  245. Jacqueline Chapman

    My Mum would love this. She’s such a sweetie, it’s perfect for her 🙂

  246. Eva Appleby

    Because this would be a great gesture to show appreciation

  247. Allan Wilson

    My mum drops everything to come and help look after her grandchildren (300 miles away) when we are struggling – the hamper would be a great way of saying thank you.

  248. Lillian Fisher

    Because she is always there for me and is great company as well as a fantastic grandmother.

  249. fiona cullen

    my mum deserves this chocolatey treat because she is kind,helpful and I would love to say thankyou

  250. Lucy Chester

    Because my mum loves chocolate and deserves a treat after all her hard work bringing us all up and now spoiling her grandchildren

  251. genna st michael

    My mum is always there for me, she’s always willing to drive the 4 hours to mine if I’m ever struggling with a warm hug, a reassuring smile and lots of love. She’s fab, strong and kind. I love her, simple (plus she’d share the chocs with me!)


    Because she is a mum in a million and shes mine xx

  253. Carrie Truckle

    My mum always looks after everyone. She cooks for all us kids and grandkids. She spoils us all and it would bet nice for her to be spoiled for a change.

  254. Because she deserves spoiling after a very bad year. Would love to win this for her as she is so deserving.

  255. nicola clarkson

    Because she looks after my son whilst I am at work, saving me childcare costs

  256. sarah rees

    she looks after my kids when I work and helps me wherever I need it

  257. Sara Dunn

    Because she has always supported me and my other three siblings through everything and is constantly doing things for us although we do not live at home anymore. She is also a carer for my dad and is there even when life isn’t easy. She definitely deserves spoiling.

  258. Alice OConnor

    She’s a fab mum and has a serious chocolate addiction so this would be the perfect gift!

  259. Anne Alexis O

    She’s a real sweetie with a big sweet tooth!!

  260. because she deserves a lovely surprise for putting up with me for the last 50 years!

  261. Annette Oliver

    Because she’s always there for me and helps me all the time

  262. Rachel Stephenson

    My mum spends all year treating me so this would be a great gift and she loves mint chocolates.

  263. joanne darnell

    she is everything i inspire to be

  264. Emily Clark

    She should be spoiled because shes brilliant – but also because I know she’ll make that chocolate last for ages! She’s very good like that.

  265. gemma hendry

    she shud b spoiled as always there for me n my fiance n will b there wen giv birth in march

  266. Andrea Fletcher

    She has been looking after my dad who is very ill and does it without a complaint even though she is not in the best of health herself so it would be lovely to treat her.

  267. Adrian Bold

    My Mum has been through a lot in the last year, but she’s always been there when I’ve had lows as well. A special gift would make her day.

  268. Ruby Warwick

    It isnt my mum that deserves a treat but my sister (mother of 3) really could do with a special something!

  269. clara bee

    Because she’s so selfless and for once I’d like for her to be treated

  270. Kayleigh White

    Well, she’s getting over a lot of stuff at the moment – so she deserves a treat!

  271. Haydn Dunant

    On behalf of our children……..this mum is just the most loving and supportive person in the world and we all love her dearly and hope her bad back gets better soon. Perhaps we could use chocolate as medicinal treatment.

  272. Lauren Old

    Because she’s always busy working and doing chores around the house and this would be a great way to wind down

  273. Julie D

    because all Mums need to be spoilt, they all deserve it after all they do for us, that’s for sure!

  274. Emily Knight

    Because she loves chocolate – simple! 😀

  275. Jim Kerr

    I would give this gift to my daughter, as she has had her third baby just two months ago and needs a treat.

  276. Olga carpenter

    Unfortunately I have no mum my mother in law is so kind and helpful to us both she deserves an amazing prize

  277. Eva Vida

    because she is lovely,caring,best friend and many more and she will be 81 years old in March,so I would love to spoil her 🙂 Thank you for the chance

  278. KATHY D

    She spoils me all the year round so it is her turn now

  279. Marta Lewanska

    Beacuse she lives very far and would never expect this to arrive by post!

  280. joanna brand

    My mom really deserves this as she has been doing all of my washing for me!! We were victims of fraud online whilst trying to buy a new machine, so when it didn’t arrive she stepped in and took over my laundry – bless her!! xx

  281. Bridgette West

    She has been through a lot lately with my Dad having his kidney removed due to cancer, she was a nurse for over 40 years until she retired but she looked after him until he was back on his feet and never let him know how worried she was 🙂

  282. Christine Reid

    My sister Mary is my `Mum` now, she is pretty special and always smiling. Would be nice to spoil her.

  283. andy burns

    My mum like many others have worked hard all her life, bought up a family and still helps look after her great grandchildren so she definitely could do with spoiling

  284. Jan Johnson

    I know I am fighting a loosing battle but 6th March is Mothering Sunday, Mother’s Day is an American invention, sometime in May

  285. Margaret Lee-Roberts

    She’s no longer with me and is so missed. My daughters are mothers now, so we would share it in her memory.

  286. Michaela Smith

    Because she’s EGGSTRA SPECIAL ^^ 🙂

  287. patrick quilty

    to let her know how much we love her

  288. My mum is the most selfless person I know as she always puts others before herself and she’s absolutely amazing

  289. Jason Chambers

    She had a bit of a funny turn the other day, which brings things to light what maybe you put to the back of your mind. Shes been a great mum for the last 46 years for me and it would be lovely to be able to treat her to a beautiful hamper,

  290. Abigail Cullen

    My mum always puts others first and is a very giving person, this hamper would make a lovely gift to thank her for being so generous over the years, she also likes good quality chocolate, so this would make her day.

  291. don erwood

    My mum has been a great source of strength and support to me over the last few years especially and this would make her day.

  292. kimberley ryan

    raising 5 children whilst disabled deserves a treat

  293. Phil Morris

    A MUM ! ….. So many sacrifices. So little complaints. Sums it up perfectly.

  294. Joanne Higgins

    all my family live on the Isle of wight except us, and although we can’t afford the boat fare to visit as often as we would like, my mum visits us as often as she can, even if it’s to look after our son while we take out daughter to next hospital appointment. she is always at the end of a phone call and a boat ride away. I won’t be seeing her on mothers day this year, but maybe this chocolate hamper would go someway to showing her how much she is loved xx

  295. Kirsty Sparks

    Because she’s amazing and would do anything for me 🙂

  296. My Mum is not only my Mum she’s also my friend. She’s always there when I need her including at the birth of my children. If I go to her for advice she doesn’t tell me what I want to hear she tells me what I need to hear. She’s a fantastic Nan to my children and she’s so special my daughters middle name is hers.

  297. Sarah Davison

    Because she loves chocolate and we all help her eat it.

  298. amanda coffman

    My mom has had a rough year. Her brother took his own life last January and then she was the carer for her mom who has dementia. Her mom broke her hip so had to have a hip replacement, the anaesthetic made the dementia worse, so therefore my nan had to go to a home. So my mom in theory lost two members of her family in a short space of time. To top it off she’s been suffering from shingles 🙁

  299. Emma Perry

    my mum should be spoilt this mothers day because since I became disabled 4 years ago she has gone above and beyond to look after me, she is in her 70’s and riddled with athritis and other illnesses herself but she literally breaks her back to do all my housework, cook for me, wash and dress me when I can’t, change my bed sheets, cook for me, literally everything….she is my rock and I love her to bits. She deserves a treat and I would love to win this for her xxx



  301. laura stewart

    because my mum is very special xx

  302. Anthony G

    Mum has sacrificed, and continues to sacrifice, much for the good of the family, taking on burdens but not letting it show. She truly demonstrates unconditional love. We don’t show her the appreciation she deserves. She should be made to feel special and loved (because she is!)

  303. Kat Lucas

    She is always doing for her family and friends and is always the first to offer her support and help where ever it is needed

  304. My mom deserves this cause she’s been going though ruff times so she needs something to lift her spirt

  305. she loves chocolate – however, she also loves to share, so I think many of the family and neighbours would get a bit from this hamper 🙂

  306. Lisa Evans

    She puts everyone before herself and deserves to be spoiled rotten!

  307. jenna rothen

    she always give looks after everyone and doesn’t expect anything back in return

  308. because I don’t show her enough what I really think of her.

  309. Sarah S

    My mum should be spoiled because she has such a lot on her plate at the moment. She could do with some “me time”.

  310. Donna Gavin

    Because she taught me how to be fierce… nothing can top that! But chocolate is a good start 😀

  311. Danielle Rawlings

    Because she is due for an operation soon and I would love to give her something

  312. Louise Smith

    My mummy is the bestest in the whole wide world because she gives me cuddles and buys me nice things.
    From Jasmine x

  313. Sadiyya

    My mum has a real sweet tooth and so deserves a special treat. After many years of miscarriages and fertility treatment we were finally blessed with our daughter . And seeing my mum’s joy and love was beautiful. Throughout the painful and difficult journey, my mum was my rock. Each time I felt I couldn’t do it and was full of grief for our lost babies, she would hold me up and give me strength and belief. Her holding my daughter made me appreciate her even more as without her I wouldn’t have been able to do it.

  314. Vicky Limerick

    Because she works so hard for everyone but herslef

  315. helen tovell

    Because she is always there when I need her.

  316. Sarah Mackay

    As my mum always puts herself last and puts all her spare time into fundraising for local charities

  317. Andrew Ferris

    My mum has been on her own now for about one and a half years and yet she is still there for me and her two other children.A stunning gift like this would be magical for her.

  318. She taught me to enjoy the little things in life as they all add up to make the bigger picture, valuable advice for me and this would certainly be one of those moments to enjoy.

  319. lindsey stuart

    My mum should be spoilt this mothers day because It is the first mothers day she will be at home in 5 years! she has worked away for the last 5 mothers day and the last 3 christmases
    She is not only my mum but also my best friend and the most loyal person in my life

  320. Helen Hodgson

    Because … Mam is brilliant, supportive & full time carer to my dad

  321. Sheila Reavy

    She’s always rushing around doing things for everyone else, she deserves a treat for herself.

  322. Jenny Klin

    My mum deserves this as she is so selfless

  323. julie williams

    Because the really is the best Mum and Grandmum. She looks after my children after school so I can work full time, and has just had them for half term for the week! She really is No 1 🙂

  324. sharon martin

    my mum is special because although we may not always get along i know shes always their for me and like me is a chocoholics so would be in chocolate heaven with this

  325. Sarah Pybus

    Not my Mum but my Mother in law. She is genuinely an amazing lady who would drop everything to help us out and is always there when we need her, our children adore her and so do we 🙂

  326. Katie Skeoch

    She’s an absolute star & she just loves chocolate!

  327. Heather T

    My Mum’s been ill and is struggling to recover. I would love to win this and put a smile back on her face.

  328. Amy Beckett

    She has to put up with my brother an dad,

  329. Stacey Bluett

    Mum has always put me and my 5 sisters first, however old we now are! She is always there for us when we need a chat or a hug or a moan and this hamper would be a fantastic way to say thank you!

  330. Rich Tyler

    I owe my life to my mum & gave up so much 4 me, she’s forever caring, never judging, always loving, just AMAZING!

  331. Bex Jones

    My Mum and I both have Fibromyalgia … we also have a lot of other conditions that we both struggle with daily .. I wish I could take her pain away as she has been the best Mum ever throughout my life, she doesnt deserve to suffer at all. She is always there with a hug or the right words of advice … she is truly amazing and my best friend xxx

  332. Vicky Torrance

    Because although it is a cliche, she deserves it.

  333. Helen Gossage

    She always stays calm among chaos 🙂

  334. Katrina downie

    My mum should be spoiled because she’s the glue that holds our family together

  335. Laura Pritchard

    She’ll be, with my dad, renting out their house, quitting their jobs, and going backpacking round the world for a year (aged 60 & 61) – that’s so brave!

  336. Ray Dodds

    Shes very very special and looks out for all of us

  337. Susan Ellins

    Because she does so much for everyone else

  338. Angela McDonald

    As my mum adores chocolate and she’s given it up for Lent right now! This would be the perfect treat for her once Lent is over!
    She’s also amazing, always there and makes me smile everyday!

  339. Michael

    because she has helped throughout my life

  340. Jo Bryan

    I am hoping that you will accept me nominating my Grandmother, she raised me for a lot of my childhood and teens, was always there for me and now I care for her, she is 96, good health but does not go out, so I aim to bring happiness to where she is, this would make her day

  341. Kiran Parry

    She does so much for me and she needs something special so I can say thank you for everything she’s done.

  342. Tammy Tudor

    She is there for me and others! she is the kindest person I know 🙂

  343. Nicola Phipps

    My Mum isn’t just my Mum, she is my best friend, a huge inspiration to me and others that know her and also the best grandmother I could have ever dreamed of for my two young children xx

  344. Nicki Xstitch

    My Mum is a star because I’ve got some mental health conditions and no matter when I need her she’s always there for me, especially recently since I gave birth to my first child. She taught me how to be a Mum and she’s amazing. She would love to win the hamper because she loves chocolate and loves to share it with the family.

  345. Ruby Spiteri

    Because she amazing, caring, loving and always puts everyone first before herself, she deserves a special treat, lovely giveaway x

  346. She works really hard and has done all her life. Would be nice to surprise her with something lovely like this 🙂 x

  347. Stacey Carnell

    Because she’s just lost her best friend and she is the best Mum in the world <3

  348. Because she would share it with me, only kidding, my mum has spent the last 18 months battling a serious illness & we almost lost her a few times. It was the most hideous time ever. She was such a trooper & is the most amazing mum & grandma. We all love her so much & want her to know that she is just the best

  349. Sarah Louise

    She works really hard and has done all her life. Would be nice to surprise her with something lovely like this 🙂

  350. denise cross

    My mum is the best because she is always there for us, no matter where in the world we are


    My mam is fantastic, shes the heart of our family and never complains.

  352. Lorraine Tinsley

    She’s amazing and I couldn’t cope without her, she looks after my kids when I go to work and she even cooks my dinner so I don’t have to cook.

  353. Marc Chivers

    As she has had to put up for me for 33 years

  354. My mum always works really hard to bring everyone together and spends ages preparing for our visits but never complains about all the extra work!

  355. Anthony Harrington

    I would love this for my Wife who is a terrific Mum and now Grandma, she deserves a lovely treat.

  356. frances hopkins

    Simply because she’s my best friend, and she deserves to smile x

  357. Lynsey Buchanan

    My mum is always putting others first she deserves a treat,

  358. Nicki Evans

    Because she’s a bit down at the moment as she’s trying to move house and it keeps all falling through.

  359. Angela treadway

    Because she is always there unselfishly x

  360. Because she dare’s to take on my weekly wash!!

  361. Hannah Smith

    This is the first mothers day my mum will be spending without her mum as sadly she passed away in the autumn, so I think she deserves this hamper to cheer her up 🙂

  362. Paula Burnside

    She deserves to get this for being so lovely. She is always there for me and my sister and always has an entourage of grandchildren with her wherever she goes.

  363. helen newton

    She works so hard , she is a carer in a nursing home and even worked on her birthday this year … she is always looking after everyone and would love for her to have a treat 🙂

  364. Sarah Red

    She deserves it, she’s a hardworking loving mother, wife and Grandma! Plus I have lots of making up to do still left from my teenage years…lol.

  365. My Mother meant the world to me,she was always there to either pick up the pieces or congratulate me ,good or bad,nothing was too much trouble

  366. William Gould

    My old Mum should be spoiled as she had a heart valve replacement operation in December, the first time she has ever been in hospital as a patient! She was recovering well, but then fainted after a shower and cracked some ribs! She has been recovering well from that, but has now learned she needs another heart valve replacing!!! Never rains, but it pours…..

  367. Because she spends the rest of the year spooling everyone else.

  368. My stepmum deserves to be spoilt this Mothers Day as she is a lovely person, who is kind and caring and treats me as her own.

  369. Jemma Beynon

    My mum deserves this because she is very special and works very hard but always has time for me

  370. Bob Clark

    Like every mum she is the best mum in the world

  371. Because she is very special, a great support and always there for us.

  372. Trudi Walsh

    Because she has done so much for me and my family, I would love to be able to treat her just to say thank you.

  373. Anna Hewitt

    Because she has to put up with me, and even though she might not always agree with my decisions she always supports them x

  374. claire woods

    Because she cooks me dinner every Sunday and I need to say thank you.

  375. Michelle O'Neill

    i do not have a mother, my nan bought me up, sadly shes has passed now, so i would give this to my daughter, she is a hard working single mum, that deserves a treat x

  376. Lindsey Loftman

    My mum is so kind and patient. She is always positive and finds good in everybody c:

  377. Angie Hoggett

    Because she’s kind, caring, completely selfless and everything I aspire to be!

  378. Kate O'Neill

    Because she”s not my actual mum – my mother died when I was young, and my stepmum has been brilliant, proving an amazing mother to me and then a grandma to my kids. It takes a lot to take on someone else’s child and truly love them as your own, but she’s done it

  379. Sandra Lane

    My mum has devoted her life to looking after her children and grandchildren and I think it’s her turn to be spoiled now. She would be so thrilled with one of your lovely hampers.

  380. Laura Jeffs

    Because she is an amazing mum and she truly is my rock! Always there when I need her, don’t know what I’d do without her

  381. karen hill

    My mother in law , has been amazing to our little boy and had such a rough illness at the start of the year , now on the mend would be a lovely treat x

  382. Linsdey C

    Because, even at 35, I am still her little girl and she is always there to pick up the pieces and fight my corner, no matter how tough things are

  383. Susan Smith

    Because she spoils everyone else, and always forgets about herself, she sometimes forgets her age when running around after people, so as my mum, is a mum in a million she deserves an extra special treat.

  384. amy fidler

    She’s always been my best friend not just my mum,she deserves to be spoilt rotten x


    because she is always there to turn to when I need some motherly advice.

  386. claire griffiths

    my mum is no longer with us but i would love this for my gran as she has always been like a second mum to me as she has been there through all the good and bad times

  387. emma moss

    my mum should be treated because she is so nice and is always there to help me when ever i need her

  388. ….because she’s always there for me – Thank you Mum x

  389. My mum is amazing, always thinks of everyone else and could do with a treat for herself. She gave up her job as a special needs teacher to become a full time carer for my grandmother, but still always finds time for me- I think she’s incredible!

  390. As my own mum is lactose-intolerant (like me), I would nominate my mother-in-law, who has worked hard for voluntary agencies for her whole adult life despite having polio. My mum-in-law is one of those people that tries to see the best in everyone, to help wherever she can, to make time for people, and to act as an advocate for other disabled people fighting for their rights. A chocolate hamper would be a lovely way to say we love her and to acknowledge her tireless dedication to several charities/ fingers crossed.

  391. Maureen findley

    because shes inspirational and a fantastic person.

  392. Because she’s watching my kids so my husband and I can have an archery day!

  393. Mari Sutherland

    All mother’s deserve to be spoilt with chocolate on Mother’s day!

  394. tracy sinclair

    Because she’s always thinking of others, never herself and even though she has alot of health problems now, will go out of her way to do favours if asked, rarely says no, so really deserves a well earned treat x

  395. Dylan Calderon

    because she has spent so much time helping me become who I am

  396. kate philpott

    my mother in law she is like my mum always there for me even when im having a moan about her son lol she is a great nannie a great mum she really should get a great treat

  397. Rachel craig

    My Mum is a chocolate lover. She enjoys chocolate, whilst she also enjoys sharing chocolate with family and friends. Most with a cup of tea and a chat.

    My Mum has been a Mum to her family, and accepted our friends as part of the larger family. Many feel at home with her as she is Delightful, always considering others. It would be nice for her to get this treat, as it would be such a surprise. Bringing a cheerful smile to her face, for us all to see and enjoy.

  398. Pat Stubbs

    My mum is gone but my daughter is a fabulous mum to my grandchildren. A brilliant cook, great sports enthusiast and wonderfully supportive daughter to me during my recent mastectomy and chemotherapy. Most of all she makes her children happy which os a great achievement these days.

  399. Vicky Cole

    She’s always been there for me, always patient and kind and nothing is too much trouble. Now, she’s doing it all again for her grandchildren.

  400. Barbara Knight

    My mum-in-law spoils us every weekend with coffee and cakes, so it would be nice to spoil her for a change.

  401. Paul Rogers

    She supported me through uni for 2 sessions and is a brilliant listener

  402. Alice Hurren

    Because my mum us a star and deserves something nice!

  403. Sharon Terry

    My Mum deserves to be spoilt on Mother’s Day because she’s a total star 🙂

  404. she deserves it as a reward for her endless love and consideration of others and for putting everyone else`s needs in front of her own.

  405. Terri Mathewson

    Because she is not only my mum but a foster mum to many other children who adore her

  406. Linda Bilson

    My Mum did a wonderful job bringing up my sister and myself in difficult circumstances, I love her so much and she just loves chocolates although she is always telling us that she really shouldn’t have them as she is getting a bit plump.

  407. Chanette Kennedy

    Because she’s had a really rough few years but still always puts everyone else first so I think she could do with a bit of spoiling

  408. Karen Davey

    cos she hardly ever says i told you so and she gives the best hugs !!

  409. Kim Gilbert

    Because all Mums make great sacrifices for their children and its be nice to give something back

  410. Michelle Cooper

    Because you she always there for me no matter what decision I make – even the stupid ones 🙂

  411. I could talk about my mum’s “qualifications” in this respect: she worked all hours as a single mother (despite her disability) to provide for me and my sister and still works hard as a carer. The main reason, though, is that she’s MY mum. I can’t afford to give anything back for her so this would be a lovely start

  412. Chris Andrews

    Why should your mum be spoiled this Mother’s Day with a chocolate hamper?
    ooohhh l love easy questions . . . . .because she’s special to me

  413. sarah burton

    Because she is a great inspiration to her grandkids

  414. jenifer hull

    my mum could share this with her fantastic carers in her home and some of her new friends in the care home

  415. Hayley F

    My mum is my carer and she loves chocolate. I love her dearly x

  416. Holly Gibson

    She’s had a VERY stressful time after separating with my dad, selling the house and now moving, whilst having to deal with her mental and physical illnesses. It seems that she can’t get a break, and I know what she really wants for mother’s day is for me to come home, but I can’t as I’m away and this would cheer her up just a bit!

  417. Dion Petrie

    My mum was a single parent to us 4 and never had any help and she always worked hard to make sure we had everything we needed even if it meant she went without

  418. maddalena dalton

    my mum sadly passed away would love to give this to my mother in law who is lovely xx

  419. Paul Sahl

    Because she has always been super supportive

  420. Sarah Gray

    My mum deserves to be spoiled as she always puts everyone else first! Even to the point, as we can’t afford a house the size we really need for our family, we have bought a smaller property, which she is downsizing into, letting us live in her 4 bed house!
    due to the time of year her birthday falls (and mothers day) we can rarely afford to get her much (between paying off Christmas and it falling before annual bonus), so as it’s her 50th this year I want her to be spoiled rotten and to know just how much she means to us x

  421. Joanne Beale

    I think my mum deserves to win this because she is always thinking of others and is so caring and also she loves a bit of chocolate

  422. Tania Atfield

    My mum should be spoiled with this hamper because she has helped us out recently when our car broke down and we had flu by ferrying our children to school and back and buying us food supplies.

  423. Rena Plumridge

    She is a lovely 86 year old woman who’s brought up 9 of us.

  424. Louise Brown

    Because she has made a big decision being single and aged 70, to sell up in the UK and move alone to Spain!

  425. My mum (mother in law) deserves to win as she is always there when i need help.

  426. Julie Henderson

    at 68 she has went back to work part time due to being bored as well as taking brownies, rainbows and sunday school

  427. Paula Readings

    Because she spends the rest of the year spoiling us.

  428. Because she has had a rough time in the past few months and needs to see how amazing she has been

  429. Lee Ritson

    because she’s the best mum anyone could ask for and doesn’t often have many treats for herself!

  430. Hannah McCabe

    My mum works so hard every day in work. Shes a midwife and never gets the chance to relax and treat herself. However she always has time for us. She would love this prize!

  431. because no matter what she always makes time for me.

  432. Lisa Everaert

    My mum NEVER spoils herself, so if she wont do it, i will xx

  433. cheryl lovell

    she is 60 this year so she deserved to be spoiled!

  434. laura banks

    my mother in law as she treats me like her real daughter

  435. Amy Dear

    Mums should always be spoiled – and chocolate is the best way to do that 😉

  436. leanne weir

    because shes lovely and the best babysitter ever!

  437. Natalie Baskerville

    My mother in law is always there for me and has become the mum I never had. She works really hard to look after our family and when my depression is making it hard for me to cope she helps to look after our children and does what she can to pick me up. Since November she has spent almost every day looking after her poorly mum and has hardly any time to herself. She really deserves a great gift like this.

  438. Sarah Rees

    My mum has four daughters, two of whom still live with her in their 30’s – She hasnt had time to stop being a mum. She needs a special treat and a break.

  439. rachel h

    Because she spends so much time helping other people with their problems and looking after them and she is so good at looking after her own mum who needs lots of extra care now she’s nearly 90!

  440. Rebecca Williams

    Because she has had a lot of upset in her life and I would love to be able to put a smile on her face with this lovely giveaway 🙂


    She is always there for me and does so much for others. She never complains about working 7 days a week either. She deserves a treat.

  442. She always supports the whole family and is a lot of fun to be with.

  443. Suzanne M

    My mum is amazing, she’s had so much to deal with over the years, and has come out of the other end smiling. Retirement is suiting her – she’s never been so busy, her social life is better than mine!!

  444. Wendy Becker

    My mum is 84 so every surprise would be a delight.

  445. Emma Nixon

    Just because she is my mum. The best. Always happy to help.

  446. Andrew Petrie

    Because She hasn’t been spoiled for a long long time.

  447. Alice Fox

    I have 3 boys (4, 5 and 6), the youngest is autistic. Without my mum I do not think I would of coped. Everyday she helps me! Everyday! She doesn’t ever moan. She has put her life on hold for us and my boys. I could never thank her enough.

  448. sue hodges

    all mums need to be spoiled. for my mum it’s being brave at moving at age of 70 from her home of 50 years – there were lots of tears but she’s determined to be positive and make the most of her new situation

  449. tracey ryder

    my mam desreves a treat as she is always there to help us out

  450. gemma brown

    my mum is amazing. she is a brilliant nanny to my 3 boys and is always doing big family get tpgethers. normally between 20-25 of us that she cooks for, organises games and parties. she has just moved into a new bungalow with my stepdad and hasn’t reaslly stopped between working and trying to fix up the new home.

  451. claire nutman

    For her neverending supply of love to all in the family x

  452. She’s not only the most supportive, funny and loving mum I could ever hope for- but this past year she’s proved she’s the most patient and caring granny to my little one, too!

    Thanks, mam 🙂

  453. liz denial

    If Mums were flowers I’d always pick mine
    She’s the best of the bunch like a well matured wine
    Sweet, kind & selfless she can’t do enough
    Even though her life is so terribly tough
    She suffers from Alzheimers so her memory’s hampered
    So she truly deserves to be positively pampered
    She may be 83 but she’s got glamour & style
    The best Mum in the world who always makes me smile
    She’s always the one on whom I can depend
    Not only my Mum but my very best friend

  454. Fiona K

    My mother should be spoiled because she is always helping others and is too generous for her own good. Babysitting nieces, doing the school run in all weathers, shopping for frail friends and running errands for her son. It often seems one-sided so I would love her to be treated, to remind her how appeciated she is.

  455. Fantastic person, there for me – would love a taste of luxury!

  456. j. williams

    Because she has sacrificed so much for us children

  457. Ashleigh Allan

    She is the best and does lots for me!

  458. Adeline M

    She should be spoiled because she never is!

  459. tracy steer

    so she can share it with me xxx lol

  460. Karen R

    I don’t see my mum as often as I should, or tell her just how great she is! She sacrificed so much for me over the years, she deserves far more!

  461. Kelly Glen

    She looked after me when I broke my hip and she is also my dads carer so she could really do with a treat

  462. amy bondoc

    because she is a great listener and always there when i need her 🙂

  463. Jane Willis

    My Mum is almost 90 years old, housebound and very frail. Her hands are arthritic so she can’t knit any more, her eyesight is too poor to read for long and she won’t wear her hearing aids so she can’t hear the TV. Really, the only pleasure left in her life is chocolate!

  464. Tracy Nixon

    My mam deserves to be spoiled as she has is the best mam in the world through my eyes!

  465. Jacqueline Fawcett

    She’s the most amazing person I know, I’d love to give her a lovely gift that’d put a huge smile on her face 🙂

  466. Nat thomason

    She’s always been there for me but in jan this year mum was diagnosed with cancer. She’s had a big op and is about to start chemo . We are hopeful but she has gone off her food . She has to be tempted she suddenly loves tomato soup and lemonade . She hated these before . She also like chocolate at the moment a lot . If I won this it would amaze her I think . Thanks for the chance 🙂

  467. Olivia M

    She’s amazing and looks after me so well

  468. Becky Duffy

    Because she’s my best friend and deserves so much more than I can give her, but i’m sure this would be a great start 🙂

  469. glenn hutton

    She was amazing, working all hours bringing up my brother and I after our Dad died in an accident in the early ’70s, there wasn’t any real help around back then but we never went without. x

  470. Paul Wilson

    My Mum is such a great source of help and support – and she LOVES chocolate.

  471. Carol Stevenson

    my Mum is such a great example to younger people, she is a great grandma who runs her own business, does historical re-enacting,is in a rock band and just loves to live life to it’s fullest.

  472. Brooke Ritchie

    I love my Mum, she’s very much deserving of some chocolate deliciousness. So special each & every day in her own beautiful way. So kind, thoughtful & loyal; a real rare jewel. Plus she still treats me to a cream cake when we get together

  473. Graham Ross

    My mum is very special to me,as she always there for me no matter what

  474. Tracey Claxton

    My mum is the most selfless person I know as she always puts others before herself and she’s absolutely amazing

  475. Wayne Buck

    Because she has put up with me for 43 years and that’s some achievement.

  476. barbara daniels

    because shes lovely and kind and beautiful

  477. She is a very special person in my life and really need to treat her. She would love your hamper and hopefully share a little with me.

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