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Food Hampers & Christmas Hampers - Hampergifts.co.uk
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Food Hampers & Baskets

Our beautifully presented food hampers make ideal presents for friends, family or corporate clients. Filled with award-winning foods and priced from £22 to £250 you're bound to find the right gift. Try the Savoury Heaven, the Best of British Hamper or the luxurious Royal to congratulate, reward, or say thank-you.
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Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Tea & Coffee Break Hamper
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Tea & Coffee Break Hamper

Product ref: 159
£23.99 inc Vat
Anytime's a good time to take a break with a cuppa! And with our tea and coffee hamper, you can choose from subtly-flavoured Scottish Breakfast Tea or full-bodied Fresh Ground Breakfast Coffee, both from the Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company. We've also included a range of perfect tea-time (or coffee-time) snacks! You'll have trouble deciding between cherry & coconut and honey flapjacks, an indulgent double chocolate muffin and the incredibly tasty cookies. Or for a smaller snack, how about the delicious chocolate-coated macadamias? All these items come carefully arranged in a classy box with magnetic fastener, which you can use again and again.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Easter Goody Box
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Easter Goody Box

Product ref: 205
£27.99 inc Vat
Who says Easter can only be about chocolate? Award-winning olives, sloe gin jam, and fresh ground Brazilian coffee are just some of the enticing goodies you'll discover nestled in this attractive lidded straw box. But don't worry - it is Easter after all, and it wont be long before you unearth the hidden chocolate treasures too - starting with the large traditional milk chocolate Easter egg, delectable Belgian mint sticks and leaving just enough room for the incredibly moreish chocolate speckled mini eggs.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Summer Berries Gift Box
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Summer Berries Gift Box

Product ref: 155
£28.99 inc Vat
This smart hamper is bursting with goodies all featuring a hint of fruity goodness. Discover tasty strawberry & cream shortbread, premium Italian orange chocolate sticks or the unusual Goosberry & Sloe Gin Jam . And after the cherry flake sweets and cranberry flapjack has been devoured, the pair of all natural fruit juices are sure to quench your thirst. Just perfect for enjoying in the garden or park.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Premium Beer Box
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Premium Beer Box

Product ref: 336
£34.99 inc Vat
This hamper offers an original alternative to wine, just perfect if you know someone who'd appreciate a premium beer gift. It includes some of the best lagers from Italy, Peru and the Czech Republic - plus cake, snacks and treats which have been carefully chosen to go well with the drinks. This beer hamper comes in a lovely understated black box, which can be reused over and over again.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Best of British Food Hamper
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Best of British Food Hamper

Product ref: 166
£36.00 inc Vat
Whoever has the good fortune to receive this patriotic hamper will get the chance to eat their way round the British Isles. Starting in Scotland, they'll enjoy Cairnsmhor oatcakes along with a cup of the Edinburgh Tea & Coffee Company's best brew. Journey further south with a bevvy of carefully-chosen treats including a deliciously moist cherry flapjack, a generous family-size fruitcake and some first-class gooseberry and sloe gin jam. Of course, all these delicacies come attractively presented in a handmade wicker basket, finished in style with red, white & blue ribbon - making this a great present for nearly any occasion.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - The Jade
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The Jade

Product ref: 162
£37.99 inc Vat
This splendid tower is made up of five stacked green & gold gift boxes absolutely packed with treats. As each box is opened the suprises reveal themselves - Spiced Nuts, Chocolate Mints, mini pots of Jam & Marmalde, Tea, Biscuits and more. Arriving with hand-tied green ribbon, this Sweet & Savoury Tower not only looks beautiful, but caters for all tastes too.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Luxury Port & Stilton Hamper
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Luxury Port & Stilton Hamper

Product ref: 210
£42.50 inc Vat
Simply a classic, this Port & Stilton hamper is a cut above the norm. The generously sized Blue Stilton wedge is from the famous Cropwell Bishop creamery. Possessing a velvety-soft texture, it's melt in the mouth delicious and will go perfectly with the Fine Ruby Port. The port is soft, rich and well balanced - perfect for an after dinner drink. You'll also find a trio of chutneys and pickles which will complement the parmesan oatcakes and the moreish tomato & sesame savoury biscuits. The gift is finished with a flourish of blue ribbon.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Savoury Heaven Food Hamper
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Savoury Heaven Food Hamper

Product ref: 102
£40.00 inc Vat
Some people have a taste for sweet things, others have a more savoury palate. This food hamper is ideal if you have friends, family or colleagues who fall into the second category. A beautiful food gift, it includes everything from Crackers, Mustard and Chutney to Nuts, Biscuits and Olives. It's one of our classic savoury food hampers - marvellously presented in a gift wrapped basket & guaranteed to be remembered by any food lover.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Great British Hamper Tower
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Great British Hamper Tower

Product ref: 165
£42.99 inc Vat
Celebrate the best of British with our beautifully designed British food tower.
We've scoured the country to find the best local food, then carefully packed it into attractive blue and silver gift boxes. Sealed with a flourish of red ribbon, this Best of British Food Tower is a great way to celebrate British food at home, or share our best delicacies with friends from abroad. There are some classics in here. Sweet treats include butter toffee from Yorkshire, crumbly fudge cubes from Lancashire and caramels made in Scotland. You can also indulge in some beautiful Bramley apple sauce, savour the summer berries jam and enjoy a nice cup of tea.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Cheese & Chutney Delight
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Cheese & Chutney Delight

Product ref: 169
£47.99 inc Vat
If you're looking for the best of the best, this opulent hamper contains only award-winning items. From highly rated chutney and spiced nuts to gold standard olives, this stunning, magnetically fastened green box makes big promises - and delivers on them! The cracking Spanish wine should be savoured alongside the Snowdonia Cheese Company's flagship extra mature cheddar - not forgetting the indulgent jam, which has a refined and memorable taste at any time of day.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Luxury Food Tower
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Luxury Food Tower

Product ref: 173
£53.00 inc Vat
With its six beautiful, stacked boxes, the Luxury Food Tower will impress even before the recipient unties the ribbon to find out what's inside. The mouth-watering combination of olives, meze and duck & orange pâté should keep savoury fans happy, while the wide selection of chocolates, biscuits and cookies will satisfy those with a sweeter tooth. Indeed, this carefully judged collection of snacks and treats is perfect to share - although it might not be long until all six boxes are empty!
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - The Amethyst
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The Amethyst

Product ref: rw1
£49.95 inc Vat
Taste food and drink from around the world with this divine hamper. A perfect present for anyone who appreciates New World wines, its centrepiece is a bottle of delicious red wine from the vineyards of South Australia. Also included in the attractive, hand-made basket is a fine selection of snacks and nibbles, including tasty biscuits, delectable olives, aubergine imam (a traditional Greek appetiser), plus dark chocolate, jam and toffee. And once the lucky recipient has polished that lot off, they'll be ready to brew a cup of the fresh ground coffee.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - The Amber
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The Amber

Product ref: w1
£49.95 inc Vat
If neither the white chocolate & raspberry cookies nor the mouth-watering red pepper & feta meze tempt your palate, you're bound to be won over by the award-winning South African white wine that comes with The Amber hamper. The hand-made sea grass and wooden basket certainly looks the part, and with lots of naughty-but-nice treats to choose from, it really tastes the part too. Try medal winning olives, gourmet red wine vinegar or an intensely rich fruitcake. Or dive into the three-fruit marmalade and milk chocolate pralines. Take your time though - everything about this food hamper was made to savour slowly.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Family Easter Hamper
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Family Easter Hamper

Product ref: 265
£57.50 inc Vat
Uncork the delicious ruby-red Beaujolais, peel open the two large milk chocolate Eggs and share out the rest of the tempting goodies this Easter. An eye-catching choice, this lovely Easter hamper includes a little something for everyone. Peek inside the attractive, magnetically sealed box and you'll also find breakfast tea & coffee, cinnamon truffles and moorish olives to accompany the wine.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Picnic Food Hamper for Two
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Picnic Food Hamper for Two

Product ref: 167
£65.00 inc Vat
This luxurious picnic hamper includes everything you need for a delicious outdoor feast. You'll love the carefully chosen mixture of snacks and treats, and you'll appreciate the cutlery and crockery which is included. It sure beats paper plates! The hamper itself is a sturdy wicker basket with a retro look, concealing a variety of edible delights. If the weather looks good and you need a picnic hamper fast, call us to see if we can arrange next day delivery.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Gourmet Food & Wine Hamper
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Gourmet Food & Wine Hamper

Product ref: 334
£87.50 inc Vat
Get ready for a real treat. This handmade wicker basket - with gorgeous whitewash finish - is brimming with sweet & savoury tastes to relish. Its centrepiece is a duo of medal winning wines; a velvety Merlot from Argentina, and a peachy Italian Chardonnay in a stunning milk-glass finished bottle. Dig further and discover the tangy Duck & Orange Pâté, crumbly Cherry Cookies or if you like a bit of spice, choose between the fiery Chilli Chocolate or Hot Pepper crackers. You can then cool off with award winning Shallot & Orange Dressing or the delicate Apricots in Syrup. And we've not stopped there! Among the 20 items crammed into the deep wicker basket you'll also find Chocolate Almonds, Crackers, Vinegar, Shortbread, Nuts, Fruit Cake, Chutney and lots more. One of our very favourite food hampers, this is sure to leave a friend or colleage almost purring with appreciation.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Champagne & Gourmet Food
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Champagne & Gourmet Food

Product ref: 253
£90.00 inc Vat
This Champagne & Gourmet Food hamper is the perfect luxury gift to indulge someone special. With an ideal mix of sweet and savoury, it offers something for everyone and celebrates every occasion. Make a toast with fine Champagne whilst nibbling on rich Belgian chocolates or have afternoon tea with rosemary crackers, pheasant pâté and stuffed vine leaves. The indulgences don’t stop there either – nibble on creamy Sicillian butter cookies, perk up your palate with fiery cajun spiced nuts or give your taste buds a treat with melt-in-the-mouth Belgian mint sticks. An absolute winner for friends, family or clients.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - Deluxe Picnic Hamper for Four
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Deluxe Picnic Hamper for Four

Product ref: 164
£119.99 inc Vat
Pack up everything you need for a proper family picnic with this beautiful wicker picnic basket. The classy, timeless design looks great, but it's what's on the inside that really matters. Complete with plates, cups and cutlery for four people, this hamper brings a touch of luxury to al-fresco dining. What's more, we've included all the food you need! Enjoy pâté, crackers, olives, fruits in syrup and stuffed vine leaves, crack open the stunning, award-winning Rosé wine - or have an afternoon snack of cookies and English tea.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - The Grande
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The Grande

Product ref: 315
£125.00 inc Vat
This sublime food & drink hamper is overflowing with four bottles of wine - each an award winning treat - and a vast selection of sweet and savoury delights. We've carefully chosen 20 of the very highest quality items for this luxury food hamper; including Biscuits, Fruit Preserves, Chocolates, Nuts, Cake, Tea and countless other little luxuries. All lovingly packaged in a handmade basket, The Grande is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your corporate clients, friends and family alike.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - The Stratford
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The Stratford

Product ref: 199
9% OFF
£175.00 inc Vat
You'll barely be able to lift this superb basket, which is packed to the brim with an incredible selection of food and drink. The lucky recipient will hardly know where to begin! Perhaps with its' centrepiece - the well balanced Drappier Champagne, perfect to be enjoyed with some of the included chocolates, fruit cake or nuts. Or maybe you'll head straight for one of the three award-winning wines, to enjoy alongside the cheese, chutney, savoury biscuits or one of the myriad of other little luxuries hidden in this supreme hamper.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - The Excelsior
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The Excelsior

Product ref: 350
£200.00 inc Vat
This huge lidded basket is absolutely heaving with first class food and drink. To drink we have a bottle of bubbly, a pair of award-winning wines and a stunning Italian Prosecco. The jam-packed basket includes Pheasant Pâté, Red Wine Vinegar, Award Winning Nuts, Apricots in Syrup, Jam, Chocolates, Honey, Biscuits, Coffee and a huge number of other delights. For pure indulgence this luxury food hamper cannot be beaten - it's a marvel of a gift, perfect for family, friends, colleagues or clients.
Food Hampers & Baskets - Hampers & Gifts from Hampergifts.co.uk - The Royal
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The Royal

Product ref: 355
£250.00 inc Vat
Quite simply this is the most luxurious hamper in our range. A superb collection of the finest food and drink, this hamper is fit for a king. To drink, this extravagant hamper boasts Champagne, Port and trio fine Wines. And the wealth of food crammed into the huge wicker basket is almost endless: Fruits in Syrup, Belgian Chocolates, Cheese, Pâté, Tea, Coffee, Fruit Preserves, Mustard, Olives, Biscuits and much, much more. The Royal is a special gift certain never to be forgotten.

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